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Boozer-for-Tyrus in 3-team trade; Marbury and A.I. still jobless

Tyrus Thomas (photo. Chicago Tribune)

Tyrus Thomas (photo. Chicago Tribune)

Beyond the growing reality that Carlos Boozer is turning himself into a Ted DiBiase-style villain — he might as well put Delonte West in the Million Dollar Dream and hire Kosta Koufos to be his Virgil every time he plays in Cleveland — the trade being discussed (last time we checked) that would send Boozer to the Bulls has bigger implications: All three teams involved would get better because of it. The rumored deal would give Chicago that low-post scorer (Boozer) they’ve been missing ever since Elton Brand left town; Portland would get an upgrade at PG in Kirk Hinrich; and Utah would get an athletic PF in Tyrus Thomas who can finish what Deron Williams starts, defend the rim, and run with Jerry Sloan‘s fast lineup. And more importantly, gives Utah room to re-sign Paul Millsap as the starting four. More players would have to be involved for money purposes, and the deal is still in the negotiation phase, but if it happens, it’s a win-win-win. The only loser is Tyrus’ social life … If the three-way trade doesn’t happen, the Blazers reportedly plan to make a bid for Ray Felton, who’s a restricted free agent. Michael Jordan has said he doesn’t see Felton going anywhere, but Portland has enough money to outbid the cash-strapped Bobcats … We know, don’t ever read too much into summer league stats, but it’s hard to look at the Pacers’ undefeated summer squad and not assume their big-league team will have a decent frontline next season. Tyler Hansbrough and Roy Hibbert are routinely slapping up 20-point games in the Orlando Summer Pro League, and when you bring Troy “Commander BONG” Murphy and Jeff “White Varejao” Foster into the mix come the regular season, Danny Granger will only have to worry about getting buckets while those guys handle the dirty work. Hansbrough (22 pts) and Hibbert (28 pts, 9 rebs) led Indiana to a win over Boston yesterday, while Chris Lofton (21 pts) hit six threes for the Celts … Meanwhile, the Nets/Sixers combined squad is winless in Orlando, and in three of their four games have failed to crack 70 points. Russell Westbrook gave Philly/Jersey 19 points and nine assists yesterday, while B.J. Mullens scored 18. Today is the last day of the Orlando league, and the first day of the Vegas league, where there are more teams, some of the games are on TV, and more veteran NBA stars drop by the gym randomly on their way to the casino … Allen Iverson and Stephon Marbury are still looking for work. It looks like Memphis or Miami will land A.I., but Steph might be cashing his checks in euros next season. We’re not worried about Iverson yet, but we want to see him land in a good situation. If he still doesn’t have a team in a couple of weeks, this could turn into one of those bizarre Barry Bonds situations where you’ve got a Hall of Fame talent who can still play waiting by the phone and nobody wants any part of him … Meanwhile, D-Wade wants the Heat to nab Iverson. Or just somebody. But as you know, Pat Riley is playing a dangerous game of chicken, trying not to improve the roster unless Wade signs an extension. “Coach Riley opened up the wound when he said, ‘Until Dwyane signs back, we can’t do anything,'” Wade told the Miami Herald. “But me and Pat Riley are not against each other. We both want the same thing. We’re just in two different positions.” This could end badly if you’re a Heat fan, not so badly if you’re going for the Knicks … Jordan Crawford must be loving this 15 minutes of fame (we hear there’s a VH1 reality show in the works for him), but you know Courtney Lee is sitting somewhere wondering where’s his shine. He dunked on LeBron twice in front of a national TV audience during the playoffs, and it’s already been forgotten. So do you see where it would have been in LeBron’s best interest to just let the Crawford tape do what it was gonna do? … Dime’s Aron Phillips is at L.A. this week hoping to bump into Rosie Perez, and last night sent us this: “Driving back from the courts at Venice Beach to the hotel, who do I see but Lamar Odom crossing the street. Clearly free agency isn’t on his mind.” … We’re out like Starbury …

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  • yw

    1st. AI and Wade in Miami would be sick, much better than AI and OJ

  • mumadone

    He seemingly goes by Byron Mullens these days.

  • Josh Tha roc

    Doesn’t seem that long ago when AI and steph were leading the east comeback win at the all star game. How things have changed.

  • Atom

    I don’t get it. Why does crossing the street in Venice mean free agency isn’t on LO’s mind?

  • alf (from melmak)

    Tyrus Thomas would have the serenity of nature that Utah offers. Whatever that is worth.

    If the trade pushes through, you may see an all-star in Thomas over the next two years. Sloan will make sure of that.

    My meal allowance though admires however how the Blazers work the market. They are so shrewd.

  • len

    “…Danny Granger will only have to worry about getting buckets…”

    as if that was his game…



    Do a fan Alias list. I will start!

    1. Anderson Vagina.
    2. Anthony BettleJuice Johnson.
    3. Jason Wife-Beater Kidd.
    4. Lamar Bipolar Odom.
    5. LeBronze, LeBrick, LeSoreLoser,

  • Ashlov
  • BxBaller

    Damn, two of my favorite players (AI & Starbury) can’t find teams to play for. That’s just sad.

  • knock knock

    All star in Thomas?? you must be kidding. How many years has ty ty been in the league now, and he’s still no where near consistent. He’s barely even an average player. I remember the draft and thinking that rudy gay and tyrus thomas seemed a lot alike. Cept Rudy started to improve and tyrus can barely keep his starting job on a pathetic 8th seed east coast team.

    – I doubt that Utah fans would jump for joy to land this bust of a pick.


    Tyrus Thomas is beginning to be like Tim Thomas, got the skills but does not have the will or heart. Bring it every-night.

    All these coaches and GM talking about playing hard, correction playing hard should be a given. Imagine if Tyrus Thomas had Psycho T determination and work ethic. He will be a monster!

  • AG

    Odom was out getting his gummy bear fix on. He wants 10 million a season because he just made plans to build his own Willy Wonka style mansion.

  • fiyaman

    @8.. he only said that because he’s still on the Heat…wait til next hear Knicks getting Bron and Bosh or Wade and Bosh… I’d rather wade and bosh IMO

  • the_don_mega

    Courtney Lee should get his own show too… i think bron’s ego has gotten worse over the years… he’s all about image and persona… cat got all the tools to be the best… he just have to come back down to earth and put his heart into the game even more…

  • That’s whats up

    I thought Varegina was white…

    LO must have been making a candy run.
    No doubt he stayed in the lane for over three seconds

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    I don’t care how better you say my Bulls will be I don’t want Boozer. If it happens it might be the first time I would cheer for Chicagos dowfall. I’m still sick from the Deng contract.. I’d rather run with the squad we have. With or without Boozer, it’s not like the Bulls are going to be a contender to win in the loaded East.

  • JA

    TT and AK on the same floor together would be an interesting defensive pairing.

  • dk

    What if, what if, what if… Dont you fucks get sick of saying that shit?. What if Bron shoots like Kobe, what if Dirk could hit a game winner, what if Ty T played every night. Its not gonna fucking

  • Control

    Valgina is white, he’s just really tanned because he hangs around gay tanning salons and books stores flopping his cock into glory holes all day.

  • dk

    happen. You either got it or yoi dont. If youve been in the L for years nothings gonna change, nada, finito, it is what it is. If Ty T had double his IQ then you would have an all star.

  • dk

    but he dont and he wont. You should see him decipher ink blots or fit shaped blocks in their respective holes, its like listening to Ron Ron discuss physics. Hey, Ty’ s websites nice though….



    thank you, BOOZER is horrible, and id rather run with whom we have also.

  • Sweet English

    ‘Damn, two of my favorite players (AI & Starbury) can’t find teams to play for. That’s just sad.’

    This sentence stopped making any sense about 4 years ago.

    Here’s a thought, it’s obvious that Lebrons reaction has been counterproductive to his attempts to squash the story. Like you say, a highlight is a highlight and watching lebron get dunked on would have been worth a couple of posts. But because of LBJ’s reaction, it’s all everyone is talking about. Remeber last summer at Venice beach when Lebron got beat by that Joe at H-O-R-S-E?? No, no one does, because everyone just watched it, laughed a bit, then forgot about it. It wasn’t a big deal.

    Courtney Lee isn’t getting mentioned because it’s not the dunk anyone is bothered about. Anyone who tries to block shots is gonna get put on a screen saver every now and then. It’s his reaction that is getting all the attention.

  • dk

    @ Bxballa

    lmao, your favorite players….

    I bet no one fucking picks you first for a pick up game. I can only imagine your career FG%. How many times have you heard from a teamate “I was wide open”

  • http://www.f-the-refs.net Chicagorilla

    Fuck booger boozer. He’s a peice of shit. he fucked over a blind man for crying out loud! And anyone who thinks tyrus thomas doesn’t hustle is out of their mind. Most of you probably don’t watch basketball enough to be making the comments you make. Calling Boozer a low-post threat is like saying Jay-z can rap a little bit. Boozer scores in the post as much as Dirk Nowitzki. He takes jumpshots from the top of the key and tries to drive to the basket past bigger defenders…sounds a lot like Brand (except Brands jumpshots came from baseline) which means we don’t fucking need him. Sure he avgs 20-10 with Sloan, but Vinny ain’t Sloan, and Derrick ain’t Deron (not yet at least). If he comes to Chicago, I think i will lose it.

  • Sweet English

    dk i just covered Bx’s idiocy son.

  • dk

    Yeah English, while I was posting. But regardless that comment warrants a few responses lmao

    Gorrilla I watch a ton 30 or 40 reg season games and am a wanna be Ty fan. He DOES NOT hustle every night.

  • flegman

    Starbury and AI should transfer to Europe, to the same club, that would be awesome! ^_^

  • QQ

    Allen Iverson can’t find a job?

    Is that surprising?

    A me-first scorer who is in the twilight of his career acting like he is still the shit. Tell me who would want to have such a player on their roster.

    You know what I’ve been thinking? AI’s legacy…

    I grew up watching the guy. I know a thousand more ballers could say that. He was the epitome of joy and heart. A tiny guy wrecking havoc in a game dominated by giants. A thug hero that went gangsta on the greatest player ever (MJ got crossed TWICED; who else could say that shit?), and acts like it’s just part of his job. A tremendous scorer who led a team of nobodies to the Finals, and even scored one win against one of the greatest dynasties in basketball. Iverson is everything a baller wanted. He is THAT.


    The way he acted in the last two years just shook his legacy in a bad way. Now, you say ‘Iverson’, people are gonna say: selfish, heartless gunner, destroys the chemistry, headcase, NOT NEEDED IN MY TEAM. Damn.

    So please AI…


    You showed us you can score, you can lead, you can dominate…

    But now that your past your prime, just fucking accept your role, adjust your game, and show us haters (that was once your fans) that you could win…

    PS: @ dk:

    Shut the fuck up. No one wants to listen to a two faced moron like you.

  • http://www.f-the-refs.net Chicagorilla

    dk, it’s clear you have never watched Tyrus. You have to be a fucking idiot or blind to think that he doesn’t Hustle every night. I’m a Bulls fan obviously, and Tyrus has frustrated me several times because of his shot selection (see the playoffs) and being lost of offense from time to time, but the kid hustles his ass off. He was a defensive FORCE when on the floor with his 2 blks in less than 30min a game, but you wouldn’t know shit like that because you were too busy posting blogs on ilovedadick.com

  • Kudabeen

    I known I’m not going to be the only one paying the $15 for all the summer league Vegas games?

    What sold be is that they have the on demand feature to go back and watch prior games or re-watch games. Done and Done.

    Ibaka is looking more and more like he belongs, Westbrook and Harden look like stars not just in stats, but pace. They are absolutely controlling everything they are dealing with. Even Mullens is looking like a valid backup big. Thunder are making me excited for their future.

    While I put off that Sixers, Miami and others don’t have Summer League teams there are enough teams that do to keep it interesting. I’d like to see more of Jrue, Speights and Christmas against better talent in Vegas…

    Ah well just another “Terrific” decision by the Sixers.

    I’m out like that extra $15 buck in my account…

  • http://www.f-the-refs.net Chicagorilla

    oh yeah, Iverson and Marbudy should retire. Just leave and go away. You are only around for the media to pretend like you were really that good. In reality, your years of trying to lead the NBA in scoring (Iverson)left you with a FG% that resembles Ichiro’s batting avg. Marbury on the other hand tried to emulate Iverson and was arguably the most selfish waste of talent in league history. The Canswer and Starbury (although i like his shoe idea) should just leave.

    PS. for all the points Iverson scored, I’d bet the oppoinsing 2guard got him just as bad. That game he (shook MJ TWICE) he lost by like 30pts. way to go.

  • danny

    Lmao at tha comment above. Iverson was never a superstar or even a great player, but paid like one. Shooting 30 shots a game at around 40%!??? If his coach had any kind of a brain, he would of sat him on the bench unless he could figure out how to WIN A F*****ing game. Pass THE BALL TO SOMEONE WHO CAN SHOOT THE BALL IN THE BASKET without taking 3 shots to get two points.

    He may have been extremely quick with streetball handles, but his lack of defense and lack of passing overcame all of those. All those years in the Weak East, he should have been in the playoffs every year even with scrubs on his teams.

  • Chitown 23/33

    Yeah I’d have to say walk away from Boozer because he never plays….ever. Although this is usually the time of year that I talk myself in to believing that Tyrus hard work over the summer is gonna help him make that leap. But if the Bulls are serious about becoming a more defensive oriented team how does trading away your best on the ball defender and one of the most talented shot blockers in the league help with that goal. Especially trading for a one dimesional player. He is the Ben Gordon of power forwards. Booze hasn’t stopped anybody. And if you don’t get it under Sloan you definitely won’t do it under VDN.

  • dk

    Chicago go fuck yourself and stick to playing video games. Obviously you wanna eat his fucking dick if you think he hustkes every night. I guess him not running to get back or full speed on a break

  • dk

    using his length and strength to post up or body out… I guess the same shit every, EVERY, coach hes ever had bitched about just dont exist. Your a fucking idiot, get off his dick and wake up.

  • dk

    And if you knew fucking anything about basketball or were a real fan with some sense, you would know Boozer would be one hell of an uprade and makes your team a monster… I hope it dont happen.

  • Lexi

    why’s the title to this post written in such a way that misleads you to believe the tyrus for boozer trade has already gone down. c’mon dime, responsible journalism. this is just like ya’lls tweet about rubio to the knicks was confirmed..

  • Chitown 23/33

    Maybe all this Boozer talk is for nothing at least according to the Bulls


  • D3W

    Never a superstar or a great player? Iverson single handedly led a decent 76ers team to the NBA finals. He is probably one of the top 50 players ever to play the game. Just because he plays a style of basketball that is doesn’t fit in with the way people traditionally player or with every system, doesn’t make him a bad basketball player. The guy isn’t even 6 foot tall and he was averaging 30 points a game. He was a pretty decent defender for his size too. Give credit where credit is due.

  • dk

    @ qq Stick to sucking your boyfriends dick, its what you do best. 9 times out of ten ur opinion is in left field, I guess thats why you support gay marriage homo. QQ if that aint a fag name IDK wht is

  • QQ

    Fuck all these fake ass ballers saying AI was never a superstar. Fuck all of you pretenders, go back to lacrosse or whatever your weak ass shit is.

    Imma hating on AI now. But you just CANNOT FUCKING DENY what he was in his prime. Even if I hate how is turned into a selfish bitch right now, you just can’t overlook what he did to the game. You just can’t. Unless you’re a 12 year old who searched ‘NBA dunks’ in youtube.

    Get real. I hate AI now. But ‘never a superstar’? Damn. Fake ass fans like you is the reason the game is tainted right now.

    @ dk:

    Shut the fuck up.

  • karizmatic

    I think Boozer to the Bulls is a good look, it finally gives them a guy who can put up 20 and 10 and I think he would really fit with the talent there. Tyrus would have to come off the bench for Utah, but he could provide a spark doing that even if he doesn’t improve at all. I’ve always liked Hinrich and I think he has basically worn out his welcome in Chicago, but could do very well teaming up with Roy and company.

    As far as summer league is concerned I don’t have any faith in Hibbert or Hansbrough’s numbers. Let’s wait until the season starts and see if they do anything close to that. I like Westbrook’s numbers though, if he really focuses on running a team he could be very nice for OKC with Durant and Green.

    I’ve been saying the last couple of days I actually think Marbury might be a better fit on Miami than AI, but I would like to see both of them end up on contenders. People can hate on AI all they want but the dude is one of the most talented players ever to play period. I’d like to see him come off the bench and accept that, but since we know he won’t. Miami or maybe even Dallas would have been a good place for him, he needs to team up with someone who has a big guard capable of playing the one. But yeah it looks like both of those guys are going to be frozen out of the league or at best AI ends up on Memphis.

  • dk


    @ Gorrilla ( I guarantee you fucking live off the dollar menu at McD’s )

    All, All his coaches have no idea wht their talking about and Ty is the epitome of hustle. At least I give an

  • QQ

    @ dk:

    You just don’t have any credibility right now, dickface. You lost all of it when you burned Ariza for doing what any other player would do. Oh did you forget, he was on your team that won the chip, that led to you wrecking havoc in these forums, talking shit like a retarded chimpanzee.

    Just shut the fuck up. People can’t tolerate you, but you had one thing going: You stayed with your team. Then the Ariza comments happened. And to think, you were ripping people for the same thing you fucking did.

    Stop raping these forums, you pathetic fucktard. Just leave and go back to the zoo.

  • dk

    honest opinion of a player whether i like him or not. Ive had Ty on both my dynasty leagues for three years and I know every fucking game hes ever had. Look at thw numbers and explain how with that

  • dk

    with that athletiscm he canf string together just a little consistency. Ill post evry fucking game if your to stupid to analize the numbers. Why, lack of nightly hustle and no IQ, there fore he may

  • dk

    never evolve just like all the rest of the superstars that can jump high coming out…. Of course what do I know of what does any of the coaches know. You dominate a video game so you know best…

  • dk

    @ qq Ill rape your moms bro! STFU and stay out my bussiness. I liked Ariza but he jumpec ship, of course im gonna be pissed. I nevef said he sucked. I never took his game away. I said he was a

  • dk

    a roleplayer. THAT WILL REGRET THE DECISION HE MADE. Im right and you will see as usual. I bet youd love smily ass DHo if he trashed O town and left. Fuck off pound some EJ and come out the closet

  • dk

    again all over ge Dime forum and blame an impostef. Your not even real to yourself you fucking charachter. Embrace being gay pussy. I admit liking fucking your mothers. Im not scared. Embrace the trth

  • QQ

    Just go back to the fucking zoo. Honestly. We are already short on lab monkeys. Stop bashing the keyboard and go back to your cage.

  • dk

    As for AI, like I said great fucking warrior, great player. Shity teammate , for sure. Respectful person, hell no. Coachable, impossible. Top 50 all time, IDK show me your list and its maybe….

  • http://dimemag.com Big Freeze

    Ha ha, a lot of hate spewing on Smack this morning. Keep it up you faggets, it’s hilarious.

  • Kudabeen


    What exactly did Iverson do the last two years that killed his legacy that was worst than what he was doing prior to 2000-2001 season??

    I remember him blowing off practice November or some Holiday to be with his family, while all other Piston’s attended…what else really?

    Just curious of all the charges? It is funny that win Lakers were a joke Mitch Kupchack was being murdered for his incompetence…Win Cavs lose against better teams Danny Ferry and Mike Brown gets murdered…Suns bottom out Kerr is an idiot and D’Antoni is a suspect coach. Dallas get smacked around Avery Johnson and Donnie Nelson are simpletons…Sacromento miss playoffs Rich Adleman all of a sudden can’t coach…Orlando suffers injuries and bottom out and former coach of the year Doc Rivers can’t coach, but now he can…Detroit lose and it is everyone elses fault Flip is a Simp…On and On!

    But Iverson…Really people be honest…He is the ONLY player being made responsible for entire franchises failure to manage personnel and adopt winning strategies to win. WHAT winning move did Detroit make last year? WHAT winning adjustment did Denver make win Iverson and crew lost to the eventual Champions in the first rounds of 07 and 08? WHAT Detroit player really balled their ass of this year NOT named Will Bynum?

    Get real. One player doesn’t have that much power. Michael Jordan was ran out Chicago…remember? Shaq…Mr. Dominant best Big in the game and all that was sent packing twice now…No real Franchise will allow one player to run the franchise, so to place all this blame on one guy is lame.

    We talk about the guy like he is Jacque Vaughn…”He Iverson turn your talent down and ride the bench behind guys are still haven’t proved they belong in the league”…”Hey Iverson yeah you limited your shot attempts and passed the ball more than ever to guys that weren’t confident or competent enough to capitilize on good looks, but you have to not do what the team needs in being aggressive, because losing without passion is more acceptable than winning in submission”…WTF!?!?

    Listen to the criticism and understand what you are asking of and to whom your asking…

    This is Allen Iverson! Yeah hate him for his persistent stubborn attitude, but really, without it would we have ever had an opportunity to amazed at him to the degree we are or once were if he didn’t have the mindset to do what he feels is best, while always stepping up and saying I was wrong here, but look I’m not just doing things for no reason…

    I know I be on this site like I’m his father, lawyer or agent, but really. This is Basketball people. This isn’t Daycare or Habitat for Humanity. In a league where Ricky Davis is still being paid, where Zach Randolph is still valued to a degree…Eddy Curry still collects pay checks…Accused Rapist and Wife beaters are constantly given a pass…Are we seriously going to ride a guy that has sacrificed much of his game and potential numbers for what was sold as a winning situation, win they really never wanted to help him win?

    Look at the Denver press clippings of George Karl and Dumars…The Front office comments and Teammate comments…Show me where they say we need Iverson to play like non-All-Star to win. We need Iverson to limit his game and turn down his aggression so we can succeed. We need Iverson to be Steve Nash or Jason Kidd, because those player are the GREATEST winners who haven’t one Shit…That’s what we need.

    No They said, we need Iverson to be IVERSON…check it out…They sold him on a winning situation and made no moves to make it happen. Dumars watched from the sideline as the team crumbled, because he realized $$ was coming off the books and all the pieces are going to be shuffled. Denver did upgrade, but what did they do in the absence of MAJOR contributors K-Mart, NeNe, and JR Smith’s common sense to assist Iverson/Melo and crew in beating the best teams in the L? Nothing!

    Let’s just stop talking about him really. He doesn’t deserve praise, because he has fault, but he certainly doesn’t deserve this criticism…If he retires BBall lovers lose out. Teams that claim they are a winning organization lose out.

    The fact is the guy is a playmaker and still has game. He has the capacity to play off the ball with a good solid setup guy, which he did A LOT of with Eric Snow. He comes off those screens and shots well or takes it to the hole. He is capable of making the tough pass and make people better with his aggression and attacking style. He has improved his shot selection. If it was about stats with him and selfish scoring how is he doing that shotting 18-19 shots in Denver and 14-15 shots per game in Detroit? Please explain that to me.

    When Detroit was being Dominated in the Playoffs who was scoring and putting the team on their back??

    84-102, 82-94, 68-79, 78-99

    Those are the scores against the Cavs…Really? Iverson was the entire problem. Detroit didn’t need to adjust that system that didn’t fit? Detroit was right to totally ignore the chemistry Iverson showed with the team when they went on a nice little stretch of wins while both Sheed and RIP were in and out of the line ups? Who Stepped up? RIP averaged 13 and shot 35%…Sheed Averaged 6 and 6 in 30+mpg…Tayshaun averaged LESS THAN 4 points on LESS THAN 26% shooting…Are you kidding me?!?

    Iverson wasn’t even in the arena, but he brought that whole Franchise down? It was his decisions and inability to coach/motivate the group to give effort that lead to all this?

    Get Real…

  • http://dimemag.com Big Freeze

    Hey Dimemag, the title of this Smack is misleading. You guys are making it look like the trade is official. To add to the shotty journalism, there is an obvious usage error. “Russell Westbrook have Philly/Jersey 19 points and nine assists yesterday, while B.J. Mullens scored 18.” Can anyone find anything wrong with that sentence? Who is your editor Dime? You should hire Jurg…


    @dk how many posts are nessesary?
    you just seem angry now lol, not a good look at all, just punch your keyboard and move on with your day, you look like a complete special olympic track star right now. lol

    im starting a new group “americans agaianst angry blogers”

    shits not that serious champ.

  • http://dimemag.com Big Freeze

    Word on the street is that Nike is going to use the now infamous video to make a commercial. Don’t be surprised if Nike turns this around to make a funny commercial about Lebron getting dunked on.

    Oh yeah, AI was the shit, but now he just shits on his teams and coaches. He would be 6th man of the year if he knew what was good for him. If Iverson can’t get a job, he’ll still be ok because he has his rap career to fall back on.

  • dk

    QQ Ill go back to the zoo when you get drunk again on here and come out the closet. I will always love you bro for that rant after the Otown loss. Funniest drunk posts ever. And I drunken post to live

  • http://www.f-the-refs.net Chicagorilla

    DK, I think your post’s pretty much sums up what i was saying about you. You don’t watch games, you probably never played an actual organized game (without the nerf ball). You are looking at Tyrus’s fantasy stats and judging him on that…. haha, whatever you smoking, you’d be rich if you bagged it up and sold it

  • dk

    56 My phone done let me type past a certain charachter amount in Opera. Otherwise it would be one nice factual, all knowing post. I apologize. Deal with it. Ty Thomas the MJ of hustle..

  • QQ

    @ 54:

    Is that whole post for me?

    Cause I was saying AI was a superstar, and telling people that didn’t believe he was to check their fanhood.

    Basically, I was supporting your cause. What the fuck’s with that big post?


    Easy. You might pop a vein with you E-anger there, you fake ass thug.

    But seriously, 95% of the people here are fucking sick of you. FUCKING SICK OF YOU. You just lost credibility. Meaning, you lost your license to act like a maniac and to talk like a barbarian on crack.

    Some advice: Read books, stop eating human meat, take a bath, refurnished your cave, and maybe, JUST MAYBE, civilization will take you in.

  • http://dimemag.com Big Freeze

    Damn everyone is hating on dk, so i’ll join in.

    Yo dk, why don’t you quit posting negative statements about my favorite teams and players. I get offended when you say things about Tyrus Thomas. He really hustles his butt off every night. He’s also a very intelligent player who only takes smart shots. That’s why the Bulls are so eager to keep him around.

  • Mr. BBall

    Man all the chi-town fan’s or maybe chi-town haters are out.


    Tyrus got talent, Defensive Talent! On offence he is improving but he is a highlight film. Would do well on a running team. I would ship him for Boozer.

    Boozer: After reading the comments I am so so on him but I’ll take 20/10 and his bigger body cause the bulls got abused in the post by Big Baby & Perkins. Plus during the regular season there were plenty nights that I just said if we had some bigs.

    I like the trade but in the end its not a big deal one way or the other cause with Boozer bulls fighting for the 6th/7th seed, without boozer bulls fighting the 8th/9th seed. Doesn’t matter come playoff time. This year is all about DROSE. Next summer is when its going to be time to put up or shut up for cheap azz management.

  • http://dimemag.com Big Freeze


    “Meaning, you lost your license to act like a maniac and to talk like a barbarian on crack.

    Some advice: Read books, stop eating human meat, take a bath, refurnished your cave, and maybe, JUST MAYBE, civilization will take you in.”

  • the_don_mega

    QQ is right… give AI his due… gotta respect the cat’s toughness out there after all these years…

  • the_don_mega

    @ Big Freeze – LMFAO!

  • http://dimemag.com Big Freeze

    @ 65

    Really? I have to respect toughness? If that’s the case, then Ben Wallace is the most respectable guy in the league. Dude played on a fractured leg.

  • QQ

    dk, shut the fuck up. I will come to stuart FL and spit on your mother. I’ll whoop yo ass on the court, in the ring, and in any facet of life. You’re a faggot. A snitch. A bitch. I will straight up FUCK you up G.

    FUCK YOU!!!

  • QQ

    @the_don_mega: stay the fuck outta this convo ho. This is between me and DK (DickKisser) lmfao!

  • QQ

    @69 – oops, i meant to say kick you ass!

  • QQ (the reaL)

    @ 68 and 69:

    We all know that it’s you, dk. Come on now. HAHAHAHAHA. Don’t make it THAT obvious. HAHAHAHA.

    You really are dumb as dirt.

  • QQ

    @69-71 – FUCK YOU IMPOSTOR!


  • dk

    @ Gorilla Credibility, explain why the coaches say he dont hustle?

    Games watched, Ive watched more in one season then you have watched in your entire worthless existence. Not count 2k loser.

  • QQ

    @Big Freeze: Please don’t post unless you have something intelligent to say.

  • QQ (the reaL)

    @ 70:

    the_don_mega is supproting me… Why would I tell him ‘stay the fuck outta this convo ho’? Why?

    HAHAHAHA. You big dumbass, dk. So now I know you’re the impostor. HAHAHAHA.

  • dk

    @ qq’s Fans well someones drunk! Here comes the door on the closet, prepare to duck.

    Books? Shall we trade book reports for the past month. And Happy Meal boxes dont count. I just finished

  • QQ

    @69 – FUCK, i meant to say *Fuck* your moms pussy, and *kick* your ass!

    Take that BITCH!

  • QQ

    @dk: I have more friends here than you EVER will. Fucking Loser!

    These are my people! I’m respected here. You’re just an e-gangsta thug wannabe. Get a life. Get some friends like I have! Fucking LOSER.

  • QQ (the reaL)

    Freeze is behind me and spitting poison at you, dk. Why would I tell him ‘@Big Freeze: Please don’t post unless you have something intelligent to say.’?


    HAHAHAHAH. Dk the dumbass. So you’re the impostor. Enjoy while we burn you, fucktard.

  • dk

    Way of the Cell, and The Seven Mysteries of Life. I read a min. of two scientific books for advancement of my superior inteligence and a religious text to advance my superior acknowledgement.

  • dk

    Ill post the fucking 50 pages of notes I took cock lick. What do you study, The Kama Sutra of homofaggot! Your a tool bro. Id crush you on thcourt in the ring and obviously at life…

  • QQ

    fine then, there’s only one way to settle it – a vote.

    All who like QQ better than dk please respond: QQ is better.

    All who like dk better than QQ please respond: dk is better.

    I’m confident I will win. Are you?

  • dk

    Im going to say you won this battle QQ. Telling me you have more friends then me really hurts bro’ and that aint right. Im going to the library right now to get a self help book to meet new people :(

  • dk

    I hope I dont get one vote. These are Dime readers moron, dont you see that lmao. Wow, man, I almost feel like adding you to my prayers…

  • QQ

    well my parents are richer than yours! you’re just an e-thug, e-gangsta wannabe.

  • QQ

    @dk – so you admit, you’re a loser. SEE everyone, even the loser admits that I am more popular on this site!



    And anyone who doesn’t believe the Impostor is real, then FUCK you. I’m not a schitzo freak.

  • the_don_mega

    @ Big Freeze – that’s your opinion man…

  • That’s whats up

    I’ve taken shits more interesting than this little QQ/dk-head spat

    please stop.

    Iverson is done and Ty Thomas is an answer to no one’s problems.
    Can we just leave it at that?

  • QQ

    @That’s whats up – Can you just shut the fuck up?? and we’ll leave it at that?

  • http://dimemag.com Big Freeze

    Did QQ just tell me to not post unless i have something intelligent to say?

    Ok, let me try to make this intelligent. You just posted 30 comments about how you have tons of internet Dimemag friends, licking someone’s ass, and dropping the word “fag” and “homo” in every comment. We all know you like calling everyone else gay. I’m sure it’s not to compensate for your sexual attraction to other males.

    QQ, the only thing intelligent you’ve ever come up with is that lame excuse you gave to the ER doctor last month: “I swear doc, I slipped in the bath tub and somehow the cucumber I was eating got lodged in my asshole.” I heard you recovered from the anal surgery like a champ though. You’re an inspiration to us all!

  • Brah

    QQ, don’t lower yourself to argue with dk… dk, please smoke some stuff and calm down… if y’all wanna fight by internet, we don’t want to see it… if it’s an actual fight, youtube it and post the link… leave moms out of this…

  • Megan Foxx

    dk is the shizzle

  • aj

    Dudes, if you haven’t figured out…

    dk is the QQ imposter…

    that guy is looney…

  • bobby stew

    dimemag.com is officially off-the-chain. I have sensed this tension between dk and QQ building up all week. How about you guys just meet up somewhere and play 1 on 1. Please put the footage on youtube. Like MLK jr. I don’t support violence, especially over dime posts, so make sure there is a nuetral ref at the game.

  • bobby stew

    @BIGFREEZE you are hilarious!!!

    Ok, let me try to make this intelligent. You just posted 30 comments about how you have tons of internet Dimemag friends, licking someone’s ass, and dropping the word “fag” and “homo” in every comment.
    QQ and dk I am not taking sides but BIGF

  • QQ

    @Big Freeze: Once again my attempts to better this board have been misunderstood. I wasn’t trying to insult you by telling you that, it’s just that i’ve read many of your posts before, and today’s, for some reason, are not as intelligent as your posts normally are.

    In regards to the cucumber story – wow man, you must have some serious issues bro. Get a life. I once considered you a good friend, but i’m sorry, i don’t wanna be friends with a loser faggot like you.

    Go 69 dk or something.

  • http://dimemag.com Big Freeze

    Holy shit, I’m in tears from laughing so hard. I don’t know who the fuck is who, but this shit is hilarious.

    Get off my dick though, QQ.

  • dk

    Ill pay for everything and fly to queen, queen to play him one on one, any weekend. If Dime posts it! Ill will fucking love to cram on that fag, no homo.

  • fallinup

    Wow, I just read through 99 posts of pure garbage. Okay, maybe 1-2 actual posts about something.

    I applaud the maturity here. It makes me happy to be on the internet.

  • bobby stew

    Dime you have to let dk and QQ play 1 on 1. DK even said he would pay for all of it! Basketball season is over and it’s the summer. I need a basketball fix. Please Dime get this done.

  • http://dimemag.com Big Freeze

    Wow fallinup, you actually read through everyone of those comments? You’re a mother fucking trooper! Now blow me.

    Lol, I’m just fucking with you. Sometimes it’s fun to go on the internet and be an immature asshole. It’s cathartic son!

  • fallinup

    Yeah, I did. It’s Friday…hence the 100 or so posts of garbage. :D

    Gotta admit, it was getting kinda good their when QQ 2.0 started talking about licking ass.

  • That’s whats up

    at QQ

    See post 92

    …and repeat

  • LakeShow84

    @ DK

    You cant get on TT to tough seeing he is the kind of player who needs a solid PG to play and besides this year Chicago aint never really had one.. Heinrich flashed for one season but then vanished..

    Let him play with Deron in a SOLID system then we can judge.. Chicago been coach hoppin ever since PJ left..

    @ QQ

    You let a lot get to you doo.. please IGNORE the people u dont like and the imposter cuz blog arguing is useless and annoying to some of us.. and DK reminds me more of a super negative cut throat business man than a thug.. dude can rant with the best of us.. thugs usually too weeded out to do that much shit talkin..

  • LakeShow84

    Iverson will lead the Raptors to the playoffs!!

  • dk

    @ aj I would admit that if it was me. That was funny shit. Thing is, it was to real to be fake. Im telling you people it was him drunk after the Orlando loss and im completely serious.

  • dk

    Only fake posts i ever made were today and gay ass dime blocked them.

    1 qq’s mom

    I vote dk, I like the way he feels in me.

    qq’s dad

    I left the fam years ago because i coldnt accept my fag son.

  • dk

    qq’s dad cont…

    I vote dk

    Carmen Elecktra

    I vote dk, he can out hustle Rodman any day, if you know what I mean.

    qq’s boyfriend

    I wish dk was gay!

    Why those were blocked ill never know.

  • QQ (the REAL)

    This is waht I dont understand…

    Whats happening dime?

    Cause I posted about 8 comments with this name (with ‘the REAL’ in the end) about dk being the impostor and using my name to create a fake convo that consisted of nothing but nonsense.

    BUT THOSE POSTS NEVER GOT POSTED. There’s the ‘awaiting moderation comment’, but NOT A SINGLE POST.

    What the fuck? Dk created a fucking mess, created a fucking convo, and yall didnt moderate it.


    And to cats here: Freeze, that’s, etc:

    COME ON NOW. Why yall acting like I talk like that? Why you acknwledge the cat like it’s me? Ive been postin here for some quite now, ITS NOT ME.

    @ aj
    ‘Dudes, if you haven’t figured out…

    dk is the QQ imposter…

    that guy is looney…’



    To cats here: It’s quite simple really. Just dont fucking acknowledge that moron as me. ITS NOT ME!

    @ DIME.

    DAAAAAAAAMN. You gotta do something about this. Honestly. Yall have our email adress right?? DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE POSTERS WHO USE THE OTHER NICKNAMES AND DESTROY DIME! Honestly…

    Yall have a database right? You gotta do somthing about this guys, before it gets off the hook.

  • dk

    @ qq Hey you ignorant dumb fag, you started it, as usual and you got pwnd, as usual. People like you about as much as they like me moron. Your your own imposter you lying faggot and dime knows…

  • QQ (the REAL)

    Ok I am gonna be serious with you dk…

    I am not my impostor.


    I do not know why someone would do that. I just dont know.

    @ Dime:

    Please… Do something about this.

  • dk

    Wow QQ

    I didnt realize those werent all your posts. I just went back and looked at them. That is some hilarious shit. Im at work and didnt catch. I wanna meet that guy, hes gold!

  • dk

    So im off and rereading this hilarious shit. The imposter owns lmao!!! qq idk if im arguing with you or some other guy. now im not sure if your even gay!

  • QQ (the REAL)

    its not me…. dammit.

  • QQ (the REAL)

    Juts to be really frank dk:

    We all know its you.

    Why do it, man?


  • dk

    Like I said I didnt. What can I say. Look at how its written. Im on my phone. I dont write like that bro.

  • QQ (the REAL)



    Seriously now.

    Do something about this shit.

  • dk

    Everyone can tell which ones are you bro relax…

  • dk

    Funniest comment of the day.

    My parents are richer than yours.

    I picture qq sitting on his brand new alienware pc casting a blue glow on his room, feverishly typing, screaming at his moms,

  • dk

    while shes picking up his dirty underwear and nut rag. Mom!!! leave me alone im battling the legendary dk, just get my new mj’s!!!!

  • http://dimemag.com Big Freeze

    Omfg, I was seriously chocking from laughing so hard at that nut rag comment.

  • QQ (the REAL)

    ‘Everyone can tell which ones are you bro relax…’

    Not everyone.

    Honestly, it irks me that some of these cats cant even see that some of it are written by a troll. That fucking annoys me. It’s obvious as hell. WHY THE HELL CANT YOU CATS FUCKING SEE IT?

  • Mr. BBall

    I don’t think dime cares so stop calling dime to do something about posters or setting up a one on one, man dime is not doing that. Set up a one on one yourself get a cheap camera. Up it on Utube.

  • DK

    thats it, i had to capslock my name just to show you guys that the fun and games are over and IM NOT FUCKING AROUND ANYMORE. i will bite peices of QQ’s dick off so that he pisses in 7 different directions, further more i am tired of all you fags that are hating on my super fruitylishious swagg, my basketball I.Q will down in the anals of history, as i true basketball genius. google me if you dont understand who you are fucking with.

  • Ekstore

    @QQ… it’s at least obvious to me which one is you… if the post resorts to low personal insults , it’s not you… and if it’s more based on basketball analysis, then it is you.

    @DK… you give us Laker fans a bad name my man.

    It’s just basketball everyone… can’t we all just get along?

  • Kudabeen


    My post wasn’t all for you. I see that you give him credit, but I still don’t get specific about what exactly AI has done that destroyed teams. People like to just toss names around, but without any events, so it all turns out to be hearsay and prejudice.

    I can call Iverson an ass for blowing of mandatory practices, but also recognize on an off day that is a holiday maybe that is a practice that shouldn’t be made. Ultimately Iverson is liable for his decisions, so I’d rather call a man out on specific failures.

    I’m good either way. I really have to cut my post down and make them more focused for articles or my own blog/podcast.

    I apologize for the length, but I mean what I write.

    I’m chillin’

  • Kudabeen

    Patty Mills broke his foot before he can prove he shouldn’t be shipped over seas…literally a tough break for the rookie.

  • dk


    fuck off cock. you dont know shit about what i give. im defending myself after being attacked. stay the fuck out of it loser. you gay like qq?

  • http://astrokidz.blogspot.com T.J.

    Al Harrington and Nick Young slammed on LeBron and got no shine. Nick ain’t even get any mention on ESPN or nuthin.

  • Mack Brownee

    lebron + madonna personality + ledonna

  • Mack Brownee

    my bad: lebron + madonna personality = ledonna

  • !!!??!?!?!!

    Iverson was the scapegoat in Detroit. He hasn’t slowed down, he tried to change his game and too bad no one else did on that team!

    And as for Denver, I will say it again, they lost to Lakers 2 years in a row!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With and without AI they lost to the Lakers, luckily for the AI haters they faced LA in finals not Rd 1…!!!

    I can’t wait for AI to shut all the haters and doubters up next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • QQ

    @dk – FUCK YOU!!!! You’re the Impostor!!! AND I’M GLAD PEOPLE REALIZE IT!!!

  • http://www.solefans.com Nemo

    Suck the deal.www.solefans.com

  • mess

    Booze just confirmed that he asked to be traded: