College, NBA Draft / Jun 18, 2009 / 6:01 pm

Sam Young is the next Josh Howard

photo. University of Pittsburgh

photo. University of Pittsburgh

*Reprinted from Dime #49’s NBA Draft Preview*

You know how Sam Young story is going to go. Sometime around January 2013, when Young is starting for a contender and his name is beginning to surface in All-Star talk, the mainstream will catch on: Who is Sam Young? How did everybody miss this guy? People’s Exhibit 397 that the Draft is an inexact science: Sam Young.

If that sounds a lot like Josh Howard‘s story, that’s because it is. Look at the similarities between the two. Barely recruited at the original high schools, both went to Hargrave Military Academy (Chatham, Va.) and grew into legit D-1 prospects. They signed with underdog major-conference programs destined to be overshadowed in their own state. They produced impeccable four-year college resumes (Young was Big East tourney MVP as a junior, third team All-American as a senior). They underwhelmed pre-draft workout observers as classic “Good at everything, great at nothing” types, buried — in the only profession besides modeling and gymnastics where 24 is too old — by underclassmen with more mystery/potential. The rest is yet to be told, but Young will probably also get picked later than he’s supposed to, and will probably make somebody regret it someday.

At a rangy 6-6, 210, Young was one of the most sophisticated scorers in college ball, working that Globetrotters pump-fake, reliable jumper and strength going to the rack to buy himself 19 points a night in the Big East. Throw in sticky defense, toughness and leadership of one of the country’s best teams, and he’s got “pro” written all over him.

Young won’t make much of a ripple on Draft Night, though. He probably won’t be in the Green Room, and might wait an hour or so too long for his phone to ring. But when it does, the NBA team on the other end should be proud of itself for taking a future All-Star.

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  • Taj

    Callin it now…

    With the 9th pick.. The Toronto Raptors select… Sam Young, from the University of Pittsburgh

  • JuiceMode

    Hope he doesn’t smoke like Howard too…

  • kevin k

    and josh howard is probably the dumbest player in the league

  • dk

    Great! Another idiotic, cant finish in clutch and often injured whiny baby! Just what the league needs.

  • doc

    I dont know about future all star.And juice mode.You gonna find more players who smoke from time to time than players who dont.And most of the BEST ones do so it means nothing.@kevink-If he the dumbest player in the league making what he make I wish I was that dumb.And so do ya SMART ass.

  • buck

    pretty sure more than half the league smoke up

  • Celts Fan

    Couldn’t agree more. “Sleeper” of the draft if you could call someone w his resume a sleeper anywya

  • http://www.diznuts.blogspot.com Darkness


    I see a lot of similarities. I followed both players and I can see something similar happening, although I think now we’ve seen the REAL Josh Howard. He’s not a legit #2 option on a contending team, more like 2.5 – better than a 3rd scorer, but not reliable enough to be 2nd scorer. And I see the same future for Crater-face Sam.

  • jzsmoove

    Raptors need a slasher/finisher like Derozan or Evans, I’m iffy on Young. Anthony Parker aint cutting it anymore.

  • http://edthesportsfan.com SoulOnIce

    It’s a shame that he’s gonna go late in the first. Like we all know though, the league is so wrapped up in “youth” and “potential,” that teams will miss on someone who can help them immediately. This dude is gonna be super-nice in the league.

  • Data

    Sometimes measurements lie cause when I saw the combine numbers they didn’t resemble what his athleticism looks like at all on tv.

  • http://www.nbadraftdaycountdown.com Aaron

    I like Young and we’ve had him high in our rankings at http://www.nbadraftdaycountdown.com for quite some time but he doesn’t have the overall game of Howard. I think Sam will be tough as nails and do great work on D and the glass but I don’t see much potential for him offensively. Also, he’s already 24.

  • http://dime harrill7

    If Chris Washburn had never played in the NBA then Josh Howard would be the dumbest player to EVER be there. If you need a defender who can scorer, who won’t hog the ball, then Young would be a good pick. I know he is not known for his offense, but he gets garbage points and putbacks, and a guy who does not hunt his shot always makes a good teammate.