NBA, Video / Jun 10, 2009 / 12:30 pm

“Would Anyone Dared Do This to MJ?”

Bill Simmons posted a link to this video on his Twitter feed about 20 minutes ago with this attached: “#UTube Classic: Chris Childs punches Kobe right in the face. Would anyone dared to do this to MJ?”

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  • Abe504

    depends how much i got paid…..be pretty famous afterwards though, be known as the dude that stuck mj

  • yoda

    why not? its not like mj is as big as shaq is.

  • Rafa23

    yeah, reggie dared to do it…

  • Oscarisalakerfan

    Hell Yeah….

  • fallinup

    Haha. Kobe finally gets called out for throwing an elbow.

    That’s what he gets for stepping back after sticking his elbow in Chris’s mug…the easier for Chris to size him up. :D

  • A-Crime

    Scottie Pippen, all day long.

  • A-Crime

    Jerry Stackhouse, Richard Hamilton…and Kwame Brown

  • J

    Chris Child’s dumbass probably would have

  • K Dizzle (2 more then nuthin left to say)

    Man, I miss the real men days of the NBA. and yeah, Reggie went after Mike and the Bad Boys went after dude hard and woulda thrown blows if Mike wanted to get that on

  • kevin k

    lol. funny thing is, if kobe got in a fight now. can you see any lakers jumping in for kobe???

    Mj had horace grant, oakley and rodman. Kobe??? only guy who would have done it was Turiaf and hes with the warriors. I bet the kobe’s teamates would have secretly wished for kobe to get his ass beat~!

  • “Tha Boddy” Lies Speak Truth

    Afew people would have tried that on Jordan but once Mike got that deathgrip he had on Reggie on them they would no longer exist

  • Soopa

    Kobe has evolved from a “talented-but-too-cocky sidekick” to a leader of a championship caliber team, so I think its unfair to compare Kobe then to MJ.

    And the answer is no. Because MJ would’ve never thrown the first weak ass punch like Kobe tried to in that clip.

    I also have the feeling, that if Kobe one day runs into Artest/K-Mart/ on a bad day, his team wouldnt rush to his help. I mean ofcource theyd come over and stuff but I genuienly (cant spell that word) dont believe that Kobes teammates have alot of true respect for him.

  • Tbest

    Sure, especially if it was MJ in his early years before he was really “MJ”. Like the commenter above, the Pistons back in the day would have had no problem. And by the way, who gives a f**k. Bill Simmons is really showing his Lakers hater side the past few things i have seen. Someone is sad their team isn’t back in the Finals.

  • E$

    Sasha Vujacic would kill for kobe :) Kobe don’t get respect & Jordan had plenty, nuff said

  • Celts Fan

    so what if he is showing his Laker hating? He’s not trying to deny that. You guys are incredibly hateable and the fans take it to another level. Your “We woulda beat you if we had a healthy Bynum” excuses last year look MUCH worse (and btw, injuries happen, we woulda repeated w/ KG, but he wasn’t there, ish happens, we lost, but you don’t see us whining all offseason about it) as you see him lay eggs in the Playoffs. On the plus side, the next Erick Dampier is probably gonna get his chip this year to go with his ridiculous extension. I honestly don’t think he’s THAT much better than Perk. I’d rather pay Perk his deal $16M over 4 years than Bynum his without question. Bynum’s better, but he’s proven to be injury prone and not as good as people thought (yet anyway, that 40 pt. explosion against the Clippers shows there’s still promise.)

  • Kudabeen

    Competitors don’t look at the guys they are guarding as untouchable Gods. If you are in awe of these dudes they will really embarrass you. They have enough of an advantage on typical defenders without the defender having “googly eyes” over them…

    The guys that weren’t in awe of MJ had his respect. Dumars, Starks, Mitch, etc.

    Kobe expressed the same thing for his time for Raja, Bowen, Artest, Shane, etc.

    Lee played him very aggressive yesterday. I think it helped Magic in the end. Kobe seems to get distracted in proving that he can’t guarded at times if a guy is in his shirt.

  • Biggeddy

    It depends. Nobody would’ve done that to MJ when Charles Oakley was on his team…

    Don’t forget Chris Childs was a football player (Heisman winning), dude is tough.

  • Seven Duece

    Chris Childs is easily one of my all time most disliked players ever.

  • k-smooth

    I woulda stuck mj

  • Gerard

    You’re thinking of Charlie Ward if I’m not mistaken.

  • isotope

    Chris Childs Heisman???? lol

    Didnt Vernon Maxwell punk out Jordan?

  • Chrsz

    Whens the last time u seen Childs, King Stearn will send yo ass deep if u touch is Chedda!

  • Bron42 aka Known as the king but nah I aint lebron

    its not like MJ was a big dude or anything….People might of hated to guard him but i doubt anyone really was scared to fight him. This video is classic though…people forget kobe got tossed around alot early in his career, like when reggie miller put him over the annoucers table.

  • Ian

    what kinda crap was this people didnt go at mj because mj was a punk tryin to pick fights you think anyone was going to back down if mj threw a punch (ask the pistons). you guys are putting mj in some silly shit.

    reggie rockbottomed kobe.

    my fav is still peelers elbow on kg jaw.

    sasha would get wooped tryin to get defend kobe.

    the only player ive seen in all sports that people didnt do shit to was gretzky.

  • E$

    Ian – I know that, but he worships kobe & he would take a bullet if it will keep him in LA

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff

    I have this video clip etched into the memory card of my blackberry. I must watch is 5 times a week and still laugh. Kobe’s reaction is classic.

  • LaMont

    Greg Anthony was ready to take it to Mike in his rookie year. What was the story between Artest, Jordan and what was it? a broken rib?

  • Sacto_J

    Hell Yeah! Childs with the headbutt to double throat punch combo! Kobe responds with the weak elbow to trainer assisted exit.
    And Peeler’s elbow to KG was unforgettable…
    While there’s no MJ / Kobe / Lebron involved, since we’re talking about a good punch to the face, I have to bring up the Christie / Fox encounter. A solid left to the grill of the world’s biggest chin….Priceless

  • Notorious

    Any truth to the rumor that Shaq paid Childs’ fine and sent him a “Thank You” card with it?

    Kobe once a punk ass, always a punk ass.

  • rell

    Who would have went after Jorda? Let’s see..
    Bill “You ever talk to me like that again I’ll kill u” Cartwright
    Steve Kerr
    Horace Grant
    Isaiah “I’ll bring the goons out like Don Chaney” Thomas
    John Starks
    Charles Barkley and Oakley – before they became tight with MJ
    Robert Parish
    Larry Bird
    Larry Johnson
    Alonzo Mourning
    Ron Artest

  • Lonman

    kobe is a punk, no doubt about it.

  • Ian

    shit rell forgot that kerr and jordan went at it once.

    E$ true hehe

  • ip

    the more relevant question is: would anyone have tripped mj like dahntay jones did to kobe in the lakers/nugs series?

  • Kryptonite Hops

    I second Bill Cartwright. He was a bad ass

    “Cartwright?!…Cartwright?!….Cartwright?!” [Seinfeld episode]


    Reggie Miller — Even Mike said, Fighting Reggie is like fighting a woman/chicken!

  • Big V

    “Would Anyone Dared”??

    Nice grammar.

  • Dukesman2000

    Why not? I heard Bill Cartwright almost killed Jordan in practice

  • Promoman

    Jordan wasn’t the teammate that he’s reputed to be. He had a rep for starting shit with teammates to “toughen them up” as he put it, when the reality was that he was one of those dudes who just liked to ride people just for kicks. Even Scottie Pippen sounded off on that on ESPN’s Greatest Athletes episode on Jordan, which is still aired on ESPN2. MJ tried Bill Cartwright in practice. MJ told him that he didn’t trust him with the ball and was talking shit to him. Cartwright told him that he’ll never play ball again because he’ll break both of his legs if he didn’t stop fucking with him. He started shit with Steve Kerr too.

  • Ekstor

    I seem to remember X-Man McDaniel shoving and poking his finger right into MJ’s forehead.