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Ray Allen, Rondo to Detroit trade nixed; NBA Draft taking shape

Ray Allen, Dime #11

Ray Allen, Dime #11

The first part of this week is shaping up just like those slow days between the end of the conference finals and the start of the NBA Finals. You’re literally waiting for something to happen before the main event — in this case, the NBA Draft on Thursday — and every media outlet jumps on even the smallest story/rumor just to have something to talk about. But the headline story that broke yesterday was anything but small, and had nothing to do with the soon-to-be draftees … According to the infamous “league sources” and Yahoo! Sports, the Celtics proposed a trade to the Pistons: Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo to Detroit for Rip Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince and Rodney Stuckey. And the Pistons shut it down ASAP. Now why exactly would the Celtics want to trade the starting backcourt of a team that just won a championship one year ago? It can’t just be a money thing; Ray’s $19.7 million salary comes off the books in 2010, dwarfing Rip’s $11M expiring deal, and Prince is still owed $11 million in 2010-11. Stuckey has a team-option in 2010 for less than $3 million, and Rondo will be a restricted free agent that summer, meaning Boston would have given up $22 million of potential cap space to get back $14M at the most. So maybe the thought was that the Celtics needed to get something for Rondo rather than lose him in free agency. Otherwise, Ray and Rip are about even in terms of what they have left in the tank, Rip has shown he takes a while to adapt to change (i.e. the Billups/Iverson trade), Rondo is flat-out better than Stuckey, and Tayshaun plays the same position as Paul Pierce, who the Celtics could be paying $21M in 2010-11 … And for that matter, why did Detroit reject this so quickly? Joe Dumars has been promising big changes, and a bunch of cap space along with an aging but still effective All-Star and a 24-year-old potential franchise PG who’s an upgrade over Stuckey seems like a good move … About the Draft, the Clippers say they’re not trading the #1 pick, which everyone figured out a couple weeks ago. Blake Griffin still makes the most sense for them, even if it’s not what Zach Randolph wants to hear. That’s not to say teams like Oklahoma City and Sacramento won’t still try to bowl L.A. over with trade offers during the draft, but for now it looks like they’ve settled on Griffin as their guy … Hasheem Thabeet looks like a near-lock to go #2 to Memphis (even if he doesn’t want to be there), but could Thabeet’s UConn teammate Jeff Adrien be the one who makes a bigger impact in the League? One of our writers thinks it could happen … Remember Luol Deng? It’s easy to forget him; dude got almost zero mention throughout the Bulls/Celtics series, yet injured Kevin Garnett got more face time than the midcourt leprechaun in Boston. Anyway, Deng is recovering from a stress fracture in his leg that ended his season, getting back in the gym this week to run and get some shots up. It’s crazy how Deng isn’t even talked about as part of the Bulls’ core anymore; it’s all about Derrick Rose, Ben Gordon, Tyrus Thomas, Joakim Noah, even Brad Miller and Kirk Hinrich, with John Salmons jacking Deng’s spot as the high-scoring small forward. If BG leaves in free agency everything will probably work out fine; Salmons splitting time with Hinrich at the two and Deng getting his SF spot back. Do you think Deng can still hit that All-Star/superstar level the Bulls envisioned when they signed him to a $70 million-plus deal? … The NBA Has Changed, Part 721: Kevin Love had a meeting with Wolves GM David Kahn about his Twitter habit. K-Love prematurely broke the news last week that coach Kevin McHale had been fired, but after his meeting with Kahn, said it was all cool. Of course, Love broke that news on Twitter: “[Kahn] wasn’t mad at my tweet, he wants me to more often.” We hear Dave Cowens has a similar meeting with Red Auerbach once upon a time. If Twitter doesn’t die out as a fad by next season, we’re waiting for the first big-name player to do his pre-game media session strictly by tweeting … We’re out like Z-Bo …

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    As a Kings fan, I want Tyreke Evans, Terrence Williams, Dionte XMAS, and Dante Cunningham. 4 Building blocks for the future.

  • steve nasty

    However gets Rondo wins…what a star

  • haslem

    there has to be some problems in the Celtics camp either that or Ainge is a fool. KG will put Rondo back in check

  • alf (from melmak)

    i am still hoping there would be a trade that would send ak to the pistons and rip to the jazz.

    what i do not get is the rondo part. he just posted career numbers during the playoffs.

    one piece of trivia on rondo, i think fox sports (might be wrong here) compared retired great players with those currently in the league. rondo most experts say played like john stockton in the past.


    Rondo can’t even carry Stockton jock strap. Stockton was one of the greatest point guards. Stockton can shoot the the freaking ball. And HE had almost everybody fooled. With his choir boy looks, Stockton is one of the dirtiest players ever.

  • ToAn

    the Rondo rumors are just that…rumors. no way they trade him, it’s just that in the f…g offseason nothing ever happens. even this years draft is looking lame, no game-changers involved, well maybe Griffin but he will play for the Clippers so nothing really changes there either. it really is frustrating at work when the season is over…i really really want to check the espn, sportsillustrated, foxsport and dimemag websites but no news at all…i guess i have to work. this sucks.

  • jzsmoove

    stupid trade rumors are part of the offseason, its annoying but its something to tide over til season tipoff. draft day coming up and FA a week after, then loooooooong 4 months in between. my withdrawal is kickin in i think im gonna puke now.

  • king ralf

    That´s exactly what i feel ToAn. :D

  • Kobeef

    A sure thing that Thabeet goes to the Grizz?
    What are you smoking? He ditched the owner two days ago.

  • that’s whats up

    there is no combination of pistons players that could equal ray-ray and rondo

    If there was really a deal Dumars would have done it

    Next up: Kobe and Gasol to Memphis for Marc Gasol, Thabeet and Miller

    NBA off season, where Nothing Amazing Happens

  • Kudabeen

    That is a lame trade rumor. I need to get me some credentials so I can just make up rumors. Peter Vecsey is my guy, but really? KG doesn’t need to keep Rondo in check. I’m sure he is the least of the Celtic’s problems. They need to develop their young players and move forward and acquire a solid 4/5 player and backup big point guard.


    On the Rondo not being able to hold stockton’s jockstrap comment…pump your brakes a bit…

    John Stockton wasn’t a great shooter. He was great decision maker who developed a reliable J. Check his percentages homie. You may be thinking of Jeff Hornacek.

    Rondo 1st 3 years:
    Year 1: 6ppg 1.6spg 4apg 3.7rpg 65%FT 21%3Pfg 42%fg 24mpg
    Year 2: 11ppg 1.7spg 5apg 4.2rpg 61%FT 26%3pfg 49%fg 30mpg
    Year 3: 12ppg 2spg 8apg 5rpg 64%FT 31%3pfg 51%fg 33mpg

    Stockton 1st 3 years
    Year 1: 6ppg 1.3spg 5apg 1.3rpg 74%FT 18%3pfg 47%fg 18mpg
    Year 2: 8ppg 1.9spg 7apg 2rpg 84%FT 13%3pfg 49%fg 24mpg
    Year 3: 8ppg 2.2spg 8apg 2rpg 78%FT 18%3pfg 50%fg 23mpg

    Stockton’s 4th year was his break out year. Stockton pick and choose his spots better than any PG on both ends of the floor. One of the greatest ever, but all that Rondo can’t hold his jockstrap mess is a bit much.

    I understand the zeal, but being realistic Rondo is closer to Stockton than any other smaller lead guard, but he is has more tools than Stockton. It remains to be seen if he will maximize his talent as much as Stockton did.

  • Kudabeen

    OKC needs to pick up Hasheem to clog the middle and gather KD’s misses and get it back to him. They are up and coming. If Serge Ibaka is developing at the 4 properly they can be very close to a Blazer-like come up. They need some sturdy vets though. Griz don’t need Hasheem. They need a big guard that can play with Gay and OJ pushing the rock, running the offense, and spreading the floor.

    I don’t know Evans and Harden’s scoring ego well enough to estimate their true fit, but I’d role with one of those two for Memphis.

  • B-Balla#1

    I eat my own fucking feces … NUMMMM!

  • MOurning

    the celtics window is closing very fast, that trade might have helped, i think they have got to do somethin, because the raotation guys after pesotion 5-6 are just way to weak.
    an rondo is their only real bait


  • ponky_alolor

    @11 kudabeen, agree with u. rondo has serious game with some similarities with stockton with the assists and steals. rondo though is a slasher type while stockton is a pick-and-roll man.

    and to the person who is using my name to post hate in previous smack, get a life. or better yet join the basketball discussion.

  • Kobeef


    I totally forgot about Ibaka. He was awesome in workouts last year. I wonder when the Thunder are going to bring him over (where is he these days anyway?)

  • QQ

    BRUCE – You’re trash. Shut your mouth you ignorant Bastard. Fuck off!

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    Joe Dumars is the WORST GM in hoop.
    Sorry Youngfed.
    Ok, he got the D a championship. I’ll give him that.
    But absolutely whiffing on the best Draft maybe ever (could have had Melo, Bosh or Dwade) and trading the heart and Soul of the team for AI… Just horrendous moves.
    And stuckey is not what Joe D wants him to be… Not even in Rondos Zip code.

  • Dukesman2000

    The Celtics could have at least used a gun, out of courtesy to the Pistons, to try and pull of that robbery…lol.

  • ponky_alolor

    @17, yep i think joe dumars messed up but i think he’s dismantling his team now just to get a shot on a bosh or wade. i mean u cant blame him 4 the effort. hell even kupchak was killed b4 when he had kobe play with kwame and crap. but things changed after gasol. same with ainge after KG.

    But i do agree with u on stuckey. i still dont see it.

  • rell


    Ainge is a fool. That is the only reason you would even thinking about trading a 24 year old point guard who is improving every year. He was the our best player in the playoff and now he is on the trading block. I wished Boston had a more competent GM because Ainge is about to screw this up.

  • Tom S.

    Rip’s contract isn’t expiring. He signed an extension right around the time of the Billups/Iverson trade.
    Dumars wouldn’t trade his love child Stuckey for LeBron.

  • Kudabeen


    Ibaka has been balling in Spain. As usual minutes and stats don’t tell the tale of where he is in his development, but I know since he was 17 he already had the face up jumper and the NBA body. He has filled out even more at almost 20 years old now, but I’m not seeing anyone talk about him though. He was a first rounder last year. OKC seems like they could use an athletic 4 that will work. I can’t call it right now. Still looking for reports.

    Ibaka was listed as a top 10 NBA trade asset, which is based on GM interest in gaining his rights. Presti has refused to part with him and has announced as far back as April that he is looking forward to seeing Ibaka and Devon Hardin in two of the Summer Leagues coming up. Other than that and limited stats in the Spanish league Serge has been modeling (If anyone cares…probably not)

    I can’t wait to watch Summer League!

    Dime was on it last year:

  • sans

    Serge signed a 3 year deal that pays him more than he would have made as a late first round draft pick–2more years until he comes over. He could be the next Scola-type blunder, trading a guy because he won’t come over, then POOF he’s starting for another squad. Didn’t he jump higher than the measurement stick in his predraft combine? That ish was crazy.

  • LakeShow84

    Joe Dumars secretly has man-love for Stuckey..

    I wonder where Iverson is heading?? hes been pretty quiet..

  • J

    who in their right mind would ever say Rondo is better then Stuckey? I mean seriously!?!? who the hell wrote this?!?

  • Kudabeen

    Was thinking the same thing. Iverson really don’t project well for any winning team and doesn’t really add much to the losing teams.

    He will probably do a 1-year deal with someone to prove he still can play and get the 20 and 8 that he was giving up until his bad blend with the Pistons.

    I still think he fits with the Bobcats and makes their situation better if he is on board to lead, but he has never proven to be a leader in that way and he isn’t a guy that is going to rally the troops with 40-50 point games anymore.

    He is still a good distributor, but it’s all about his Ego…

    Bobcats probably best fit.

    Plus he has to go from 20+ million to 5-8 million, while still probably feeling he is worth a lot more. Sucks for him and probably for the next team he plays for if they are losing…

    Not the way you want to top of a career.

  • Russ

    This trade is great because Stuckey is becoming a great point guard, Rip would gie the shooting guard, and prince is the piece you need coming off the bench.

  • Russ

    This trade is great because Stuckey is becoming a great point guard, Rip would gie the shooting guard, and prince is the piece you need coming off the bench.

  • Celts Fan

    @J -anyone that watches basketball. You have heard of defense, right?

    @Mox – You can’t blame Dumars for the Darko thing. Scouts were falling all over themselves to suck him off in 03. He was a bust, but he was the consensus #2 pick. That’d be like if ake Griffin ends up being a bust and, 6 years later people bitching about the Clips messing it up. it’s easy to say shit 5 years later.

  • Jay

    Stuckey = Rondo, Rip = Allen, why the hell would they throw in Prince. Dumars is not McHale

  • K Dizzle

    I’m hearin Richard Jefferson to the Spurs for Bowen, Thomas and Oberto.

    Scooped ya


    QQ – You fuck off Faggot! You don’t want to agree with, then screw you!

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    If anything the only thing Detroit needs to do is get Sheed for a steady and more serious pf and trade AI for a center that has potential.

    Youngfed most def. don’t wanna see Rip leave.

    Wow I don’t see how Boston could even dangle Rondo out there to trade. That just doesn’t make sense at all.

    Anyway gotta love all the possibilities of cats going to different teams, but draft night I expect something big from the Suns, Pistons or Washington.

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    @Celts I disagree with you man. That is a completely different situation… It would be like taking Ricky Rubio number 2 overall over proven American guys like Harden, Curry, Flynn etc.
    Darko was the “hot euro prospect”, meanwhile Carmelo and D-wade just dominated college basketball making deep March runs… and carmelo was a FRESHMAN!
    No way you can justify that now, come on…

  • jollyrench

    I honestly think the Pistons should stop going after Rondo because we have Stuckey, and instead try to trade Prince and Hamilton for a high draft pick that we could use to get Tyreke Evans and put him at SG.


    Stockton is in the HOF? Think we are going to see Rondo in the HOF? Granted he has time but at this rate, he is not going and before he is even considered, he must develop a reliable J.


    Don’t forget his records, LEADER in ASSISTs and STEALs. Not too bad for a white-boy.

  • doc

    bullshit trade for boston.Where does this shit come from.