NBA / Jul 20, 2009 / 11:19 am

All The Celtics Have To Do Now Is Re-Sign Big Baby

Glen Big Baby Davis

While this offseason continues to show the NBA’s rich getting richer, there are still a few loose ends to attend to. Perhaps I’m just getting greedy after acquiring Rasheed Wallace and Marquis Daniels, but if the Celtics definitely want to make good on Kevin Garnett‘s back-to-back promise, they have to ink a deal with Big Baby.

I’ve learned through the years not to doubt Danny Ainge. Alright, perhaps not always. But if I could look into his mind like John Cusack in Being John Malkovich, this is the picture I’d see:

While after the playoffs teams saw Big Baby as a legit scoring threat either as a starter or off the bench, his camp thought that the mid-level exception or more would be the asking price for the 6-9, 289-pound forward this summer. But as David Lee‘s $10 million per year got laughed at by the Knicks, and Paul Millsap signed an offer-sheet for only four years and $32 million, it appears the well has run dry for Davis. Translation: this is great news for the Celtics.

With an opening day roster that includes a healthy Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Garnett and Kendrick Perkins, you have to like Boston’s chances. Bringing Wallace, Daniels, Eddie House and any combination of Brian Scalabrine, Tony Allen, Gabe Pruitt, JR Giddens, Bill Walker and Lester Hudson off the bench, it’s going to be tough to match the Celtics’ depth.

Ainge is smart though. The longer the summer drags on and more and more teams spend all their money, the more likely it is that Davis (and Leon Powe for that matter) end up back in the white and green – and for cheap.

Do you think the Celtics will/can re-sign Big Baby?

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  • D A

    “…Gabe Pruitt, JR Giddens, Bill Walker and Lester Hudson” Depth?!

  • http://dime sure

    2 Great signings. They still don’t have a backup pg. Doc doesn’t trust Pruitt or he doesn’t trust himself. Marquis Daniels could be a clone of Posey if he could knock down the open 3 consistently.

  • control

    I’d like to see Glenn Davis go to the Knicks. This guy doesn’t really have any basketball skills at all, isn’t no where near 6’9 (probably 6’6) and the last time he seen 289lbs on the scale was a few hundred boxes of doughnuts ago.

    Why would anyone NEED a power forward who can only run up and down the court 5 times in a row, who sweats more than Chewing, and can’t really do anything other than use his fat to set picks and hit an occasional mid range jump shot. I can think of 100 people outside the league who could do all of the same shit this guy does, and on a cheaper food budget.

    Fuck this fat ass, child abusing, shit talking idiot.

  • D3W

    I don’t believe matching the depth of the Celtics is going to be that tough, they might have a pretty good top 7, but after that it just drops off significantly. I do think signing Marquis Daniels is going to quietly end up to be a great move.

  • karizmatic

    Yeah I think they’ll get Big Baby back, they may not need Powe if they do, but if they happen to sign Powe, maybe they can trade one of them for a piece that could really give them some depth, such as a true back up point.

  • ConverseWeapon

    They also need a backup PG with some play making skills – maybe Steph will pass on Europe and sign for the LLE?

    A second unit of Steph, House, Marquis, Baby and Sheed would be sick.

  • dk

    When someone mentions McDonalds or fat pig, I think of Davis. Happy Monday!

  • dk

    @ Dime!!!!

    Hey, where ru guys located? When I googled it, it said your headquarters was just left of Bostons nuts! Go figure….

  • dk

    @ Dime!!!

    Heres a fucking brainstorm!!! Its been 42 days, 6 hours, 30 minutes, and 45 seconds since youve last run a blog about the world champion Lakers or the basketball God Kobe Bryant. Wierd!

  • Kobeef

    Didn’t Scal and T. Allen get traded to Indiana for Marquis? I thought I read that some where.

    Boston needs Fat Baby like they need Starbury – not at all.

    Even old, lazy Rasheed is 10x better than Fat Baby. Powe does the same things as Baby but exercises on the side to avoid becoming fat.

    Tell me why Boston needs Glen Donuts:

    PG: Rondo, Pruitt, Marquis
    SG: Allen, House, Giddens
    SF: Pierce, Walker,
    PF: Rasheed, Powe
    C: KG, Perkins

  • Scott

    Hi I’m Leon Powe, the Celts told me to fuck off even tho I’m injured.

    Why do so many Celts fans keep adding Powe to their ‘new season’ depth charts????

    Ainge didn’t even send a qualifying offer to dude.

  • dk

    @ Kobeef and the rest of the people mentioning Powe, didnt they
    et him go? Arent they not resigning him. Am I still drunk? I swear i read months ago he was don in B Town.

  • dk

    I also love how MD is third on your PG depth chart! 2 + 2 = 5 I guess…

  • JH

    I’d love to see Big Baby back with the Celtics…just to see who’ll make him cry first…KG or Rasheed?

  • chris simoneau

    control, your a moron. simple as that. Child abusing? your retarded, or at least i hope you are because you need some excuse for that idiotic rant you just went on.You think the Knicks have talent and guys who know how to play? take a look at their record the last 2 years. They would love to have BBD, but they are saving their money for the pipe dream known as Lebron in NY, which hate to tell all you knick fans, it aint going to happen. BBD will be back with the Celts to add more to the best team in the NBA. Any moron who thinks that Orlando would have gone to the Finals if KG was playing doenst get it. I still cant believe you said child abuser. it is people like you who make this world suck. Get a clue.

  • control

    chris simoneau

    There is VIDEO EVIDENCE that Big Fatty has straight SHOVED a kid to the ground. The worse thing about it is he didn’t even realize he did it, which means he does it so often that it ain’t even a thang for em.

    I don’t think the Knicks have talent and want to play, I spend a whole post bashing a guy and you think I’d want him to go to a team I’m a fan of? Are you stupid? I hate the fucking Knicks and I hate this fat pile of shit, so they’d be a perfect match.

    Seriously, if you are going to call me a moron and retard, you should really learn which ‘your’ to use in which context (“your retarded” should be “you’re retarded”). Irony just bitch slapped you, fucking idiot.


    ^^^^^Woooooooooowww and LMAO @dk

  • Irishballer

    @ control

    either ur just an angry person, or big baby must of offended ur family something… mind u the “idiot” u criticize averaged 15ppg in the playoffs fillin in for kg and was a big part of the celts run

  • jryu

    “Seriously, if you are going to call me a moron and retard, you should really learn which ‘your’ to use in which context (“your retarded” should be “you’re retarded”). Irony just bitch slapped you, fucking idiot.”

    that was awesome.

  • Irishballer

    @ kobeef

    Marquis daniels is not a point guard on any level…

  • SWAT

    Control u gotta be kidding about bbd being a child abuser. Tht lil fathead kid was on the court, his bad, let it go fam. Tht was months ago and we debated about it then, in detail.
    @ dk…is it a rule tht u have to post 3 times in a row whn u get here or r ur comments 2 special for one post? Either way…ur always good for a laugh…sort of like tht dude at the court with all the energy in the world but is just plain dumpster juice. U kno the dude…the 1 tht wants to ck the ball in so he feels like he did something. Haha!

  • control


    Ain’t no ammo too debated, old or inapplicable to be used in a hater’s gun…


    Yeah he was a big part of the Celt’s run…he’s 350 fucking lbs, that’s HUGE. He didn’t do no running though. I don’t hate him for anything personal, just because he’s a really unskilled fat fucker making millions in the league.

  • SWAT

    Lol big part of their run. Haha. Irishballer u set urself up for tht one. Nonetheless control…tht kid blew tht situation out of proportion, or rather his daddy did. It was an accident and like I said before the kid made the mmistake of steppin on the court.

  • control


    I ain’t denying what you say. It’s the fact that he didn’t even NOTICE he nearly stomped that kid into the ground like an ant that is the tragedy. That just indicates that running over idiot kids like he’s playing GTA is common place for him. I wonder how many times he blacks out, then wakes up w/ a bunch of kids stomped around him and he don’t remember what happened, he just pops a hotdog (he carries em in his pockets) in his yap and carries on with his day.

    The most brutal thing about this fat idiot, he has ONE highlight in his NBA career. That’s only ONE more than you or I. And it’s tainted because he tramples a kid in it…

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    I think Control’s a Bulls fan. BUlls fans were the main ones made at big baby because he was the main reason they got eliminated. Say what you want about Glen Davis but for a big guy he runs the court everytime from what I see and runs it well that’s rare for a big guy. He also gives you intangibles like setting hard picks and crashing the boards and the celts would be genius to bring him back.

  • doc

    If they do thats nice.

  • Brown

    AP, did you just include Veal as a “depth” player. SMH. I could say something real ignorant here, but that line about Scal is about as ignorant as it gets.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    I wouldn’t really say the celts have crazy depth outside of wallace and house but the def have enough athletes to throw at people as on ball defenders like dauhntay jones in Giddens, Walker, Allen(as long as allen chills with the dumb plays) and hudson can score.

  • SWAT

    control he hit a game winning shot in the playoffs…dudes emotions got the best of him. excuse the hell out of him. i mean damn i lost my mind in a pick up game whn i busted the game winner…lol and thts just a game in the park. he did apologize to the family, but cmon let you tell it and bbd stole his lunch, slept with his t-lday, slapped his grand mama, and got they daddy fired from his job.

  • Chris From LB CALI

    1.) Daniels isnt a F#%$inG! PG!
    2.) Sheeed is my NI99 and will Handle D.Howard!!

  • control


    Haha, good one. I don’t think I’m exaggerating THAT much, but it’s pretty funny. Can’t deny that kid got owned though…and I’ve hit plenty of game winners in pickup games, small tourneys, etc and never felt I had to go randomly run over stupid kids…

    Hell, I’m taller than Fatty, and in better shape, and I would sure as fuck notice if I trampled a kid…

  • SWAT

    control you said it…”stupid kids”. he stepped too far on the court, his bad, bottom line. i do feel tht u busted a few game winners in your day but i do think any shots, you or i make, compare to a game winner in the NBA playoffs. the fans, an away crowd, cmon just the rush of bringing the crowd to a stand still. thts gonna get anyone hype. fam it seems like you have a bit of hostility toward bbd…cmon “wht he eat dont make you shit.” lol!

  • sh!tfaced

    damn. still cant believe there is a debate if dk is a fucking moron… he’s obviously misinformed and dont know what he’s talkin about for most of the time…

  • control


    This discussion is like 4 posts too long, but here is a small rebuttal ;)

    Yes, the kid is stupid. But imagine the kid was just randomly standing on the street, and a car runs him down. The driver don’t stop, don’t care, and don’t apologize after the fact. That is called a “hit and run” and is a pretty serious offense. BBD, being almost the size of a car, nearly did the same thing. I ain’t saying the kid ain’t at fault, but Chunky G shoulda put on some brakes.

    I guess my main problem with the guy is that I’m probably better than him, in better shape than him, and should be collecting his cheques instead of him. Hell, I know a dozen people who could play over players like him and Veal.

  • SWAT

    HAHA! control i agree to disagree wit ya. “chunky g shoulda put on some brakes”-hilarious!

  • control


    Tru, haha.

    One last point…as far as him being excited. I’ve been driving around and getting some head from my girlfriend/wife, and I ain’t never run down any kids w/ my car. There’s no way that hitting his once and a life time shot was better than the head I was getting…so being excited ain’t an excuse ;)

  • AdvancedMind