College, NBA Draft / Jun 15, 2009 / 7:35 pm

NBA Draft Early Entrants List Is Official

Wake Forest's Jeff Teague

Wake Forest's Jeff Teague

It’s a great day for Georgia Tech and Texas. The slept-on Yellow Jackets get their high-energy, athletic power forward back from the brink of the NBA Draft. Gani Lawal decided to withdraw his name to go back to Atlanta for a chance at doing serious damage in the ACC alongside Derrick Favors.

And Texas is getting another possible first-rounder back. Damion James will return to Austin instead of going towards the bottom of the first round. He makes UT the class of the Big 12, and a real Final Four contender next year.

James, PG/SG Avery Bradley, G Justin Mason, G/F Jordan Hamilton, , and C Dexter Pittman will create one of the best lineups in college hoops.

UCLA, Wake Forest, Kentucky, St. Mary’s and USC aren’t that lucky…

Stayin In Draft:
Jrue Holiday
Jeff Teague
Tyreke Evans
Jodie Meeks
Austin Daye
Patty Mills
Taj Gibson

Back to School:
Gani Lawal
Luke Harangody
Damion James
Greivis Vasquez
Devan Downey
Osiris Eldridge

I agree with every decision – except for Austin Daye’s. If he went back to school, he’d add more muscle, play under the watchful eyes of college coaches, and develop even more. But by staying in the Draft, he could walk the fine line between realizing his potential and disappearing into a system in which he isn’t getting the attention that he needs.

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  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Agreed on Austin Daye. When you have to prove you can be physical during pre-draft workouts, it means you haven’t done it in two years of playing actual games.

  • Kobeef

    Grevis Vasquez made the best decision of anyone. He is a talented kid with NBA size and skill for his position but unlike so many kids he realized that he was bound to go to the second round or undrafted if he stayed in. Another year in school will make him a first rounder.

    Daye made a very bad decision today. From what I have heard he got killed by everyone he went up against in competition and did poorly at the combine. Other than being tall and slightly athletic, Daye has nothing in common with an NBA player.

  • http://dimemag Rio

    I think that this class is going to turn out to be pretty decent. I think the sleeper of the draft is going to be James Harden. He already has NBA game and he has the NBA body. He is a big guard and can score with the best of them. Most of the guys in the draft will be drafted on potential and it may take them time to reach the potential. James Harden will play a major role on the team that chooses him on day one.

  • dk

    Atlanta’s Josh Smith, on the block… BO ACT NOW!

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    Wouldnt Meeks benefit from a year under Cal, a star studed incoming class and a run to the FF?
    I think so

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Meeks might be worried that Calipari’s system either won’t suit his skills and expose some weaknesses, or that he’ll get less playing time with such a loaded recruiting class coming in.

  • ponky_alolor

    Note to Austin Daye, see you in a couple of months.

    – – NBDL

  • K.i.n.G.

    no player should ever play in the nba if you post a 28″ vertical at the combine, with the exception of yao ming. I’m lookin at you Austin…..

  • Seven Duece

    Daye has legit perimeter skills in a legit 6’10 body, he’s going in the first round and probably won’t be asked to do anything other than the rookie duties of fetching bags and bringing donuts. His decision is a no-brainer; learn on the job.

    Meeks needs to get ready for a life time of 10 day contracts. Not hating, but he’s not big, exceptionally athletic, is a volume shooter, doesn’t rebound, nor is a lock down defender. He should’ve gone back to school to at least experience some extended tourney success.

  • gary

    @mox- truth. cal would get him a ring aswell. banners if you must!>

  • Birdy

    Dear Austin Daye,

    May I present to you these names: Shawne Williams, Rodney Carney, Anthony Randolph, Travis Outlaw, Darius Miles, DerMarr Johnson…

    I will not say that he can’t be a great player, that is up to him. But look at how long it took Outlaw to develop. I would rather take an 18 year-old out of HS in his spot but that’s up to D. Stern

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    I think the surprise out the draft is going to be Terrance Williams from Louiville. Saw a video of him working out with Bay Area legend Gary Payton and ya boy is going to be a nice defensive point guard.

  • http://www.nbadraftdaycountdown.com NBADRAFTDAYCOUNTDOWN

    Wow – love the Austin Daye smack…

    Teague is the player I would have liked to have gone back. He is at the bottom of a long line of PG’s this year mainly because he did not succeed to prove himself as a PG. Another year at Wake would have done him well.