NBA, Video / Jul 14, 2009 / 11:24 am

Blake Griffin’s Summer League Debut

You read about his 27-point, 12-board performance. Sure he’s dominating the same competition as last year at OU, but notice that he’s doing it from different spots on the floor. Instead of simply overpowering everyone on the block, Blake shows some handle and works beautifully facing the basket.

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  • markofresh


    Dudes a beast..ROY

  • JC

    Ummm, yeah wtf was that between the legs behind the back tap combo at 0:19?? It looked like he did that on purpose, and had done it thousands of times in the past. I knew he was monstrous, but for real? Out there lookin like interior-oriented Hedo Lite!

  • Sweet English

    Some finesssssssssee right there.

    Me like.

  • Sweet English

    Oh man when he took those steps at 1:32 i thought he was gonna crank it back and bang that one. Dissapointed!