Latest News, NBA / Jul 5, 2009 / 9:37 pm

Breaking News: Rasheed Wallace Signs With Boston


Marc Spears of the Boston Globe is reporting (through an “NBA source”) that Rasheed Wallace has committed to sign with the Boston Celtics for what will reportedly be a two-year deal at the mid-level exception.

While on one hand it will be interesting to see how Sheed fits in with the city (aka… MEDIA), the fans, and of course the team, on the other hand the Celtics are getting an unbelievable deal. Jason Kidd is getting three years at 8 to 9 mill a year and Wallace is only getting two years at 5 to 6 million per? Wow. Solid work by the Boston front office.

We’re assuming that Wallace comes off the bench for the C’s, but either way he gives them tremendous insurance at both the center and power forward spots and much needed depth. It will be interesting to see if the Celtics let Big Baby walk now.

Thoughts on the deal and how this will effect the Eastern Conference?

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  • jkidd5

    Now the Celtics will be the number 1 team in technical fouls/ejections

  • B

    C’s are champs next year. Big time for Boston!

  • deeds

    damn…..i was REALLY hoping he wouldn’t sign with Boston and would pick the Cavs, or any other team for that matter

    oh well, another reason to hate boston. Him and KG will probably have contests to see who can pretend to act the toughest all season long. (both will be losers)

  • ponky_alolor

    Most outspoken frontline in the league with Sheed and KG.

    I actually think this might work for Boston. KG’s intensity might encourage Sheed to shoot inside the 3 point line this year.

  • LFan

    Honestly, I hope the East powers continue to get stronger and stronger. I hope the Magic get someone good now too. Just keep these dudes outta the West where the Lakers would have to deal with them.

    Honestly though, at this point, I kind of think I’d rather have Big Baby. Sure Sheed can do a great Mehmet Okur impression, but it’s not like he offers much in the middle anymore.

    That Detroit run made the dude’s career. If it wasn’t for that, all he’d be good for would be techs and an amazingly sick quote.

  • bobby stew

    Let Big Baby go and keep Powe. Now all they need is another PG and a decent swingman

  • bobby s

    love the “pretend to act tough” comment lol
    but sheed doesn’t act tough, he acts crazy
    it’ll be a who can act the most crazy contest and sheed will win, and the city of boston will lose.

    anyway, crazy how the top 4 teams in the league all picked up a superstar.
    lakers – artest
    magic – carter
    celts – sheed
    cavs – shaq

    all a little old, but all still very productive. rich get richer, poor get poorer i guess

  • dk

    @ Dime Way to go at complementing Boston for getting fucking Sheed for cheap, dicks. Shall I remind you of Artests age and what the Lakers signed him for…

  • dk

    @3 Yeah, now they have another asshole to get on all fours and yelp at shooting guards…

  • dk

    @ Dime ” if they will let Big Baby walk now ”

    Theres about 92 baby and fat jokes in there, and also a Micheal Jackson joke.

  • http://dimemag.com Dime Magazine

    DK, have some Sunday night anger why don’t you.

  • Kudabeen

    Potentially one of the most volatile and combustible teams in the L, but with some added pieces the best team in the L.

    Bobby s put i t the best…Rich get richer.
    Cavs, Orlando, LA, Spurs, and now Celts…

    Can’t wait to see the same teams compete at the top again this year :-/

    I wouldn’t be surpised to see Magic or Celtics pick up a Brandon Bass or Paul Millsap type player and sure their teams up even more…Although these two players would make Portland the most dangerous underdog championship team in the L.

    What’s up with Andre Miller and Ramon Sessions. Are the Bucks open to trading Michael Redd? We’ll see how it all pans out. Gotta love it.

  • http://thegayestwebsiteever.com Big Ben


    Why exactly would you want Big Baby instead of Sheed? Sheed gets a bad rap for some of his behavior, and he’s been known to take some games off, but still, he’d eat Big Baby’s lunch ten times out of ten. The Celtics are MUCH better with Sheed instead of Big Baby. Plus, Big Baby is about the lamest nickname this side of Boobie…

  • hahns

    they should keep big baby no question.

  • Ross

    Celtics are officially the biggest douchebags in the NBA.

  • Jer Boi

    @Dime he didnt sign w/ Boston cuz he cant until the deadline on the 8th…hes only agreed, dont get ahead of urselves he can pull off a Hedo

  • ponky_alolor

    @13, i think LFan is saying Big Baby at this point of his career, cares more to play basketball than Sheed. And Davis added a neat 18-footer last season while Sheed mailed it in.

    I don’t know but I really hope KG gets the best out of Sheed coz that turnaround J in the post with the high release was money.

  • dk

    @15 I second that.

  • http://dimemag.com Dime Magazine

    Different than Hedo. Hedo never officially agreed. This would be more like a Boozer/Cavs situation… unless Sheed hasn’t actually agreed yet either.

  • rlf

    in case some of you have not noticed. ALL the players that count don’t want to play with lebron and shaq. not trevor, not rasheed, not even role players like charlie villanueve. isn’t it strange?

    besides that, rasheed has not “signed” with boston. they cannot sign until the 8th.

  • rlf


  • http://dimemag.com Dime Magazine

    Wow. you guys love getting technical about the “sign” thing. I’m going to change it now to commit to sign.


  • http://dimemag.com Dime Magazine


  • Mase

    while you’re at it, its “affect” not “effect” in your last sentence. journalistic integrity Dime… just looking out for ya. :)

  • bakedbeing

    That’s not technical, that’s just reporting something that hasn’t in any way happened – let’s not get snippy Dime!

  • Sgt. Slaughter

    Sorry not all the rich got richer, the Magic got weaker and it looks like they will not use their MLE either. They lost Hedo, Rafer, Lee, Battie and Gortat and in return they got Vince and Ryan Anderson, how does that make them better?

  • Justice

    Damnit man, can we get a steph and sebastian update please i havent heard any talk about anybody actually wanting my hometown dudes all summer, these queens cats are having all the sucess in the league right now

  • Dagomar

    DK, stop vomiting all over comment sections with your useless nonsense.

    This is good for the Celtics only if Davis gets resigned, and either way I don’t know if at this stage of his career Sheed is such a big upgrade over Powe. It’s huge that the Celtics managed to sign him for 2 years, though. Obviously the Celtics are going for broke next year, probably trying again with an aging roster the year after, and then it’s rebuilding time again. I don’t think it will work, because when four of your five starters have an average age of around 33 injury is not a risk – it’s a reality. Too bad, because a couple years back this roster would have lost maybe 12 games all year.

  • scout


    it’s “it’s” not its….

    reader comment integrity…….aka…..let shit go

  • Dagomar

    RLF: I don’t think it’s that they don’t want to play with Bron/Shaq. I think it’s that most people don’t want to move to Cleveland, especially with the huge risk that Bron will be gone in a year. I really think the Cavs missed out on some pieces this summer that could have gotten them the title next year.

  • http://shaqtus.blogspot.com/ Let’s Go Hawks

    @7- donj’t forget the Spurs with Jefferson

    @28- haha, got him


    Nice Move by Boston and I think Sheed starts.

  • IrishBaller

    if sheed starts there’s no reason not to keep big baby

  • http://thegayestwebsiteever.com Big Ben


    Sheed has a much higher basketball IQ than Powe, which will help the whole team. It’s like when the Chauncey/Iverson trade went down – since Detroit had been together for so long and they all had their roles set in stone, most people around the league didn’t really realize how good Chauncey actually was. I see the same kind of year coming for Rasheed.

  • bill

    still think sheed and artest should have played together….

    Honestly though, the Lakers still have an incredibly talented team especially if Bynum works hard.

    Who else would you want to win next year.

    I would like Tim Duncan to get one more but they need a strong trade in their favour. Would iverson work in the SA system?

    anti cavs and lakers for the championship lol

  • abpin

    … and the winner of the 2009-2010 Team Most Likely to Implode Award goes to…

  • dk

    @27 In case you havent noticed bro, the Celtics are going into cardiac arrest. Yeah ok, they won a ring, good fucking job. Way to sacrifice your franchise integrity ( by piecing together some bums ( aka formerly good young, players last decade ) for a nice title run. Its over rebuild idiots, dont keep adding more over the hill players to the team when its obvious other teams are outclassing you….

  • dk

    @27 By the way 8 and 9 were very valid comments.

    1. Dime only complements the moves an Eastern Confrence team makes or a Gerald Green wardrobe change, which ever happens first.

    2. Garnett chasing around PG’s on all fours is valid because at least now he has a crazy teammate to hound Sg’s. At least the SG’s average 6’5″ and Sheed wont pick on little ole PG’s like puss ass Garnett. Therefore the guards will half their hands full getting to half court on nights those to fools dont eat their meds.

    3. Why your worried about where I vomit is beyond me considering you were Boston Celtic jersey’s….

  • dk

    @27 Maybe I got it all wrong and Im hating… Why dont you Celtics fan petition management to call up Malone and Peyton, their services are availible….

  • Bojangles



  • “Tha Boddy” Bad Like Michael

    The Celtics look good on paper but they aren’t the a scary team anymore.They aren’t the MJ era Bulls and therefore can’t be feared for more than the 2years they had…This year teams will figure them out and they aren’t a NBA championship contender anymore.Make way for the Washington Wizards with the deepest bench in the L

  • “Tha Boddy” Bad Like Michael

    Hey DIME how bout a article on the deepest benches in the L for next season I can bet the Wizards will be either #1 or #2

  • ponky_alolor

    Dime should write a piece about what book should Doc Rivers give to Sheed just to make the buzz with Phil Jax and Artest even.

  • King

    U Mad?

    He’s exactly what the team needed, another talented big man. Leon blew out his knee and is undersized. Matter of fact so was every bacup pf or center ( (mikki Moore was under weight).

    Hopefully they start him and bring perk off the bench

  • PDG

    how bout iverson to boston?

  • Big V


    I’ve been very curious about where Iverson and Marbury end up as well. Doesn’t look like there’s a ton of takers for either right now, but it’s obvious that they both can still ball.

    If I’m Cleveland, I’m definitely looking at both of those guys for short money. They’ve addressed the frontcourt (I guess) with Shaq, but that backcourt needs some help too. I’d take Iverson over Mo Williams any day of the week and Marbury is still better than West or Gibson, even if he’s coming off the bench.

  • dk

    @44 ” Marbury is still better than West ”

    The ignorance just flows through the Dime forum like painkillers in the Boston locker room.

  • pat

    Good move for the C’s. They stick to their plan in having a core group or experience, talented and possibly declining veterans around a bunch of talented kids to try to win their second championship in three years.

    The problem with their plan is that they have to content with older players who may injure themselves more often and not heal quite as fast as they used to.

    With that being said, they have to find a way to stay healthy through luck and a bit of tinkering in their line-up to limit the minutes of the veterans.

    The club’s manin concern involves having only Perkins, Davis (if his offers are matched), Garnett and Sheed manning the center and power forward slots. It would seem that they need another shotblocking type to spell this the above mentioned group for 10-12 minutes a night.

    Futhermore, they need a competent substitute for Rajon Rondo. Gabe Pruitt is too inexperienced for anything more than garbage minutes while Eddie House expertise is shooting the three and playing with emotion. The offense sometimes stagnates when he’s in the game due to a lack of ball movement only a point guard (with decent passing experience) will give you.

    If the Celtics can somehow get their lucky leprechaun to protect this club from serious injuries and picks up a few complimentary pieces, then they will the best chance of any team in the league to win it all.

  • http://shaqtus.blogspot.com/ Let’s Go Hawks

    @44- No way in hell Marbury is better than West and i don’t know if i’d take him over Gibson although thats a legit argument

  • Dirk

    yeah this boston team just got a little bit older.
    kind of reminds of the payton, malone, shaq laker squad.
    they did nothing to make them better just more technical fouls and ejections, ainge your just looking for a quick fix, aint gonna happen.

  • Craig

    Wow, this would of been a great team in 01-03…

    If big baby comes back, how fast until Sheed and KG make him cry on camera?

  • Stephon

    This is a great move for boston. Rasheed’s got excellent basketball IQ. Talented and plays with passion. I believe KG will be able to contain Sheed’s outrage. They will feed off of eachother’s energy. Don’t let his tech’s overshadow Sheed’s talent. He’s agile and he can still play. 2 more yr on the contact is correct for both parties. Boston can make a run for the next 2 years only, and that’s what they are going for.

  • Stephon

    Dime, any chances that The Answer will head to Cleveland?
    It’s real sad to see AI head to some mediocre team and ends his career there. Additionally, out of all the contenders, Cleveland is a great fit for AI as well. Lebron can get his by playing in the system. He can really distribute as well. I don’t see a problem for LBJ and AI sharing the ball. Forget Mo Will, dude is wayy too overrated. He’s a 1 dimensional player. Don’t matter who runs what position for the Cavs, LBJ is the new point forward of the league. AI be @ the 2 spot. Shaq’s presence will definitely help. I just hope the CAVS front office will throw something at AI ‘s camp for a possible relocation to Cleveland. I mean, they have to secure the King’s position come 2010 Summer.

  • bill

    Rasheed has some good basketball left in him, all ya’ll gotta realise. He basically just did what vc did in toronto his last year and didn’t give a shit. Guarantee he will have a good year next year. He won’t be starting, no way you break up KG and Perks up front, best defensive combo down low in the L. And no, Sheed won’t make a big deal about coming off the bench, that’s where the big three leadership comes in…
    You can’t make the case that he’s to old to produce,
    PJ was 38 last year when he was vital to celtic’s championship run, all they need now in one wing player (Grant Hill) from being scariest team in L again.
    Everyone can hate cause face it, Celtics are gonna be big contenders for the championship next year. As long as the celtics have their Defense they’ll be dangerous

  • dk

    @ Pat

    Great write, if you were in 3rd grade and not a closet Boston fan. Also, the Celtics arent trying to compete for their second chip n 3 years, asshole, it would be their secnd chip in 25 years.

  • LFan

    #51 – Lmao….

  • ponky_alolor

    @ 47 dk, for once i couldn’t agree more. whoever saying stephon is better than delonte must have been watching NBA Greatest Games and not the last season.

    Bottom line, is KG’s knee progressing as planned? It doesn’t matter if Sheed comes to play if the knee is still messed up.

    And as much as I like A.I. and respect his game, I don’t wana watch our team add another dribble happy player outside of LBJ. That would delight Mike Brown and drive his standing offense policy nuts.

  • Kobeef

    Hpefully this means they don’t resign Big Baby. I am getting sick of watching him act like he is the reason this team is a winner.

  • Ian

    i dont care for the celts but they sacrificed the future for a sure chip and i rather win one than make the playoffs ten times and walk out with nothing.
    Btw that comment about second ring in 25 years is a bit off i can take any time frame i want also if they win its two in three not two in 25.

    Now on sheed good thing he didnt goto the spurs.

  • sh!tfaced


    it’s like the celtics getting back posey (6th man, 3pt threat) and pj brown (add. big man, rebounding, defense) in one. with a built-in mouth like sam cassell’s to boot.

  • Big V

    @47, 49, 57:

    Don’t base your assessment of Steph on what little/limited playing time he got with Boston last year. The guy hadn’t balled in forever and you put him on a defending champion team and you’re going to have some adjustment issues. I’m confident that given a full training camp and a chance to understand the way the offense works, Marbury’s a more productive PG than West.

    33 minutes per game and averaging less than 4 assists? 42 minutes per game in the playoffs and barely averaging 4 assists? Sorry, those aren’t PG numbers. I know LBJ does a lot of ball handling, but it’s not like Delonte lights it up in the scoring department either.

    Give Marbury those minutes and I’ll bet he’s a 15 and 7 PG over the course of a season.

  • Bryc

    im curious to know what it is that Boston teams have done to all the people that hate them? is it just because your favorite team loses pretty much every time you play Boston in ANY sport??? its pathetic. I’m from Boston but i like Cleveland, Denver, etc. Celtics do nothing but play passionate basketball, win games, and go home…. what dont you like? Its the fact that every one knows they are the best. KG’s injury allowed LA to win the title. Sure, we’ll never know but that hurts LA more than Boston cuz they still never had the chance to show they are better than the CELTICS…. hurts for you haterz.

  • mike

    wow BOSTON looks good!!if they get hill too forget about it….cleveland better not tell people how much shaq is getting paid this year….lets not talk about vince carters contract or what the lakers threw at artest…they would of won if k.g. didnt get hurt last year…g.m’s around should blueprint what they have done to base their teams on..so if hill signs then they have sheed and hill cheaper together than artest,carter, & o’neil???lets thank danny ainge now in advance!!!