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Kevin Garnett Guarantees Back-to-Back Championships


There’s a difference between being insane and being crazy. Birdman is a posterboy for craziness. That became obvious during his interview with ESPN’s super-hot Colleen Dominguez. He refers to himself as “Chris” off the court and “Birdman” on it. But he doesn’t seem like he has some grand diabolical vision. He’s just a crazy dude.

Kevin Garnett, on the other hand, is insane.

He’s lucid. He thinks logically. There’s an explanation behind his on-court antics. That’s why we rationalize some of the wacked-out shit he does. But stop and think about it for a second. He barks at opposing point guards. He convinced an entire team that they should leap as high as humanly possible to block meaningless shots after a whistle blows.

But when he steps off the court and starts doing equally insane stuff, it registers as such. His perpetual mean-mug and chants of “Motherf*cker” on the sidelines during the playoffs made him seem like a marginally stable human being. And thanks to Celtics’ owner Wyc Grousbeck letting the cat out of the bag, KG seems like even more of a raving lunatic right now.

“I talked to [Garnett] and he guaranteed the championship in 2010 and in 2011,” Wyc Grousbeck said. “He was as fired up as he’s ever been.”

Your first reaction: What is wrong with this dude? His team looked lost at times against the freakin’ Bulls. Ray Allen is aging at hyper-speed, Paul Pierce isn’t inspiring too much confidence at the moment, and Boston’s big off-season move will be re-signing Big Baby. Even with KG back in the lineup, it’s really insane to guarantee that this lineup will win two rings in the next two years.

But if I’m a Celtics fan, this is the greatest thing in the universe – whatever altered, maniacal universe I would hypothetically live in. Guaranteeing back-to-back championships means that KG will have to ratchet the insanity up a notch on the court. I have no clue what else he could add to his repertoire, but I’m sure he’ll dream something up. And that will give Boston some sort of competitive advantage. Just as opponents were taken aback by Garnett’s antics over the last two years kind of like how a regular person retreats into his/her shell when there’s an insane person stumbling around a subway car, KG’s insanity could very well have opponents questioning whether it’s cool to be around him.

I guess that can’t hurt the Celtics in their pursuit of Garnett’s guarantee.

Source: Globe

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  • fallinup

    Fine, I guess I’ll say it.


  • dk

    I was just gonna post that idioc quote…

    Anyways, All he needs to back that up is some pom-poms and knee brace, unbelievable comment. Man, I have lost total respect for this asshole over the last couple years and its not even the fact he went green…


    Garnett meant Playstation and XBOX. Video games never get old.

  • Diego

    KG is wildly overrated–and growing old fast (as a lot of guys straight out of H.S. naturally tend to do from wear and tear). Other teams in the East are moving up to catch the Celtics at the same time the Celtics will be moving down to the pack.

    KG’s got 1 championship but couldn’t do diddley in Minnesota, even when he had a solid supporting cast for several years.

    Ray’s shot will remain pure–like Reggie Miller–, but KG and Pierce will lose some spring in the next couple of years.

    Big Baby is big surprise, but don’t expect Rondo to keep improving. Guys now recognize what Rondo can do and teams will be focusing more on him too.

  • dcom

    colleeen dominguez is not that hot

  • rlf

    on another note.

    dime are you mad at your boy spike lee? http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/blog/ball_dont_lie/post/Kobe-Bryant-lands-NBA-2K10-cover-in-a-Knicks?urn=nba,168053

    he’s cheating on bron bron.

    btw, that cover of kobe wearing the knicks uniform, will in fact be available for the fans to vote for.

  • dcom

    she’s not that hot

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Some PG in the L is like crap why can’t this dude just stay injured.

    Hey say Phil retires after winning it all this year. Who and I repeat who can fill those shoes besides Kobe himself? I mean aside from coach K and D’Anthony (only other two coaches I have heard Kobe compliment) who could they bring in?

    I know in KG’s mind this might be good but to Denver, LA, Orlando, Clevelan, Houston that has to be a slap in the face and really might backfire on KG as motivation.

    How bout promising you will get well and play the whole season for the next 2 years first. Repeat that ish!

  • Patrick

    The celts just played the magic, who beat the cavs, to a close 7 game series without their best player. I think keeping the team together is unlikely, but they would have been big favorite to win it this year had Garnett not gotten hurt.

  • King

    Without the injuries they wouldve been back in the finals. Next years I don’t see la , cle or Orlando getting that much better

  • Rafa23

    of course that guarentee is insane and def wont happen. but dont judge this team only by what happened against the bulls. they played without their defensive leader against a hot bulls team. and then took the eastern champs to game 7. cant be that bad. and ray allen aging at hyper speed? he played even better than last season and wont have a problem losing another step. pierce is probably the biggest problem along with garnett when it comes to declining. they will probably contend next season, but wont have it to win anoither chip. 2011 is obv not happening with that cast.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs Before Slamball

    @Diego, A solid cast in minni? are you crazy too? dudes best team was a over the hill cassel and sprewell and he took them to the conference finals only to lose to the lakers. Before that he had a backcourt of marko uric and trenton hassel. And he still put up hall of fame numbers so to say he didn’t do diddly is kinda stupid. Him and tmacs old teams make it look like lebron is walkin around with a allstar squad which is why both of those guys are breaking down now. And stats speak for themselves, you can’t call the guy overrated when his mere presence turns a crappy team into the top defensive team in the league and when hes not there, that same team can barely the bulls.

  • Diego

    He had Marbury at one time (when Marbury was good); he had Wally Z. (when Wally was good–yes, Wally was good); Tom Gugs (when Gugs was good); Terrell Brandon; etc.

  • NYCBalla

    Boston should pick up Boozer…..Booze would be a beast if he learned to play defense and care, maybe KG could inspire!?!

  • ilovehaters

    haha i love how everyone thinks pp ray and kg are too “old.” Just 1 year ago, none of you were saying they are too old.

  • Diego

    Everyone is pointing out how the Celts played Orlando to 7 w/o Garnett. I would take position that that supports conclustion that Garnett was NOT that important to the Celts. You can only play 5 guys at a time, and Big Baby would have been riding the pine if Garnett played. (If Garnett is so critical to the Celts, are you going to tell me the Celts sweep Magic if Garnett plays? Clearly, that must be your position, if he is such a difference maker. I don’t buy that. Compare Big Baby’s playoff per game stats to Garnett’s per game stats for the season. (I haven’t looked at them, but I’d bet they were comparable.))

    Orlando still wins that series in 7, unless refs say otherwise.

  • Ian

    he didnt do shit in minny and didnt cassell make the all nba team team that year??? how is that over the hill.

    of all the people in the world making guarantees damn tomorrow itll be tmac.

  • http://www.niketalk.yuku.com/forums/8 NTstateOFmind

    KG is going full blown ‘tard mode now

  • Rico

    Y’all need to calm down – KG is da truth! If he believes it it will happen. Best centerpiece for team ever!

  • http://www.dimemag.com The Jed

    You’re not a Celtics fan. Don’t try and hop on this bandwagon pal.

  • rell

    How was KG not that important when we were giving up 10+ per game w/o KG in the lineup. Big Baby might have almost match KG points wise but his rebounds numbers and his defensive ability was nowhere near KG.

    After saying all of this, there is noway we are going to win back to back unless Kobe opt out and come to Beantown. Forget the Knicks jersey and come to Boston Kobe. I bet all the Lakers fan will either turn on Kobe in a heartbeat or commit suicide.

  • Rico

    @rell……that would be sick…Kobe go to beantowne! Yeah baby!

  • Big Island

    dk and NTstateOFmind said everything I wanted to say.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs Before Slamball

    @diego, look at the guys u named…they ALL sucked…brandon was injured 24/7, marbury was a headcase back then and they both were rookies, Wally has ALWAYS sucked and even in his best years couldn’t do more than just be a spot up shooter. When your mentioning tom guggliota like he’d matter on any real team, you’ve got to be kidding..hes a luke walton player. What killed KG in minni was the joe smith trade that kept them from gettin first round pics for like 7 years. Cuz if thats the case, al jefferson (who everyone hypes) aint doin shit in minni either. And as for his and big babies stats. Its not all about stats on the celts. Just like dwight on the magic, the opposing teams score like 15 points less when hes on the floor. So big baby scoring helps but it doesn’t matter if the team can’t stop anyone. And I’m a magic fan but ya, a healthy KG would of beaten them because he could of put pressure on dwight on both ends since perkins has no offense.

    @ian, you kno what i mean…cassel even past his prime was still effective but he wasn’t a superstar. And that was KGs second best player.

  • Ian

    bron i think the only reason they got that far was because of hudson getting hot in the playoffs and having the spurs and lakers killing each other in the second round minny was at best the 3rd best team out west that season. now on cassell i think that was the only time he made the all nba so i cant say hes past his prime and yeah the other players mentioned do suck.

    jefferson isnt doing shit either true but hes still and allstar imo which garnett is not a superstar like many call him. heres the thing i dont like about the way people judge players (i know youll get the crap im going to post) why is garnett considered so much better than jefferson when they have more or less the same numbers and same team results?? why is jordan considered the best regardless of the super team he had and some superstars get bashed for winning with stacked teams?? isnt the orland tmac the same player kobe was after shaq and before paul?? why do many people that only see the highlight of the dream shake on the admiral consider hakeem to be so MUCH better when the career awards and numbers are the same? because of one playoff series where hakeem had a better team and coach?? why is shaq considered the mde when he started dominating when robinson , hakeem and even the overrated ewing got old or left?? why is magic the best pg ever when he played with a bunch of hofers and isiah wooped him with an inferior team? why is kobe ranked ahead of pippen in all lists when pip carried the bulls to the second round and a game 7 while kobe was blowing 3-1 first round leads and is 0-2 in the finals being the best player on his team?
    NOW READING ALL THAT (i got hundreds more) why is garnett that much better than gasol when they put up the same numbers and carried scrubs to the first round and got bounced the same? bron all that is for cuz i think u r the most unbiased reader here.

  • doc

    What is he supposed to say we gonna lose.He a champion and all that struggling shit this year was without him.With him they might be crowning the Lakers AGAIN just like last year we forget so soon.KG one of the greatest PF’s of ALL TIME and thats how he feel.

  • http://twitter.com/lakersnation Lakers Nation

    It’s over for the green . . . they sold their souls to the devil for that one ring . . they got no future!

  • IGP

    I say they barely make the playoffs the next 2 years man, and they lose in the first round at best. KG is the most annoying player in the fucking world. I used to respect him and really appreciate his talent, but damn he is just too much nowadays. What a fucking idiot.

  • JuiceMode

    KG must be drinking too much Red Bull

  • .

    JR Smith and Mo Willaims in these playoffs both guaranteed they’d make it to the finals too.

  • barons beard

    as soon as someone makes a guarantee, the only thing guaranteed is that it won’t happen

  • RICK773

    I won’t even comment on KG “Prediction” it’s far to early to comment nobody knows how trades the draft and free agency will play out this year let alone in 2010. But on a personal note I think Cindy Brunson is hotter than Colleen Dominguez.

  • Joshua

    The Lakers will smash the Celtics the next time they meet in an NBA finals, if it happens within the next few years.

    They would have beat a healthy Celtics this year, too. They already did twice during the season.

  • P. Dubb

    We would not even be havin this conversation right now if KG weren’t hurt. It’d be L.A. vs Boston like it’s supposed to be. Now we have to watch Kobe and company pad their stats and beef up his legendary status cuz their playin the joke Magic. Now this is all stupid if all KG did was tell the owner that he thought they’re goin to win the next two years. It’d be totally different if he came out into the media tryin to draw attention. He’s going through rehad and probably has a ton of pent up anger about missing the playoffs and winning another ring this year. But for all you Celtic-haters out there, seemingly EVERYONE, you’re drawing your conclusions from what you saw in the first 2 rounds of the playoffs WITHOUT KG. Yes, Pierce wasn’t his typical self in most of the games, and yes Ray was inconsistent, and yes Rondo tried doing too much at times, but all this changes when KG is in the game. Less weight is put on the shoulders of Paul and Ray. Throwin the ball into KG opens up soo much for the other two. Ray is PURE. Bottom line. Yes he’s getting older but his shot will never fade. Pierce will be back to his old self with KG back next year to draw some defenders off him. Rondo will continue to learn and improve and hopefully keep a little bit of that hot-head and fearlessness to go up against anybody. So here’s MY GUARANTEE…the Celtics will win at least another championship before the Big 3 get broken up, may it be next year or later. Plain and simple. It’s just a shame that they got put together later in their careers cuz we would’ve had more years of this renewed LA/Boston rivalry instead of watching these sick finals where the Magic get sweeped.

  • QQ



    That’s what you’ve become KG. Bullshit.

  • Sacto_J


  • http://www.google.ca bruce dizon

    addd to the big 3


    -utah is tryin to move boozer to either miami or boston and he might go for boston cause he wants a ring

    -if u add cb4, u get not kevin garnett, but similar so convince him bout get rings and him being a leader and he will go for less money. watson is better than marbury now.

    -(posey had a bad season with hornets so he might come back for less money to win a ring. maggette can get u 20 and they can still match any other offer teams give him

  • http://www.google.ca bruce dizon

    my third choice is the most realistic and posey is opting out of new orleans so he might go to boston

  • http://nbaroundtable.wordpress.com/ Dave

    I think Boston would have won the East this season if KG was healthy. Heck, they almost knocked off Orlando without him.

    The Celtics have a good shot at winning another title or two.

  • Ethan

    It blows my mind that some people are so down on KG now. He’s been my favorite player in the league since he entered, because off the court the dude is all class and on the court he’s intense and crazy. He dominates LA, wins a ring, and all of a sudden we have a world full of upset Laker fans trying to bash the guy. That shit is fucking lame.

  • Ethan

    And yes, they definitely have a shot to win a ring next year if KG is healthy. Any Magic fan who thinks they would have had a shot beating Boston with Garnett on the floor is flat-out delusional. It would have been over in 5 or 6.

  • http://www.google.ca bruce dizon

    add to boston and u can get back to back rings. U guys are idiots if u think the same roster will do it. danny ainge has an ability to do it. STOP puttin KG down cause if he wins both back to back rings, u guys will have ur sorry asses complaining or not admitting it. lets see wat boston does and watch the future.

  • http://www.google.ca bruce dizon

    Carlos boozer
    rasheed wallace
    allen iverson
    corey maggette
    jermaine o’neal
    earl watson
    kwame brown
    james posey?
    antonio mcdyess

  • http://www.google.ca bruce dizon

    Carlos boozer
    rasheed wallace
    allen iverson
    corey maggette
    jermaine o’neal
    earl watson
    kwame brown
    james posey?
    antonio mcdyess

  • http://www.celticsblog.com jonboy

    LOL at the morons on this site talking about KG having great “supporting cast” in Minnesota.

    I’m assuming they never watched the Timberwolves play while Garnett was there.

    Spree and Sam were good but Sam didn’t even play in the WCF because he was hurt – leaving the Wolves with basically no PG for the series. (I think Hudson was hurt by that series too)

    Hell, I think even KG brought the ball upcourt in that series.