NBA, Style - Kicks and Gear / Jun 15, 2009 / 1:40 pm

Nike Puppets 4 Rings and Carpe Diem T-Shirts Giveaway

Check out the new Puppets 4 Rings and Carpe Diem T-Shirts by Nike to celebrate 4th NBA championship for Kobe with the Lakers. We’re going to have a bunch in the office sometime this week and wanted to share the wealth with our readers.

We’ll be running some sort of giveaway contest when the shirts come in, so make sure to check back with us throughout the week to find out how you can get yours.

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  • Dukesman2000

    I NEED that

  • http://yahoo.com slygerogg

    how many of these r u guys giving out?

  • thomasmmm

    dibs. DIBS!

  • boomtho

    I need one of those, maybe i can give it to my cousin instead of paying him cash since I bet against the lakers.

  • Patrick Cassidy

    @slygerogg –

    Not sure how many we will be giving away, but we will let you know as soon as they come through.

  • fallinup

    haha….those are badass.

  • chebs

    i want this, remind me

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    They should have a Lebron version but with the ring-less puppet hand.

  • http://yahoo.com slygerogg

    alright… appreciate it

  • http://www.twitter.com/jahovah23 JHov

    Longtime Dime subscriber and Laker fan here! I need that ! I’m the only Laker fan at my job and have to deal with the haters on a daily basis! This shirt will help shut they asses up! Plus I never did get my “Team Rose” shirt! lol!

  • David_Brandon

    man, i’d love to get one of those…

  • David_Brandon

    for some reason, this reminded me of that chappelle episode when reparations were out and al roker was like, “kiss the rings, bitch!” hahaha

  • http://www.realgm.com Rare Air

    Both of those are a good look, congrats to Kobe and the Lake Show.

  • JA

    Kiss the rings bitch.

    You guys should definitely look to hook me up after not sending me my Team Alexander t-shirt at the beginning of the season.

  • s.bucketz

    thas fresh…if i had any love for kobe id definately rock that

  • Eduardo

    Guys, I think it’s time for you to go international. I’m reading you guys on a daily basis but when it comes to winning something I’m always out cuz I’m not from the states. Send at least one t-shirt over here, I’ll pay for the shipping.
    Big Up from Portugal!

  • Jason

    I need to have one of these shirts before the parade! Can you buy them at the Nike Store?

  • David_Brandon

    @ eduardo,

    what up man…just cause.
    next time i shoot out that way, we gotta hoop!

  • Eduardo


    You’ve been in Portugal?
    Next time you let me know,it’d be cool to hoop with some real American material.

  • Ender

    Does it have a picture of a syringe on the back?

  • MB3

    Love Carpe Diem

  • LeBronBron


  • “Tha Boddy” Lies Speak Truth

    that shirt is the biz

  • cruzanboy21

    This shirt is awesome..a must have!!!

  • joel

    shirt is official I def want 1

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    In case I was not clear.I.WANT.IT.

  • David_Brandon

    ya man, europe is fun! i’ve been over there a few times. i’m tryin to get out to france again this year. i’ll have to take the eurorail and come hang out and check everything out!

  • Dillon

    I need both of these shirts! The 4 ring one is so cool. I need one to show off to the Lebron bandwagon fans and Kobe/Laker haters! lol

  • RaginFan

    Gots to get me onaa these…. :)

  • Havoc53

    I need that for the KOBE haters out here. FO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AS

    I need this shirt because I have soooo many kobe haters in my life

  • jaimmie

    I’d love dem shirts. it would just complete my husband kobe collection. please keep me posted on how to go them. I need a large please. DIE hard Laker fans

  • doughboy

    I need this shirt too. So many laker haters I need to rub it in.

  • jj

    I Want that mofo.

  • amanda

    My dad needs one for all the laker haters!!! MTA division 5 south central would love this shirt!

    My dad NEVER GIVES UP on the LAKERS!!!

    He is TRUE purple & gold

  • julie

    I got to have one!!!!

    those puppet guys are so cute!!!!!

    where do i find one!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • istyle

    this will be a collector’s item for sure! hopefully i can get a chance to get one.

  • Rhonda

    I WANT ONE!!! Where do I order one??

  • http://www.onegoodsite.blogspot.com G Magee

    Give me that. Puppets are back in a big way. LAKE SHOW BABY!!

  • Justin Hanassab


  • CW

    How do I get one of these!

  • Keren Shimony

    OMG!!!!!GOT TO HAVE IT….LAKERS are #1.

  • candy

    i need that shirt for my son !! hes at the colisum now!! go lakers!!

  • Keren Shimony

    My husband will fall in love with me all over! Please an 2x for my big Laker fan!

  • G Michael Peterson

    i want to wear mine around all the Celtic fans here in the NorthEast ….. my sis lives an LA…..

  • Don Warner

    I’ve got to have one I’m a BIG LAKER fan

  • Don Warner

    I’ve been a Laker fan for a long time I went to games when they played at the Sports Arena. Need a 2X

  • Percy Porter

    2x would be good! gotta have it!
    been a Laker fan all my life (grew up in the wood, CA)! this is the first parade i missed since 87! teaching school now… and needed to be here for the kids.

    good lookin’out!

  • http://lakersfever.blogspot.com justin

    Those are great, I’d kill for that 4 rings shirt. Apparently they have limited quantities at certain nike stores

  • Candy A.

    Go LAKERZ!!! how can i win that shirt how can i buy it i just need it for my sOn!!!! pleaseee!!! the puppet hand so0o0o cute like my chubby lil fingerz haha ;o]

  • Ramon

    I have to have that puppet hand shirt…its classic!! How do I get one?

    LAKER’s 2009 World Champions WOOOO!!!

  • Bruce Orona

    I must have those shirts please give me a chance I have been a Laker fan since I was born and researching where I could get those shirts led me to you so hook me up.

  • Lee

    I need that Four Ring shirt!

  • Korey

    Somebody, please post where we can get one of these…

    I want this so bad it hurts.

    I will buy 7 of them. One to play hoopz in. One to go to church in. And 5 for the rest of the days of the week!

  • fred

    They have them — on the lakers store — they just put them up for sale. This is great! — I am buying one.

  • Bob

    I have GOTS to have one of the four rings shirts!

  • Rene Lizcano Jr.

    Man!!! I go tot have one im not into tshirts with print and will never wear a nba tshirt, dont get me wrong i love the LAkers and feel in love with this shirt!. Where do i get one and if so i need a XL..
    Awsome t- shirts. had me laughing all day love the commercials too!

  • lebron who???

    SICKKKKKKK i was right up front during the parade i was tripping out when i saw the shirt, my life would be complete with one lol.

  • RICH

    dammmmmn.. I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RICH

    WOW!!! I WANT ONE!!!!!!!

  • We are the Champions (AGAIN!)

    Those are shhhweeet! I want one. Please. It would make a nice Father’s Day gift to one of Laker’s greatest fans. Seriously. Please?

  • Lisa cervantes

    Hi…I would love it if I could get one of those 4 ring t-shirts for my husband! He’s the biggest laker fan ever! Everyone else is over charging for those shirts. It would also make up for our anniversary I didn’t get him anything. Thank you if it’s possible. :)

  • http://lakersfever.blogspot.com justin

    i dont see it at the laker store. apparently it was only at the nike house of hoops store in limited quantities. It really doesnt make sense for nike to limit this shirt when everyone and their momma wants it. they’ll probably make more with some variation to tell the difference from the limited print. Damn it if i cant get my hands on this shirt im gonna make it myself.

  • DLC

    Now that is how you get down with a TEE…..gimme mine…NOW

  • http://google DIANE CASEY

    Please, Please, Please send me one! My boyfriend will be very happy to see me wear it!!!!

  • Karl

    I want one too.

  • http://twitter.com/dodgers1584 tonykobe24

    i gotta have it….kobe rocked it!!!

  • Christopher M. Hurd

    Yo man, I’ma need ya’ll to like put me at the top of the list for one of them shirts playa!

  • fred

    It is back up on line at the lakersstore.com — I am following it, just posted — very sick

  • Jadran Turina

    That’s a sweet shirt, let us know when they are available.


  • susan

    I want one of these shirts! Where and how can I get one? My husband and I are such BIG Laker fans that we plan our daily schedule around the Laker games! Go Kobe! Go Fish!

  • Nancy

    Must have that tee!!!

  • ropo

    I need one of those 4 rings shirt please!! What do i have to do to get one!!!! XL
    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ram

    I NEEEEEEED this shirt more than anything right now

  • AL AL

    Sign me up for both the t-shirts right away. Got hav’em.

  • Jonathan Cardona

    I love that t-shirt let me know when they are available and where, I want to get one for my brother really bad, when he first saw it he said, “I need to get me one of those no matter what” please keep me informed.

  • Paul

    Gotta have one! The shirts are going for about $200 on ebay. Unreal!! LAKERS!!!

  • Jonathan

    I would really appreciate getting one of these tshirts. I’m trying to hunt one down. I thought Nike-Town would have them but I think they sold out immediately..

    My email address is nobulrecords@yahoo.com

    I’ll answer any questions if necessary.


  • Roberto

    gimme! gimme! please…

  • Fernando

    i’d want to get one of those shirts. plase, i need it!!!!

  • Tim L

    let me know when the shirt becomes available need to have.

  • http://dimemag Larry Gallego






    GO LAKERS!!!!

  • Darrell O’Neill

    The puppets shirt is a must have for the collection. Lebron have you seen my 4 championship rings?????????

  • Jen1

    I so want one! I went straight to Nike to see if I could order it, but it’s not there. If there’s a way to get it, I’m gonna try. Thanks for the giveaway! I hope I can get it! :)

    Go Lakers! Go Kobe! Go Phil! Go Derek! Go Pau! Go Lamar! Trevor, Luke, Jordan, Andrew, et al! I love LA!

  • cruzanboy21

    This shirt is fire and this ring is for all those haters who said Kobe couldnt do it w/o Shaq..KOBE STILL DOIN WORK!!!

  • Natalie

    Gotta have it!

  • fred

    lakersstore.com — it is back up — I have mine do you have yours!!!!!! — WOWOOOO

  • Raymond

    Where can I sign up! Lakers are number 1!!!! I need that 4 championship ring shirt!!!!

  • marcos perez

    ohhh man can i have one please

  • christian marrufo

    yaeh kobe i got his jersey i got his poster i so need a shirt soooo a kobe fan pLEASE BYNUM FISH KOBE MVP GASOL

  • http://dime BAROG

    …wish i could have one for my son…btw, I named him after kobe..

  • http://dimemag.com Danielle

    I am getting married on June 27,2009 and to a major Laker Fan. We have been dating seven years and we are getting married on our eight anniversary. I asked him out seven years ago on a date and he sid no. Two weeks later he asked me out and then explained he had to so no to me because the Lakers were in the Finals. The colors of our wedding are purple and gold. I had no idea that he wanted this shirt until yesterday. I would love to give this to him as a wedding gift. He deserves this much, he is taking me on my dream honeymoon to Paris and Italy. Please help me out he is a size XL.
    Thank you,



  • Genesis Gonzalea

    @ Precy Porter and Don Warner. I have 2XL with me right now. 100 authentic. I have 2. Email me at genesistolentino7@yahoo.com or call me at (213) 249-1503

  • http://IloveKobesinceBirth JUMAR TORRICO

    My 8yrs old son LOVE kobe so much and fanatic fun of LAKERS.

  • patrick

    The Black Mamba is the best closer in the game! Hey LeBron, witness this! (size L)

  • Michelle
  • Patrick

    That shirt is sick. You guys still giving them out? I’m a Medium if i can get one! GO LAKERS

  • jay_LA

    i got 5 shirts here lemme know if u guys interested..sizes are medium and large only.. local area only (Los Angeles) heres my email manhoe90029@yahoo.com

  • http://www.MadMaxSports.com Jeff Thomas
  • http://www.dakotafin.com Brian Barbetto

    I have these shirts for sale – contact me at brian@dakotafin.com

  • Scott

    My Dad is a lifelong Laker/Kobe fan and his birthday is coming up. I have no doubt it would be pretty classic to see him cruising around town in the 4 rings T-shirt. He would love it. I’ve been trying to get one online for the past week or so. If it doesn’t work out, I can always get him a ‘5 rings” shirt next year!!

  • Scott

    Dad needs a Large!

  • Robbie Yamada

    My parents and I love watching Lakers and watching Kobe. I remember growing up and watching KAJ and Magic play. I moved across the country for college, then abroad for a 3 year job. I finally moved back to my home town to help take care of my dad. Watching Lakers these past 2 years since I have moved back has brought me and my parents together,and memories that will last a life time. I would love to have a 4-rings shirt, if not for me, then for my mom. She has done a lot for me, and for my sick dad. She loves..love..LOVES..Kobe,Phil, the team and the Organization.

  • http://www.geniuzdesigns.de g3niuz

    nice giveaway..

    if its not to late i would like to submit to win a shirt in m ;D

    greets nice action ..

  • arose

    found the shirts at Sport Chalet..

  • vanessa

    i love the lakers!!!
    size small.

  • Blanca Phillips

    I would like to get one of these in Medium for my sister. It is her birthday today and she is such a Laker fan. This would make her day. Please keep me in mind.

    Thank you,

    Blanca Phillips

  • TD

    New puppet “Rings” tees at Lakersstore.com in the Nike Tee section.

  • james

    are you guys still giving away/selling these shirts?

    I NEED one of these shirts!!