NBA / Jul 14, 2009 / 1:38 pm

Antoine Walker Wasn’t Always A Joke

Antoine Walker

It wasn’t always this way, but unfortunately nowadays, Antoine Walker is at the butt end of NBA jokes. His latest shake-your-head moment – being in a gambling debt of $822,500 to three Las Vegas casinos which has the Chief Deputy District Attorney asking a Las Vegas justice of the peace for an arrest warrant for ‘Toine.

Here is an awesome ‘Toine highlight clip that I found to remind Celtics fans (myself included) that the creator of the famous “Walker Wiggle” used to be able to ball out. Although he wasn’t a dominant force in his prime, he was good for three All-Star appearances and career averages of 17.5 points, 7.7 rebounds, 3.5 assists and 1.2 steals over 12 years despite barely getting any burn during his last few years.

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  • Halo

    Who pounded the ball with more authority on the hardwood (pause). Toine or Anthony Mason. Both had a neck high dribble.

  • J

    looks like a carry when he does that fake cross/shot

  • jzsmoove

    Employee #8 did make baskets. But like so many others before him (and later on) they will be flashes in the pan. Self-aggrandizing punks that show up in the nightly hilite reel but does not amount to anything or win a chip. Minus the Heat run where he had a few important games to capture a chip, he is still a whiny bitch and annoying.

  • Coop

    ‘toine put up very good numbers until his legs went and he started comfort eating. Folks just have short memories these days

  • TJ 2

    whatever happened to Ron Mercer??? he was pretty good and then started the jim jackson phase of his career!

  • SK

    Glorified volume shooter and ball holder. But did make noise with Pierce.

  • mumadone

    u gotta love old billups celtic high lights, and tione got juwan howard bad at about 2:30

  • kaka

    I still remember when Toine drained 8 threes in a row in just the first half against my 76ers back in the ’01 or ’02 playoffs. When he was on, he was unconcious, ala TMAC.

  • http://www.greenlighthalo.blogspot.com Halo

    Who pounded the ball with more authority on the hardwood (pause). Toine or Anthony Mason. Both had a neck high dribble.

  • WizFan301

    mumadone….i watched that twice hahaha

  • Oscarisalakerfan

    Me n my friend always laugh at Antoine Walker….
    He was a beast down low with that girth and quickness of his… too bad he wanted to be a perimeter player and that was his ultimate downfall…
    jeff Van Gundy said on one of the podcast from Bill Simmons that no one could guard down low on his team… They thanked him everytime he shot a three…

  • karizmatic

    Man Walker was nice, but he was a purely finesse player. He was a point forward when they were just coming in vogue. And yeah when his legs went and he no longer had the speed to do some of the things he was doing in these highlights he became a one dimensional player. It’s a shame, he had an all around game, had he dedicated himself to polishing his nice post game he might have added a few years to his career.

  • mumadone

    i remember seeing that gaem, i think he had like 50. The sickest thing is that he shot fakes with hand he doesn’t have the ball in, i think that is what really trew juwan of.

  • mumadone

    threw that is

  • mumadone

    that was an and 1 by the way

  • srb

    couldn’t really tell with the video quality.. but was that dino radja throwing down the oop with one hand?

  • Big Island

    His game was ugly, top to bottom. I loved it. Ugly jumper, ugly run, but he could kill dudes. I used to pick him up in the fantasy leagues all the time when they didn’t total up to’s, fg% etc…

  • wronmg

    Walker was never a joke and second you stole this headline from a guy on youtube who created a montage like thing and used the very headline. Now give the guy credit for the headline YOU STOLE.

    Walker is one of the most appreciated players of all time. He’s only a College champ, nba champ and all star and has never been given any credit for any part he has ever contributed to a team including the NBA title.

    I thought Dime was areal magazine. You’re a tabloid

  • wronmg

    That should say under appreciated players of all time

  • mike

    Raps should sign ‘Toine to the veteran minimum as a backup for Bosh!!!

  • joshlee9

    yo everyone gotta go on toine’s wikipedia page and check out the freaky ass picture thats up there. he looks like a suspicious martian.

  • mumadone

    i think that’s travis knight throwing down the oop……i watch waaaay to much ball

  • Michorizo

    Should have spent more time in the post that on the arc

  • http://www.dimemag.com Jeff Chen

    crazy stat…he is only 32…wouldn’t you figure he was older then that by now?

  • the cynic

    That was definitely Travis Knight, his one career highlight. Well that and the fat cash he stole from the celtics

  • Ian

    he was a good player the prob was he wanted to be a guard and took 15 threes per game. i think that alley oop pass in the vid was a missed three.

  • Sacto_J

    If ‘Toine would have worked on his game half as much as he flapped his damn gums he would have been better than Jordan. Someone compared him to T-Mac, I say T-Mac 64, half the game, twice the attitude and none of the substance. Glad I don’t have to watch his ugly ass game anymore.

  • http://www.niketalk.yuku.com/forums/8 NTstateOFmind

    i honestly believe had antoine never done that shimmy he wouldnt be as ridiculed as he is today

  • http://www.niketalk.yuku.com/forums/8 NTstateOFmind

    Question: “Why do you shoot so many Threes?”
    Antoine Walker: “Because there are no Fours.”

  • beanz

    ron mercer sightings lol

    peep how ‘toine got mark jackson on that p squared poster at the garden lol

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    That Celts team with Toine and Pierce was tight when they had Rick Patino and Kenny Anderson.

  • doc

    He was above average/all star caliber in his day.

  • king

    was a huge fan of toine..

    my favorite Walker moment was during the playoffs during the 3rd quarter intermission of the huge comeback vs Jersey in 2002. I was there

    The reason why Paul pierce came out on that rampage in the 4th was in part because Ant did everything but smack PP in the head while they was on the bench. He got in his ear and basically told him and the team that they weren’t losing and for Pierce especially to start dominating.

    he may have been a dickhead some times but the kid always had heart and was a vocal leader on the team.

  • http://www.CalmYoSelf.com Kermit The Washington

    ‘Toine is one of the fastest aging players ever. Dude was a crafty veteran as soon as he came into the league. By the time he actually WAS a veteran, he was straight ELDERLY.

  • sh!tfaced

    the shimmy was a pretty good player, if he wasn’t too busy jacking up too many threes.

    i also see some of his influence in al jefferson’s game, that multiple release point jump hook that big al uses came from ant walk.

  • Sacto_J

    ‘Toine is a crap jacker. His game was only worth a turd (a crusty one at that,) when he would get hot. He was locker room poison and thought he was way better than he actually was. “He got on PP to play better.” What did he do on the floor? Stand around the 3 line and wait for an outlet. He had sieve-like defense, and wouldn’t bang down low after he turned 30…Turd, hot and steamy!

  • deeds

    this looks good on him…i hope they throw his selfish ass in jail and we never hear from him again

  • siree

    toines my favorite celtic of all time. dude was so smooth, and dont forget when he fired up the team for the 20+ point comeback on the nets in the playoffs. plus he killed iverson with a backwards thru the legs dribble/runner in like 01.

  • ?

    anybody who comments negatively mr.walker is a hater no way you can tell me he wasnt gettin busy in his best years dude was a beast i do wish he wouldve took less three pointers but overall he was the truth he had a handle a jumper post moves and the shimmy shake HATERS

  • MSkittle

    Wow, Chauncey with hair.

  • Colton

    haha. it seems like a lot of this stuff is him passing the ball to people who do cool shit. but i do miss old ‘toine. he was pretty solid.

  • paulb

    The thing that impressed me most about Antoine in his Celtic years — other than how good he was at that crazy high-post, 3-point gunning, point forward role that Jim O’Brien had him play, came in Paul Pierce’s rookie year. Remember, that was Antoine Walker’s team, the closest thing Boston had had to a superstar for a long time, but about halfway through that year, Antoine suddenly announced that Paul Pierce was the star, Paul Pierce was going to lead them to the promised land, and he Antoine Walker would be happy to carry his bags. How many other NBA stars (“super” or not) have ever had the self-awareness and selflessness it took for him to make that move?

  • Mike D.

    My all time favorite Antoine Walker moment was in maybe 2001 or 2002 when they made a huge comeback against the Lakers in LA. They were down 10-16 all game and went on a huge run. Walker wins it with the bank shot 3!!


  • http://www.random-ish.com Scoob

    Smart ball player who’s ego got in the way…

  • NotaBangwaonCelticFan

    Antoine’s ego never got in his way. I doubt half of you ever even watched him play. He is more of a true Celtic then Paul Pierce could ever be. Walker knew what it meant to be a Celtic and he might not have won a title in Boston but no one tried harder and gave the effort Walker gave. Nobody left it on the floor like he did and that includes Pierce

    he was never a joke.