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Two more teams get in the Rubio mix, and Jennings talks reckless

Ricky Rubio

Ricky Rubio

Apologies to Al Jefferson, Kevin Love, Corey Brewer and anyone else who planned to get a serving of easy buckets in Minnesota, but with each passing day it’s looking more and more like Ricky Rubio won’t be suiting up for your squad. (Forgive Jonny Flynn and Sebastian Telfair if they’re not as upset about it.) Rubio skipping the Wolves’ rookie introduction press conference was the first bad omen, and this weekend was flooded with talk of the Knicks putting on the full-court press to get Minnesota to give up Rubio since he’s not exactly eager to play there. And yesterday, more reports surfaced that Rubio is getting offers from other pro teams in Turkey and Spain. So between Minnesota, New York or the Euroleague, where do you think Rubio plays his next pro game? … Of course K-Love offered his take via Twitter: “How do I say, Ricky please come to Minnesota to play PG for us PLEASE? And has anyone ever told you that you sound like the Lucky Charms guy?” … Other NBA tweets yesterday included Mike Beasley telling the world he was Wii shopping at Target (rookie contract), and Charlie Villanueva writing, “BET awards about to start in a few, decided not to attend and go to the gym.” Which begs the question: Who invited Charlie Villanueva to the BET Awards? … Ben Wallace went from All-Star to irrelevant so fast, he’s like one of those MLB players who lies about his age coming into the league. Are we sure Ben isn’t actually 41 years old? In no time he’s become the new Raef LaFrentz, a.k.a. the most attractive expiring contract in the NBA. The Suns had no interest in Ben Wallace the player when they got him in the Shaq trade, and now it’s being rumored that Wallace’s contract will be used in a trade with New Orleans for Tyson Chandler … We love Brandon Jennings, but somebody needs to get him some media training. He popped up in the news again when he appeared on Joe Budden‘s online show dropping mad N-bombs and F-bombs, calling Luke Ridnour his backup (probably true, but still), saying Chris Duhon “ain’t gonna get it done,” and saying the Knicks are “always going to be weak” since they didn’t draft him. Just get some games under your belt before you walk into the League with a bulls-eye on your back … Ray Felton may in fact be the most slept-on free agent of the summer, but it sounds like Michael Jordan isn’t letting him go anywhere. “I don’t see any situation where he’s not with us,” Jordan told the Charlotte Observer. “I anticipate us keeping Raymond Felton, without a doubt.” And keep in mind that Larry Brown did everything he could to let D.J. Augustin steal Felton’s job last season, but Felton fought off the rookie and obviously impressed the ‘Cats decision-makers … Also from last week, the New York Daily News made a list of the biggest NBA draft busts, topped by Frederic Weiss. Nothing wrong with the pick, but here’s the exact entry that ran with the article: “Did the Knicks not watch the Olympics? After being memorably jumped over by Team USA’s Vince Carter in the 2000 Sydney games, Weiss goes on to be selected 15th by the Knicks in 1999. He fares no better in the NBA and quickly disappears from the league.” Go back and read that again … More undrafted guys finding summer jobs: Tyrese Rice will play for the Wizards summer team, Curtis Jerrells got with Dallas, and Jeff Adrien gets his tryout with the Grizzlies … E-mail from Aron: “Just sat down and ate lunch next to Kevin Pritchard and his son at the airport in Spokane, Washington.” He forgot to mention the part where he re-enacted “The Chris Farley Show” with KP … We’re out like Fred Weiss …

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  • NobleMike


    Who DIDN’T see this coming with Rubio and Minny? Not a smart move…

  • “Tha Boddy”

    Damn Rubio is really messing up the T-Wolves leverage with all the shit he is pulling.If other teams know he won’t play there and there is nothing forcing him to they really don’t have to break the bank to obtain him…The NBA should do something about the whole rookies refusing to play for the team that drafted them.Playing in the NBA is a privilege and all the guys who woulda been proud to play for any team who were looked over for sum nub without a jumper and has potential bust all over he sure is serving up sum bitchazzness moves

  • NobleMike


    Rubio ends up in New York somehow whether it via trade or he just playing in Europe again.

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    Gotta love the new media — twitter, streaming web, etc. Kevin Love’s draft day tweets were more entertaining than Bill Simmon’s draft day article. Young guys getting in all kinds of trouble over the net — from Eddie Curry’s show to Jennings. For the record though, twitter is the bomb. Dime should tweet more often, instead of just using it to link back to here whenever someone posts something new. Quite a few dime readers are on twitter most work days in the first place. Get to know your audience!

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs Before Slamball

    I’d say F it and just send rubio to a even worse team, like toronto just to piss him off. Sorry raptors fans, that was the only place worse than minny i could think of. Dude is soundin like Yi/Darko all over again. And ya, jennings needs to chill while hes gettin Luke donuts every mornin for his whole rookie season. Is fredrick weiss really worse than fran vasquez? at least weiss actually came over, and was a known name…kinda…hey any publicity is good publicity. Ben wallace as danny alamonte or whatever…its like in the movie bench warmers when the guy says hes 10.

    P.s: Chris farly show…classic…
    Aron: umm…remember that time…you like…made the trade for brandon roy? and he like got good? that was cool.

  • http://xgarcia.blogspot.com/ Xavier Garcia

    When has Rubio said anything about playing for the Knicks? That is something the media and the Knicks are talking about, not Rubio. Of course he skipped the press conference, the guy has a contract with another team!! You guys need to think about it this way, if a player hasn’t signed with a team, is he gonna appear in a press conference for them? Hell no!

    The concern is whether is gonna be the NBA or the ACB next season, and I’m confident its gonna be the NBA with the Timberwolves. Rubio’s Spanish team doesn’t need Rubio to stay, they need him to leave because the team is borderline bankrupt, so they need Rubio to pay off his contract ASAP while at the same time hustle as much as they can so that they down have to lose too much money in the process.

    Plus, I don’t know if you guys picked this up, but apparently Rubio was in Minnesota with his dad this past Saturday to discuss his contract and visit the facilities?


    You guys are blowing this way out of proportion. The kid will play in Minny unless something drastic happens. All the PR stuff coming from Rubios camp is to stay on Joventut’s good side until they figure out the numbers for the buyout.

  • alf (from melmak)

    I would love to see brandon jennings and his butt get smoked by all the pgs in the league. I say he is a draft bust of the highest order.

    I pity Big Ben. This is not the way for a two-time defensive player to exit the league.

  • Bizz

    I’m tired of hearing about Rubio. If Blake Griffin can shut up, smile and express enthusiasm about being the #1 pick and playing on the Clippers, then Rubio should stop being a whiny little bitch and just suit up for Minnesota. Since his contract in Spain would have been the EXACT same one had he been picked earlier than #5, he should have pulled out the draft and finished up in Spain, or signed a contract with less years of commitment required in Spain since his camp obviously gassed him up to go to the NBA so young. (he was 14 and thinking he was NBA ready) Overhyped, overrated, and anything he gets as far as an NBA contract, is OVERPAID.

  • Heckler…formerly ‘Yallallreadyknow’

    this ricky rubio shit is outta control. dude is an 18yr old bum. damn right…Heckler said it. dude is all overhyped. he aint shit. no team should be lining up for him. by the time he gets good, he would have been traded 3-4 times already. he is nothing more than jason williams cloned. i just dont see why there is this love affair with him. he really aint shit.

    and to all the execs out there, c’mon and wise up. the draft is never the place to collect talent. sebastian telfair was a lottery pick and traded twice already. darko was the #2 pick and has played for 3 teams already.
    so it dont matter if you dont draft the player with the most “potential” they can all still be had later (and prolly cheaper). #1 overall pick andrea bargani can be had right now for 2 second round picks…

    as for brandon jennings, this lil bitch is a lot too full of himself. i mean, what the hell has he done (in europe) to warrant a license to talk recklessly? i dont wish homey anything negative, but if he comes out to be a weak lil bum, imma laugh my ass off.

    he like steph marbury all over again. attitude is gonna make him a loser.


    Why can’t a BLACK man use the N-Word. If Yi or Yao said it or Rubio, the NAACP would be on that ass!

  • AB_40

    how can you go on from being dunked on in 2000 to being drafted in 1999. I don’t get it. Does the new york daily news have a time machine or something? and those were the dominant shaq days so every team needed a big 7ft. plus guy to foul him six times a game. yeah he was a bust but the anaology of that dumb paper makes no sense.

    ah well looks like he’s just gonna play for spain this summer make those 3 teams who didn’t draft him look ignant and sign a huge deal with real madrid with an nba opt out clause which he will use. after making enough money in madrid he can afford to not get a huge deal after all the bs of his first contract and rights are done.

  • http://manilatonight.com solomon (el latino machismo)

    “sounds like the lucky charm guy…”

    LOL, classic…

    ricky rubio officially becomes the steve francis / fran vasquez draft hybrid…

    and jennings, boy, can’t wait to see how chris duhon welcomes you to the league – wear a mouthpiece, boy, coz ur fugly mugs gonna be “brockman-ed”…

    we’re out like rubio in minny

  • Az

    kahn an idiot that drafted him, fell in to all that rubio hype. Three yrs from now we’ll compare him to Yi. As for jennings, i like that swagger, especially in miltown. He’s right about Rubio over hyped ass. SOTA KEEP THE CONTRACT TILL HE HONORS THAT SH8. i’LL BOO HIS ASS EVERY MINNY GAME.

  • heartbreaker85

    “Did the Knicks not watch the Olympics? After being memorably jumped over by Team USA’s Vince Carter in the 2000 Sydney games, Weiss goes on to be selected 15th by the Knicks in 1999. He fares no better in the NBA and quickly disappears from the league.”

    Vince dunked on Weiss in 2000.

    Knicks drafted Weiss in 1999.

    So how could the Knicks “not watch the olympics” when they drafted him BEFORE it?

    Still. He tasted Vince’s nuts.

  • Danny

    YOu know why i LOOOOVE RUBIO and the nba draft??

    -because no nba scouts have the balls to compare darko milicic to RICKY RUBIO.

    10pts 5rb 2 blocks in 20 minutes…No those aren’t rubios stats, those are darko’s before entering the nba.

    -EERILY similar to rubio as darko “excels” in the euroleague, infact he’s the man on his serbian team where at his height(7ft), no other big man can keep up with him.

    -Matter of fact, he was drafted so high BECAUSE of his height, same as rubio is seen as someone who can make it because he’s a much taller point. (6’5)

  • Danny

    my bad, darko’s stats were 14pts 7rb 2bl in 20 minutes in his euro league. Better stats than rubio could ever get-

  • Lee

    I hope Jennings is real good … it’s been ages since we’ve had a Barkley type character playing.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Heckler

    I’d take Bargnani for 2 second round picks. Get a hold of Bryan Colangelo and tell him the Lakers will give him 2 2nd round draft picks for Bargnani

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    @ bizz

    Cosign like a maflacka !!
    If Blake is smiling all those new draftees don’t have a fluckin excuse.

    And seriously,Jennings is getting on my damn nerves.Watch him get served for his first coupla years.

    Kinda late, but RIP MJ.You was one troubled maflacka.But there’s no denying…you were THAT dude.Period

  • Ashlov

    Woah, Jennings is channeling some serious Starbury. Not a good sign.

  • QQ

    I hope Rubio plas so that these haters will shut up. Until he proves he’s a scrub, I’ll talk about Rubio being a mad baller. Wait and see.

    About Jennings. Not really sold on that guy. Damn. Telfair was like that a few years ago when every media outlet were on his nuts. Only thing that Bassy proved is that you can be NY’s favorite son, but you’ll still be shit when it all comes down to it.

    Jennings reminds me of those assholes you play with on pickup. Talks shit on you, but can’t even dribble a fucking ball. Those real players with swagger (Jordan, Brid), they don’t attack you with words that makes you feel little (what Jennings is doing). They’ll attack you with poison that’ll show HOW BIGGER THEY ARE THAN YOU. There’s a difference. That difference is what separates the killers from the pretenders.

    PS: Jennings talking shit on Chris Duhon. Hey kid, can’t find a better point guard to talk trash with? Ridiculous. Is Chris Paul or Tony Parker on leave or something?

  • That’s whats up

    @ post 2 “The NBA should do something about the whole rookies refusing to play for the team that drafted them”

    just don’t draft them

    So, there are Dime twitter alerts when Smack is posted? – I was wondering why all these limp dick homos have been posting “first” lately. Makes a person wanna leave this website. I mean what the fuck prize do you win for posting “first”? Do you get extra fag points in your League of Dorks?

  • QQ

    @ thats what up:

    ‘Do you get extra fag points in your League of Dorks?’

    Of course! Duh! 30000 fag points equals obtaining the Dickassery Award for Turds! All those extra points matter, come on now.

  • Kobeef

    If I was the Wolves I’d offer the Knicks

    Rubio + Brian Cardinal
    (about $11 million)

    for David Lee (Sign and Trade)+ Wilson Chandler
    (about $11 Million)

    Minnesota starts

    PG – Flynn
    SG – Rodney Carney/Ellington
    SF – Wilson Chandler/Corey Brewer
    PF – Al Harrington/K-Love/Percherov
    C – David Lee

    I still think the Wolves need to move one of Love or Jefferson…which could bring them a very good swingman to round out the lineup.

  • Kobeef


    PF – AL JEFFERSON, not harrington

  • Sweet English

    Kobeef as hard as you tried to make that work, that line up still sucks! And do you really want Percherov as your-back up forward? And that was a rhetorical question cos NO ONE wants that. What Swingman could you bring in with that free’d up cap space? Who could make a difference with that supporting cast?

  • Sweet English

    And that wasn’t me being a dick, i was seriously asking you who you had in mind for that spot.

  • Kobeef


    Some thoughts on what you could get for Al Jefferson:

    – Al Jefferon + Etan Thomas for Brad Miller and Kirk Hinrich

    – Al Jefferon + Etan Thomas for Rip and Tayshaun?

    – Al Jefferson for Shane Batter (and change)?

  • sh!tfaced

    brandon “mayweather” jennings. we’ll find out if it’ll be junior or senior when the season starts. but it sure was more like senior when he has in europe.

    what the nba should do about rookies being drafted and forcing a trade by the team that drafted the him is they should cut down that player’s salary against the rookie salary scale if and when the player is traded. just to see how bad they don’t want to play there.

  • Kudabeen

    Does Joe Buttons have an actual show? He is laying in his bed on the computer, with his girl talking to Jennings on speaker phone? This is a show? Sounds like a personal convo that was broadcast. Not cool. And very hood.

  • doc

    I fuck with Jennings.He talking a little reckless right now but that will get better with maturity.He 19 and been waiting for this moment his whole life and he going in guns blazing.He gonna get humbled some but he will bust Ridour and Duhon ass RIGHT NOW so what he said technically aint bullshit.He just gotta learn to calm down and pace his self.And I think Rubio talking BIG BULLSHIT and he gonna play in the league and with Minny if they dont trade him.He got on his poker face right now but Minny might call his bluff.

  • Collaboro

    No need to upset the teammates now, and calling your vet PG ‘your backup’ dont do you any favors.

    He’s gunna be bossed around year one, he aint strong enough to hang…but some friendly smack is better then listening to a bunch of Blake Griffin interviews.

  • boomtho

    I hate when rookies hold out and refuse to play for the team that drafted them. Same with Yi, there’s tons of people beggin or can only dream of being drafted and they’re being like spoiled b*tches cuz they werent selected by their ideal team. Makes me dislike the player throughout their career like eli manning in ny

  • Brado

    What is with these rookies coming into the L with this feeling of entitlement? Jennings and Rubio? WTF! DWill and CP3 both got drafted into their respective teams, which are traditionally small market teams, and went to work. No moping about not playing for a big market team. These rookies will get dominated in this leage with that attitude. DWill and CP3 will continue to dominate not just because of skill, but these dudes accept their circumstances and press forward. They are leaders because of that and their teamates will follow.

  • doc

    From everything I seen Brandon Jennings damn happy to be in Milwaukee.

  • dead end job

    You ,US fans, dont understand ,do you?

    You can not convince a EUROPEAN to believe in the priviledges ,advantages and shid of the NBA unless the player can DRAFT the team he darn pleases .It’s called freedom.And nothing,not the priviledge of playing in the NBA ,not the endorsements and shid ,nothing supersedes F R E E D O M of choice.Now go and try to get this into your somewhat thick skulls.

    I hope Rubio understands his mistake and gets the eff out of this FARCE / HORSEPLAY called Draft / NBA.

    As for Jennings , this cute one will miss his days in Italy sorely, but too little too late. Instead of being able to move from team to team,country to country freely he enlisted in some SLAVE MARKET called DRAFT.What a moronic switch and shame !