College, NBA Draft / Jun 22, 2009 / 1:25 pm

NBA Draft: Championships will be won in the 2nd round

Toney Douglas (Florida State)

Toney Douglas (Florida State)

*Reprinted from Dime #49’s NBA Draft Preview*

I’m not even talking about when teams Lucky Charm themselves into a superstar — a Gilbert Arenas, a Carlos Boozer, a Michael Redd — who inexplicably slips through the cracks into the second round.

Take them out of the equation, and the fact remains that every good NBA squad has at least two or three key guys who were drafted in the second round, or not drafted at all: Mo Williams and Ben Wallace in Cleveland, Rashard Lewis and Rafer Alston in Orlando, Trevor Ariza and Luke Walton in L.A., Kyle Korver and Paul Millsap in Utah, Eddie House and Leon Powe in Boston, and the list goes on.

The ’09 Draft will be no different, as impact players litter the field of projected second-rounders, with UConn forward Jeff Adrien, Florida State guard Toney Douglas, Villanova forward Dante Cunningham, Temple guard Dionte Christmas and North Carolina swingman Danny Green leading the way. What they’ll miss in guaranteed money right off the bat, history says at least a couple of them will make up for it with some diamond-encrusted Godfather jewelry down the line.

On Draft night, when David Stern passes the mic to deputy commish Adam Silver and clocks out, don’t follow suit by changing the channel. If you do, you’ll miss the beginning of a championship career or two.

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  • IG

    I see the Clippers trading into the second round and picking Tyrese Rice. That guy has game.


    i can see dionte christmas being a diamond in the ruff…

  • Yoooo

    I forgot about danny green, hows he been working out? Niggas was on his dick after NC’s run

  • doc

    Dionte my youngboy,but he gotta work on his handle.His stroke good enough now to get him a shot though.If his handle get a little above average he’ll get some money.

  • http://edthesportsfan.com SoulOnIce

    This is the part of the draft I’m gonna watch the most this year. People are so busy talkin’ about how wack the draft is, and that may be the case at the top, but from the middle on, it’s gonna be great.

  • LB

    Wow, good read. Dont forget about the Spurs, who have made a living picking up guys other teams didnt want, from Avery Johnson from back in the day to Bruce Bowen and Manu Ginobli. Amazing what the right situation can do for a guy’s career. I guess one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure hahaha. Maybe these guys end up playing better than some 1st round picks becuse they dont have the sense of entitement (or the guaranteed contract) that comes with 1st round status. Instead, they play with a chip on their shoulders at all times, as if they’re one 10 day contract away from getting bounced from the league.

  • Ian

    austin damn man you forgot to mention manu a second round star that is actually a winner those three players are overrated.

    bowen wasnt drafted and i think im not sure with this one johnson wasnt either.

  • RealGM

    Jodie Meeks
    Marcus Thornton
    Dionte Chriustmas


    I like Dionte XMAS and Dante Cunningham. As a Kings fan, I want Tyreke Evans, Terrence Williams, XMAS, and Cunningham.

  • Flying_Aussie_Dutchman

    Dude @ SoulOnIce .. I AGREE man, everybody says its a weak draft, but looking thro it, it has very good potential everywhere

  • Sweet English

    Yo theres no coverage of the draft in the UK, does anyone know of any sites that will stream it live? I’d be interested to watch this year.

  • Notorious

    LOL!!!! Arenas, Redd and Boozer as Superstars…LOL!!!!