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NBA Trade Rumor: Jason Terry or Josh Howard to Wizards for 5th Pick

Jason Terry (photo. Reebok)

Jason Terry (photo. Reebok)

“That’s where I stand,” Caron Butler told Michael Lee of the Washington Post on April 9, 2009. “If it’s not Blake Griffin or somebody that can make an immediate impact, then I would prefer having a veteran come in to help us. The time is now.”

With the fifth pick in this month’s draft, it’s not going to be Blake Griffin for Washington. But there’s a chance that the Mavericks might make Butler’s wishes come true. They’re said to be so enamored with Arizona’s 6-10 PF Jordan Hill that they’d include either Jason Terry or Josh Howard in a trade to secure Hill’s services.

The Mavericks apparently are willing to part with either Jason Terry or Josh Howard to sweeten a potential deal. The Mavericks would be obligated to accept an expiring contract of the Wizards, the one belonging to either the Poet or Mike James.

The Wizards do have a number of bargaining chips: two expiring contracts, a No. 5 pick, Nick Young, Andray Blatche and one 7-footer, JaVale McGee or Brendan Haywood, depending on which center the Wizards would prefer to keep. The Wizards also have Jamison to shop if a franchise-altering deal becomes available.

We ran a couple of different scenarios through the ESPN NBA Trade Machine, and here’s what worked:

* Washington gets Jason Terry. Dallas gets the No. 5 pick, Mike James and JaVale McGee.
* Washington gets Jason Terry. Dallas gets the No. 5 pick, Mike James and Nick Young.
* Washington gets Josh Howard. Dallas gets the No. 5 pick, Mike James, Nick Young and Dominic McGuire.
* Washington gets Josh Howard. Dallas gets the No. 5 pick, Mike James and Andray Blatche.

If Washington could have their pick of Terry or Howard, who should they choose? Honestly I’d go with Terry. Washington already has one of the premiere small forwards in the game in Caron Butler. Alongside Arenas, Terry could play the other guard position. As lethal as he is coming off the bench, he’d provide the Wiz with some backcourt versatility – allowing Gilbert to play the one or two depending on his mood.

Financially this could be a good move for Mark Cuban. He’d save in the neighborhood of $10-15 million over the next three years, and he’d get a whole lot younger along the front lines.

What do you think of this deal?
Source: Washington Post and Washington Times

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  • J.Tobias

    Make it now Ernie, the Jet all day

  • Aaron

    Not sure it makes sense for either team. The last thing the Wizards need is another shoot first scorer. They need help defensively, particulary down low. I don’t see how adding Howard or Terry would solve the defensive issues. As for the Mavs, they need another scorer so why part with either Terry or Howard if you’re not getting another proven scorer in return? Just my thoughts…

  • kevin k

    who and what sources do you get these trade rumors from?? doesnt make any sense.

  • “Tha Boddy” Lies Speak Truth

    The Washington Wizards must not give up Nick Young he has the talents and skill set to become a all star caliber shooting guard.I tell every1 this and nobody believes me.Nick Young looks like young Kobe in his first few years all the talent no discipline except Kobe didn’t goof around like NY does.If you want to trade sum1 trade sum1 who doesn’t have a real position and lots of value like Blatche.You could also think about getting Haywood outta there since McGee showed he can do all the things Haywood could do with better offense.Alittle seasoning will have McGee as more than a serviceable big man in the league.Oh and the Wizards would have more use for Terry even though you pairing Howard and Butler at the 2-3 would look deadly, Terry is a great jumpshooter which besides healthy Arenas the Wiz really need

  • robmo35

    Wizards need a 4 not another point/shooting guard, or a somewhat problematic 3. Bad trade for DC bad trade for the Mavs

  • DC_Chillin

    Bad trade for the wiz. We don’t need another little guy who likes to shoot. I say keep the pick and draft Jordan Hill or James Harden, or trade the pick for Stoudamire.

  • http://dimemag.com hotSHOTZ

    I wud prefer terry if that trade could happen. But there the young talents that would be given up,maybe are too much. Nick Young and Javale McGee are future stars. They have the potential.

  • Bron42 aka Known as the king but nah I aint lebron

    Washington gets Josh Howard. Dallas gets the No. 5 pick, Mike James and Andray Blatche in a heart beat…i’m not gettin ride of mcgee or young just yet

  • D.H.

    If I’m Dallas I would be pushing really hard for Nick Young as part of that package. I still think Washington needs a big instead of a guard, but hey what do I know.

  • kevin k

    why would dallas push really hard for Nick Young when they have Gerald Green, another really athletic, long, wing-man whos a knucklehead and will never fill up to their potential

  • SK

    Terry is undersized and overrated, and is best suited off the bench. The Wizards need a starting caliber shooting guard that has a good mid range game and solid defensively. Someone along the lines of Rip Hamilton…

  • Kobeef

    Are the Mavs rebuilding?
    Unless the Mavs are rebuilding this trade doesn’t make much sense for them.

    The problem with this trade is that both teams are in a win-now stage so neither really want a young prospect (which is what you are getting with the 5th pick in this draft)

  • Drink the Haterade (LA LAKERS 09 Champs)

    @ S.K. “Someone along the lines of Rip Hamilton…”

    Classic, he used to play for them and they traded him for Stackhouse

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Nick Young is not a future all-star y’all.

  • wiz

    Finally someone agrees “the wizards cannot trade nick young” I honestly would not break up the group of young players but for josh howard i think i would part with Andray Blatche. Josh howard would bring defense to go along with caron, terry is a shooter just like gil so im not sure that will work…..

  • wiz

    And lets not up and forget the wizards do have deshawn stevenson, when he is not hurt he does play pretty well with agent zero…..can’t feel my face

  • method526

    it sounded good at first until you put these factors in:
    1) terry is getting old
    2) josh howard breaks his own ankles
    3) caron loves to get injured before/during playoff time

  • http://deleted Luigi


    NY is a young Kobe..but no one will believe me. his scoring is unmatched. no joke. id hate if we gave up NY n he turned into a [worst] JR Smith or a [best] poor mans Kobe.

    but i like the Mike James/Blatche/5th pick for Terry.

  • http://dimemag.com Melo2TDot

    Agree with everyone that says Nick Young= Yung Kobe. Except Nick Young is alot easier to like and isnt a prick.
    I really hope Nick Young stays in Washington because i dont know if I’d like him as much if he went to those pansies up in Dallas

  • don don

    The Wizards need help in rebounding for one. The last thing they need is another guard. Trading McGee would be A huge mistake.

  • DurrtyInjun

    You can’t call a man who doesn’t understand how to properly dedicate himself to getting better Young Kobe. When Gil and Caron have questioned his commitment you know it ain’t bullshit.

  • fLaVa

    I dont know how you guys can compare NY to a young kobe.. First NY doesnt even pass nor rebound the ball and he doesnt even play a lick of D.. other than the fact he can score, i dont see how hes even close being a young kobe.

  • “Tha Boddy” Lies Speak Truth

    @22 fLaVa

    young Kobe didn’t play any defense or rebound the ball when he first started.I just looked at both of their stats and they compare favorably.In Kobe’s second year he averaged 3 more mins than Nick Young and put up 4 more pts.A true Wizards fan like me who went to games saw that earlier this season when Eddie Jordan was running the team Nick Young was averaging 15ppg in about 25mins a game.Then Ed Tappscot came in with his no type of rotation having ass and Young’s mins dropped.Hell i’ve seen alot of games where he the #1 scoring option off the bench didn’t even get in the 1st quarter.The Wizards had plenty of games under Tappscot where they couldn’t get shots falling and still NY was on the bench only to start the second quarter when they are down by 10 or more.Flip will bring out the best in NY and all of you will see why I call him Young Kobe

  • jdstorm

    Or since we are talking abut ridiculous wizards trades, if you are going to trade for a SG at least get a good one. Here’s a trade that makes more sence.

    Washington Gets Vince Carter, while using the No5 pick on Tyreeke evens
    Jersey Gets TMAC, its not as if they’re going to the playoffs next year anyway and the Rockets get, expiring contract fillers. Mike James, deshawn stevenson, Yi Jinlan. and Ethan thomas after he picks up his option.

    Heres what the wiz roster could look like.
    PG. Arenas SG Carter SF Butler PF Jameson C Haywood
    PG Evens SG Young Ect

  • Sweet English

    banana sausages.

  • Sweet English

    ^^^^^^^^^ I thought i would would make a comment that makes about as much sense as this rumor.

  • fLaVa

    @23 Boddy

    the young kobe didnt have the mindset of guarding the best player’s opposing wing yet but his D was still there and his rebound numbers almost doubled Youngs in their 2nd years.

    There isnt going to be many players like Kobe but i do think Nick Young will be a nice rotation player in the future but to me hes just gonna be a scorer and if hes stuck with a coach that doesnt focus on D, its gonna be tough for him to develope into a complete player. But If anyone in the league that could bring the best out of the players on the offensive end, it would be Flip Saunders so I will be excited to see how Flip plays NY in a very offensive minded Wizards Team.

  • http://nbaroundtable.wordpress.com/ Dave

    I don’t think Washington should be interested in the Jason Terry trade, but I think the Josh Howard version could benefit both sides.

  • Josh

    This is perfect for both teams. Caron Butler has said he doesn’t want a rookie project and that’s what the 5 pick would be. This free up gilbert arenas to drive and kick out to a good 3 point shooter in terry or low to butler with stevenson doing his thing. This makes one of worst teams in the league this season to a playoff contender. Consider keeping terry as 6 man. Gets fans electric after the beginning of game excitement wares off.

    Also, from a Mavs perspective (which I am a Mavs Fan) then we get a guy (probable Jordan Hill) who won’t make immediate huge impact, but will add much needed altheticism and size in the paint. Plus, if he does mature than it adds a future piece to the puzzle that will become the dallas mavericks post dirk era. Mavs would then need to add a shooter with the 22 pick. I think if Wayne Ellington is available then he might be a good pick up. A lot of people say Gerald Henderson. Either way, this player would be a bench player. Mavs then should trade the expiring contract of Erick Dampier and Jerry Stackhouse to the Suns who would save more money than the deal with the cavs for Shaq.I think the last piece would be getting a better back-up center than Ryan Hollins. Ryan Hollins is a good 3-5 minute guy a game, but you need another guy who could pull 15-20 mins behind Shaq. I think one of the better players to get would be Gortat from the Magic. He is a restricted free agent, but with the finals run he might get some other offers. He is a great defender and would pair well with Dirk, who he has played with before in Germany. Then you have a real contending team in the Dallas Mavericks, assuming kidd and bass are resigned.

    The team would be: dirk, shaq, kidd, Josh Howard, Antoine Wright (would still get less mins than bench players, but would start to give mavs a stronger bench). Coming off the bench, you would have Jordan Hill, Nick Young (who I think has a real future), JJ Barea, Gortat (or equivalent back-up center), #22 draft pick, Brandon Bass, Ryan Hollins. etc. .

  • TJ

    I’d like to see the Wiz pick up someone who will get them out of the first round…be it a PG, SG, SF, PF or C. They have a good young bench (which could be an issue come playoff time). Yet, when healthy they have an awesome Big 3. Defense, a top level point guard, and a dominant big man is always key. With that being said…I say trade the pick, for Blatche and a player…bring in either a hardworking, dominant big man orrrrrrr…somehow BLAKE GRIFFIN!!!