NBA / Jun 29, 2009 / 8:54 am

Rockets Offer Battier and Brooks for Ricky Rubio

Shane Battier

We’ve seen grown women get hot and bothered by Ricky Rubio‘s presence. And now, we’re seeing him have the same affect on stat geeks. Instead of trusting his secret formulas, Rockets GM Daryl Morey offered up two of his gems, Shane Battier and Aaron Brooks in exchange for the Spanish PG.

Maybe Morey, who is famous for plugging players into video games to make sure that they sync with the rest of his squad, used to the “create-a-player” function to simulate Rubio’s impact on the Rockets’ roster. Or maybe it was the draw of having two international mega-stars on the same roster that got him all worked up.

With the news of each new offer for Rubio, David Kahn looks more and more set in his belief that a backcourt of Rubio and Jonny Flynn works. He happily said that the Wolves would be willing to wait a couple of years for Rubio to play out his contract overseas if need be. And he’s getting lambasted for that – ESPN’s Chad Ford gave Minnesota a C+, which was one of the worst marks for the draft, for taking two guys that play the same position.

But if Kahn is starting to see what everyone else is saying, then it makes sense that he’d reject this trade, as it doesn’t change the “positional landscape” (just made that phrase up) for Minnesota. They’d still have a boatload of PGs, and they wouldn’t acquire a legit scorer in the trade. The Wolves are desperate for a perimeter scorer. The Rockets might have stumbled upon one in the second round in either Jermaine Taylor or Chase Budinger. But those names aren’t going to win the Rubio sweepstakes at this point, as they’d prefer one who is already NBA-proven.

Maybe we’ll see Kahn change his mind when teams come at him with an offer that includes a perimeter scoring threat.

Source: Real GM

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  • Sweet English

    If I were Daryl, I’d give up Rubio for Shane Battier and the name of the winners of the god damn 4 rings t-shirts.

  • isotope

    man, i hope this wasnt true. For the rockets sake

  • dk



    @ dime


  • joshlee9

    bad idea by the rockets. i’d take brooks alone over rubio anyday of the week

  • dk

    So Rubio hates minn and may be a one handed pg forever and Flynn could be a bust. PG is the worst psition to excel at in the NBA. Minny might hve had the best chnce to improve its squad but did nothin

  • QQ

    See these?

    Gm’s trading to get Rubio.

    DO yall think that these guys, who has advanced scouts in almost every damn league in the world and is actually a professional in the basketball business, know more about this kid than all of us assholes sitting in the computer typing about the NBA?

    Rubio is the truth.

    Wait and see.

  • shake&bake

    Why are people spending so much time talking about a slower, worse shooting JWill (white)?

  • weng santos

    I can understand Ricky Rubio not wanting to play in Minnesotta. The guy has been a pro baller since he was 14 years old. It will take a lot to convince him start over. He’s not wide-eyed because he’s made a lot of his money already, knows what it’s like to be a pro player and have chicks following him around. He has his own place, his own Nike contract, his own cash, etc. You’re asking him to start over in a place he doesn’t want to be in. Now why would a pro baller give up the pro baller lifestyle just to start it over again in too-cold Minny?

    It’s not about the money. If I had a the money, the hype, the things, in a city that I liked, why would I go elsewhere if I didn’t want to? Rubio looks like a young surfer dude or a teen actor so if I were him I think the coasts would suit me better.

    I agree. Rubio is for real. Jennings can bad-mouth Rubio all the time but it doesn’t change the fact that Rubio is a better, more relevant player than him. Rubio has the huge basketball IQ too, and Jennings can’t even get good scores on his SATs. Plus, Rubio has international star appeal, a true face-of-the-franchise potential. Jennings can beast him everyday on the court and it still would’t matter; Rubio will still be an icon off of it. He will be relevant and even if he can’t win, he will make his team a lot of money.

    Rubio’s like David Beckham. When was the last time he scored an important goal or got to the World Cup final? EXACTLY. He is still a good football player, but he is much more popular- and maybe even important- as a cultural icon.

    Run and jump athletes are a dime a dozen. Thinking players are not as widely available. Thinking players who have international star appeal come once a generation. GM’s are trading established players to get Rubio because they know that Rubio is a true phenom in every facet, and phenoms are rare.

  • weng santos


    A pro franchise’s first mandate is to win.

    But if it can’t win just yet, then it’s second mandate is to make money.

    Rubio is an international star. A team with him has a chance to market to the global economy.

    The other kids in this draft will maybe get noticed in their own cities. Rubio will eventually be known the world over. Knicks jerseys in the Andalusian mountains, anyone?

    Think about it.

  • QQ

    @ ‘Run and jump athletes are a dime a dozen. Thinking players are not as widely available.’

    DAMN TRUE. Killed it, man. Gerald Green, Stro Swift, etc, etc. How mant of these ‘freak athletes’ have we seen in the past decade who ultimately became nothing but collectors of garbage minutes?

    Rubio is the truth. Wait and fucking see.

  • sh!tfaced

    damn right. barkley said it too, “run and jump like a deer, but wouldn’t put a deer in a ball game”. or something like that.

  • hooper5013

    Rubio plays a lot more like Mark Jackson that he does Steve Nash or Jason Williams…I hate when people compare players because of race.

  • sh!tfaced

    ***… but i wouldn’t

  • Kobeef

    White Chocolate is the opposite of Rubio. Williams had a BBall IQ of zero, which is why he and his team parted ways and why he is no longer in the NBA.

    Rubio is a better PG now than Kidd or Nash when they came into the NBA. Think about it.

    Rubio is not like Beckham. Rubio will get paid because he will make an impact, not just show up.

  • Kudabeen

    I thought Jason Williams was out of the league because his knees have been killing him. He was the starter on Miami’s 2006 team wasn’t he? I always thought he was a really good playmaker, just not a leader on the floor. Shaq’s presence gave him a better outlet to clam his game down to be effective, but his knees weren’t holding up. That’s what I thought at least.

    I do agree Rubio is a better prospect than the JWill comparison though.

  • doc

    Rubio aint better than Kidd.Kidd was a beast and shared ROY with Grant Hill when he still HAD IT and was the 2nd pick of the draft.Rubio wasnt even the first point guard picked how he better than Kidd.

  • Prof. TX

    Rubio needs to prove himself in the NBA before he’s worth all of this. Wasn’t Yi Jianlian supposed to be a big star too? So far, Rubio hasn’t shown he’s any better than Brooks (ask the Lakers before dismissing him) much less Brooks and Battier combined.

    Rockets would be giving up too much for someone who’s mostly hype at this point. Rubio needs to learn the NBA game and toughen up. Someone like Deron will steamroll right over him.

  • dk

    Uh you idiots he can stop shitting on JWill for his flash. He led numerous teams to the playoffs, won a chip and was a solid PG / play maker. He has way way more credibility in a conversation about

  • dk

    pro pg’s then some one handed kid. J Will also put alot of butts in fhe seasts throught his career and monickered his own world wide nickname.

  • UncheckedAggression

    kobeef- c’mon man, leave J Will alone. Even Hubie Brown said that he was one of the smartest PGs he ever coached. And one thing that J had that Rubio doesn’t seem to have is crazy athleticism.

    I’m not saying that Rubio won’t succeed, but I also hate seeing him compared to J Will.

  • weng santos

    You can buy advantage. But you can’t buy natural talent.

    Rubio needs to prove himself, I agree. And he will. He has the instincts, the passing skills, the drive to win first, the unselfishness. Plus the ability to see the game in ways no one on the floor does- and do it 3 plays ahead. He will be fun to play with. There are no stats for that, so I understand why people think he’s overrated- until of course they see him play.

    Rubio is not a spectacular athlete by any means. When does athleticism equate to executing the right play anyway? Jennings, well, I’ve seen him before- I see him and think of Will Avery, Gerald Green, James White- too many super athletes who will make the highlight reel but not the winning play. But Rubio? There has been no one like him for a long time. It scares people off, but your have to risk some to get a transcendent player.

    @Kobeef: You’re right that Rubio will make an impact. But my point is that even if Rubio doesn’t do anything, he will still have his international appeal.

  • sh!tfaced
  • “Tha Boddy”

    Stupid trade offer for the Rockets I don’t think Rubio will be any good his first few years in the L

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    WTF is Wing Santos talking about if you don’t doing anything and end up a bust nothing will be appealing about you. You think he’s the only international player ever taken in the draft. There have been plenty of int players taken but not all have succeeded just because their foreign. No one knows if Rubio will be good or not. No athleticism doesn’t come into play when making the right play offensively but when it comes to defense atheleticism plays a big part. Can you imagine Rubio trying to stick Baron Davis? Or Deron Williams? Derrick Rose? Chauncey Billups? These are the questions that need to be answered and no one game in the olympics doesn’t answer them.

  • cesar

    @weng santos

    dude, i agree with every word you said

  • johnsacrimoni

    Being fast and athletic doesn’t necessarily make you a good defender. Being smart and having a high basketball IQ plays a big part in it too. Why do you think so many scouts are saying Rubio is a solid defender? Because he’s smart and crafty. He understands footwork, passing lanes, angles, etc. He sees plays before they’re developed. People keep ripping on Kidd and pointing to Devin’s scoring average as “proof” that the Mavs got swindled in that trade. Even my favorite sports writer Simmons is guilty of this. Kidd still impacts the game in so many ways that stats can’t show. He’s been doing it his entire HOF career.

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    No matter how smart you are if your not fast enough to keep up with a player or he puts you in the post it doesn’t matter. What’s he going to do think himself some more muscles or a bigger body? About Kidd who I watched growing up in my hometown and is my favorite player in the league your right. But like you said Kidd is a HOF point guard that relies on his experience to get by none of which Rubio have.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Dumb move by Houston to even offer this. Houston takes Lakers to 7 games and appears to be headed in the right direction and now they are trying to just mess it all up lol. Craziness!

  • steven cinco

    Rubio is the next Darko. Mark my words. This spoiled Spainard is going to be eaten alive in the Association. The Rockets would be fools to give up a 2nd rounder in 2011 for this future bust, let alone two decent role players like Brooks and Battier.

  • maria

    omg i looove battier!! huuuge battier fan!y would they want to give him up!!the object is to make the team better not worse!!i cant believe they made such an offer! if battier and brooks gone ill def. not be a rockets fan anymore! ok dont know much bout rubio but how much can rubio do for rockets..trading 2 awesome players who made huge impacts!! ugh why rockets get rid of other players like cook and white!