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More Minnesota drama with Rubio, and Amar’e to the Lakers?

Al Jefferson

Al Jefferson

Has anyone bothered to find out what Al Jefferson thinks of all this? Friday’s NBA Draft aftermath still focused primarily on the Timberwolves, specifically on them picking Ricky Rubio and Jonny Flynn back-to-back. It’s to the point where Minnesota GM David Kahn wrote an open letter to Wolves fans explaining his actions, a classic example of a guy who still feels the need to prove himself. Could you ever see Larry Bird, Michael Jordan or even Rod Thorn doing that? Anytime Bird hears criticism for his player moves, we can imagine him thinking, “Why did I do that? Because I f***in’ felt like it. I’m LARRY BIRD, dammit!” … Anyway, Kahn boldy stated that Rubio will be Minnesota’s starting PG “the moment he walks through our front door,” adding that it may take a year or two for that to happen because of Rubio’s buyout situation. He’s confident the Rubio/Flynn backcourt — the same one Dick Vitale promised will get a coach fired — will work, going as far as comparing them to Isiah Thomas/Joe Dumars, Danny Ainge/Dennis Johnson and Jerry West/Gail Goodrich … Here’s what we’re guessing will happen: Rubio won’t come to the U.S. this season while his agent tries to force a trade (probably to New York), and Flynn takes the starting PG job from Sebastian Telfair in the meantime … While most of the Dime office thinks Kahn made the wrong picks, why are all these critics saying he should have gone with Stephen Curry? If the argument is that Flynn and Rubio are too small to guard bigger twos like Kobe and Vince and Brandon Roy, what makes anyone think 6-3, 185-pound Curry can do it? If Kahn wanted to draft his starting backcourt, he should have taken whichever PG he wanted (Curry, Rubio, Flynn) 5th, then taken DeMar DeRozan 6th … BTW, if you’re tired of only hearing about the Wolves, go here to grade your favorite team’s draft and talk about what they did right or wrong … Kahn still needs to hire a coach, which he says will happen by the end of July. Did you catch that jab Kahn took at Vitale during the draft when asked about the coaching search? He teased Jeff Van Gundy by saying, “There’s an established former NBA coach” on the ESPN staff, then sarcastically said he was talking about Vitale. Was that payback for Vitale criticizing his draft? Do you think Dickie V heard that and threw his pudding across the lounge of the senior center? … The Kings’ Twitter feed had this note: “[Jon] Brockman said [Spencer] Hawes broke news to him he was a Kings Draftee by calling him a few moments before he was taken saying, ‘You’re my rookie.'” Hawes and Brockman were AAU teammates and college teammates at Washington … And since our business has apparently come down to just scouring Twitter, the L.A. Times reported a trade rumor they got from (what may or may not really be) an Amar’e Stoudemire tweet: “Breaking News! Amar’e Stoudemire to the Lakers!!” … Lakers or no Lakers, the Stoudemire-to-Golden State deal might be dead. Nellie said he’s not gonna trade Stephen Curry, who was a key part of that rumored deal. “He can unpack his bags and relax. He can buy a house,” Nellie said of Curry. “We drafted him because we think he’s a terrific player that fits right into our program. He ain’t going anyplace.” … Shaq is gonna wear #33 for the Cavs. They didn’t retire that for Devin Brown? Jumaine Jones? … Knicks rookie Toney Douglas took #23. Smart investment by the kid, who could be in line for a nice chunk of cash if LeBron comes to NYC next summer … In the press conference where the Nets introduced Terrence Williams, Rod Thorn said he’s looking at Yi Jianlian to be the starting power forward next season. “To put it nicely,” one reporter wrote in the New York Daily News, “Yi is not very popular with the team’s fanbase, who were left scratching their heads last year when the Nets stuck with him as a starter even while he often disappeared on the floor.” The Nets want Yi to get stronger, and reportedly he’s been working on it. Do you think Yi will ever turn into the star some thought he would be coming into the League? … We’re out like Jumaine …

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  • F.L.A.S.H.

    yi is soft as pudding, but boy is that jumper gorgeous~

  • ponky_alolor

    so stephen is staying put? whats going on with monta?

    brook lopez has a better chance than yi.

  • joshlee9

    Yo what’s up with turkoglu acting all selfish and wanting more money , definitely at the expense of getting a good shot at the championship?? I mean I know people gotta get paid and all and I can respect that but can’t he just make a few million, make this Orlando team even stronger, and lead them to a championship? Or does he just want to get paid and play for a lesser team? Hope he stays in Orlando

    Also, David Kahn is going to screw things up. If he hasn’t already.

  • bballinca


    Why don’t you tell Dwight or Rashard to take a paycut than. The Turk should get whatever someone is willing to pay him.

  • Sam I Am

    No we can’t get enough of the Wolves….they finally making some noise and ya’ll wanna shut them up


  • Maynard

    Kahn’s letter to the fans kind of reminds me of former Dolphins coach Cam Cameron after he took Ted Ginn Jr. over Brady Quinn at No. 9. In an effort to convince everyone it wasn’t a horrible idea to draft a kick returner there, he told a rally with their fans that they weren’t just getting Ginn, they were getting the “Ginn family,” who he had known for 10 years. Thunderous booing ensued, Cameron went 1-15 and that was that.

    This could end up similarly. I mean, on top of the Rubio situation, what if Flynn just isn’t that good? It’s possible.

  • skywarp

    all this talk about point guard whats up with nash..? is he going to rot in phoenix??

  • Danny

    What if Rubio just really isn’t that good. It’s hilarious that people are knocking flynn n not the spaniard. These are the same scouts that said yi was going to be the biggest thing out of China since yao. Now rubio is the biggest thing outta spain since PAAAUU?? Obviously, things are turning out the same way.

    rubio- below average nba pg

  • netstar882211

    Yi will NEVER make it happen in the NBA. I am a die-hard nets fan, and i cringe every time i see him take the floor.

  • QQ

    Of course, David Kahn still needs to prove himseld, it’s his first fucking year on the job. That Larry Bird and Jordan analogy was nasty shit. That’s like comparing Brook Lopez to Shaq.

    Huh? So the Amare deal is off? People, shed some light on this!

  • sh!tfaced

    “The only way Amare Stoudemire suits up in purple and gold this year is if someone buys him a Kobe jersey for Christmas.”

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Crazy how the 7 foot center that is a game changer offensively is pretty much gone now.

    Crazy how few centers got drafted.

    Crazy how teams want a big man so bad they are thinking or trying the possibility of taking Amare with all his crying, blame game and lack of D.

    Crazy how Minnesota probably still gonna be in the lottery next year.

    Crazy how good the Peach milkshake from Chick-Fil-A is.

    Crazy how easy it is for the Spurs to be right back in the mix of thing.

    Crazy how many dudes will be aiming to posterize Hasheem lol (and I got Vince doing it first).

    Crazy that I can’t wait for that first game of Skip vs. Jameer.

    Ok enough with the Crazy, unless you add ya own.
    Deuces lol.

  • That’s whats up

    At #6 – nice argument dumbass

    Ginn jr. is a productive NFL player while Brady Quinn is just sideline garbage
    a shitty coach is a shitty coach – Cameron and Tom Brady wouldn’t have helped the Dolphins that year

    that’s why this is a hoops column

    …and Gee, I agree on the Peach Milkshake. straight crazy

    Bottom line on the draft, nobody, and I mean NOBODY, knows if any of these cats can hack it in the NBA – that’s why every sportswriter goes back a few years later and has their version of a retro-draft – to show the busts and the “overlooked” – until you’re in the game you only got your name.
    Take the money and run kids – it could be your only chance at a big paycheck

    If Yi ever becomes great I’m gonna make some shirts that say “Helllll Yi !!!!”

    I’m out like Don Nelson’s ‘word’

  • dmitry of jersey

    yiiiiiii is just a money investment. when he plays, china watches and links get clicked on. so far on the nets, yi has been below average and so have the nets, so it’s a solid match.
    one positive is he can rebound. but he is not consistent.

  • http://manilatonight.com solomon (el latino machismo)

    yiiiii will be decent, at best, just manage the expectations… can’t blame thorn / frank & co – who do you start @ 4? boone? mr. weed? stro? okay, pogosticks and all, but zero hoop IQ is all worth crap, so it’s a weak set, but still, that finesse game and wet J yi’s stroking would complement brook’s job inside…

    and no effin’ way nellie’s really gonna give curry – he’s a match made in heaven! if anthony morrow can get 30+ mins of burn (and some mad stats), i can’t imagine how good little curry can be in that effin’ system…

    and when will the amare rumors even stop? 1st, it was GSW, then some have him to LAL… it’s so effed up, that a rumored trade to maccabi tel aviv or cska moscow wont even surprise me… stat aint going anywhere… gm’s know better than that…

    we’re out like bassy

  • dk

    @ qq The comparison wasnt nasty shit, jordan, bird, and kahn it wasnt about playing, it was about being a gm. The only thing Jordan has got right is Oak/G Wall, and that was their year of inception…

  • QQ

    Of course, it’s about being a GM. Was Kahn even a player?

    The statement was like ‘Because Kahn has to explain his draft, he hasn’t arrived yet. Why does Micheal Jordan and Bird makes bad decision, and they can get away with it?’

    That was nasty shit, man.

    Comparing a first time GM to two legendary names?

    I know Jordan hasn’t done shit as an executive, but damn, his name alone sends shivers to other people’s spine. It’s Micheal Fucking Jordan, dammit. Of course he can get away with anything. H

    Kahn, to casual fans, is just an unknown old guy in a suit. Of course he would explain his strategy for the fans to accept him. And doing that doesn’t mean he is a bad GM.

  • http://www.saltytexan.com rangerjohn

    LMAO at amare and his dream of being a laker!

    let me guess amare for mbenga, a 2020 second round pick, and the team washing machine? do we have another gasol type trade?


  • dk

    And my point was that Bird, MJ and Kahn are equals as GM’s. None of them have done shit and you could argue Jordans been horrible.

  • dk

    @18 lmao, The Suns didnt want the washing machine, just domination of the Spurs.

  • dk

    I wouldnt have chanced my pick on a possible average run of the mill shooting guard either. PG’ s or Centers are very important pieces on a team and hold the most value. I would have made the sme pics

  • QQ


    None of them had done shit?

    David Kahn is in his first fucking year, man. Wouldn’t you wait at least a few more years to say that about him?


  • Rafa23

    without having done a lot as a gm, kahn is already better than jordan and bird combined. i dont think mj has made one good move, same with bird. maybe drafting granger, but that wasn’t that hard.

  • Kobeef

    1. Why anyone listens to Dick Vitale anymore is beyond me. The might as well go to Grandpa Simpson for player analysis “College senior’s BABY! Psycho T. BABY!. P.S. I am not a crackpot”

    2. Nostrakobeef: I predicted on Wednesday that Rubio would end up with the Wolves. Today I’m predicting David Kahn will be fired before Christmas.

  • QQ

    @ Rafa

    Jordan I understand…

    But Bird? Isn’t he responsible for crafting the Jermaine ONeal-Ron Artest-Reggie Miller Pacer teams that were in the upper echelon in the East a few years back? Those teams were REALLLL good.

    Bird ain’t bad ALL THE TIME. He just stinks now.

  • bsmoot

    are the wolves considering trading flynn…? or a better question might be, are any teams offering deals for flynn?

  • carmikal

    Rubio will never play a game for Minny.

  • ponky_alolor

    @qq, yep that was a badass indy team. J.O. was gunning 4 mvp at some point i remember. Larry Legend did some work b4 that melee in detroit went down.

    mj has kwame and adam morison blunders to live with. he should be due.

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    I’m still recovering from the fact that Devin Brown’s name is in this post. (Reading it makes me want to throw things.)

  • dk

    Yeah, thats my mistake grouping Bird in there. He has a head on his shoulders that works better in the GM depaetment then Jordan, obviously.

  • MNTwolves

    I still don’t know the real reason as to why Kahn would draft Rubio and Flynn back to back. But, from what I’m seeing, this is probably the first time 2 years (when Garnett was traded to the Celtics) since the Wolves gained that much national media attention. And I like what I’m seeing with the Wolves in the news everyday. Finally! Some exposure to the Wolves! Although, I would’ve liked it better to have a backcourt of Rubio and Evans, where the Wolves trade Flynn and the #18 pick to the Kings, but still, I think a backcourt of Rubio and Flynn would be pretty sweet (offensively) next season. Plus, I liked what I read from SI.com where one writer said “Teams usually have two scorers in the backcourt and force one of them to be the playmaker. Now with the Wolves, they have two playmakers and make one of them the scorer.” If that’s the case of what Kahn is seeing with the new backcourt of the Wolves. I sure would like to see what happens with that experiment next season!

  • That’s whats up

    I think Bird made the move for Tinsley
    That was pretty solid

  • Skeeter McGee

    For those who say Hedo is selfish, I think he’s doing the right thing because he is arguably more important to that team than Rashard Lewis is, and yet Lewis is making a shit ton more cash. Believe me, we would all do what Hedo is doing, especially since his value has never been higher than it is right now…

  • Rafa23

    @ QQ, ponky and thats whats up

    I LOVED that team. could have beaten detroit if JO was healthy. had the most talented young team in the league.

    it looks like bird made the moves for that team, but he didn’t!!
    bird became the pacers president in 2003.
    tinsley was drafted in 2001.
    o’neal was acquired in 2000.
    artest in 2002.
    the first thing he did was firing isiah and hiring carlisle. not a bad move. but after 2 years it was obvious rick treated the stars differently, and couldn’t handle artest.
    then he traded harrington for jackson in 04. jack is talented, but a headcase.
    waited too long to trade artest, then only got peja.
    and dont get me started on the jack/harrington for murphy/dunleavy trade.
    so you see: granger pick and carlisle hiring, thats it. and that wasn’t even hard.

  • Rafa23

    bird also made some small mistakes that just showed me how horrible he is. before the 2006 draft, he was telling everybody he has a real sleeper and hopes this guy falls to the pacers(pick 18 or something). it turned out to be shawne williams. is he still in the league?
    then he sold a million picks to get james white. and you know what? WHITE DIDN’T EVEN MAKE THE TEAM!!!
    bird was a god as a player, but he is doing only bs as a gm or president or whatever. every other man would’ve been fired a few years ago.

  • sh!tfaced

    every gm has had their share of bad moves, even the best of them. all it takes is one good deal or two to redeem oneself. mitch kupchak gave away caron butler but turned it around when he got gasol. danny ainge was going nowhere trading every celtic except pierce but he always did well in the draft and turned those in kg and ray allen. now, both are known as “architects” of championship teams.

    we’re still waiting on khan, bird, ferry, etc. though i don’t know what the hell steve kerr is doing. and until he makes a hell of a move, jordan will always be known as the gm who drafted kwame.

  • QQ

    @ 35:

    That got me thinking: Steve Kerr followed MJ’s lead when they were in Chicago. Someone send Kerr a memo that their Chicago days were over 12 years ago. No need to follow Jordan now, dammit!!!

  • Rafa23

    you cant wait on bird any longer, its been 6 years. the pacers went from super talented and athletic to super untalented and unathletic. i mean, who trades 2 talented playes(jackson and harrington) with ok contracts for 2 unathletic soft guys (murphy and dunleavy) to help the chemistry? because thats exactly what he said. not only that, he also took monster contracts who will only end in 2011!!! thats probably the worst trade in the last decade. at least memphis got caproom and a good, cheap center in the gasol trade.

  • Mack Brownee

    the point it, this guy kahn is an idiot when it comes to basketball…for anybody to say they want a starting backcourt of rubio and flynn and think they have a chance to win something has no idea what the nba game is like…those boys would get murdered by opposing teams starting backcourts b/c there would always be a mismatch unless they’re playing golden state or new york who play small ball. Kahn should have been fired after the draft. Now if the trades rubio and gets someone like amare in return, he’ll be a genius

  • sh!tfaced

    more to think about:

    if kupchak had jerry west (gasol trade) and ainge had mchale (kg deal).

    kerr has ex-spurs teammate ferry (shaq to cavs).

    david kahn used to work under donnie walsh in indiana (rubio to ny???).

  • sh!tfaced


    so maybe it won’t be that much of a surpirse if amare ends up in charlotte? lol

  • Big Island

    Minny had to take Rubio at that spot, even though I think they will end up trading him, getting a pick and a decent guy in return. You can’t pass up the guy that everyone had ranked as the 2nd or 3rd pick. Trade Rubio for a decent 2 guard and that team is decent.

    Bird was good, but MJ has done crap for his teams. Kupchak was garbage before he got Pau.

  • Maynard

    No. 13 — I was saying that the way Kahn handled his first draft reminded me of how Cameron handled his, getting all defensive right after making a pick, showing weakness and failing to instill confidence in the fan base. You missed my point son, but it didn’t stop you from shooting your mouth off. And I see no issue with comparing figures of authority across different sports.

  • Rafa23

    @ 41
    bird was good? read the above comments if you think he did anything good. its a lottery team in salary cap hell. mchale even got minny to the playoffs a few times.

  • IrishBaller

    bynum for amare? that’s the only scenario I could think of… no likely at all

  • doc

    The dude from the Knicks now,Donnie something,he was the man behind them good Pacer teams not Bird.Bird coached the year they lost to LA in the chip then was on some helper shit to Donnie.Once he finally put in his power play dude went to the Knicks and Larry Legend continues to stink up the joint.So yeah I would say him and Mike fucking up so far.

  • doc

    And i fuck with Kahn for picking what he thought were the best players.Everybody tripping off him saying they gonna both start.What about the mismatches they cause?The shit goes both ways.How he even know they both gonna start unless he hiring a yes man as coach.Because if he hire somebody who wants to do it his way he dont know who the fuck starting.Get yall panties out a bunch he only keep talking because people keep asking.Step 1 of putting Minny back on the map is a smashing success as u can see we been talking about it since draft night.So I think he smarter than people think.He on that paper and got talent.

  • doc

    And who cares what Big Al thinks.WHo the hell is he Lebron,Kobe,D-Wade,he dont call no shots win 35 games in a season as the man first.

  • Song B.

    Forget about all that nonsense and bullshit already.my squad the Los Angeles Lakers don’t need no A.Stoudamire.they need to go after J.Smith of the Atlanta Hawks.specially if the L.Odom doesn’t work out.they should trade L.Odom for J.Smith.that’ll be a killer squad that WILL WIN 5-7 championships str8!!J.Smith you NEED to DEMAND a trade to the Los Angeles Lakers if you WANT a ring and wanna know how it feels to be on top with winning consecutive championships.J.Smith needs to get in where he fits in and that in a Los Angeles Lakers uniform.let’s make it happen boy boy

  • dagwaller

    Yi as a star? Probably not. Quality starter? I can see it.

  • RP


  • redstorm11

    hey dime whats the word on seth curry? how does he compare to stephen after their freshman year? and how do you think his time in duke will affect his draft stock?

  • http://www.worldstarhiphop.com c-viz

    poor minny fans…

    The Boston Celtics had the 5th pick in the draft a couple years ago, made 2 trades, and then won the NBA title that year…

    Khan is the biggest loser i have ever seen.
    All minny fans should go on strike to get him fired.

  • http://www.worldstarhiphop.com c-viz

    @ redstorm11

    right now Seth Curry is a poor man’s Stephen Curry, so his draft stock will really depend on how big bro’s game translates to the league

  • redstorm11

    from what i seen his game is a little different than stephen, he seems more flashy

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    YA doc is right, Zeke and donnie walsh built that old pacers team and zeke stole j o’neal from the jail blazers and artest from the bulls.

    Minni will be alright, if rubio plays than we’ll see ( ithink he will suck) and if he bitches out nd stays in spain then they can use him as trade bait down the road if he finally puts up decent numbers (grea pgs don’t averag 9 points and 5 assists)

    @bballinca, rashard and dwight got thos contracts before the team got good. Hedo knows the team is good now and his contract is done so he can manage it anyway he likes. Now if he was about winnin, he’d do like kobe or shaq and take less money but a longer deal just to stay with a championship team…or he can enjoy bein rich on the bobcats or kings. I still say they sign and trade him for tmac…jameer,vc,tmac,shard,dwight could do some work (they just need some backup sgs and sfs for the assumable injury) lol

  • johnsacrimoni

    Worst trade of the decade? Are you kidding me? Now I’ll give you the fact that Stephen Jackson is clearly the best player of the 4, despite the fact that he shot 41% last year. And I’ll admit that Murphy’s contract sucks. But Harrington isn’t that great and he played like shit in G.S., played much better after he went to the Knicks.
    Dunleavy (two years ago, injured last year) 19.1 pts, 5.2 reb, 48% fg, 41% 3pt, 83% ft.
    Murphy (last year) 14.3 pts, 11.8 reb, (2nd in the league)48% fg, 45% 3pt (3rd in the league), 82% ft.
    Worst trade of the decade? Come on.

  • http://www.nysportscrunch.com Jason

    I remember talking about this on my forum.

    Great website, I look forward to reading it some more.

  • K Dizzle

    @ post 38

    I really don’t wanna argue cuz I don’t care that much about it….but i never heard Troy Murphy referred to as soft. Please check your references….

  • QQ

    I think people perceive that IND-GS trade as a bad one because that was when the Warriors upset the No.1 seed Mavs.

    But in the long run, look at what happened to the Warriors. After one magical run, they’re back to not being relevant, Harrington is gone, and SJach is seen as a headcase by many.

    Maybe someday, thing will turn around, where the Pacers will reap the positives out of that trade.

    It’s still too early to call that trade a bad one.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Q Double

    to add on to that: Monta missed time cuz of the “moped”
    Boom left for LA
    Barnes went to Phoenix
    Pietrus jumped to Orlando

    That Warriors squad actually had heart. This squad now is sorry. Steph Curry better hope he get traded cuz he gonna get tired real quick of 40 minutes one night and 15 the next with Nelson. This franchise pretty much went downhill with the quickness as soon as they got rid of Mullin…