NBA Draft / Jun 25, 2009 / 10:00 am

NBA Draft ’09 – You be the GM

Who's getting DeMar DeRozan?

Who's getting DeMar DeRozan?

In the final hours before the ’09 NBA Draft, it’s your turn to play front-office executive for your favorite team in that imaginary war room in your head.

Who do you want? What kind of impact will your pick have on the team next season? Where will he fit into the lineup? Do you want to keep your pick or trade it?

Tell us how your team can improve itself tonight …

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  • isotope

    Houston: trade TMac (to Memphis?) for a chance to pick Thabeet (and maybe Rudy Gay).

  • Sambuu

    I hope Knicks don’t pick Henderson… don’t want my current favorite Blue Devil booed by the Knicks fans…

  • knicksfan

    Give me Harden or give me death. Knicks deff looking for a 2 not a point.

  • Scott

    The Raps need a wing, seriously. And if we can’t land a wing, we still need a wing. As much as I’m loving Flynn, I’d rather see them go after Terrence Williams if their original guys are gone (ie DeRozen)… actually, I wouldn’t even blink if they took Williams over DeRozen. Williams is more complete, and taking the initiative to seek out GP to help him is a mature move.

    I’m still high on Earl Clark, dunno why he lost so much steam.

  • mike

    If I’m the Raps

    I’m solid at PG – Jose..
    Solid down low with Bosh, Bargs, Reggie Evans, and then a combo of Hump, Voshkul, Pops

    Where we are in need is at the wing…AP is solid…but old.. Joey Graham is turning into a decent bench player

    It is unclear if they will re sign Marion so there is a gaping hole at that 2/3 spot. I’d really like them to take a big athletic wing like Demar Derozan who can help out with the rebounding woes, provide some slashing and scoring, and maybe a little defence (even if it is just because he is super athletic).

    So Colangelo, you better take a super athletic 2/3

  • karizmatic

    My team is the Lakers and although I’m seeing some things that are saying the Lakers should get rid of their pick in order to save money to re-sign Odom and/or Ariza, I think the Lakers should keep this pick and try to get a forward who could potentially contribute right away. To that end I’d be hoping that Derrick Brown, Taj Gibson or Jonas Jerebko fall to the 29th pick, I’d take any of them if they are available. If all three are available I think I’d prefer Brown, Jerebko, and then Gibson, in that order although Gibson’s wingspan and potential post game might make me gamble on him. Hey we just won the championship what do we have to lose? I’d put Gibson on the same regiment with Jabbar as Bynum and see what shakes out.

  • MNTwolves

    #5 = Ricky Rubio

    #6 = Tyreke Evans

    Now that’s a backcourt I’ll pay to watch all season long!!! (Season tickets, plane tickets, accommodations and all!)

    The time’s now for the Timberwolves to howl next season!!!


  • The Law

    I’m hoping bulls nab both Gerald Henderson and Blair. Doubt it would happen but im drooling over the idea of Rose throwing lobs to Henderson.

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    My team is the Warriors and I say trade some of those two gaurd we have for a decent big man, but not before we get a new coach, a new GM, a new president, and a new owner! LMFAO

  • Kobeef

    This is kind of crazy but I really hope Minnesota ends up with Rubio and I can see it happening. I am convinced that OKC really wants Thabeet and will take him at 3 if they have the chance.

    I am also convinced that Memphis really wants Harden and will get him at 5 if they trade with Minnesota.

    Finally, word out of Atlanta is the Bibby isn’t getting re-signed which I think means the Hawks are looking to move JSmoove which could turn everything I just said upside down. If the Hawks don’t re-sign Bibby their are either looking to trade Josh Smith for a PG or for a Center (moving Horford to the PF spot).

  • QQ

    Trade Rafer for a spliff and some BRAIN!

    Trade Borat (Gortat) for a Drink and some BRAIN!

    Sign and Trade Hedo for a star and some BRAIN!

    Keep Dwight HAPPY by keeping him with an ENDLESS SUPPLY of BRAIN (courtesy of the Orlando Magic Broads)!


    QQ be da BOSS!


  • Drink the Haterade

    If I’m Memphis and picking second, I would take Rubio (he doesn’t want to play there) and then trade him to NY for D Lee and the number 8.

  • nick

    raps fan, tyreke evans would be great considering he can play the 1/2/3. however it is higly unlikely. so on that note i would be leaning towards derozan with his great upside and potential. i also like flynn a lot and it would not be a bad idea to have solid back up pg considering how much jose being injured last yr killed the raps.

  • Jah

    Miami Heat:

    We need a big who can move, so we make a trade for Tyson Chandler…

  • Celts Fan

    This is easy.


    2. Don’t trade Ray Allen.

    3. Draft the highest rated center (legit center) on the board at #58. He may be the 12th guy, but we clearly need some size behind Perk. I’ve heard good things (for a late 2nd round pick in a historically weak draft) about the Siler kid from Tulsa and dude from Utah. Please, just a guy that’s at least 6’10”, 265.

  • kdjinx

    Portland baby, just churning the bottom of the roster folks, nothing more nothing less. Indeed, and why not? There is an old saying, ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’

    Personaly, I loved it. Watching teams like Cleveland, Orlando and San Antonio stretching like gumby for a one or two year ‘fix’ was nothing more than a heroin fiend trying to get through one more day.

    Ah, but KP played it beautifully, close to the vest, knowing what he has ‘in house’ and with free agency opening up not willing to rock the boat on a team that won 50 plus games while rocking the youngest line-up in the league. (Raef should never have counted)
    That’s why we all should love Pritchard here in P-town; he’s slicker than a can of oil.

    KP knows where the value is at this year, and in this economy it sure as hell is not in ‘cheap young talent’, which is what the draft offers. A retiring Ben Wallace for Shaq? Three players, who 2 or maybe all, may be released for Richard Jefferson? Vince Carter at the Dead line? It was pretty cool for us die-hards.

    And Portland stood still, and Hopefully none of us are complaining! In this climate, to get a Stephen Curry or Ricky Rubio we would have had to give up Rudy or Nic, or both, plus Outlaw and maybe more….. Anyone in Portland willing to do that?

    Didn’t think so, so let’s move on……..
    What if Outlaw, Batum and Webster after a few years don’t work out? Marinate Cleaver; options folks…..
    Can’t sign a hardworking veteran banger in the off-season? Who wants to bet Pendegraph, Brockman and Cunningham need a paycheck? (Let’s keep in mind Nate is building his Washington cult, led by Roy, which is another ‘personal level’ aspect of this team that I love, and is so unique.)

    Later Sergio, hello Bayless….. But just in case, let’s all say whats up to Mills.

    It’s just slick, when you really break it down; the teams still in-tact, with a bit more depth, salary cap space and no desperation what-so-ever…

    Though I must put my two-cents in and say I’d sign Grant Hill and trade Outlaw,(which the Cleaver pick tells me is the plan), and believe me I’ve posted very long winded justifications on this…… Along with beligerantly trying to bring McDyess to the squad….. No big splashes needed, just adding a few pieces along with a whole bunch of mentorship…….

    One issue with the draft though; when drafting a bunch of ‘what if’s’, which is what we did, why not take a flier on DeJuan Blair? If not for the really bad knees he’d of been top fifteen, if not higher….. We need a back-up rugged inside man for 15-20 minutes, nothing more…. Sounded like a really nice fit, but who’s to question…….

    KP the mastermind, who has rocked this roster like a video game since he grabbed the controller….