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Top 10 Free Agent Point Guards This Summer

Jason Kidd, Dime #40

Jason Kidd, Dime #40

While everyone has been talking about how deep the NBA Draft was with point guards, there are a bunch of veteran free agent PGs that can push a franchise over the top. With that in mind, here are the top 10 unrestricted and restricted point guards this summer:


1. Jason Kidd – Any time you can get a triple-double machine such as J-Kidd, it can/will drastically change your team. Expect contenders to throw money at Kidd this summer.

2. Allen Iverson – Clearly his time in Detroit was less than extraordinary, but let’s be clear: AI can still ball. While he may not be any team’s single Answer these days, if Iverson can buy into a system (Philly perhaps?) he could have a great season next year.

3. Mike Bibby – While Bibby has been good in Atlanta, he hasn’t been great. And that’s why the Hawks keep spending draft picks on point guards. But realizing that the market isn’t what it used to be, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bibby re-ups with the Hawks.

4. Andre Miller – Make no mistake, there is zero chance that Miller finds his way back on the Sixers’ roster. So with that in mind, what team would be interested in his services? Right now, there is a rumor that the Blazers are interested, but I don’t see him fitting in there.

5. Stephon Marbury – After a brief renaissance with the Celtics, Marbury at least showed teams that he can still play. I doubt there are squads that are clamoring for him, but Steph will clearly be on a roster come opening night.

The rest of the guys: Anthony Carter, Jason Hart, Lindsey Hunter, Bobby Jackson, Damon Jones, Brevin Knight, Tyronn Lue, Kevin Ollie, Ronnie Price, Jacque Vaughn and Mike Wilks.


1. Nate Robinson – While teams (including the Knicks) are skeptical of overpaying for Nate, there is definitely a huge fanbase that follows when you sign this guy. As a restricted free agent, teams probably won’t have to pay too much for Nate-Rob to pry him away from the cost-cutting Knicks.

2. Raymond Felton – While I’m still not sold on him as a legit NBA starting point guard, if Felton can find himself in a situation with some backcourt help (a la D.J. Augustin last season), then he can be productive. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s back in Charlotte next season.

3. Ramon Sessions – Of all the restricted free agents, Sessions could get the largest contract based simply on potential. When he plays, he drops dimes like it’s going out of style, so some teams might pay him just to get the chance to see how he fits.

4. Jarrett Jack – After choosing to draft Psycho-T with their first pick, it appears the Pacers are happy with Jack at the PG spot. They did pickup A.J. Price in the second round, but there’s no way he takes that role. Look for Jack to build on last season and be back in Indy.

5. Shannon Brown – If anyone’s free agent stock rose the most in the playoffs, it was clearly Brown. Stealing minutes from regulars in the Lakers’ rotation, you could say that the Lakers wouldn’t have won their rings without him. I’m sure Phil Jackson wants him back in town, but just like Ronny Turiaf a year ago, some team is likely going to pay just more than they’re willing to spend.

The rest of the guys: C.J. Watson

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  • http://dime sure

    What a list of guys. What happened to the N.B.A. Do you even use these guys in video games. LOL. I’m serious though. Do they have a fan base. Which franchise are they helping again. I’ve heard of good practice players and building a good image for the league. As far as talent I almost choked. Man that’s a real bad list of players. Either old or were never that good. I only like Sessions,Robinson,Felton,Kidd. The rest have Allan Houston agents(100mil) LOL. Did he have a concealed weapon for that one. The Knicks still haven’t recovered from that one. Would the Knicks consider bringing back Camby. That’s a start. We’re going to pay for not getting someone as special as Jennings. He will be Chris Paul or better. When that happens. Don’t say sure didn’t tell you so. I’m SURE about it. LOL. At least we have a chance for John Wall next yr.

  • hahns

    “but Steph will clearly be on a roster come opening night.”

    i highly doubt stephon will be on a roster next year….
    and everyone is clamoring about ariza and odom as LA’s big FA’s, but i think shannon brown is flying under the radar- he was great against the nuggets.

  • Pig

    Felton > Kryptonate

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    People been using “if” with Iverson for a couple years now. When was the last time he bought into any system?

  • Celts Fan

    Umm… Anthony Carter’s not a point and Kevin Ollie shouldn’t be on any “Best” lists, including “Best Players Named Kevin Ollie” dude’s TERRIBLE

  • karizmatic

    AI is NOT a point guard…unfortunately.

  • Ian

    Miller is 4th and iverson is 2nd?????

  • “Tha Boddy” Bad Like Michael

    Out of all the young PG’s I think Felton has the most upside he had a big man in Okafor and got him the ball if any of the young cats (pardon the pun)gets paid it should be Felton who beat out his rookie attack to show that he is a borderline allstar type PG

  • IGP

    @Celts fan…haha hilarious

  • weezy f

    lakers not winning rings because of shannon brown? WOW

  • karizmatic

    @ weezy,

    I feel you but I do hope that the Lakers find a way to keep Shannon Brown, I think he could potentially take over Fisher’s position on that squad.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs Before Slamball

    @weezy, ya shannon played a big role in the nuggets series, just like ariza. If you remember JR was goin OFF until shannon came in and guarded him and then dunked on bird man. Then the team just caught fire.

    @Spliff 2 My Lou, people need to stop blamin AI for everything. Hes gettin blamed for teams he didn’t even play on at this point lol. Hes only been in 3 systems, he bought into the sixers, and the nuggets just couldn’t stop anyone(how is that all his fault), the pistons just couldn’t score for anything even before he got there. Go play 2k9 with the pistons, their team is horrrrrible and weren’t winning a bunch to begin with because they fizzled out in the playoffs year after year which is 1/2 the reason they traded for him in the first place. The wanted his scoring punch and then told him, him hey your coming off the bench, don’t try to score that much but instead bass to amir johnson and jason maxiell…..

  • AI

    How about Allen Iverson signing a one year deal with the New York Knicks!!!!

  • http://shaqtus.blogspot.com/ Let’s Go Hawks

    i would love to see miller in a hawks jersey but i wouldnt mind bringing bibby back to tutor teague

  • K Dizzle

    Lakers need to re-up Shannon cuz this is most likely Fish’s last seasons and we gotta look to the future

  • K Dizzle

    @ Let’s go Hawks

    you really don’t want Bibby tutorin your point of the future…

  • b

    I’m starting to question whether you guys really know basketball. CP3 defensive player of the year, AI #2 on this list. How much these players paying you for the pub.

  • j

    seeing AI on your list makes me sick. You choose to represent the hood instead of what is real. That pick is all hype and heart, no brain. Slam was reppin AI before you, get off the bandwagon. Look at how much better Denver was without iverson. Not enough proof look how bad detroit got with hiim, and then how they improved when his back hurt(AKA the team got sick of his selfish crap) AI was pretty sweet, but he is not that good anymore.

  • kowtz

    JKidd should go to LA for the veteran’s minimum…

    I bet he would even get more rebounds than Lamar Odom would…

  • http://vis-des-maximus-epiphany.blogspot.com/ visdesmaximus

    how about luther head? guy can hit 3’s and plays solid D. getting better with the ball-handling as well.

  • http://dime sure

    Marcus Williams need some consideration. He was an injury away in Jersey from being legit. He’s not lazy it just the way he plays. He shoots and passes better than a lot of the guards above. Mostly he’s a pass first guard from U-Conn. Also you can get him for cheap and look like a genius. Sacramento should have got him instead of Udrih. Atlanta could use him. NY/Denver/Portland/Phil. His only downside is his defense. Kidd loved and took him under his wing in NJ and Don Nelson did what he does best. He’s what’s wrong with the N.B.A. coaches who are past their prime and wont give it up. How could you not like the young players and their the ones running the league now a days. They make you go. He’s totally messed the warrior situation up and I’m know I feel for Curry for falling into that predicament. Coaches that think X and O’s alone win games are kidding themselves. You have to adapt to the game and the youth transition. It’s their time. Their hungrier and cheaper. A lot of the veterans should do what they do best. Tutor and mentor like you were. Give back don’t stagnate the game. When you have to take nights off it’s over.

  • http://dime sure

    I co-sign Luther Head. Good Call. The league needs a rejuvenation of new players from the D-League who love,respect and most importantly could play the game. We have to stop the college coaches and agents from having so much control of who makes it. The game is a beautiful thing. We want more Chris Paul’s/K.Durants/B.Roy’s/Melo’s/Lebron’s/B.Jennings(MY GUY). Don’t mistake confidence for cockiness eventhough it’s a little of that. If he went to college he may have been the #1 pick. Could have taken Arizona to the National Championship. His comments to the Knicks were right on. They messed up. You don’t pass up on player like that. Easily best pg in the draft who would have been the re-incarnation of Clyde and Kenny Anderson in one. The flair and glare every new yorker would have love to seen and a young pg in a great system. Scott Skiles is an oldy who’s definitely going to restrict his game. It’s like Byron or Larry Brown getting a hold of Chris Paul. He likes guys like E.Snow. who fit perfectly in his system. If your in the wrong system your game and team suffers. Coahces/Gm’s/Fans/Media etc. Your forum agrees with format to display what you do best.

  • doc

    In what world is Nasty Nate better than Felton?

  • Diego

    This Hawks fan would take Andre Miller over Bibby any day too. Miller just seems to bring more to the table. Bibby can hit set shot 3s and occassionaly make some nice passes, period. (JJ led the team in assists last year, not point guard Bibby. Not a good fact.)

  • http://www.toptentopten.com/ Vince

    Hey Aaron, this top ten list is fantastic. I think Jason Kidd definitely belongs as the #1 Free Agent Point Guard. He is still a solid player and probably has at least two ore years in him. I think he would be a great pick-up for a contender or a team with a young point guard that he could teach towards the end of his career. Anyone can post their own list to our site http://www.toptentopten.com/. The coolest feature is you can let other people vote on the rankings of your list.

  • /.,';/.,';';/........................ go jazz