Smack / Jun 25, 2009 / 4:57 am

Shaq and LeBron rain on Kobe’s parade, and the NBA Draft is here

Shaquille O'Neal (photo. Chenoa Maxwell)

Shaquille O'Neal (photo. Chenoa Maxwell)

So much for that leisurely victory lap for the Lakers. While the LAPD was still kicking stragglers out of the Coliseum from the championship parade, two of the biggest threats to a Lakers’ repeat just got a lot more threatening. First the Spurs bought Richard Jefferson from the discount bin on Tuesday, and then last night, the Cavs went and got Shaq … Total money move for the Suns, who got Ben Wallace and Sasha Pavlovic out of the deal. They’re probably gonna buy out Wallace, and Sasha is a practice player for them. But you have to assume now that Amar’e Stoudemire‘s place on the team is safe, since they don’t have to unload his salary and he’s the only legit inside threat on the roster … Is Shaq automatically the best teammate LeBron has ever had? Pretty much. No, this isn’t MVP-level M.D.E. Shaq, but he’ll still give you 17-18 points and 8-10 boards a night, with the occasional 25-point, 15-rebound game thrown in. Most importantly, he’s another dangerous offensive option, somebody teams have to account for instead of focusing 100% of the defensive game plan on LeBron. Like it or not, Shaq gives Cleveland a real shot at the 2010 ‘chip. And if they can win 66 games with Zydrunas Ilgauskas in the middle, you don’t have to worry about Shaq slowing the Cavs down … You know the worst part of Shaq-to-Cleveland? The inevitable overexposure. You can book it right now that at least three or four national magazines will stick Shaq or Shaq and LeBron on the cover of their 2010-11 season preview issue without even thinking. As soon as the trade was made, one of the Dime crew e-mailed, “I’ll bet everybody $1 million that ESPN is gonna show Shaq’s Twitter response to the trade ASAP. And if he hasn’t posted one yet, they’ve got some research assistant locked to a computer refreshing Shaq’s Twitter every three seconds waiting for it.” … Wednesday’s other big trade had the Warriors shipping Jamal Crawford to Atlanta for Acie Law and Speedy Claxton. Either Nellie can never have too many point guards, or this means he’s definitely sold on taking a big man in tonight’s NBA Draft, i.e. Jordan Hill … Crawford could play PG for the Hawks if they lose Mike Bibby in free agency, but we’re seeing him as a Ben Gordon/J.R. Smith-type scoring two-guard who can start or come off the bench. Since Joe Johnson is big enough to play the three, you can run a crunch-time lineup of Bibby-Crawford-Johnson-Josh Smith-Al Horford. Good move for ATL …

Brandon Jennings

Brandon Jennings

When you tune in to the NBA Draft tonight, stay with DimeMag.com, as we’ll be live-blogging the whole event throughout. We’ve got guys on the floor literally right next to the stage and the Green Room, we’ve got guys backstage with Dime draft diarist Jonny Flynn, we’ve got guys watching at home on TV, and we’ll have guys in the crowd at MSG with the Knicks crazies. We’ve got it all covered, better than anyone else in the game … The Dime/Levi’s Draft Suite is also up and running, and damn near every rookie-to-be who’s in New York dropped by yesterday to eat, drunk, play video games, get some gear, get a haircut, or just hang out with the Dime fam. During the day we also got a few pre-draft interviews in, from Brandon Jennings to Jordan Hill to Austin Daye … At the NBA’s draftee media session, poor Daye was playing the Patrick O’Bryant role — hardly anybody was talking to him and he didn’t seem to have anybody rolling with him. Nice enough kid, but is there any doubt he’s gonna be the last one sitting in the Green Room? … Everyone is predicting the Wolves will use their 5th and 6th picks to work a trade with Memphis for the 2nd pick, but Minnesota GM David Kahn insists that’s not the case. However, the fact that James Harden snuck out of New York the same night as the Randy Foye-to-Washington trade to do a workout for the Wolves tells us otherwise. Harden is expected to be picked by the Thunder if he’s there at #3, so why would he get in a last-minute workout with Minnesota unless he’d heard they were moving up to second? … A couple significant player moves in college ball: First, Jeff Jordan (Mike’s son) quit the Illinois squad after two years as a little-used backup, saying he’s gonna focus on just being a student. And at Duke, freshman guard Elliot Williams is transferring to be closer to his family in Memphis. Not sure if that means he’s transferring to Memphis, but you’d have to assume so. That’s very promising news for Coach Cal replacement Josh Pastner, even though he wouldn’t get Williams until the 2010-11 season … We’re out like the Acie Law era in Atlanta …

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  • yw

    1st. Cavs for championship 2010!


    Shaq is one lucky bastard.

    1. Penny – Once dubbed The 3 Dimensional Player. Able to play/guard 3 positions.
    2. Kobe – Arguably the best behind MJ.
    3. Flash – Silky-smooth.
    4. Lebron – The Heir Apparent to Kobe/MJ.

  • K Dizzle

    lol thank you, cleveland, for makin the east just a lil bit tougher…

    In other news, Yao’s foot ain’t healin…

  • K Dizzle

    Which roster looks better? Denver no doubt…Everybody healthy, everybody signed and one more year in the past to gel


    Correct me if I am wrong but Jamal Crawford is a curse. Throughout his career, he has never made it to the PLAYOFFS. Hopefully now, he will taste the post-season. At least, T-Mac made the playoffs.

  • http://www.examiner.com/x-490-Chicago-Bulls-Examiner Christopher Cason

    I don’t think Amare’s future in PHX is as solid as most think.

  • Az

    So what will they say about bron when he can’t win with shaq….OR what if he does win own with shaq….Does it mean bron HAS to win 2 chips, ONE post shaq….too be considered a legit champ.. Kobe anyone?

  • Az

    ****does win one with shaq****

  • Az

    Spurs got the best trade SO FAR…

  • Lake Show #1

    i don’t know about you, but the oberto for amir is the best trade so far…hands down … hahahahahahaha

  • Skipper

    Hmmm.. The same thing was said when Shaq was brought to the Suns in 2007.

    ‘Suns automatically a contender’

    ‘Nash has now a reliable option’


    In 1 1/2 years, Shaq brought to the Suns a first round loss and a non playoff season.

    Shaq will get his playing alongside No Shake Hands MVP, but don’t get too worked out. It aint gonna change anything.

    Stop looking at the NAME(‘Its Shaq! Of course he will be dominant!’); start looking at the player. Allen Iverson to Detroit, anyone?

  • Skipper

    *too worked up…

  • Dagomar

    Shaq is what, 37? I don’t like this trade for the Cavs as much as everyone else seems to. They needed youth and scoring in their frontcourt. Okay, Shaq can still score, but won’t he clog up the lane Lebron needs? And that’s assuming his numbers last year weren’t a product of the Suns system, or that he hasn’t aged in the meantime. This isn’t a home run like the Jefferson deal, that’s for sure.

  • Duke

    What are the chances the Cavs trade Shaq mid-season?

  • M Intellect

    Shaq and LeBron are gonna look like the fucking Legion of Doom together.

  • M


    Shaq is indeed 37 years old and might not have anything left in the tank, but what are the cavs giving up?
    A few rebounds and a few points, that’s it.
    I agree it’s not a homerun deal, but I dont think it’s a bad trade for the cavs.

  • Skipper

    @ 14:

    I’ll be laughing when they do, seeing how these asses are all excited about this trade. I mean, come on, for the last two years, what has Shaq done to show that he can help a team win? His fucking 2009 all star season resulted in the NON PLAYOFF SEASON for his team. Wow, really good sign right there. Shaq to Cleveland will not mean shit, mark my words.

  • j 1

    sorry “BRUCE” lol lebron is better than kobe and is the only heir apparent to jordan…kobe is not even in that discussion…1 mvp for kobe and 3 coattail rings is not gonna cut it. lebron is not even halfway near his peak…so next year he should be even better…anyway…real debateable on whether shaq will help or hinder the cavs…just have to wait til next season to find out…and if the cavs own shit…then lebron would have done it with a 38 yr old shaq and not the shaq kobe coattailed with…so kobe fans can eat a dick on that..and if they are garbage wich is impossible then you can blame it on the logistics on how shaq hogs the lane and how hes 38 and way past his prime over the hill. i dont see lebron not getting to the finals next year…i dont think he could let that happen…regardless of how rediculously strong the competition is around the league.

  • dk

    LMFA Comment of the week at 11!!!!!!!! DOGOMAR DIng ding ding!!!!!! Pick up your muppet ahirt at the door. OMFG, what a tool.

  • dk

    ” Product of the Suns system ” I fell out of bed laughing and everu dead NBA coach rolled over in its grave. Shaq was the system, lol. Did they even have a coach last year? lmao

  • Arno

    Big Z has à 15 ft J that opens the paint for LeBron, who could find the lane a bit clogged next season.

  • Dayo

    Does this mean Big Z is moving to the bench (or will soon be traded)? Lebron’s assists are quite high cos he’s pretty good at finding guys rolling to open perimeter positions or guys making nifty cuts to the basket. Shaq doesn’t fit either bill- he’s more of a get it to me in the low post and let me get to work kind of player.
    Probably a versatile perimeter player like Rasheed Wallace would have been a better fit!

  • Dagomar

    DK, you’re a fucking idiot. If Shaq WAS the system last year, wouldn’t that inflate his numbers? Because he sure as hell won’t be the system in Cleveland.

  • Macman


    You sound like a fanboi. Love’m or hate’m, you gotta give Kobe his props. Dude can flatout play. LA would not have won anything without him. That includes the Shaq era.

  • rok

    Fools will be happy about anything !!! If bill Russell signed for the Cavs these idiots will still be yelling “championship”. Shaq could make to the playoffs with Amare, Nash, Richardson and Hill, now he is going to lift the Cavs past the Celtics and Magics?? Shaq WAS the most dominant center in the game. Dwight Howard IS !!!!

  • dc

    @ #18.

    I’m by no means a Kobe fan, but you cannot call his first three rings “coattail”. He was as important as Shaq at the time. If anyone on any of those teams was a “coattail” it was a dude like Brian Shaw or Rick Fox. C’mon. Just b/c you’re a LeBron fan, doesn’t mean you should so recklessly dismiss Kobe.

    And LeBron being the clear, single heir apparent to MJ is again, premature. He’s surely a better athlete than Kobe, but I don’t necessarily think he’s the better player. Not right now anyway.

    Now, as for the trade, Shaq is one lucky dude. I just hope he’s bringing the Phoenix trainers with him. Dude was healthy and rejuvenated last season & I’m sure the trainers were a big part of that. Good luck Cleveland b/c a ‘ship or even a trip to the Finals is not guaranteed. It’s not like this happened right before training camp. Teams have all summer to get the pieces they think will help them be more competitive in light of this trade.

  • Dr.gOOgles

    ..once again with the kobe/lebron debate…

  • Phileus

    The Big Tweet is done.

  • Kudabeen

    Shaq didn’t clog the middle too much for Kobe and Wade. They are two of the most aggressive slashers anyway. If anything Shaq opens the floor up even more for LeBron and the shooters. It is a good deal for Cavs and they don’t need Shaq to play 30-35 for a whole season to be a top seed. He can be reserved for a playoff run and They still have Z, AV, JJ Hickson, and will probably re-sign Joe Smith. They need to get a rangy Guard/Forward type player instead of rotating 3 6’3″ and under guards against all the bigger backcourts.

    I’m not a Shaq fan, but I know enough to know he is a good passer and isn’t just a plodding unaware plug in the lane. He will help and then be off the books. I say wait on the Chip predictions though. Health is a factor and faster more versatile teams like Orlando will still be an issue for the Cavs.

  • gyp

    good, now lebron can win a title with a huge asterisk beside it*

    *couldn’t win one on his own

    meanwhile, shaq keeps whoring himself to each team on the brink of a championship

  • rell

    It was a good move for the Cavs because they did not have to give up anything. This also make their bench stronger because this move Big Z to the 2nd unit. This however doesn’t guarantee them a final appearance. There offense will improve but the Cavs still need a big man that can defend the pick and roll and handle big man that can shoot from the outside. Rashard killed them because they did not have anyone that could contain him. Also, the Cavs need to get bigger at the 2 spot. If I was the Cavs I would go after Grant Hill or Rasheed with the mid-level. A cheaper alternative would be going after Barnes.

    All this is mute though because Mike Brown is still the coach and that is the Cavs real problem.

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff

    Any reason the Cavs couldn’t have done the same exact deal prior to the trade deadline?

  • the_don_mega (representin’ the 3 stars and a sun)

    @gyp –

    “good, now lebron can win a title with a huge asterisk beside it*

    *couldn’t win one on his own”

    you gotta be smokin’ too much bruh… who did win one all on his own??? G.O.A.T. had Pip… Timmy had Manu and TP… Hakeem had Clyde… C’s had the big 3… hell even Kobe had Shaq and Pau…

    so as GYP was sayin’… from now on… let’s put asterisks on all the NBA champions… get your ass outta here boy… know your game first…

  • Bizz

    Shaq whoring himself to championships? Are you dumb or just retarded?


    Shaq gets TRADED to Miami, and wins one with Dwyane Wade.

    Shaq gets TRADED to Cleveland. He didn’t just become a free agent and sign with a super team, you jackass. If you’re going to bash people, get your facts right.

  • JL

    now go get Iverson Cavs!

  • the_don_mega (representin’ the 3 stars and a sun)

    @Bizz – i think @gyp is both dumb and retarded…

  • hagoth

    cant wait to see shaq and lebron play next year. The possibility of them coming out of the east is exciting from a entertainment point of view. come on its shaq! the dude says some funny things sometimes, and now that he has a REAL all star caliber player in lebron (sorry suns) the playoffs in the east just got alot better in my opinion.

    As for the Kobe haters here. Rings are the ultimate W’s in anyone’s book. So what is there to compare? Lebron still has to get one chip to even be considered in an even discussion with the likes of all the great players that have won before him. Am I wrong? I fully expect him to win at least one if not more in the future. but until then, 2009 is kobe’s world and everyone has to love it or hate it.

  • isotope

    It will be fun to see them play together. Plus Cleveland fans are the real winners. Both like to entertain the crowd. Too bad Shaq will be worn out by the playoffs.

  • Chaos

    if cleveland wins the chip…instead of the “kobe cant win with shaq” noise…mean more that shaq can’t win without a high scoring, super athletic dominant wing player

  • Celts Fan

    @Hagoth – that’s finr, 2009 does belong to Kobe but it’s getting pretty ridiculous listening to some fanboys argue Kobe’s the GOAT (or really close) and think it’s an insult that people that know basketball put him “only” at the bottom of the top 10 ever.

  • Lee

    How was shaq the final year with the heat ???? If the Cavs didn’t trade for the Suns’ medical team expect a similar season.

  • LakeShow84

    @ DIME

    Raining on our parade!?


    If they make it (and i STILL dont think they make it past a healthy Boston squad) it will just be 2 birds with one stone.. All these trades and teams retooling to try us works perfectly.. we just going to get to work a little earlier.. you know Kobe is chomping at the bits to take out Shaq and Lebron in one outing…

  • http://www.dimemag.com Booga

    ****BOLD PREDICTION FOR 09-10 SEASON**** Shaq’s body breaks down, Lebron and Shaq bump heads and it’s Shaq/Kobe drama all over again. Everybody blames Shaq/Management for a disappointing Cavs season while Lebron gets away w/o even a slap on his hand, even tho it’s suppose 2b HIS team and then put 2gether some kind of huge press conference just 2 announce his decision 2 test the free agency class.

  • gyp

    great, now lebron, kobe, and wade can all look at each other as the we-champed-with-shaq club. yea I bet Lebron’s down with that!

  • LakeShow84

    Aye if the Hawks can get a TRUE Center (cuz Horford was born to play PF) they can make some noise out East..

  • the_don_mega (representin’ the 3 stars and a sun)

    @gyp – you really are that damn stupid are you?

  • NoComp

    So who’s doing the pregame show, Lebron family photo’s or Shaq bowling? lol…

  • Kevin

    All these idiots talking about “Shaq couldn’t even make the playoffs in Phoenix,” you do know Amare Stoudemire was out for basically the entire 2nd half of the season, right? You think maybe that had a lil something to do with it? Plus they played the 1st half with Terry Porter, whose proven that he’s a bad coach, and Nash started his decline. Shaq was actually PHX’s best, most consistent player last year.

    And all the “clogging the lane” stuff, does that EVER happen in the NBA? Please find me one team that ever had a “clogged lane.” Duncan/Robinson in SA, Hakeem/Sampson in HOU, Shaq/Amare in PHX, Parish/McHale in BOS … Nope, still searching…

  • LakeShow84

    All i know is if Zydrunas and Shaq is out there together it will be like watching to giraffes with muscular dystrohpy running down the court..

  • QQ

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    QQ kill dk wen they box/ QQ eat him up like a fox
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  • douglas copeland

    who cares,all the trades being made we’re still the best team. We got the youngest and most talented team in the L.The cavs still won’t make it out the east and if the officials do manage to officiate them to the finals I’m confident we will beat them. Lakers have nothing to worry about.Shaq will play 40 games this season and cleveland will implode when it’s winning time like all cleveland franchises do. Lakers ship in 2010..the dynasty continues.

  • JH

    Shaq for Big Ben & Sasha works for both teams and their immediate motives.

    While this might be an upgrade for the Cavs…it doesn’t make them a lock to even make it out of the East. Basketball is more about chemistry than just big names.

    Why isn’t anybody making noise about the Crawford to ATL? I don’t remember the last time Speedy or Law played meaningful minutes and while Crawford will jack shots like nobody else…he is legit.

  • Ian

    cant say shit cuz bron is the best player on the team that wasnt the case when kobe had shaq.

    shit shaq has a center has ever had more guard help than shaq? penny , kobe , wade , bron (hes a 3 but you know what i mean). another question should have been can shaq win without an elite guard? mde pleaseee big cactus gtfoh.

    get kobe out of that heir apparent shit , lebron isnt the h apparent of kobe pleaseee.
    now j1 is wrong kobe didnt coattail fox and shaw did.

    you are wrong with that bullshit how about we put it on kobes three rings because he won it with a dominant shaq. you are like the fans that say that the 99 title must have one also like their team didnt play that season.
    no one has done more with less than bron (well second after duncan the 03 duncan won with rookies and old fuckers).

    don mega
    you can say that for the 05 and 07 title runs but that 03 run is the most impressive shit ever beating the three time champs with and REALLY OLD admiral , castoffs and rookies.

    again just like with the spurs trade the laker fans are the ones getting worked up
    relax people remember you guys are so great and have the best player ever (according to some of u) that we can add all the teams together and still wont be able to beat you.

  • mapletown

    First thing Shaq and Lebron will work on is how to combine the family photo and Superman pregame antics together.

  • Mase

    Still tough to say how this will turn out in my opinion… it all depends on how Cleveland plays Shaq: will he be playing every other game like in PHX to stay fresh? Will his 37-38 year old frame and weight tire him out by the time the playoffs arrive? Will Lebron seriously work on his jumper to provide that proper inside/outside attack the cavs will have? Will this make LeBron take a step backwards in gaining that killer instinct that MJ and KB have, because of his tendency to give the ball up – now especially to an established veteran of the personality of Shaq?

    On the other hand, we can expect Shaq to be motivated and in as good shape as he can be, but he hates the cold climate of Cleveland, so how long will that initial spark last at this age? I think Shaq being in the east and D12 losing in the finals is going to motivate D12 equally as much this summer to work on his game and he’s going to be a serious beast next season. I still think Orlando matches up well with Cleveland, and I don’t yet see Cleveland winning the ‘chip without another piece…

    And now you know Kobe is salivating at the ability to take out 2 friendly foes in one outing should they all make it to the finals. The ultimate challenge. The networks are going to be busting at the seams with storylines criss-crossing its going to make me hurl. We’ll see…

    Already can’t wait for next season.

  • douglas copeland

    ian you’ve got a lot of hate build since on that ship this year. I think you guys had a good run but Tim Duncan will be retiring with 4 rings.Richard Jefferson.LMAO..does not put you guys over the hump.you guys are old..time to re-build. How can you say Shaq was the best player on that time without feeling just a little ignorant…Last I checked the only one who has one post Shaq leaving there respective team is…yes…it’s Kobe.Fall way back you can’t kill the Kobe high…he has created his own legacy and all the analyst who played baskeball at the pro-league have now put Kobe ahead of Tim Duncan in their respective top 10 greatest of all-time list,since he just muscled his team to the 2nd straight finals appearance this year and finished business this time.

  • douglas copeland

    “you can say that for the 05 and 07 title runs but that 03 run is the most impressive shit ever beating the three time champs with and REALLY OLD admiral , castoffs and rookies”that’s just comedic Ian, Tim Duncan has always had help around him…your really reaching with this stuff man.

  • douglas copeland

    I want to play them in the finals though Mase..If we meet up with the Cavs we will run them out the gym,Pau,Bynum and Odom are way too athletic and long for anyone in there front court to keep up…and than there is Kobe…who will put the fear of a fan meeting his favorite player for the first time look back into Lebrons eyes. Like I’ve been saying Lebron will not be better than Kobe until he learns to stop looking at him as a fan on the court. Just look at dudes eyes when he gets on the court with Kobe…it’s hilarious.I notice it everytime.The only person who doesn’t look at Kobe like that amongst the up and coming cats is D-Wade.

  • SagJism

    If the CAVS get Rasheed Wallace from the pistons, the east is done.

  • Ian

    post 56 & 57
    i hope kobe pays you for all that bs

    “How can you say Shaq was the best player on that time without feeling just a little ignorant”

    so i say shaq was the best player on the lakers three peat and im the ignorant? sure thing man but please you need to do something with your life other than lick kobes nuts.

    HOW IGNORANT IS THAT sayin kobe was the best on his three peat and i singled out one of duncans titles not all 4. gotta love a dude that has 2 combined mvps and one title as the man over a man that has 5 mvps and 4 titles as the man.

    you need to stop answering my posts and everytime there is talk about ANYTHING you like to bring up the kobe duncan or the kobe bron comparisons that is just sad.

    like i said before you like to analysts that say kobe is the best and every other one that doesnt is a ignorant fool please man grow a pair and make up your mind on you own. PATHETIC.

    listen how stupid that line is kobe is ahead of duncan because he muscled his way to a second finals where he went 1-1
    but lets forget that duncan muscled his way to 4 where he went 4-0.

    btw no one with normal iq or higher has kobe in that group you like to put him (guess what im tryin to say).

    again just PATHETIC.

  • sh!tfaced

    this QQ dope needs to go to rehab

  • QQ

    QQ will FUCK you up Shitface!

  • AZ

    Rahhahahah..cough…hhahahha. I can’t say shit about a finals MVP either.

  • AZ

    Bitter motherF#^ker

  • sh!tfaced

    ugh. no thanks, faggot. needs to go rehab and straight camp.

  • douglas copeland

    blog 60 now that’s the ian that I’ve grown acustom to.ian your team sucks there old and past there prime, your attention must be focused on the future our times now we don’t care who got next.Ian fall way back…your team is done like manu’s ankles.

  • douglas copeland

    U feel me AZ this cat Ian is sounding real bitter.WOW!

  • douglas copeland

    “If the CAVS get Rasheed Wallace from the pistons, the east is done.”that’s hilarious,the cavs are done Shaq will only pay half the season due to his poor physical conditioning and Rasheed will only pay half the playoffs due to his mental condition, one guy gets techs the other gets donuts really bad combination.

  • douglas copeland

    ian your boy tim duncan said it best your statements are just retarded,”duncan muscled his way to 4 where he went 4-0″duncan and muscle are antonyms you tool…your deflecting your anger on Laker fans instead blaming your GM’s on not rebuilding after you guys won your last ship.Your real angry but that’s okay stay angry where your at…the Parade out here was ridiculous much more entertaining than that crap they throw in san antonio when they win, sombreros,cowboy hats,chaps and ofcourse a really boring speech from tim duncan..putrid at best..the nba has there lowest tv ratings when the spurs play in the finals…it doesn’t take a genius to understand this…GUESS WHAT I’M TRYING TO SAY IAN…

    again just PATHETIC.LOL.your quite the tool ian.

  • douglas copeland

    I suggest anger management.

  • LakeShow84

    Aye leave Ian alone..

    Hes a classic example of all the HATING fueled opinions that have been swirling Kobe for years..

    But on a Spur note i wouldnt know who to exactly put ahead in history.. but then again like i’ve said you cant compare Kobe to no one cuz his body of work aint done..

    Duncan’s appears to closing fast.. RJ dont fix the frontline.. hes just another scorer.. and a DECENT, at best, defender..

  • douglas copeland

    exactly lakeshow84

  • jayslay


  • douglas copeland

    mike is a legend…rip

  • D. WATTS

    Clearly shaq is the best center in the league, any team that has one or more all-star players on there roaster & that team can stay healthy, has a 90% chance, winning it all, with Shaq. But because of Shaq age 38, the Caves will need one more hot shot to keep them in the game…i hope this don’t slow down the kings game.. I hope not.. Anyways……
    “But do you know what’s really funny?”
    The Laker’s & Orlando & Boston are laughing there #%&es off about that trade.
    I thank Boston still has a chance with my boy from Coatesville PA… Richard Hamilton A.K.A. “RIP”.
    & sign an all-star point guard, watch out…”Do not sleep on Boston”.
    Orlando just got tougher & stronger, but not better. We all know Vince Can still hit the 3 shot.
    But can Vince stay healthy?
    The 2010 season is not about the player’s….it’s all about the coaches .who can be the better coach
    In the NBA….If Phil’s stay, Kobe is going to pass Michael Jordan in most championship rings…HOLLA