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Introducing Jordan Montgomery

Here’s the deal. I received a facebook message that said the following:

“My little brother is the top 8 year old in the country and we are hoping to get some publicity is there anyway you can help?
Thank you. Below is a mixtape of my brother… thanks again”

My reply to the dude?

“Maybe the craziest thing anyone has ever asked me!!! HE’S IN 2ND GRADE!!!”

Now I’ve succumbed. So world, introducing Dime cover athlete for issue #674… The 8 year sensation… Jordan Montgomery.

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  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Straight up and down lil dude got handles. Hope he keeps the grades right and keeps going.

    Hope he gets a growth spurt too!

    I had to chuckle at some of the lil’ kids he was droppin.

  • http://www.crossover-online.de Chris

    Wuhaa ! This little guy is fantastic, i like his game. Hey Jordan if you read this : now you’ve got your first fan in Germany. See you in the NBA in a few years !

  • http://www.centercourtbasketball.com/store CCB

    I hate to write this but while the kid is good and has handles, most 8 years can’t walk and chew bubble gum. He will have a leg up on a lot of players but when you begin to build a kid up at such a young age, the danger of burning out is bananas. What happens when the kid who is too goofy to play until he is about 13 years old, hits his stride and all of sudden is not the awkward, goofy kid? Old Jordan the number one player in the 2nd grade, becomes Greg Paulus and the other kid becomes Eric Maynor. Hype too soon is a very touchy subject. For every Telfair, you have a Rodney Carney. A kid who ran track and never played AAU ball, went unranked but ended up becoming a hoops pro. I don’t blame you for posting this, but at the same time caveat emptor, let the hypebeast beware.

  • Oscarisalakerfan

    He was pretty sick and slick.

    The only thing he didn’t have in this highlight package is a block that send one of the balls into the 3rd row.

  • Soul Brova 1

    Love the site but at the same time wish you guys wouldn’t have posted that. Kid is in the second grade and already his brother is starting the hype machine. Time is now to start posting videos of kids graduating with honors or winning spelling bees and science fairs. I know i’m gonna get heat because this after all is a basketball website but still it has to be socially responsible. And for all you ready to clown or call me a hater…knowledge this…why do we clown those of us who choose to or happen to excel at the mathematics and arts that our ancestors created, mastered and taught the rest of the world but too readily, eagerly and proudly embrace and encourage those who excel at a sport created not by us nor for us initially (as so many things are until we prove our ability to earn for the slave masters…i mean owners) too often at the expense of their academic development. We’ve been babmboozled into limiting ourselves by desiring to get paid like Mike and Shaq rather than getting paid like those who pay Mike and Shaq.

  • bliz289

    @ Soul Brova 1

    You make great points…But like you said, this is a basketball site. I these guys presented it in the right light – which is, this is CRAZY to even be talking about, but here it is. Do with it what you wish. It’s more a statement about how ridiculous “scouting,” recruiting, and hype have become.

  • knock knock

    Insteada worrying about the hype we needa worry about why some old men are wasting their time ranking 8 year old kids. Seriously??! Some scouts on crappy bball sites are actually going countrywide and proclaiming THIS KID is the top player of all the 2nd graders. That’s just too creepy.

    *personally, i think this kid looks like he’s got the short genes, also we needa wait till he can actually shoot on a 10 foot rim.

  • danny

    Over at the local gym at the youth games, there’s always some 8-10 year olds killing at bball at the other players, and i ask myself why isn’t that kid the number one 2nd grader??! O yeah, none of these old white scouts are in town.

    * Sorry to say, but by the time this kids in 9th grade and 5’6, no one will remember him.

  • Eddy K

    hmm i an see his ceiling of becoming the next Allen Iverson, but he shud pass the damn ball and stop being a ball hog.

    None of his highlights includes passing

  • The Jed

    I hear you Soul Brova… but it isn’t like I posted it as “this kid is the next LeBron”

    I posted it more in the mold of your exact comment. In the “this is how far it’s come” perspective.

  • A$$Cube aka LeRoy Smythe

    His mom kept watching my DVDs when she was pregnant. I’m the real mastervator!

  • Soul Brova 1

    @ bliz289 & the Jed,


    @ everybody,

    check out http://www.stepintodacipher.blogspot.com ; currently it has postings dealing with the past presidential election, old school hip hop videos and other bits and pieces – nothing past November 2008 but new postings coming soon.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    I usually don’t go from post to post giving the same message but. This behind the seems from the game last night is worth it.

    CHECK THIS OUT! Great behind the scenes stuff of game 2.


  • robmo35

    I remember a number of years ago Sports Illustrated published an article profiling the best players in the country from 12th grade down to 5th. Of those players profiled only Marcus Liberty, the 12th grader, and Alonzo Mourning, the 11th grader, made it to the show. The others didn’t even make a splash in college. Ridiculous amount of hype for an 8 year old.

  • John Baker

    Jordan Montgomery!
    Not surprised to see this kid on the rise. I coached against this lil guy multiple times last summer and I must say he is PHENOMENAL (and I don’t use that word very often).
    Some of the things he was doing to my team was mind-boggling. In the video he looks small because he is playing 2 or 3 grades up. So the difference in height isn’t because he is short it’s because he is 8 playing against 10 and 11 year olds! Remember this kids name! He is definitely one to look out for!

  • kbob3

    So many people are saying its too early for the hype.
    Hype yes maybe..but exposure noo! This kid definitely has talent and his brother seems like he just wants to get his name out there. Who knows what the kid will do in 10 years? But hey basketball is as much a business as it is a sport now a days. Great job little man keep working hard!

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Hey Dime, my brother’s unborn child is the top rated fetus in the country. We’ve been trying to get some exposure for the kid so maybe he can get some scholarship offers or at least some free formula or diapers. I don’t have any video yet but I have some ultrasound shots I could send your way. That thing in one of the ultrasound pictures is supposedly his penis but it’s still too early to tell if it’s a boy or girl. If you help a brother out I’d appreciate it. Thanks,

    Spliff 2 My Lou

  • joshlee9

    hahah thats hilarious dime. that kid had handles, he probably wouldve torched 2nd grade me :P

    isnt candace parkers baby the number one rated infant in the country?


    For me it went from Micheal Jordan, Stephon Marbury & LeBron James to being my favorite players in the NBA.

    Now I can’t wait to see and cheer for Jordan Montgomery!!!

  • dk

    @12 Hey Dime!

    My cock is number one in the state and its sick of these bitches in South Florida! Maybe I can send you a tape of him in action so it can get some more of a nationwide exposure!

  • dk

    @12 lmao my last post wasnt directed towards you, my cock dont swing that way my bad….

  • RonNation

    This kid must miss a lot of layups for how many times the camera cut away after he broke some other 2nd graders ankles.

  • jzsmoove

    dope kid but unless he gets a major growth spurt he will be mad disappointed. otherwise creepy video nonetheless. 2nd grade seriously? I got to get my soo-to-be 3yr old on the program. He got 5 yrs left to keep track.

  • http://www.CalmYoSelf.com Kermit The Washington

    Terrible. There’s something real wrong with this. That being said, it might be the funniest highlight mix video I’ve ever seen. I was cracking up at the little kids getting crossed over.
    Probably the best thing about this video was that the kids didn’t shy away from trying to play d on him. They weren’t too scared of getting they ankles broke, like they will at a later age!

  • method526

    damn this kid has some crazy handles. THE KILLER CROSSOVER…2ND GRADE STYLE.

  • http://dimemag omar

    @ Soul Brova1 – BRO get your facts str8. Mathematics was created my the arabs. GIBRONI!!!!

  • Will

    Kid is nice with the handle and it seems like he is havin fun. Keep it up man.

    Don’t worry about all these comments its nice the young mans doing something positive.

    My son is 6 and we practice a good 15-20 hours a week, so I get whoever is teaching this kid. I take my lil to the court with me and we work on stuff in between my games and he practices while I’m playing the whole time. People should see this as a good thing. Why not WANT to be the best 2nd grader if you play ball?Which is alot better than being the 1 rated NBA 2K8 player in the world at 8 right?

    Stop hatin on this why not want to be the best at whatever you do?
    #1 I bet its his dad teaching him so thats MAADDD quality time.
    #2 Obesity is killing us at a higher rate than they say so this keeps him fit. Whats wrong withthat?
    #3 I bet his grades are right cuz he wants to play so bad
    #4 When I was second I was in 2nd grade you DID NOT want to see me.

    I bet yall the same cats that been hatin on Joe Budden for askin rappers to rap and saying he the best : )

  • dk

    @21 You had to say the O word, &*@#! If I wasnt so tired from the courts I would be on a McDonalds rant that would boogle the mind!

  • NC

    He’s the next one. He’s coming for you LeBron.

  • No Deal

    His jumpshot needs some working on

  • zmafuel

    Dime, I love your site, but posting stuff like this is disgracefull. After saying how crazy it is that he’s being hyped as a second grader, you do realize that you’re escalating that hype by posted this clip on him? Me and 99% of other site readers would never have heard of this kid (and best of luck to him) unless you had posted this.

  • zmafuel

    To sum up that last post, use some discretion in considering whether to publicize stuff like this, dime.

  • Derik

    this kid travels like crazy….

  • D: Rockah

    the kids got some handles and quickness but i’ve seen better 7-8 y/o’s hitting shots consitently at regulations hieght rims.

    hope fully th hype wont get to him.
    and seriously how can you even rate 2nd grade. most kids can’t even tie their laces yet.

  • Hatorade

    What kind of publicity does a 8 year old need?>?? Sounds like his parents and relatives are trying to make a quick buck.

  • “Tha Boddy” Lies Speak Truth

    I would be more impressed if they were shooting on regulation rims like we had to at his age in rec ball, but still lil mans handles legit

  • QQ

    Props to the kid…

    Relax, it’s all about the game, people. I wish for the days when yall see a baller dominatin’, and you’re thinking ‘that kid is dammmn good, I gotta tell my homies’. Now it’s ‘the kid is good, I’m sure his people are only looking to make dollars off him’.

  • UncheckedAggression

    Sadly, many that have a kid to watch play ball a lot has seen kids as good or better than this Montgomery kid. Somebody needs to tell this kid’s brother to shut the hell up before he creates a monster.

    This is disgusting.

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    boy got moves n court vision.from what i saw handles the rock well with both hands,going both ways.Can’t knock it.it’s only fun right !!

  • robbieB

    Hey I kno this lil guy…
    Im a close friend of the Montgomery family…And honestly i think all you haters should lay off. Its obvious that the kid has talent and it seems that everyone is overlooking that and jumping to the fact that he is getting hype too early…hmmm i wonder if tiger woods is regretting his talent for golf?? I think not!!! And i know his brother very well he isn’t building a monster he is just looking out for his little bro and trying to help him. A college scout told me last week that “if you haven’t been contacted by the 6th grade your chances of going D1 are pretty slim… Basketball is a business now!”…As far as Jordan is concerned he really is just an average kid he isn’t raised in a gym his parents are great people who value hard work in all areas esp. school. He also isnt short he plays 2 grades up people! His brother is 6’7 i think he will be okay =)… Jordan keep up the good work kid! The better you get the more hater you will have!

  • CoachDee

    I coached against him once in a San Diego Tourney…
    Man this kid is unbelievable! I’ve been coaching for 20 years and have never seen a kid with that much skill at such an age. This video doesn’t do Jordan justice. This kid handles the ball soo well and is a great leader on the floor. I coach an 11u team and Jordan had to be 7 at the time HE KILLED US! left and right hand, nice shot, great vision man crazy!(he looks short because he is playing up)but don’t let his height fool you he is a beast! Its nice to see that he is making a name for himself out there… And as for all the punks out there that fear he will fold under the hype get a life! He IS A KID what else is he doing besides video games! Would you rather he be out on the streets into no good??? Our world is soo soft now! let the kid play the sport he is obviously good at it!
    Look forward to seeing more from this kid!

  • jh

    dude whats the song in there?

  • gary

    he’s got no left…

    hha hahaha ha


  • http://nba.com thetruth

    Anyone check out the ankle breaker at 3:44, LOL!!
    I know they’re only kids but still, that crossover was ill!

  • Kudabeen

    Song = Hero by Nas

    Always fun to see young boys with these skills. You just imagine all the other things he will be able to afford to work on even more after having mastered other skills at a young age. Very exciting for his mentors/coaches and such I’m sure.

    AS expressed I do hope that the boy is well taken care of and not taken advantage of. Exercise his mind as hard as his body and the results will be incredible.

    Be Top Student/Athlete rather than just Top Athletic Student.

    Good luck to the youngster and his parents.

  • Sweet English

    @Posts 40 and 41

    Strange how these two completely different people bigging Jordan up use exactly the same grammar and exactly the same paragraph structure and posted within 15 minutes of each other. Do you two know each other….

  • Soul Brova 1

    @ Omar,

    being that they were here first they are our ancestors so my facts are correct…peace if you one of the 7’s if not get the 4-9-3-11



  • Big V

    Can’t believe I watched a highlight video of a 2nd grader.

  • Data

    No dunks? Didn’t pin anybody?

  • fromthechi

    This is terrible. First Marquis Walker, now this…

  • 45%

    he nevers goes left…

  • e

    to anyone who mentioned stuff like he has no left and no jumper you should be ashamed of yourself he is a great ballhandler heck the best ive seen at that age and other things you just dont see with a kid his age but yet some of you guys are find negative things to say about a 7 year old are you kidding me its kids his age that still havent mastered putting the ball through their legs or even laying the ball up SMH shame on all you ol heads hating on a little kid with talent and doing positive things with his time

  • CoachDee

    @ sweet english #46

    i dont know who post #40 is but he makes a lot of since… i cant control who posts before or after me since this is a world wide website! its funny how people get defensive over two people saying something positive about this 8 year old. Anyways great work kid keep it up!

  • willie

    he looks like stephen curry, except older. lol

  • Ian

    lol at 1:55 when number 35 tosses aside the other kid.

  • Ian

    btw ballhog in the making

  • alimoe

    hes too young to pass judgement the vid is not even worth watching at this point. the little kid ripping the other kids in soccer was more impressive

  • rolum

    @ alimoe.
    and all the other viewers that say its not worth watching or not impressive!!! are you kidding me! im a former college coach and i had a hard time teaching my team some of the things this kid can do at 8! is he too young? nooo its never to early to learn the game. its obvious he was blessed with a gift why not share it with the world. nice job!

  • jordo montgomery

    jordon montgomery is my name
    go me
    i rock!!!

  • Damien Thorne

    Damn…is this what we have come to? Why can’t we look at it for what it really is…entertainment. The little guy can play for his age, period. But all the social commentary and some of you flat out with taking two sips of haterraid between each keystroke is ridiculous . Critiquing the kid like you are a college coach on a recruiting trip…HE’S 8 DAMMIT!!!! If you had a little brother or relative that was balling like that you would be just as proud as his people obviously are. As always, you can tell when you are doing something good, because there are always members of Haters Inc. around to flap their gums on some negative. Grow up.

    45%- watch again…he did go left several times..you were too blinded by your hate to see. Same for Eddy K, on the he never passed comment, I saw plenty of passes to open teammates. Bye Haters.

  • CoachADP

    I have had the honor of watching Jordan grow up. Prior to being able to dribble (or for that matter walk) Jordan and his older brother Kyle have had a unique relationship. Kyle is an outstanding young man he also played the game of basketball (with the support of his entire family)he is now in college as a pre-med student (not playing basketball, but fully academic scholarship). This young man should be held up as the role model to any brother or sister. He finds the time to mentor not just his brother, but other kids that play the game. Every parent that has had a child who has played with Jordan has been impressed by Jordan’s humble spirit. Jordan is always encouraging of his teammates. He is simply a child that really has a “gift”. To come here and see the “harsh” statements with regard to Jordan and Kyle is beyond sad. I admire this family for encouraging both of their children to work hard and keep all of their options open. Only God knows what life has in store for Jordan. However in the meantime what is so wrong about being prepared? These young men are not robbing stores, not doing drugs, not skipping school (quiet the opposite-Kyle graduated in the top 5% of his class and was the only African American Male in his county to be inducted into the National Honor Society)So I believe both he and Jordan will be fine.

    PS. His parents don’t need the kids to succeed for them. They want the best for their kids just like any other parent. Let us not kill the messenger, let’s just appreciate the message.

  • Mike James

    This kid is good but I have seen 8 year olds with more of a complete game. Yes he does have handles, still needs to work on a few things. I have seen him in Tornaments and he was nice. But there are so many other kids in Los Angeles area that is much better because they have tougher competition.