Playground / Jun 9, 2009 / 1:38 pm

The Goodman League Kicks Off For ’09

Goodman League

The last time we saw Goodman League commissioner Miles Rawls, he was heckling President Obama. Wearing a $15 Obama tee shirt, Rawls sat two rows behind the leader of the free world at the Wizards/Bulls game, where the two men exchanged some friendly trash talk throughout their February 27th meeting. Rawls is a well-known fun-loving heckler at the Verizon Center.

But that’s not his homecourt. He’s the commissioner of The Goodman League presented by Nike Basketball and DTLR at Barry Farms in Southeast DC, where he helped to kick off the “Season of Change: Summer 2009″ last night.

When you talk about playground basketball in DC, the conversation begins and ends with The Goodman League. It’s where Gilbert Arenas, Sam Cassell, Michael Beasley, and Kevin Durant have played in the last couple of years. (Durant went for 62 points there last summer – watch that video here.)

There were some local legends putting on a show last night, namely Andrew “Spongebob” Washington. Spongebob plays with the defending champion Shooters, who were in action last night against Madness. Former Virginia Tech standout Bryant Matthews and White Chocolate were also in attendance.

The Goodman League presented by Nike and DTLR will be on all week – check their site for the schedule.
Goodman League

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  • “Tha Boddy” Lies Speak Truth

    I live a 10min drive away from suitland parkway i’ll be making special guess appearances after work

  • KHenry

    The Goodman League is legit. The crowd is intense and can really make a player freeze up. No mention of P Shiddy? Dude is like God down there.

  • giantstepp

    Aint nothing like the Goodman. Much respect to the Rucker and all of the other tight streetball leagues across the country, but the Goodman is straight legit. They “flat out” do it “inside the gates”. If you’re from the area and suppose to be a baller, it is MANDATORY that you do it inside the gates, otherwise, you aint a baller, period. And P Shiddy is a LEGEND in the making. For those who havent seen slim play, do yourself a favor see slim play!