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Win A Celtics Fitted From Mitchell & Ness Today!

Celtics Hats

After yesterday’s Lakers giveaway, we decided to bring it back to the East Coast. Our boys over at Mitchell & Ness sent us these Celtics fitteds in 7 1/2 & 7 5/8. If you want to get your hands on these, you have to answer the following:

Who is your favorite Celtic all-time and why?

Whoever has the best answers will win, so check back later today to see…

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  • LakeShow84

    Ugliest shit i ever seen

  • Parker

    Paul Pierce. The Truth. It may seem like an unoriginal answer, but Paul Pierce is the reason I love the celtics. I started following the green in his rookie season, and watching the journey throughout his career, culminating in a Finals MVP honor as he led the c’s to their first championship in over 20 years – a championship I had longed for for years. Pierce has endured a bumpy ride. He was, at times, egotistical and abrasive. But so much of that stems from the chip on his shoulder that he has had since high school, the same chip that led to his OWN chip in 08. Because of his perceived lack of appreciation, he has never lost the drive to win. He will be a celtic for life, and I am proud of that. Watching him evolve over the years to the captain of the world champions, when he put aside his ego to play archetypal team ball last year was unbelievable, and whenever the clock is winding down and I see him nail that patented step back that he hits with amazing consistency it is as exciting as it has been since he first donned a green jersey. I watched him come back in ’02 from 20 down in teh 4th quarter of an eastern conference finals game, I watched him suffer through a 24 win season, i watched him outduel lebron in a game 7, and i FINALLY saw him raise number 17 to the rafters, and that is why Paul Pierce is my favorite celtic of all time

  • http://n/a Scott

    Antoine Walker.

    Let me say first, that I am not a Celtics fan. The only times I’ve ever rooted for them were against the Nets in the 2002 playoffs (I thought at the time that they had a better chance vs. the Lake show than the Nets) and last year against the Lakers.

    ‘Toine’s gunnery was unmatched for a while, single-handedly shooting his team in and out of games, but what set him apart, was his completely unapologetic attitude toward it. I really wish there were 4 point shots, just to see Antoine Walker jack them up regularly. The shimmy brought it all together in such a great package. I am rooting heavily for a Toine comeback in 09/10.

  • JayChau

    Forget the modern day Celtics. Give it up to Bill Russell. How can you possibly hate this guy? This guy was THE player who defined African-American status within the NBA. One of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History, Hall of Famer, double digit number with all-star selection, and let’s please not touch upon the NBA Championships he’s got. Give it up, Russell, Bill Russell.

  • nbaman

    Easy, Dana Barros. He is Boston. Went to High School in Westwood then went to Boston College. Bounced around the league a little then played for the C’s from 95-2000 then again in 04. The guys game was nice, deadly from outside and could pass the rock as well. Now everytime you go to the garden to catch the men in green you’ll always see Dana rockin a fly suit. The guy flat out has swagger is what the Boston Celtics stand for.

  • Jordon

    I’ve only really been a basketball fan for a short while, but I love Paul Pierce. The guy is a machine. Having come back from all of the stabbings, rotten teams, and bad luck, I think the guy is amazing.

    Plus, I love the way the guy plays the game. He’s just like me, not the most athletic, but gets the job done through a high IQ.

    Plus, watching him burn the best in the league last year was great. You know Kobe wouldn’t have the same kind of reaction when he gets his ring on opening night. PP just had all the heart in the world.

  • Kevin

    Bill Russell. He is the greatest Boston Celtic of all time and may possibly be, the greatest NBA player of all time, if you don’t argue schematics and positions.

    You can’t begin an NBA discussion on All-Time Great players without having Bill Russell’s name being mentioned as one of the top 3. Russell’s greatest value was his capacity for comprehending precisely what he needed to do at a given moment, during a given night or a given series to best assist his team to victory. He is the quintessential big defender, a marvelous rebounder and ran the floor like an antelope.In his pro career, Russell averaged ‘only’ 15 points per game, but he played defense like nobody had before, proving that offense really is only half the game.

    His contributions stretched beyond the game, as he made an impact in society as well. Russell was also an outspoken advocate for civil rights. He was one of the first celebrities to proudly call himself black, when “negro” was still the accepted and polite term. He was also a pallbearer at the funeral of Jackie Robinson, and spoke at Chamberlain’s funeral in 1999. Monumental events!

    And what did they just rename the Finals MVP trophy? What was Kobe Bryant hoisting in the air? (Aside from his daughter Gianna) “The Bill Russell NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award” thats what!!!

  • Ansonious

    I’m just going to say one name “Larry Bird” Did you watch those Mcdonalds commercials with him and Mike, those were pure comedy, and oh yeah the championships were nice too. No matter what there is a reason why they call him Larry Legend not that I want the hat, but the Celtics were the first team I watched play when I lived in Boston back when I was like 7. Anyways throw out some Suns gear and I’ll be good. I’m out like yall suckas giving a shit about what I have to say PEACE!

  • G

    My favorite Boston Celtic of all time is Bill Russell.

    11 rings, player-coach, one of the greatest defensive players of all-time. It’s a pretty easy argument to make. But beyond that, and perhaps more importantly, there is an unbelievable reverence around the league for Mr. Russell. Wilt Chamberlain, his bitter rival throughout his career, attended his jersey retiring ceremony and to applaud him. That’s respect.

    It is also important to appreciate the degree to which Mr. Russell was at the forefront of change, both within the game and socially. A lot of us have a pretty good idea of what race relations were like in Boston during the 60’s, but if you don’t check his wikipedia for a peak.

    Lastly, little story from a book I read about him: When he was in college at USF, he was assigned to guard the other team’s star, a big guy. On their first three possessions of the game, this guy went up and Russell blocked him. Then USF’s coach took Russell out and told him to he was playing bad defense because he was leaving his feet. Russell said, “That was when I decided to stop listening to him.” Bill Russell started blocking shots before conventional wisdom even considered it to be a good thing. Crazy.

    You simply have to respect the man for everything he did. Glad to see the Finals MVP Award named after him; he definitely deserves it.

  • J Khuu

    Among all of the Celtic Greats to choose from I would select Kevin McHale as my favorite. Before there were great forwards like Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, and Karl Malone. The main guy was McHale.

    Bill Russell ( Lord of the Rings) exemplify and defined the Celtics with his defensive prowess in the generation before, but i identify with McHale because he personified the toughness, tenacity, and will, most modern NBA players lack nowadays. I wished more players would play with desire and reckless abandonment for themselves in hopes of competing for the ultimate goals of championships!!!

    In ’86-’87 McHale (the Black Hole )averaged 26 pts and 10 boards and that same year he shot a scorching 60% from the field- (1st person to ever reach that feat) and over 85% from the line. At the season end, McHale was named to All NBA 1st team and received the Defensive Player of the Year. Furthermore, my most memorable moment of McHale, was when the (then hobbled) McHale playing through a broken foot injury against doctors’ orders in hopes of defending their title but sadly succumbing to the Lakers in the 6th game of the finals after advancing past the Bucks and Pistons in hard fought games, respectively.

  • Celts Fan

    This is easy, Paul Pierce. As a season ticket holder for his entire career we’ve gotten to watch him grow. There were bumps in the road, but that’s what made it such a great ride. He almost died one year about 6 weeks before the season, and was back for opening night. Without him, the Celtics wouldve been completely irrelevant all decade. Instead, he carries a team that also started Toine, eric williams, and Kenny Anderson’s corpse to the ECF. When KG and Ray were having average (that’s being kind) playoff games, Paul put them on his back. He out-dueled LeBron in one of the best games I’ve ever seen, got through Det (finally getting some help from Ray towards the end) then copped Finals MVP. Just as big, dude was crying like a baby at the banner ceremony. You know this meant EVERYTHING to him to get his ring and, in his words, finally feel like he belonged with all the other Celtics greats that came before him. A life-long Laker fan becoming a Celtic great and loves every second of it…

    And f*ck the haters. Say what you want, but your best player SHOULD think he’s the best (even if it’s blatantly wrong,) or why even bother lacing em up? Love the swag and can’t wait to see him lead the Rots next year.

  • Alex “Robocop” Murphy

    Dennis Johnson is my favorite player. He’s a great basketball player who never got his just due.

    Larry Legend said it himself that he was the best teammate he has ever played with. His quick hands and feet made him a constant threat to strip the ball from opponents. He always seemed to be in the middle of the action. He could post up, crash the boards for rebounds and tip-ins, hit from the outside and lead the fast break. And he could pass with the best of the league’s playmakers.

    DJ was the greatest defensive guard of his era: Nine straight All-Defensive appearances from 1979 to 1987. He was a member of three NBA championship squads, and his postseason heroics earned him a reputation as a money player. He shut down Magic Johnson in the 1984 finals.

    In an interview he said, “I’m a winner. I put my heart into the game. I hate to lose. I accept it when it comes, but I still hate it. That’s the way I am.”

  • Alex “Robocop” Murphy

    DJ! He’s the best!

  • L@zYChuck

    The best Celtic ever played in the land of Earth of course, hands down would be Mr. Larry Bird. Scored 24.3 ppg in his career on a .496 FG%. A stellar .886 FT% (9th best all-time) and a 37.6% on da 3 ball. I mean, the only reason I wanted that Mitchell and Ness cap is because of Larry Bird. He represented Basketball from the 80’s to early 90’s and showed everyone that shooting the ball well MATTERS. Its not about off-the-charts athleticism, its not about pumping your guns like there is no tomorrow, its about SHOOTING (and a lot of other offensive skills). Nevertheless, changing a 29-53 Celtic team to a 61-21 team on his ROOKIE year (thats right! do the math its a 32 game improvement!) Mr. Bird will go down as the Best Celtic Ever and forget about all the previous entries… Did I mention he was also named the Coach of the Year (97-98)? I am out like comparing Antonie Walker to Larry Bird… WOOP!

  • http://www.WeAllScheme.com Jeff

    Joe Forte

    Reason – he MIGHT be the reason the NBA enforces a dress code, so dumb players do not repeat what Joe Forte did. Back in time, when rappers made wearing jerseys (throwback and regular) the hottest thing in style since sliced bread – a Boston Celtic’s injured guard, Joe Forte wore a Laker’s #8 Kobe Bryant jersey to a home game against none other than the L.A. Lakers. Priceless. That is why Joe Forte is my favorite Celtic ever because if he was still on the roster, we would be with the Knicks and Clippers in the NBA slums.

  • King

    Born and raised in Boston I of heard of the tradition and watched the tapes of the bird era. Because of my age (24) i didnt really get into the whole Bird mania that went on in the ’80’s but the first Celtic I was a huge fan of was Reggie Lewis unfortunately he passed and career didn’t get a chance to take off like it should’ve.

    So it took another 5 years for me get 1 player whose game I truly fell in love with, Paul Pierce. Even tho Ant Walk didn’t want to let the reigns as the top dog go it was inevitable as you could see from he start that Paul was the best player on the team. Wasn’t the fastest but in the early years got to the basket and free throw line at will with those patented spin drives and strong finishes. He became a fan favorite from day one and an inspirational one too, almost getting stabbed to death before his third season and rebounding with a dominant scoring season establishing himself as one of the top scorers and players in the league. To this day he and Kobe are the best at getting to that spot off either elbow getting a little space and just shooting the defenders eyes out.

    Being a die hard PP fan it was great to see him finally put everything together last year and lead his team to the championship. Going through the frustrating rebuilding process, rumors of being traded, he never really came out and demanded to be traded and aside from reasonable frustrations handled everything like a real pro. After years of being called a loser (good scorer on a bad team) and people questioning his place in Celtics history i think its fair to say that the Truth is in the top 10. In the future I will be telling my kids about Paul the way older people here talk about Parish, Bird, Russell, Sam Jones, etc.

  • mamba

    Paul Pierce – only he can be named “The Truth” yet get away with lying about his knees in the finals to look like a hero…..

  • dk

    How the FUCK can someon promote the waste of cotton likethis, fuck Dime. I wanna burn these things at a stake, The only tging these are good for is to be used at guantanomo bay, after the watr boardin

  • D-Rock

    You didn’t specify player, so I’m going with The Don of Boston himself, Red Auerbach. He influenced not just the Boston Celtics, but the game itself in soo many ways. 9 rings as a coach, which could have easily been more if he didn’t allow Russell to step in. His overpowering attitude the incredibly entertaining arrogance of lighting cigars after a win, sometimes before the win was even official. Then all of his moves as GM. The exploited loop holes, highlighted by the drafting of Larry Bird before he even left college, his bullying demeanor that he used to get what he wanted when he wanted, and his overall competitiveness. He made the league what it is today, and as an avid NBA fan i can only hope for a day where another Red comes along to contribute so much to this league.

    R.I.P. Red, the league will be forever indebted to you

  • dk

    And Bill Russell and his rings are garbage. Lets see him take that skill set out now or evwn in the 80’s… Magic and Bird would post the fuck out of him. If it wasnt for Red fixin everything

  • dk

    thwy wouldnt have got shit. Fucking mobster. I wonder how tge cigars are in HELL!

  • Soon 2 Be Famous

    It’s gotta be Rajon Rondo. As a celtic supporter (never a fan) in the early 2000’s. I supported Pierce, Walker, Battie, Anderson, Williams, and them guys. But once i learned how to support the lakers i turned to them around 2003 and never left since. but anyway..rondo has to be my favorite celtic OF ALL TIME. no larry legend, no havelick, no couzy, no russell, no mchale, none of them. Rondo is the total package for a pt guard (right now, minus the shot) when i watched the bulls-celts series, everytime i watched him play i would say “dammit i hate that guy” but i really hate the fact that he is on the c’s and not the lakers. he is prob the best rebounding pt guard since kidd in his hay day, he is an underrated passer, and he attacks hard to the basket.
    I think pierce is ass, kg is a loud mouth, ray ray is old, walker was just a scorer..im not really able to remember the early eras (when they were winning chip after chip in the 60s) and i just never really liked the 80s celtics even though they were stacked. rondo will be an allstar in 2010 AND will be a top 5 pg in 2011
    1)D Will

    I would actually wear that clover fitted! and not b/c it is green and i like rondo..and whats up with them 4 rings shirt?? i cant catch em when they r available online..im always late

  • dk

    I bet a stupid Celtic fan would were an outfit made of their ugly fucking floor. Can you imagine someone pimping the wood out at the mall…

  • dk

    Its parkay bra’ , like butter!

  • ComputerSnacks

    Paul Pierce. As a Young(er) Celtics Fan (26), he’s the only HOF worthy Celtic I’ve seen develop his whole career, culminating with the chip last year. I hope he retires wearing green.

  • A$$Cube aka Everybody Hates Chris

    I’d say Chris Herren. A storied basketball player. I know he got some fans in your office too. That article from a few weeks ago was a very nice piece by the way.

  • Ansonious


    Wow I’m nominating you for “PLAYER HATER OF THE YEAR” saying that Bill Russell doesn’t deserve the respect he gets, seriously you must be a Lakers fan or something. The bitterness in your posts makes you sound like a swelling 15 lb vagina with no clue that summers eve exsists

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Len Bias. When he passed away I straight stopped messing with that white lady. Saved my life.

  • dk

    @ 17 The Lakera are alright.

  • Ashlov

    Dino Radja. Because he made playing with absolutely zero passion sexy as hell. That, and god damn, I loved the Flintstones.

  • nbaman

    Joe Forte actually has a Magic Johnson jersey on, not Kobe.

  • bballinca

    Brian Scalabrine only because I can say I actually dunked on someone who plays for the Celtics.

    (I just think it is humorous that you have like twice as many reponses for the Kobe shirt.)

  • bobby stew

    John Bagley. He was chubby like me and was an inspiration to play ball. He was very underated and often unapprecuated but he had game. He represented for chubby guards who later followed in his footsteps such as Khalid El Amin, Mateen Cleaves, and Deron Williams.

  • K Dizzle

    obviously, my favorite celtic is Rick Fox……right after he bounced to La-La, and then won 3 chips.
    I don’t even want a Celts hats. I just wanted to rub it in that no Celt since Bird has won as many chips as Rick Fox, who’s actually remembered more as a Hollywood dude than as a Celtic plus he got with ‘Nessa Williams for a minute so this makes him the greatest celtic lol


  • Godot


    Just enough shake left to do it right in greentown.

  • J Tok

    Waltah McCahty. Cause his name was perfect for Boston. Both his first, and last name couldn’t be pronounced correctly in the area.

  • JR

    Kevin McHale.

    With so many Celtic greats over the years, it really is hard to pinpoint one particular player. Early on there was Russell, Cousy, and Jones, lately you have Pierce, Allen and Garnett. Then there’s Larry. The hick from french lick could light a score board any night he wished, but even he needed help to create one of the greatest dynasty’s ever.

    Not only did McHale score and rebound, but he was the ultimate competitor who could be found taking a beating as well as dishing one out (we all remember the throw down on Rambis in the 84 finals that would swing the momentum and title to the Green and White).

    People also forget that McHale had foot work on the floor that would make Fred Astaire jealous. It didn’t matter wether he spun left or right, the result was usually the same. Simple and easy McHale made offense look, while working like no other on the defensive end.

    You can take Larry, Bill, or Paul, but the man with the 8 foot wing span gets my vote.

  • ML

    tiny archibald. even though he was a celtic in the latter part of his career, his quickness became a mold for the likes of isiah, cp3 and nash to follow

  • Dirk

    who in the hell wants these hats!!!

    keep em’ dont waste our time!!!

    this is laker town BOY!!!

    p.s. my dog needs a new chewing toy!!!


  • hahns

    my favorite celtic is stephon marbury. nuff said. hook it up.

  • le pham

    Rick Fox. Because the grass is greener on the other side. Won 3 chips with my lakers!

  • Sweet English

    Because i need something to go with the £400 signed imported celtics ball that i bought at a charity auction.

  • Sweet English

    DAMNIT ENGLISH, read the question.

  • Sweet English

    I’m gonna say Kevin Mchale (A.K.A EM CEE HALE) because of that dope as f**k verse that he dropped on that converse commercial. My man spits that hot FYAH.

  • Sweet English

    But also you gotta give it for for EM CEE Hale a.k.a White Sheek Louch. Take for example the 1980’s conference finals, 3-1 down to philly, Mchale was instrmental in the comeback, and the block on Toney’s shot in game 6 when they were one point up in like the last 20 seconds. Maybe the most important block ever?

    And he shut up all of Red’s haters who were pissed that he had traded away Bostons number one pick to the warriors for a later first round pick and (i think) Parish. Cos with that later pick, we got Mchale.

  • Celts Fan

    Don’t forget the clothesline and all them sweet sweaters too English

  • born2ball

    i am not really a big celtics fan but my favorite celtic would be the truth paul perice..i jus like how he plays the game with passion and you can see that everytime he plays the game so that is why i would have to say the truth would be my favorite of all time

  • all dayy

    Brian Scalabrine. What else needs to be said?

  • http://dimemag troy b

    honestly im a die hard knicks fan but my favorite celtic has to be PAUL “THE TRUTH” PIERCE because i grew up in that era…7 5/8 pls

  • JuiceMode

    Tommy Heinson. Because I want my TOMMY POINT!

    And he’s the only significant Celtic whose name wasn’t mentioned. Became champion as a player, coach and team broadcaster with the C’s…

  • slice850

    LARRY BIRD. WHO THE FUCK NEEDS an explanation thats like asking “why are boobs good?”

  • Dan Dickau
  • dl

    I would love to hat a M&N Boston Celtics hat because not only does it represent the team, it looks really good!

    Anyway, the team is well-balanced, and is a team that I admire, and would have done well again this year, had a few injuries not occur; they would probably have repeated as champs.

  • Calvinc

    Not taking anything away from the other celtic greats, but my all time favourite celtic is the Hondo. This man was relentless, he could simply do everthing; score, rebound, pass and play defense. This beast could play both the forward and the guard position at 6’5. He was clutch too, pushing the celtics through to victory many a times with his last second shots and steals. He was a proven winner, with eight rings at the end of his career.

    He embodies the celtic spirit: tough, gutsy and always team focused.

  • http://dimemag.com Dime Magazine

    And the winners are…

    nbaman (Dana Barros) & Alex “Robocop” Murphy (Dennis Johnson). Congrats! We’ll shoot you an e-mail via the one you used to post.

  • Sweet English


    You CLEARLY haven’t seen Kevin McHale drop lyrical bombs.

    Lol not really well done you bastards.

  • Sweet English

    I liked the Dana Baros one.