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NBA Draft Green Room Invitees List

Stephen Curry

During football season, one of my boys has made a habit out of sitting in front of his computer with a game in the background, betting $0.25 on virtually every play. Wagering a quarter that the Seattle Seahawks will run the ball for 3-6 yards is one way to amp up the intensity of the game.

I haven’t seen any gambling sites offer this same feature during NBA contests. The game is too fast-paced to place play-by-play bets. But the NBA Draft isn’t – in fact, it’s the perfect venue to throw your money away gambling online.

Before coverage of the draft starts, here are the first tier of categories you should be able to wager on:

* Color of suit worn by each player
* Number of buttons on suit worn by each player
* Biggest entourage in the green room
* Biggest/Most ridiculous tie

And then once everything gets going…

* First person to shed a tear (options are Player, Mother, Significant Other, Random Entourage Member)
* Last person to be selected from the green room
* First player to change draft caps
* First player to be booed by Radio City crowd

Today is the perfect day to get this off the ground, now that we know (mostly) who is going to be in the green room. Draft Express collected this list of names – acknowledging that there could be some late additions and subtractions.

* Blake Griffin
* James Harden
* Hasheem Thabeet
* Ricky Rubio
* Jordan Hill
* Tyreke Evans
* Stephen Curry
* Jonny Flynn
* Demar DeRozan
* Jrue Holiday
* Gerald Henderson
* Brandon Jennings
* Tyler Hansbrough
* B.J. Mullens (potentially declining)
* James Johnson (declining invite)
* Eric Maynor (potentially declining)

Ty Lawson wasn’t confirmed either way.

I’m surprised that Earl Clark‘s name isn’t on that list. But his upside has been overshadowed by some ambiguous question marks for a lot of teams.

Last year was a bit easier to bet – we all knew that Danilo Gallinari would be raucously booed, and one of the Lopez brothers was an easy choice in the “first-to-cry” category. This year’s a bit tougher, but Thabeet is a lock for “most buttons” and as much as I’m rooting for him, we’ll be staring into Hansbrough’s deer-in-headlights look longer than any other green room prospect.

Source: Draft Express

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  • M Intellect

    They’re gonna killlll you for this.

  • Kobeef

    First player to trade draft caps: Ricky Rubio

    First player to shed a tear: Psycho T (he’s going to have that spaced-out stare in full-effect)

    Last player to be selected from the Green Room: Gerald Henderson

  • “Tha Boddy” Doin It For Love

    If the Wizards don’t trade the pic they will do the smart thing and take the legit 6’10 Jordan Hill

  • http://www.nbadraftdaycountdown.com NBADRAFTDAYCOUNTDOWN

    That Tyler Hansbrough is so hot right now…

    http://www.nbadraftdaycountdown.com – LIVE DRAFT NIGHT CHAT – Sign up now!

  • doc

    Minus the declinjig peole I’ll put 50 on Henderson last in the room.If its him and Tyler Mike and Larry wont go against the grain.At least thats what I would bet on.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    * Henderson will be the guy with the smallest crowd of reporters around him at Draft Media Day.

    * Rubio and Curry will have the biggest crowds.

    * Holiday will get the O.J. Mayo “Looks Like a Grown Man Already” Award for the best combination of suit and something to make him look mature. (O.J. had the glasses last year.)

    * Jennings is most likely to wear a top hat, a la Samaki Walker.

  • asu fan

    i hope that oklahoma city picks up james harden. that would be a great fit but might be a little early for him to go. so my next choice would be 5 to twolves. they have 4 first round picks and al jefferson, could put together a good young team. overall hope james harden has great nba career.