NBA, Video / Jul 23, 2009 / 11:48 am

Allen Iverson: “I Feel Like I Have To Prove Myself All Over Again”

I caught this interview with Allen Iverson on NBA TV last night and it definitely hit me. Growing up, Iverson was my favorite player in the world, and to see him in a situation like this is just crazy.

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    D@mn dude was like my favorite player, but he brought this all on himself. You cant burn Joey D and think there wont be backlash. Plus he did look like he lost a step and dude’s a jerk off the court anyway. He was always at the casino’s and clubs acting like he was too good. Totally forgot were he came from type ish.

  • Ross

    “Anyone that has a heart… that’s not black”

  • http://www.basketsim.com BNZA

    its like BDL said. If a player:

    Doesn’t want to come off the bench.
    Doesn’t want to stop shooting.
    Doesn’t defend.
    Doesn’t work well with others.
    Doesn’t want conform in any meaningful way (play with your jewelry on, for all I care, just stop taking 18-footers in transition).
    Doesn’t want to take less money to play for a winner.

    what coach would want that player?

  • http://www.geocities.com/dagomardeg Dagger

    Pretty depressing, but this was always bound to happen. In his prime AI was an undersized volume shooter whose game relied on quickness. The success of his teams relied on them being built with players who could cover up his shortcomings. That game was never going to age well. Now with his monstrous ego he can’t handle being a spark plug off the bench, which is really all he’s good for at this stage. I do question someone who’d prefer to play minutes on a shitty team than contribute meaningfully to a championship, but AI has always been in it first and foremost for AI.

  • jzsmoove

    He dont need to prove he’s good, he done that already. He needs to prove he can win, and play within a team. He needs to prove that he can get pass himself and his enormous ego. This is where his documented “I dont know an ALL Star, MVP, scoring champ come off the bench” bullshit will haunt him accordingly.

  • dk

    Yeah, couldnt happen to a more caring guy, STFU! Maybe the dude should have practiced…

  • http://www.dimemag.com Jeff Chen

    It’s good to hear that he is in good spirits and that this is motivating him even more. I’m hoping he gets in a good situation for himself and his family. He is one of my favorite players of all time too.

  • Brown

    I could care less about AI.

  • K Dizzle

    lol @ Fed:

    Dude, wasn’t it you after the trade postin how you met AI in the casino and he was a solid dude? Now, one bad half season in a decade long career and he ain’t shit? lol

    once again, if AI wanna come to LA, we all about savin careers as long as you wanna get with the program.

    This AI hate is comedy. Dudes playin him like they did DWade when he was always hurt before the Olympics, callin him a scrub and sayin he was done.
    lol…fickle as shit

  • http://myspace.com/40sand9s loc

    Ai is that dude.

    Forget the haters.

  • knock knock

    Never could defend. Which is why his team’s were always average, nothing more. I mean seriously, there are two sides of the court. Maybe he should have practiced sum more?

  • bballinca

    It’s why a guy like Jacque Vaughan stays in the league for as long as he has while AI is scambling around looking to catch on with a time.

    AI might have more money than I’ll ever have but he still has got a loser’s mentality even with all that talent.

  • dk

    AI out at a strip club with Vick… Wow, he continues to be a real winner. Whores, animal murdering criminals and AI, the ball dont bounce far from the tree….

  • control

    If you combined Steve Nash’s mind and passing with AI’s body and quickness…you’d have the best point guard who ever lived. Avg 20/20 and be able to take a pickup YMCA team to the Finals.

    AI has brought all this shit onto himself, the guy is a headcase. He’s broken in the head, unrepairable. I don’t even really think he should be HoF, other that score a large amount of points inefficiently, what has the guy done?

    Guy is a cancer, EVERY single 2nd leading scorer behind him on a team, he has had issue with. Guy HAS to be TOP dog, and there can’t be ANY question at all about it. Guy is just HUGE waste of talent.

  • richie rich


    I believe he meant “anyone that’s not black hearted”

  • Young Lebron 23

    If AI can learn to get his without taking a bunch of shots he would b off tha free agent market by now

    @14 how come he isnt a hall of famer? He takes bad shots, sure, but he still averages 6-7 assists, got a ton of steals, and played through a lot of injuries. He is six feet tall (maybe) and scoring all those points at that size is crazy. Surefire hall of famer in my opinion (maybe first ballot)

  • http://joe.com joe

    Eric Snow with the understatement of the year, “I know your a big basketball guy”

  • control

    Young Lebron 23

    What has he really archived? He scores points, and he hurts his team usually to do it. If it were the 1on1 HoF, he’d be a lock.

    The guy is a GREAT individual talent, but where he’s an epic fail is in the fact that when he’s playing, it’s 4on1on5. He’s good going 2on1, not bad going 3on1, won’t hesitate going 4on1 or 5on1…but that is his problem and why he is a loser. He will never utilize the resources (teammates) at his disposal. In his mind it’s always 5on1 and that is why his teams will never accomplish anything.

    He can’t even change his mindset slightly to THRIVE on a team. If he were coming off the bench, and doing the only thing he can do good, score…he’d be an amazing asset for a team. Let him run with the second unit, he’d rape 2nd unit lines, get his stats, and the team would experience success. He can’t even make that adjustment, because in his little world, he’s the best player to have ever lived.


    Didn’t say he wasnt cool when I met him but that was at the high rollers table and he prolly thought i had big chips (I kinda do) (lol). But i aint got millionaire chips im more like a thousanaire (lol).

    However all my peeps that run clubs around here/work at the casino say he’s a jerk and doesn’t tip. He’s also been kicked out 2/3 of the casino’s here.

  • Just a Fan

    Pro-ball life is tough when you’re 5’11 and over the age of 30. I’m not entirely sure but when I watch AI play, he doesn’t seem like the type to pass unless its going to be an instant assist credited to him which makes him a perfect 6th man. What’s so wrongo with being another Ginobili? Come off the bench and take 25 shots in 25 mins, and if there’s OT, MORE!

  • control

    Look at YOUNGFED, another post, another stroke of his ego. Bitch fronting like he has anything at all, haha.

    Has this kid ever made a post without bragging about what he wishes he had?

  • dk

    @20 Has QQ ever defended his sexuality?


    “Has this kid ever made a post without bragging about what he wishes he had?”

    Nawl but I wish I never had you mama so that we wouldn’t had yo a$$. ROFLMAO.


    BTW I’m in the office until 8 today so “Get at me Dawg” “Arf! Arf!” lol

  • Hakim

    Allen doesn’t have to prove himself. He has always been hated, which has nothing to do with basketball and everything to do with his image. Unfortunately, the media has taken joy in destroying the personal character of Iverson even before he was drafted by the Sixers. The media has painted him as a bad boy as they do most inner city males that don’t conform to certain standards that larger society deems decent. He’s viewed as a threat, because of his refusal to be a step and fetch it dude.
    His talent and passion are unquestionable. Detroit was the Titanic (sinking ship) when Iverson joined them. Joe D chose to go with a captain in Michael Curry, that was inexperienced and was a downgrade from Flip Saunders and Larry Brown. He didn’t properly utilize Iverson. Iverson numbers dropped not because he lost a step, but because he took less shots per game, trying to be the player the coach wanted him to be.
    Iverson is a scorer, just as Jordan, Bernard King, Kobe, Wade, Nowitzki, and King James are scorers. You ask players to adjust to compliment the scorer. You don’t draw up less plays for the all-star player. I watched a televised game this past year in which Detroit couldn’t buy a shot at the beginning of the game. During eight straight possessions, the ball didn’t even touch Iverson hands(not that he had to shoot); but the ball rotation somehow skipped over A.I. like he doesn’t have offensive skills). Again, the coach was incompetent. I blame Joe Dumars for selecting Michael Curry as coach of the Pistons.
    If given the opportunity with a seasoned coach, Iverson will shut the mouth of all the pessimist.

  • doc

    Ha fed,Now u come around.U was supposed to be hype for getting AI though.Some dickhead on here gonna be happy when he comes to they team next.

  • Dew

    Mr. Iverson did what so many great NBA players from the Kareem,Magic,Bird,Dr.J, to Jordan and that is change the game. All over God’s beautiful world people play like, move like, handle, slash and cut like AI. Dude came into the league with KOBE and won rookie of the year averaging 20. His game was revolutionary and that’s why like MJ and Kobe no one can front that he is a certified 1st ballot hall of famer. Love him or hate him, for better or worse he has changed the way people watch and play basketball. He knows how to play with others. He actually played well on the team that won 3rd place in the Olympics. Ask the Allstars if he’s selfish when he plays in the mid season classic. Mr. Iverson is as an accomplished player as they come and his heart is larger and better than all you haters who criticize because you think its fun or cool to do. They say when you’re digging a ditch dig two. How can you be blessed when you are always hating? You may not like him or his on and off court demeanor but AI is easily one of the best 10 players to EVER don an NBA jersey. He didn’t just play the game he changed the game, the speed. I’ve seen teams get defensive three second calls because of the man’s speed. You need to You tube how he shook Jordan and “J-ayed” him in 1996-1997. Who would’nt want to watch. He’s a champion with the heart of a lion. It’s not easy to average 26 points over 5 assists and 2 steals per game for one season let alone 13.
    Y’all B Well