NBA / Jun 11, 2009 / 3:17 pm

The 10 Best “Bad” Shot Shooters in the NBA


As we asked in Smack on Tuesday, does anyone in the League make more “bad” shots than Hedo Turkoglu?

I guess it depends on how you define a “bad” shot. It’s not what Dwyane Wade does when he flies to the cup, hears a whistle and flips something in off the glass over his head. That’s an impossible shot. A “bad” shot is an off-balance jumper that makes a coach instinctively writhe in his seat to one side waiting to see if it’ll drop.

And the truth is that Hedo might actually be the best “bad” shot shooter in the League. Every shot he takes looks like it’s ill-advised; he’s never actually set when he pulls the trigger. But it’s unlike Dirk‘s shifty jumper, which is more of a stylistic thing than a steady helping of poor decisions.

Hedo’s end-of-game shot selection seals his status as No. 1. Where LeBron and Wade want to go to the bucket, and Kobe wants to get to the line, Turkoglu doesn’t ever seem to have a plan except for pulling from beyond 20 feet while leaning away from the basket.

If Turkoglu is No. 1, then who fills out the rest of the Top 10?

2. Kobe
When Kobe’s got his back to the basket and then pivots, pumps, pivots back the other way, pumps again, and jumps, turns and shoots in one motion, it’s a bad shot. But it inexplicably goes in more often than not.

3. Ben Gordon
Even JR Smith would have said that BG was trigger happy during the Celtics series. He had five more seconds to work for a better shot when he took this one against Boston. But it still dropped.

4. Steve Nash
Famous for practicing “bad” shots. But even if you practice those shots, it doesn’t mean that they all of a sudden become “good” shots.

5. Vince Carter
LeBron copied the fadeaway-leg-kick from VC. He should collect a commission check every time LBJ and young Tyreke Evans take that shot.

6. Antawn Jamison
He’s a different type of “bad” shooter. He’s pretty high on this list because of those awkward Tony Parker floaters that he takes without even getting his eyes on the rim.

7. Paul Pierce
If the Truth is anywhere within a five foot radius of the elbow, he’ll pull. It doesn’t matter whether there’s a guy draped on him or if he’s falling over. He’s still shooting.

8. JR Smith
Perhaps the most unpredictable guy on this list, JR Buckets defines “bad” shooting. But if you thought he took ill-advised shots now, check out this clip of him in high school. If he’s not ripping the rim off, he’s jacking.

9. Dwyane Wade
In addition to the “impossible” shots he takes going to the basket, Wade will take some really “bad” shots when he gets in a zone. He’s good for that at least once a month – 40-point outings in which he’s lulling defenders to sleep and shooting right over the top of them.

10. Tracy McGrady
Five years ago, T-Mac might have been No. 1 on this list. But now Ron Artest takes more bad shots than he does on the Rockets. At least when Tracy is in the game to take them, he still makes them.

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  • QQ

    hedo is garbage. Kobe for president.

  • Rafa23

    5 years ago he might have been number 1 on this list, but he would have also been number 1 of all the offensive players in the league. now he is number 1 on the list “players that might have to retire before turning 30″

  • Rafa23

    oh, he already is 30…nevermind, you get the message

  • hahns

    wheres jamal crawford on this list? and sjax? and the rest of the golden state team. (mostly maggette)

    and in regards to ben gordon…i dont necesarily know if he should be labeled a bad shot shooter. in the boston series he was just on FIRE so he would pull from anywhere no matter what circumstance he was in.

  • craig990

    hahns… they’re not only talking about the Boston series.. this clip was just an example… but BG takes tons of ill-advised shots!…. surprisingly.. alot of them Go in

  • hahns

    dont see enough bulls games to know, but his fg% isnt that great so it doenst surprise me.

  • alimoe

    steve nash?? really???

  • Shogun

    Dirk takes and makes a lot of incredibly difficult shots.

  • Big Sia

    Im clapping for #5

  • LakeShow84

    Kobe NUMBER ONE all day..

    anyone remember that 3 he hit against Portland’ DOUBLE TEAM last year?? That was the worst shot in the history of the NBA and he cashed it..

    Half the guys on here dont take as hard a shot as Kobe because they aint double teamed.. But Hedo is second for surely.. dude makes BALLSY ass shots..

  • LakeShow84

    But were you guys really surprised i said Kobe?


  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BERN BROGDEN aka BINO BROWN STR8 UP N DOWN

    LOU WILLIAMS – he’ll get on that list!

  • mink

    JR Smith’s clip is from the mcDonalds game. He was showing range with one guy on the other team, don’t remember who it was. They where taking a step back with every tripple.

  • iceman

    strangely, i was hoping to bump into antoine ‘shimmy’ walker somewhere on that list..anyway, i am sure he is jacking up ill-advised 3 in a dingy gym somewhere..

  • Michael

    Man Kobe is th best bad shot maker ever. I still remember that 360 pivot 3 point shot he made in the right corner over a damn tripple team aginst Portland 3 years ago.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @iceman — Did you see ‘Toine on “Pros vs Joes”? He’s still jacking bad shots.

  • yoda

    i believe that kobe works on those shots.

  • LakeShow84

    Larry Hughes!

  • JuiceMode

    What about Allen Iverson…?

  • Shawn

    Larry Hughes takes good shots but just misses them because he sucks

  • dawg4lyfe

    No Josh Smith??!!! As a Hawks fan, I watch him airball threes like Lebron dunks. All he does is jack shots like clockwork…he should be in top five

  • Nyeme

    Jamal Crawford! He takes the worst shots I’ve ever seen and it doesn’t even look like he’s trying to make them most of the time. He’s the only player that I have ever seen take a contested 3 with his team up 2 AND there’s under 20 seconds left in the game

  • hdfkh

    ben gordon definitely. makes those bad shots in nba2k too

  • moneybags

    @dawg4lyfe-Even though Josh Smith takes shots that are “bad” for him, in reality they’re all just wide open shots that would be considered good looks but he happens to miss/airball the majority of them.

  • Promoman

    Just about all of these guys are worthy of this category, though I wouldn’t say that Hedo’s #1. This article really says how good these guys are if you think about it. Anybody can take bad shots but only some can make them. Hell, you can go to any park, YMCA, rec game, and see cats that routinely can’t make easy, good, or even uncontested shots, let alone circus shots.

  • LB

    Hey, what about Manu? I like to call him the Drunken Master, because of the way he staggers into the lane and flips a spinning, no look reverse layup that somehow drops in- all while flailing his limbs around with a pained expression like he got shot or something. Unorthodox? Yes. Effective? Most definitely.

  • Sweet English

    Lol at 26. He looks like Micheal Flattley playing volleyball.

  • Simon

    I think some people are missing the point here. We are talking about BEST bad shot takers. Some guys are not on the list because they just take ill-advised shots without being good at them.

  • Taj

    TJ FORD!!!!!!

  • http://www.silverscreenandroll.com wondahbap

    Just because Kobe can take and make shots most mortals can’t, does NOT make them bad shots. He’s great because he can do those things. Bad to us, because we have no chance in hell at making them. Great for him.

    “But it inexplicably goes in more often than not.”

    That’s called skill.

    Most of the guys on this list miss the dumb shots they take, or hit just enough of them to encourage more.

  • Joe

    Travis Outlaw is trying his best to catch up with these guys.