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NBA Video Game Rumor: Kobe Bryant To The Knicks

kobe bryant knicks
Growing up, there are certain things that you always wanted to do surrounding basketball: (1) Make it to the NBA; (2) Make millions of dollars; and (3) Be featured on the cover of a video game. After today, Kobe Bryant will have achieved all three.

Sure he was on the cover of NBA Courtside 2 on Nintendo 64, but nothing like this. After Spike Lee and ESPN Films recently teamed up for “Kobe Doin’ Work,” the Black Mamba got up with Spike again for the TV spots surrounding NBA 2K10. And on the first day of the NBA Finals, they’ve put Kobe on the cover wearing a New York Knicks jersey.
Spike Lee EA
As if Cavs fans didn’t have enough problems surrounding a superstar departure to the Big Apple, now it appears Lakers fans can join in the misery as it appears Kobe could very well be playing for the Knicks – even if it’s only in a digital reality.

If this upsets you or excites you in any way, 2K Sports is allowing fans to vote for the box art of the game through June 15, so make your voices heard.

Which cover are you voting for?

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  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Spike pretending he’s still a Knicks fan … We all know you’ve gone over to the Lakers.

  • http://www.5starhiphop.com Mr. 5 Star – 5STARHIPHOP.COM

    but why? do the 2k makers have a vendetta against him? this is only gonna be a distraction…you know reporters are gonna ask about it in the postgame

  • karizmatic

    Why would they put Kobe in a Knicks uniform? It’s stupid. GO LAKERS!!!!!

  • Drink the Haterade (LA LAKERS 09 Champs)

    Why is KB24 in a #17 jersey? Like he’d ever wear that #…

    @ Austin, Spike’s with a real team now!

    Lakers in 6

  • LB

    Sorry Knicks fans, it aint happening
    Winning just means too much to Kobe, and I dont think the Knicks have the pieces yet to be a contender. I also doubt Kobe will want to uproot his wife and kids to go all the way to New York. Who would want to leave sunny Newport beach? And it’s not like New York has anything more to offer Kobe. More media exposure? Kobe already gets plenty of that playing in LA.

  • Aj

    Kobe was also on the the cover of NBA ’07 (The Life)…

  • dmitry of jersey

    i could actually see Kobe coming over the New York, especially if he wins this year. playing for Mike D’antoni will extend his career..

  • fiyaman

    jUst for the record I would take Kobe or Wade over Lebron today…

    I think its easier to build a team around them than Lebron.. Lebron might end-up like AI.. He’s good but the way he plays it realy hard putting 4other good players around him

  • dk

    The Knicks have the ugliest fucking colors, no offense.

  • Dukesman2000

    If you are a Knicks fan, the number 17 never looked so good before

  • dk

    @7 Thats some real basketball knowledge, finally someone with some sense :P

  • IG

    KB24 also made the cover of Denver Post local section some years ago……

  • Michorizo

    I think Spike wants to bone Kobe…but he is still a Knick fan…as soon as he taps that ass, he’ll show his true colors and kick Kobe to the side.

  • LakeShow


    Nah, we don’t want Spike … we’ve got Jack. It doesn’t get any better than his Shining smile

  • flavur

    Kobe = Lakers

  • http://iannyb9@hotmail.com iannyb

    Lol some good ole stuff they’ve come up with.i’m a big laker fan as long as they bring home the bacon this year aorund i’ll be good.Welaker fans need to see more of the “35 point,10 assists” Kobe to go up against that inspired Magic team.don’t underestimate the Magic team,they somehow remind me of the Pistons who derailed the lakeshow and denied “the mailman” Malone of that chip.Should be a very interesting series but Lakers all the way

  • E$

    All these so-called Laker fans would be Knicks fans, they are the definition of faker fans

  • http://dimemag.com Ducky87

    @ #9

    i beg to differ. The ugliest colorway belongs to the Thunder (poor Durant>).
    And funniest of all, they made a reference to NBA Courtside…. THROWBACK!!

  • joshlee9

    Is this even a contest? Is this a joke? Why would 2K sports put a player on their cover with a uniform thats not from his team?? Why are the Knicks suddenly the Yankees of the NBA? I know these are alot of questions but seriously, wtf? Enough with this 2010 nonsense. It is just retarded hype that makes Knicks fans salivate and Cavs/Laker fans angry for no reason whatsoever. Retarded….

  • Jon

    kobe is an unloyal bastard. I wouldn’t doubt he would go to the knicks if they don’t win the ring this yr and knicks is stupid enough to give him a 6yr max deal that the lakers are probably not willing to commit to.

  • MBE18

    Everyone should calm down. If you read the fine print, it says it is “just for fun”.

  • Jay Jay

    Yeah everyone should calm their ass down. It’s a video game, how many times have you played a basketball video game and traded for a star player to be in your team?

  • QQ

    Kobe will not play for the Knicks. This isn’t about that. This is about Spike Lee, the so called hardcore Knicks fan, making a movie with Mamba, and putting Kobe in a Knicks jersey will mean lots of dollars and lots of publicity for 2k sports.

  • Sweet English

    Yo Courtside 2 was DOPE.

    Best thing since NBA Hangtime.

    Double Dunks baybay.

  • redstorm11

    doesnt kobe still have that opt out clause in his contract; now there is a possibility that he can opt out, say if phil retires, and lamar and fisher dont return, and lakers dont get adequate replacements. so austin what teams could you see kobe going to?

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @redstorm11 — I think Kobe will retire as a Laker. The only way I think he plays for another team is if he pulls a Jordan move and comes back a couple years after he initially retires, and ends up with somebody else.

  • angelo borzellino

    Common now we all know Kobe’s gonna be a knick come oct.. Y do u think we got Dantoni? U see the relationship between them? MVP chants at the Garden..movies with spike..Kobe loves the limelite ESP in the mecca..