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A Portland Trail Blazers Rumor That Actually Makes Sense

Andre Miller
Since being spurned at the 11th hour by Hedo Turkoglu, the Blazers have been running around basically trying to throw their money they had budgeted for Hedo at anybody who will take it … even if they don’t necessarily need them.

Even though they have frontcourt players galore (Greg Oden, LaMarcus Aldridge, Joel Przybilla, Nic Batum, and (cheap) youngsters in Dante Cunningham and Jeff Pendergraph) they still went out signed restricted Jazz free agent Paul Millsap to an offer sheet (that was eventually matched by Utah) and have been consistently linked to Knicks’ free agent forward David Lee. While Millsap would undoubtedly be a nice addition to any team, and while I respect the Blazers for being active and looking for any way to improve their team, they don’t need another front line guy nearly as much as they need a top flight point guard.

Enter last night’s news that the Blazers appear to have renewed interest in free agent Andre Miller. Now this would be a GREAT move for Portland. There aren’t many teams that are going to come close to offering ‘Dre the $10 million he’s looking for per season. Actually, there are none. But the Blazers do have close to $8 million in cap room to send Miller’s way in an effort to lure him to Portland.

And why wouldn’t Miller take that deal or something close to it? He’d save a little face by not settling for the mid-level exception that most potential suitors seem willing to offer him and he’d be an instant veteran leader for the League’s most exciting young team.

While I’m definitely a fan of Steve Blake‘s game, I don’t think you can argue that Andre Miller would be a significant upgrade at the point. Any move that allows Brandon Roy to focus more on wreaking havoc on defenses from the 2 spot is a positive one for the Blazers. And if there’s one thing that Portland clearly needs, it’s a vet who has been through the wars who can pilot a young squad into the teeth of brutal Western Conference playoff battles.

Do this, Portland. Make it happen.

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  • sh!tfaced

    Being spurned by Hedo (or Hedo’s wife, for that matter) was probably a blessing in disguise for the Blazers. Andre Miller is a much better fit for Portland.


    i agree that miller makes the most sense for portland. Roy’s game will skyrocket even farther if they get him

  • Chise

    Brillant if da blazers get andre da giant

  • Kobeef

    Makes sense?
    How does adding a 30 something year old PG to a roster of guys still on their rookie deal make sense?

    By the time Roy, Aldridge and Oden are in their prime Miller will be close to 40 years old….and he’s not the fastest guy around as it is.

    Portland needs to save their money until New Orleans goes broke so they can steal Chris Paul.


    D@MN!!! Just noticed by boy Will Bynum on the Bounce Cover. Dime yall better step it up or I’m switching Mag’s like Rambo. “Aaaaaadrieeennnne!!!!!” lol

  • dk

    @4 This would have been awesome if Miller was 24

  • Arrogant

    andre gives them a player to control the floor til their rookie is ready…..

  • http://raptorsrepublic.com Raps Fan

    I still think the Blazers should go after Odom, the money is a little less then the $10mil he wants, but Odom would give this team a devastating front court.

  • Patrick Cassidy

    @ Kobeef:

    Don’t you think that they have the potential to be very good right now by adding a vet PG who has already proven that he can make young teams significantly better just by being on the floor?

    I’d much rather have the option of being a very good team for the next few years than being mediocre because I’m banking on being able to steal Chris Paul.

  • jonny taise

    what about kirk hinrich? he’s not too bad. not as ‘pure a PG as miller, but still quite good!

  • dk

    TMZ has the Bron getting dunked 6:45 tonight they air it…

  • nowwhatyo

    portland needs a PG who can spread the floor with his shooting. and although i’m a fan of his game, andre miller won’t help do that.

  • sp

    “While I’m definitely a fan of Steve Blake’s game, I don’t think you can argue that Andre Miller would be a significant upgrade at the point.”

    think you wanted a double negative? as in “…wouldn’t be a significant upgrade.”

    or no negative “there is a good argument that Andre…”

    def agree tho

  • flavur

    Andre Miller could be what Chauncey is to the nuggets that veteran pg who can lead them and teach the young players about winning basketball.

  • Young Lebron 23

    My sixers need to shut up and give him his money. The philly teams always have a rep for not wanted to give their players their money. Remember tha sixers didnt want to give Iggy his money last year



    “Dime yall better step it up or I’m switching Mag’s like Rambo. “Aaaaaadrieeennnne!!!!!” lol”

    You mean Rocky?!?!?


    Andre Would be a nice compliment to a young team, but he’s too old to be demanding 10 milli’s a year. Its too much for a pg whos not going to have the ball in his hands most of the time (B-Roy will have it). Blake, Rodriguez, and even Bayless are a nice compliment at the 1.

  • Ricky

    What about Sessions?

  • QQ

    @13 (sp)

    You’re retarded. PC got it right. I don’t think you know how to read. Moron.

  • doc

    Oh well.If he leave fuck him like i never knew him.

  • Baby Huey

    What wars has Andre Miller been through? He has never gotten his overrated ass out of the first round. The Blazers have already shown that they can make the playoffs and fail just fine without an overpriced Andre Miller.

  • Mack Brownee

    Andre miller looks like he belongs in a blazers uniform


    Nawl thats what I meant, same guy different movie but Sly will always be known for the Rocky comment.


    Thats alot of “Slurpage” going on bruh. (lol) Dude cant have and opinion. Why you so mad. You sound like the mad rapper on those LOX skits. “Yo son tell’em why you mad.” lmao

  • elaly

    ramon sessions… i still dont understand how he hasn’t been signed yet… ramon sessions everybody… similar career numbers, at almost a decade younger…

  • the cynic

    Andre Miller can’t teach anyone how to win when he has never won. Miller is a terrible fit, the Blazers are almost strictly a half-court team, and Miller is terrible in the half court because he can’t shoot. Blazers are better off hoping Bayless can put it together this year

  • D-lite

    Good basketball move! Would probably take $7mil this late in the month..it’s more than the exception and may be his last contract. He can run a team and won’t consume the young guns shots either.

  • Steve Berg

    Andre has been a good and durable player for a long time. “Long time” is the operative phrase. Although Blake may have his limitations, he can certainly hit the outside shot which makes it far more difficult for defenses to deal with LA and Roy. Andre is at this point overrated, over-aged and perhaps soon to be over paid. Blazers…take some sage advise and save your money for a player who can make a much more significant difference.

  • BobLove

    @ Cassidy,

    Is it just me, or have I almost NEVER seen Bayless on the floor? Miller is a nice player, but if Bayless is going to be the future at the 1, why bring in yet another guy (miller, sessions, hinrich, etc…)to sap his playing time? Blake is a steady enough player and the young kid probably needs some real-game situations to learn the position. All you hear about is him beasting the summer leagues, goin hard in practices, etc…

    So let’s see what he’s got. And personally, I would probably spend that frontcourt $ on that eventual G.O. replacement.