Smack / Jul 6, 2009 / 4:22 am

Boston fills its need for ‘Sheed; it’s safe to watch the WNBA again

Rasheed Wallace

Rasheed Wallace

Don’t forget about the Celtics now. In the offseason arms race that’s seen the Magic get Vince, the Lakers get Artest, the Cavs get Shaq, and the Spurs getting Richard Jefferson, the Celtics made their big move by reaching an agreement with free agent Rasheed Wallace yesterday. ‘Sheed was Boston’s #1 target from the get-go: Danny Ainge risked life and limb skulking around Wallace’s house in the middle of the night; KG, Pierce, Ray and Doc Rivers dropped by to make a pitch; and the C’s appeared willing to let Big Baby Davis walk if it helped land the older, more accomplished PF in ‘Sheed. The deal is reportedly worth about $11.6 million over two years … Remember, Boston would have been right there in this year’s championship picture if KG hadn’t been hurt, and while they’re a year older next season, they’re not ancient yet. Rajon Rondo is a star now, and ‘Sheed gives them another dangerous weapon even if he’s not a go-to guy anymore. But is he gonna be the inside/outside threat emotional sparkplug version of ‘Sheed, or the fat gimpy who-gives-a-f*** distraction version? … Something else to consider: Boston’s over-the-top swagger meter is in danger of exploding from Day One. Garnett, ‘Sheed, Kendrick Perkins, Pierce, Rondo smacking people in the face, Eddie House‘s general demeanor; this could be the most insufferable team EVER put together. They might as well hire Christian Laettner as the strength and conditioning coach, and trade Bill Walker for Sasha Vujacic … Don’t get too happy, though, C’s fans. The Spurs saw your Rasheed Wallace deal, and rasied you a Marcus Haislip. You remember Haislip: the ex-Tennessee star was a Lottery pick by the Bucks during the Ray/Big Dog/Cassell era who never panned out. Now the Lakers are reportedly interested in Jerome Moiso, and Cleveland is trying to track down Lester EarlHedo Turkoglu‘s agent told the Toronto Globe & Mail that one of the big factors in swinging Hedo toward Toronto was the city’s good-sized Turkish population. “At the end of the day, Hedo simply decided that Toronto was a better fit for him and his family,” Lon Babby said. “He wants to remain in the East and Toronto is, of course, a uniquely cosmopolitan and international community and it suits him and his family best. The community level was just best in Toronto.” … Of course the money didn’t hurt: “Toronto’s offer was better [financially] than Portland’s was,” Babby said, “but that wasn’t the driver here.” Do you like the Raptors to make the playoffs next year with the additions of Turkoglu and DeMar DeRozan? … E-mail from Dime’s Austin Burton: “I was at the Mexican restaurant down the street from my place, and in the bar they were showing the Spanish-speaking version of the ESPY’s on Univision. The ‘Basketball Player of the Year’ nominees were Calderon, ‘Melo, Manu, Pau Gasol and Scola. Gasol won, and when he went up on stage you saw girls in the crowd acting like he was a Jonas Brother. I’d tell you what he said in his speech, but 1 year of Spanish in middle school, 2 years in high school and 1 year in college did NOTHING for me.” … Fellas, it’s OK to admit you watch the WNBA again: Candace Parker is back. Making her season debut after missing time due to childbirth, Candace put up six points and four boards in 20 minutes off the bench in the Farmer’s Insurance Sparks’ loss to the Lifelock Mercury. The Sparks waived Shelden WilliamsJuwanna Mann alter ego to make room for Candace on the roster … We’re out like Laettner …

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  • AB_40

    pau gasol is the biggest pimp in spain haha. if you ever see him in barcelona or madrid het got girls there.

    in three years I hope to play in spain haha.

    Lester Earl? I know every draft name since 2003 and well he’s gotta be old then.

  • yw

    1st. sheed is over the top.

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    sheed,sasha,kg,perk and eddie house.

    most hated team in america(except in boston)by all star break.by any standards.

  • M

    The NBA, where technical fouls happens.

  • Phileus

    Hasn’t Haislip been an absolute monster in Europe? I wonder if he’ll be a decent player in the real pros.

  • http://manilatonight.com solomon (el latino machismo)

    “Danny Ainge risked life and limb skulking around Wallace’s house in the middle of the night” ROFLMFAO!!!

    the most outspoken team, ever = boston… damn, damn, damn… someone call out gary payton from retirement, and sam cassell, too…

    and haislip has been, uhm, was he was supposed to be in the NBA, except he’s doing it elsewhere… good pick-up by the spurs – and the admission that they need big men who’s got athelticism (which, since when did they have one?) – though i hope he sticks…


  • Joshua

    it’s gonna be a whole lotta techs next year :P


  • Pooh

    Fuck, with current lineup all the Celts need to do now is give Mad Max a run (and you know he’d take it) and the record books for most Ts in a season will be wrapped up by all star break.

  • fLaVa

    3.5 over/under on the number of times KG and Sheed gets in a fight during practice this yr….

    Make your bets.. lol

  • dk

    Fun Fact

    Boston, prior to the 07-08 Championship win, won it all last in 1985, thats 25 years ago Boston won a championship before they pieced together the oldest wobbly streetball team ever.

  • heavy d

    I liked the Shelden Williams Juwanna Mann comment, but let’s be real he wouldn’t have made the Farmer’s Insurance team even as a placeholder. It may just be the WNBA but you still have to be able to catch the ball. He’ll have plenty of time to be a full-time Mr. Mom this NBA season.

  • dk

    Thats 1 for 25 or Boston has a 4% chance of winning every century. Reminds me of a certain Boston stars playoff fg%. Its funny that when organized crime gets cleaned so do Boston wins. RIP Red burn in

  • sh!tfaced

    ugh. damn right celtics are gonna be borderline unbearable. if big baby stays, what are the odds of seeing him cry again this season?

  • shake&bake

    I didn’t know the WNBA was still around. . .and now you’re telling me that people actually watch it?

  • alf (from melmak)

    Fellas, just remember it was Larry Bird who invented thrash talking. The team is just following tradition by adding of Sheed.

    Dang. I still wish Sheed ended in a Jazz uni this season.

    Anyway, my meal allowance for tomorrow says Gasol looked better when he had shorter hair and had no beard. Could someone please post the then and now look of Pau for fun?

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    the lester earl joke is hilarious…



    watch kobe make a guy duck for safety in 95…

  • dk

    @15 No, no and no. There was a reason your show was cancelled.

  • Kudabeen

    Funny I was just looking at a old highlight on Marcus Haislip on yougotdunkedon.com…lol

    Balk at the Spurs pick up if you want, but Haislip will be their best back up Big man this season if they hang on to him. Before he was a freak athlete, but overseas coaches actually did what people fail to do in the NBA in helping him develop skills on top of raw ability.


    For some reason they ended the clip with dude fighting and acting out…wth?

  • JT$

    “remember it was Larry Bird who invented thrash talking”
    you’re a moron.

    And no, it’s not okay to admit you watch the WNBA, or okay to watch it in the first place. Stop trying to make everyone happy, DIME, and just keep it real.

  • Jau

    @17 hahaahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Arno

    Would Big Baby stay to back up Rasheed ? The Spurs are supposed to be interested…

  • http://www.saltytexan.com rangerjohn (cap and tax LMAO oops)

    just curious why carmelo was nominated with all the hispanic players?

  • sh!tfaced

    KG, Pierce, Sheed, Perk, Rondo, House, trade for Vujabitch… Laettner as conditioning coach… there’s a job for Rodman here somewhere… get Mark Cuban to become owner… and if Big Baby walks, they should try to sign Verajao, bring back Bowen and we’ll be talkin arguably the most annoying team of all-time…

  • Tbone

    @20, if I’m not mistaken, Melo has some Puerto Rican in his blood, I’m pretty sure.

  • bigdoggchad

    Melo could have played for Puerto Rico if he didn’t play for USA. His dad is Puerto Rican.

  • dk

    @22 Im in a good mood today so ill leave that alone…

  • karizmatic

    Boston should still try to re sign Glen Davis.

  • Ric Hardwood

    i love the hate… ^dk, I ain’t mad at ya for hatin the Celts, I hate the Lakeshow too but respect the facts. The Celtics are still the winningest team (most of the titles were from a long time ago). the Lakeshow is good but give the C’s credit for kickin’ they ass in 2008. Every team is getting better… Don’t count your chips before they’re won…

  • mosduff

    “Something else to consider: Boston’s over-the-top swagger meter is in danger of exploding from Day One. Garnett, ‘Sheed, Kendrick Perkins, Pierce, Rondo smacking people in the face, Eddie House’s general demeanor; this could be the most insufferable team EVER put together. They might as well hire Christian Laettner as the strength and conditioning coach, and trade Bill Walker for Sasha Vujacic ”

    seriously. WTF is this?! Pull your head out your ass Dime. Watch some Laker games without your Kobe goggles on.

    give me a break.

  • QQ

    Ok Boston got an old, whiny 7 foot gunner that brings it on every other game, and spends the others pouting and playing with no passion.

    What the fuck is all the hoopla????????


  • JH

    As much as I hate the Celtics…this is a big move that will put them atop the Eastern Conference. I don’t see the Cav’s, Orlando, or anyone else out East being able to win a 7 game series against them.

    Boston’s worst enemy will be age & injury.

    Part of me wants the C’s to make it to the finals…where they get stomped by the best of the West.

  • LakeShow84

    Good to see Boston reloading for next season..

    That move shoult GET them to the Finals.. Thats all though..

    Like i said, if we get Artest its a wrap.. i gives a f**k about the rest.. well if we resign Odom now its a wrap lol..

  • LakeShow84

    @ QQ yeah i feels u about the sourpatch kid.. i think they picked up Sheed cuz he plays good D on Howard though..

    And they can Pick & Pop from both pivots now for Cleveland..

    Seems like a conference signing.. But Sheed has always been a decent defender so he should fit into Boston just fine..

  • Diego

    Sheed is a streaky player who always has about 1 fantastic quarter (or partial quarter) where he pours in a dozen points, and he disappears for the rest of the game.

    Not much of a rebounder or defender really.

    But an upgrade over Scal and no Powe, from last year’s playoffs.

    Other than the 3-point shooting (for 1 quarter or partial quarter) and the swagger, Big Baby is much better right now.

    Not nearly as big a move as Vince, and not as much of an upside of a move as Shaq.

    Check but certainly not Checkmate for the Celts.

  • Tim

    I’m gonna be sad watching them play Detroit…and i’ll still give him the SHEEEEEEEEED whenever he backs up a Piston…lol

    just imagine Sheeds Celtic green and white air force 1’s he’ll be rockin with the straps hanging off the back…

  • Harris11

    Whenever you can give a reference to Juwanna Mann you know you’ve written a good article