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Pick Me: Jermaine Taylor’s NBA Draft Blog

Jermaine Taylor

It’s been a minute since we heard from Jermaine Taylor on his path to the NBA Draft, but that’s not because he’s been sleeping. JT has been all over the country working out for teams and improving his draft stock before next Thursday. Take a minute and read about what the reigning Conference USA Player of the Year has been up to…


Right now I’m in Portland and just got done with my workout a little bit ago. If you ask me, it went really well although I tweaked my ankle a little bit. Nonetheless, I feel pretty good. I was working out with Marcus Thornton (LSU), Garrett Temple (LSU), Terrel Harris (Oklahoma State), Joe Ingles (Australia) and Jonas Jerebko (Sweden). From Portland, I’m headed to Sacramento.

My best workout so far has to be either Boston or Houston, but I can’t really decide which was better. I just felt good going into it, like I was really playing my game. I shot the ball well, scored and defended.

It’s funny, because I didn’t think my New Jersey workout was my best, but 23 teams were there and apparently a lot of teams were real impressed cause after that more teams setup workouts. Throughout this whole process, nothing has really surprised me at all. Everything is kind of what I expected.

A typical day for me looks like this: Today, I woke up about 7:30 AM, had breakfast and they had someone come pick me up. I went to the arena, got dressed, stretched and then took some shots on the court before the workout started. After that, I hit the showers, get treatment, eat and then it’s off to the airport. Everywhere I’ve gone, they put us in the best hotels with big suites. This life is something I could get used to.

After Sacramento, I’m headed back home to Orlando for a day and then headed to Charlotte. Straight from there, it’s Atlanta and then come back and hang in Orlando for a few hours, then off to L.A.

When I’m not in the gym, which is all the time, I’m hanging out with my friends and teammates from past seasons. They’re all in town working out and playing in the summer league at UCF. I’ve been to the movies maybe once, but other than that, it’s all basketball, getting treatment and making sure my body’s right for my next workout.

I’ve been working out, but not with weights. I have a kettlebell in my room which my trainer has me use to strengthen up my core. I’ve really just been in the gym with lots of shooting and cardio to stay in shape.

The NBA Draft Combine was a real good experience. It let me see where I matchup with other players and gave me a chance to meet these other guys like Blake, Steph and T-Will.

I was real impressed with Blake’s personality being that he’s gonna be the No. 1 pick in the Draft. He’s very humble, not arrogant at all. Some guys, they tend to be a little arrogant and rub you the wrong way, but me and him exchanged numbers up there. I see myself hanging out with him once we get to the League.

Next week, I’m just going to be getting ready for the Draft at my mom’s house. I don’t want to do anything too big – just hang with family and friends that want to watch with me. Can’t wait.

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    Good dude, solid playa, and I hope he lands in a good situation.

  • Taj

    ALl the best man!!! Sounds like a humble cat himself! Enjoy the ride!

  • http://manilatonight.com solomon (el latino machismo)

    he’s good at boxing, right?

    …seriously, all the best, playa!

  • MJ

    Lakers need this dude! Plays like D-Wade. He can have Sasha’s minutes

    Do it, Mitch

  • http://superscoutphilly wayne

    you will be drafted by the 76ers in the second round via trade bank on it!!!

  • what-beef

    boy sounds like he is up for the step up.

    Hope san antonio snatch him up!

  • UCF fan seen all 4 years

    Huge fan J.T.; I will never forget watching your expressions after beating USF. Hoping Orlando gets into the draft just to pick you up. Your a steal where ever you go never forget that.

  • Michelle

    Always wishing you the best! We’re so proud!