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Game 4 blame game, and Brandon Jennings thinks Rubio is “all hype”

Thinkin' of a master plan...

Thinkin' of a master plan...

In the two-day break before Game 5, we’re thinking this is how it’ll go: Saturday will be devoted to figuring out ways the Magic can stay alive, while Friday was the time to talk about how dead they are. In the Game 4 aftermath, everybody had some blame passed their way: the refs for missing crucial calls (just don’t get the Lakers fans started on that), Dwight Howard and Hedo Turkoglu for missing free throws, Jameer Nelson for wandering into Derek Fisher‘s sniper scope, Stan Van Gundy for having Jameer on the court, Rashard Lewis for playing ball like Carl Lewis — some were even blaming Nick Anderson for his mere presence in the arena … Rafer Alston didn’t do the diplomacy thing, admitting he was “shocked” SVG benched him for all of the fourth quarter and overtime in favor of Jameer. For a team that’s actually very good, Orlando’s players and coaches are surprisingly A-OK with throwing each other under the bus. (Remember Dwight publicly questioning SVG during the Boston series?) Chucky “I’m not the GM, ask Kobe” Atkins would fit right in with this group … The NBA reviewed Mickael Pietrus‘ double axe handle smash on Pau Gasol and decided to leave it as is, a flagrant foul with no fines or suspension. No word on whether the League also reviewed Kobe’s version of The People’s Elbow on Jameer’s face, which wasn’t called during the game … Lakers’ assistant Kurt Rambis said he was offered the Sacramento Kings head coaching job but turned it down; which is only noteworthy because the Kings have insisted that Paul Westphal was the only guy they offered. Rambis called the Kings a “project” and said they’re “a ways away from winning. They have holes on their roster.” If you’re Rambis, do you just hang around L.A. to see what happens when Phil Jackson retires? (Which could be sooner than you think if the Lakers win the ‘chip this year and Phil gets his 10th ring as a coach.) … NBA Draft updates: Stephen Curry has canceled the rest of his workouts, seeing as he’s pretty much a lock either for the Wizards at #5 or the Knicks at #8; Tyler Hansbrough said in a radio interview that he thinks he could go higher than 12th; the Bobcats are auctioning off Sean May‘s Unlimited Applebee’s card in order to pay their Lottery pick; and Brandon Jennings — who is always blunt and honest and will make some enemies in the NBA because of it — let everybody know he thinks Ricky Rubio is overrated. “I think I’m a better player than he is,” Jennings was quoted in the Sacramento Bee. “I can shoot the ball better than he can, you know the only time I have seen him do something is when he has a homerun pass or something like that. I think the dude is just all hype.” … Have you seen the new LeBron muppet commercial where he hits “2010” on the weight bench with Kobe’s #24 in the background? Clearly it’s a nod to ‘Bron preparing to face Kobe in next year’s Finals, but some people took it as an attempted hint that LeBron is thinking of signing with the Lakers next summer. Which brought up a question of whether ‘Bron would actually sign with the Clippers, which brought up this comment from Dime reader Maynard: “Just to get this straight, if you play for the Lakers, you play in Los Angeles. If you play for the Clippers, you play for the Clippers.” Hilarious. And so true … We’re out like Baron and ‘Bron on the same team …

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    What can’t I just say first?


    Rambis called the Kings a “project” and said they’re “YEARS and even DECADES away from winning.” Get it right Dime!

  • tp

    the biography of hedo::

    was on the kings when horry hit the game winner

    was on the spurs when fisher hit 0.4

    was on the magic when fisher nailed the 4.6

    hahaha, what a career of heartbreak! hahaha!

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    i knew nicks presence was going to bite him in the ass one of these games.

    that last statement is ight.Who signs with the clippers if he has any other options no matter how undeveloped.The ownership,the coaching,being neighbors to my lakers.that’s a shitty situation through and through.

    Keep pietrus in.I dont wanna hear any shyt from magic fans next year.BUT the truth of the matter is if those fluckers come back they’ll have hamething they’ve never had:battle stripes.

    If they can summon even half the poise that the spurs have,that is a DANGEROUS team period.And truly Svg isn’t as shitty coach as you’d have people make you think.You don’t earn that many reg seson wins by accident.refinement takes time.Hope they don’t can his ass.

    Fish, you have some big ones.

  • QQ

    @ tp:

    Wow, those were PLAYOFF MOMENTS, and the last one was a FINALS game, where he is one of the top 3 players in the team.

    How about the career of, say, TMac?

    was on the Rockets team that was defeated in the first round.

    *repeat, many times*

    WAS NOT ACTIVE on the Rockets team that advanced to the second round.

    I’ll take Hedo’s ‘career of heartbreak’, thank you!

  • http://mikeshoopblog.blogspot.com/ Money Mike

    I’m cosigning Brandon Jennings on this one.

    I like Rubio but I like BJ more.

  • AB_40

    if y’all would check that bron commercial you can see red on the right of that 24 meaning that lebron’s number is hanging there. kobe and lebron will play together in 2010 in the world championshipe tournament. that will be their last time becasue a lot of players will surpass kobe in the next 3 years meaning he isn’t on the 2012 olympic team.

    the excitement of these finals is gone. ever since van gundy played with nelson instead of johnson and screwed up the solid rotation that got them there. Too bad it could have been fun

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    Gawd i hate that shaq now seems like a genius.That for some reason seems like poetic injustice I can’t quite put my finger on.

  • Rafa23

    dont worry, even if he was right, shaq still looks like an asshole for his comments.


    Can yall imagine Kobe and Lebron on the same team. Muuurrrrddddaaaa!!!! That’d be like 6 straight rings 4sho.

    YOUNGFED BANGER OF THE DAY: Clipse and Pharell

    BTW Can we get a moment of silence for the Red Wings.

    Oh almost forget “Get your paper up or Get ya game up.” Hollllaaaa!!!!

  • YOUNGFED (You should here my engine purr, here kitty, kitty)

    In case yall cared here are the voices behind those Lebron Kobe nike comercials.


  • josh tha roc

    hedo played for the spurs???

  • that’s whats up

    Brandon Jennings is gonna get busted a few times by Rubio, you just know he will.

    Will Shaq come out with “Stan V, tell me how my ass tastes” this summer?

    NBA – where amazingly-awful-fundamental-basketball in the Finals Happens

  • that’s whats up

    @ jtr

    Well, Hedo was on the Spurs squad, but he didn’t play then like he does now

  • QQ

    @ 9:

    Haha. Right on. We all know Shaq is one insecure little bitch, and those comments further justified that.

    He’s just soooo fucking insecure. I mean come on, picking on Howard, picking on his former coach, just to feel good about himself. You accomplished so much, you fucking asshole, what are you being insecure for?

  • http://dimemag.com Big Freeze

    I don’t think Kobe and Lenron on the same team would work. Two wing players who thrive on iso’s wont win 6 chips in a row. However, Lebron and Dwight would put the nasty in dynasty. They would be unstoppable.

  • http://www.centercourtbasketball.com/store CCB

    At Money Mike,
    I couldn’t resist this, “I like Rubio, but I like BJ more.” Don’t we all Money, Don’t we all…

  • Kobe sucks

    I think Brandon is all right. Rubio is not as high the Hype put him on top. He had chance to go witj Olympics but if he was american he couldn’t and he probably not have this experience.
    I mean it is all relativ. The only way to compare him wit the other guard is that he maker this fucking workouts.
    But he wont. There isn’t any reason to put him on top without see him compete against the other ncaa guards.

    Yes he has experience, yes he play profosionnal since he is 14, but now play basketball on the floor and lets see how good he is compare to the other.

    The Europeans are so pretentious.

  • Flip

    Europeans pretentious? After all, it’s Jennings claiming to be superior, not Rubio. So I guess the only one being pretentious here is “BJ” (had to use that)…

  • jzsmoove

    It is definitely Nick Anderson’s fault for losing Game 4. Bitch shouldve stayed away from Amway aaarrgh.

    Didnt Rambis get an interim with the lakers a while back when Magic Johnson tried to coach that team and left? Does anybody know if Rambis is even a good coach figure. If PJ actually does retire Buss might just reward Rambis for his Lakers loyalty, he’s been with Lakers org for over 20 yrs. Track record says that elite players dont make for good coaches. Average players and garbagemen end up being good coaches. Rambis was a very good garbage of a player, good bench player for 80s Lakers though. Note: PJ wasnt that good of a player = great coach going for 10th ring.

    Game 5 cant come soon enough…Go Magicccccccccccc

  • QQ


    PS: Had to STILL say this:



    ^^^^^^^Oh yall B@tchz censor my ish but let this go. Fug yall.

  • ponky_alolor

    one thing for sure, if kobe and bron get on the same team, nike muppets will take over the world.

    still dont like jennings calling out rubio. GMs dont like that. should have just went all out on court.

  • Guitar Hero

    didn’t you notice a blue and orange bee flying away as Puppet LBJ says “2010”?

    Check again.

  • Knock Knock

    of course brandon jennings is right.
    Isn’t the biggest game rubio played the game where they got blown out against the U.S.A. by over 20 pts? I dont see how that makes him a top prospect when patrick mills had a better olympics than he did.

    – I gauruntee rubio is going to be the next adam morrison, he is extremely unathletic plus he looks more like harry potter than pete maravich.

    – The love of the only white hype player is unbelievable at this time of year.

  • QQ

    LOL @ Fed:

    Because the Pistons are nowhere to be found, the censors figured you had nothing to bitch about. LOL. Kidding, bruh, haha.

  • http://xgarcia.blogspot.com/ Xavier Garcia

    Thats funny that BJ said that considering this is what he wrote on his blog back when he played Rubio:

    “Now to what everyone wants to hear about, the game and the matchup with Ricky. Unfortunately Ricky only played about 8mins cause he’s still kind of hurt from a wrist injury he suffered in the Gold Medal game vs. Team USA, but in just 8mins he showed me a lot. I have a ton of respect for the dude. He’s real mature out there on the court, he has a great feel for the game. He passes the ball like crazy, reminds me of Steve Nash a little bit. Put it like this if he were in the class of 09 in high school basketball he would be the #1 player hands down. No question about it. I can only hope that when Ricky and I one day get to the NBA we can be like Chris Paul and Deron Williams, as our careers take off together like CP3 & D Will’s did. Despite what the critics say that he can’t shoot Ricky is going to be going a Great NBA player someday…he brings a complete game to the table.”

    Hypocrite much?

  • QQ

    @ Xavier:

    Damn. Looks like an Brandon Jennings, an expected high draft pick, is already getting all the hype in his head without even stepping in an NBA court.

    Gerald Green, much?

  • D.Head

    I don’t blame Brandon Jennings for saying what he said about Ricky Rubio part of the draft is proving that you are better than the other players teams are thinking about drafting. So if he challenges Rubio publicly the gm’s and player personel have to actually do their jobs and evaluate the best talent and what each brings. bring them in and have them compete head to head in workouts. He is basically selling himself by saying he is better lets not forget this is a competative sport as much as the referees try to not make it that away.

  • LakeShow84

    Lol come on now.. Jenning just trying to make sure he cracks top 5,10 MONEY.. whats his nickname again??

    Young Money?

    Lol at the smack today that shit had some good laughs in it.. “Rashard Lewis for playing ball like Carl Lewis” and Maynard’s “Just to get this straight, if you play for the Lakers, you play in Los Angeles. If you play for the Clippers, you play for the Clippers.”

    lol Ahhhhhhhhh its going to be a good weekend.. even if we lose tomorrow.. but the way the winds feel.. i think the parade might be Wednesday..

    Curry just needs time to get his finances straight cuz that kid is about CASH OUT..

    Lol @ Knock Knock on the Harry Potter reference.. i couldnt quite put my finger on it but that nailed it down..

  • UncheckedAggression

    How is Jennings doing in workouts? Does anybody know? I also haven’t heard too much about Rubio…

  • Rafa23

    jennings was pretty impressive in sactown, getting whatever he wanted against holiday and flynn.

    rubio hasn’t worked out for a team so far, at least what i know…

  • LakeShow84

    And Another Thing..

    Shaq is no genius.. Coaches make coaching decisions and they are either cast as heroes or MORONS depending on how the ball bounces.. Dont forget game 2 on that PERFECT inbounds play Van Gundy drew up or the Cavs series on that 3 Rashard hit on ANOTHER play Van Gundy drew up.. Van Gundy is a DAMN good coach.. Every coach has their flaws..

    Even Phil Jackson admitted this season he had to hand over the defensive duties to Rambis.. Mike Brown GREAT defensive coach and awful Offensive coach.. Mike D’antoni GREAT offensive coach and horrible defensive coach.. You think Popovich looks so good without Duncan ALREADY being a defensive stalwart and the GREATEST PF to ever play the game right out of college?? it aint hard to preach D when your PF can man both C and PF and is already a great defensive player.. you think that 3 Duncan hit against Phoenix was planned?? but no one made a peep about it cuz it WORKED..

    The only difference about all of this is none on of these coaches had someone as large as Shaq come out and call them out.. Van Gundy wears it all on his sleeves.. You can tell in his postgame comments.. dude keeps it real.. his only fault is seeking PERFECTION from his team at times he shouldnt.. call me crazy but Miami makes into the Finals his last year coaching if DWade didnt sit out game 6 with F’ed up ribs..

    Fuck Shaq.. he got something to say about EVERYONE.. he even threw Riles under the bus (who also was a great defensive coach but not so hot as a offensive coach.. what you think Miami wins that chip without DWade saying he aint going out like that and going Terminator on the Mavs??)

    So please Shaq aint right he just broke a cardinal rule.. NEVER speak about shit like that in the press.. now everyone looks at EVERYTHING Van Gundy does and acts like they can coach better.. i never heard Phil or Stan come out and say “Shaq is seriously hurting us with his FT shooting and its cuz he dont work on it AT ALL..” you just DONT do it..

    Sorry but Alston is NOT a better player than Nelson.. and in the FINALS you put your best product out there to win.. Stan did it and it didnt work.. The only thing about it is Alston is CRYING and other players want somewhere to put the blame.. If Magic hit they FT’s none of this comes to light.. how can they cry about SuperStar calls when your team marches to the line 19 times in the 4th and the opposing team dont shoot ANY..

    Alston was a bandaid for Nelson’s wound and if you want to blame anyone blame Nelson for even saying he was ready to come back at such a time.. if he doesnt play Nelson for shit then everyone would whine and say what a better player Nelson is and Van Gundy panic’d by not giving him PT..

    So that foo aint no genius he just threw his opinion out there and everyone wants to run with it cuz right now ITS THE BLAME GAME..

  • Rafa23
  • Heckler…formerly ‘yallallreadyknow’

    boring day yall. so just for the hell of it, tell me who wins out of these 4 teams:

    TEAM 1
    Chris Paul
    Kobe Bryant
    Carmelo Anthony
    Dirk Nowitzki
    Dwight Howard

    TEAM 2
    Deron Williams
    Dwyane Wade
    LeBron James
    Amare Stoudamire
    Yao Ming

    TEAM 3
    Chauncey Billips
    Allen Iverson
    Tracy McGrady
    Kevin Garnett
    Tim Duncan

    TEAM 4
    Tony Parker
    Brandon Roy
    Vince Carter
    Chris Bosh
    Shaquille O’Neal

  • Rafa23

    i would say between team 1 and 2. team 3 is in trouble because of age and injuries. team 4 is a bit better, but not the level of 1 and 2.
    pg, sg and sf is almost a tossup between 1 and 2. but i like the frontcourt of team 1 better, so a close win.

  • doc

    Team 1 or 2 hands down.And BJ said what he supposed to say.They keep talking this Rubio top 3 shit and he picking where he wanna go Brandon like hold up Im better than this dude workout with me but Rubio acting like he scared to workout with everybody.All BJ saying is if they bring in me, you ,Curry and Flynn or whoever u cant go off that hype for that top pick no more.

  • Rafa23

    i get your point doc, but why was he praising rubio 6 months ago and now talks like that? just seems like he wants some attention and those comments aren’t what he thinks.
    i also think rubio is overrated, but if i was him and i knew those workouts dont suit me well,i wouldn’t do it either. he risks to fall 2 positions not showing up instead of maybe 5 or more if he got destroyed.

  • sdr

    when i saw nick anderson on the court i knew the magic were doomed

  • au61458


    After game 3 there was a lot of negative comments about Derek Fisher. Where are the people who critised him now?
    Derek Fisher won the game for Lakers. So the people who totally bashed him are suddenly gone. Thats the spirit.

    I repeat myself, but Lakers in 6 unless Alston and Pietrus pull some “…tell him that Ricky Bobby is my best friend and its Shake and Bake time.”

    Also the series is still alive, only problem is for this series the Lakers have the 2 best game closers. Thats right 2, not one. Magic has one, and he’s Turk.

    -Cobra from Finland, hoping for a longer series than 5.

  • http://www.kingsfans.com Willis

    fuck Rambis. Geoff Petrie wanted to offer him the job but Rambis said he wouldn’t discuss it until the finals were over and then Westphal showed up and said he wanted to coach.

    The job was only offered to Westphal. Petrie has been talking to Rambis since the Nuggets series, so if he were going to turn it down because we were “years away from winning” then he could have done it weeks ago and saved us all the trouble (by the way he didn’t say ‘decades away from winning’ at the risk of sounding RETARDED, Bruce).

  • Promoman

    I wonder BJ got the memo about the guys he mentioned when he said that Rubio’s overhyped. Jrue Holiday was among the bigger name PGs who’s said to be ducking Tyreke Evans because of how he’s raising his stock. It’s one thing to hype yourself up and hype somebody else down but to associate yourself with other guys who’re said to be avoiding competition?

  • Knock Knock

    Um, rubio is avoiding ALL workouts, and brandon is comparing himself to players he’s WORKING OUT WITH. If anything, this is the same international situation yi had the year before. And don’t say that Yi sucked or whatnot, ALL OF CHINA was behind him.

  • QQ

    The Magic SUCK COCK. And I just found a new cyber GF… She’s really HOT! We’re gonna CYBER tonight!! YESSS!!!