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Breaking News: Ricky Rubio Returning to Spain

Ricky Rubio
And there you have it. If a Spanish media outlet’s report this morning is accurate, Ricky Rubio has decided to stay in Spain for two years to finish his contract with DKV Joventut instead of trying to play in the NBA with the T-Wolves (or whatever team would have traded for him).

The Barcelona newspaper that is the source of the news, El Periodico, says that Rubio is going to drop is lawsuit against the club so that he can return and play form them this upcoming season.

As a basketball fan, this is definitely disappointing. I would have loved to see Rubio play in the L this year, whether it was with Minnesota, the Knicks, or any one of the other teams that has been trying to pry him from the Timberwolves.

Source: TwinCities.com

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  • control

    Apparently he’s making a Harry Potter movie while there too…fucking crazy.

  • ?

    lol i knew it lol

  • K Dizzle

    Good thing they drafted Flynn. Apparently, they shoulda kept Lawson or Calathes too. 2 years? Damn. So Wolves traded Foye and Miller for…..?

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    It was crazy for people to get caught up in the hype anyway. Granted he would have been fun to watch, but the report on dude is he ain’t that great of a shooter.

    And come on, sure he was doing his thing overseas and he may make some great plays in the L, but he reminds me of Shaun Livingston and I doubt his impact would have been what many think it might have been.

    Serves Minny right for waisting all them picks.

  • @

    That SUCKS for the Wolves

  • Kobeef

    David Kahn is an idiot.

    People might hate Rubio but you have to admit, there aren’t many 18 year olds who have the cajones to say “take your $10 million in guaranteed money and shove it, I’ve got a better offer”

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    My question now is who does Minny run at the 2? Are they going with telfair and flynn for gods sake?

  • Wolves Fan #1

    as a wolves fan, i find this as a GREAT thing. sure it would have been nice to have him come now, but this way flynn can adapt to the nba environment before having to adapt to the position change, plus this will give ellington and carney more time to develop so we’ll be a little bit more ready to go by the time ricky does end up coming here. and he’s only 18. if he was american, he’d only be eligible to come to the nba at age 19 or 20 anyways, so we’re not really missing out on anything here.
    now i’m not saying he WON’T get traded, but anybody who thinks he’s going to new york is fully retarded. they have absolutely nothing we want. and new york or not, kahn seems to really wanna hold on to both of em.

  • http://www.niketalk.yuku.com/forums/8 NTstateOFmind

    is there something the L can do to prevent situations like this?
    (remember Fran Vazquez drafted by Orlando)

  • Heckler…formerly ‘yallallreadyknow’

    good for the wolves. they dont need no 18yr prima donna who hasnt proven shit. the kid is ALL hype. he’s gonna be a no name after 2yrs anyway ala andrea bargnani.

    by the time he is a good-to-decent player, he’ll be 26yrs old and will be on his 4th nba team. GMs and (especially) owners need to WATCH games when evaluating talent.

    what has this kid done to really garner a lot of attention and have folks going crazy?

    if i were the wolves, hold his draft rights and trade him to a worse team in a worse city. too bad the grizz aint in van couver anymore….

  • Michorizo

    Pinche Novela this has all become.

  • Claw

    This isn’t great if your a Minny fan, they just wasted their lottery pick. This could be a leveraged move to get a trade out of Minny.

    Question: Do the Wolves still have his rights after a 2 year hiatus back from Spain? Maybe if they still retain his rights it might not be bad then after 2 years you would have a good idea if he’s a L player or not. Still a stupid move, you usually do that late in the draft or in the 2nd round not a lottery pick. Terrible management, they should get together with Steve Kerr and go take a NBA Management 101 course.

  • Scott

    That would suck if he turned out like Andrea, I mean, 15ppg, 5rpg, 1bpg, shot 40% from beyond the arc, 45% from the field… but you know, he’s gonna be a no name. lol.

    Anywho, Bargs wasn’t the prima donna this kid is. The real travesty is the way the Wolves fans get treated. YAAAAA Kevin McHale is gone, we have hope!! Then they go and draft a billion pg’s, including the one who won’t play for them.

    You have to believe that Kahn is having nightmares about draft night, he’s just too proud to say anything about it.

    If he could only have that pick back, a do over if you will, I wonder what he’d pay? lol

  • QQ

    haha the Wolves are RETARDED. And Rubio is a Bitch. He ain’t ready for da BIG BOYS. Euro-Trash. Put him inda dumpster.

  • S

    Rubio will be Knick.

  • Ducky

    lmao… FK Rubio!!! Dont care about his skill set, what he has just done is 100% BTCH-MADE.

  • sweetv0mit


  • Scott

    The odd thing is, that he now has the Gillette endorsement, he is in their tv commercial, so you gotta wonder, what the hell is going on?

    Thats some crazy ish, you think Gillette is trying to get a guy who’s gonna play in Spain for 2 more years endorsing their product in the States? Doesn’t make sense.

    All I’m thinking now is, don’t trust the spainish press!!

  • Heckler…formerly ‘yallallreadyknow’

    @ Scott #13–

    15ppg, 5rpg, 1bpg, shot 40% from beyond the arc, 45% from the field have never looked or felt so useless. as quiet 15 and 5 as they come for a lottery pick; #1 overall at that.

    you dont think the raptors would trade andrea right now in a heartbeat for draft picks and cap space?

    like i said, he is already forgotten. and spanish boytoy rubio gonna be a forgotten player after 2/3yrs too and then turn into a journeyman. what evidence is there to support anything else?

    he is jason white chocolate williams at best

  • Drink the Haterade

    The Wolves actually made a smart pick @ #5. Here’s why.

    Most teams currently are drooling over this kid. Minny holds his rights. From Truehoop: The way the collective bargaining agreement works, the Timberwolves hold Rubio’s NBA rights so long as they make him an offer, and he plays professional ball in some FIBA-sanctioned league, which is just about all of the leagues he’d consider playing in.

    But if he doesn’t play professionally anywhere, then he can be right back in next year’s draft.

    You can only do this once — no one can be drafted more than twice.

    That being said, I would have drafted him knowing he wasn’t coming to Minny and then trade his rights to another club that wants him for there #1 pick and bench player or an up and coming SG (Ronnie Brewer and the Jazz first round pick)

  • Scott


    I’m about 100% sure they wouldn’t at all. The only reason Bargs ppg is at 15 is cuz he started the season on the bench, the last half or more of the season dude was avg’n 20ppg, and on those %’s, for a Center, and his defense was actually getting better as the season progressed. He has shown that with some proper coaching from Triano, he can actually progress very well, and unlike years past, this year he didn’t take steps backwards.

    This season was also the first time it was clear he actually wanted to play defense.

    So I’ll say it again, he’s not forgotten, and most people who know about Bargs, know that he had a breakout season.

    Rubio is a different story. Bargs never had the ego/attitude that Rubio has, and there was no issue with Bargs coming over. Personally, I think they are very different people and players. Grouping them together because they are euro and high lotto picks seems unfair, in this case, to Bargs.

  • Diggidy

    Rubio is a poor mans J.Kidd (I mean a really poor man). The ability to break down any opponent AND make the right play is scarce. Kidd had it at this age, Rubio looks as if he MAY have it in the future. The intangible here is Love for the game. If he had the love I think he would have a jumper (I can out shoot him right now). What else does he have to do all day. Just for da record…anyone who can even be compared to J.Kidd must be pretty hard on da court!

  • MissChick

    I hope this is true. I am getting sick of hearing about this scrub.

  • JH

    @ Scott & Heckler…

    Bargs is still young and far from a bust. He’s no superstar…but I guarantee that any team in the L would like him on their squad and I don’t think the Raptors would ever trade him for spare parts & $$$.

    He may not live up to the hype that accompanies a #1 pick & he may play in Toronto…but he’s a big part of their future.

    Rubio? we can only wait and see…hopefully he’s traded and comes over this upcoming year though.

  • http://www.ragingspaniard.com Xavier

    I honeslty doubt this is true.

    For one, no other Spanish outlets have notified of this, NONE, and the one that does doesn’t even have it in the front page. Also, “El Periodico” is a local newspaper that has an interest in seeing Rubio back to the team thats in the same city, so its biased.

    Joventut said last week that the ONLY way they would make a deal with Rubio is if he dropped the lawsuit. By doing so Ricky is once again in good terms with his team and can not negotiate. I believe dropping the lawsuit was done in order to go to the NBA, not the opposite as the source is claiming.

  • the cynic

    Some of guys sound cartoonish ignorant it cracks me up

    Not really a surprise considering the spanish IRS has control of his contract. If he came over to the NBA this year or next he would have put himself in debt just to play basketball.

  • Jay Rock

    as a big NBA fan im dissapointed in him for even going thru all this and now we don’t even get to see him play. I think the PG’s out west would have beasted him anyway, he’s a frail dude. And if he had the real desire to be great in the league then he wouldv’e manned up and played for the sorry a$$ wolves, but he’s spoiled enough to turn down millions and go back home with his mom and dad. he’s a kid 4real he can’t hang with NBA players but it wouldv’e been nice to see him try and prove himself. Brandon Jennings is laughin hard right now LOL

  • K Dizzle

    @ Heckler – when Bargnani blows up next season, and dude WILL blow up, i hope you got somethin to say then. Trade for cash and draft picks, a no-name? lol actually funny, dude

    Too bad if Rubio don’t come over cuz the best place to learn to play NBA ball is in the NBA. He needs to talk to Tony Parker and Jose Calderon about on the job trainin…

  • bill

    Always thought Rubio has the ‘days of our lives’ look happening, good to see he is living the soap opera life too.

    Next: Bold and the beautiful…

  • bone0315

    Here is why this is a good move for the T-wolves that he is going back to Spain (if he does):

    #1 – Jonny Flynn gets to be the unquestioned point guard this year and learn on the fly

    #2 – The Wovles are going to suck this year regardless of whether or not Rubio is there. So it doesn’t kill them not to have him

    #3 – If he BLOWS up this year in Spain, it is just going to make the other GMs in this league salivate over him even more and offer the Wolves MORE for him. Why would they take the pile of shit offered by the Knicks this year when they can hold out for a year, watch him get better, then have someone come in and offer more next year. What if someone offers Minnesota a Top 5 pick NEXT year for Rubio, in a better draft, to grab someone that plays a position they need?

    I think Kahn is much smarter than people are giving him credit for. Stockpiling assets is the way to go.

  • kg fan

    i hope the wolves trade him to the bucks

  • sh!tfaced

    rubio: “calentona”, “embrome”, “bromista” or in other words, a damn c*ck tease!

  • http://deleted MNTwolves

    Think of this as how the Spurs drafted Ginobili. Where they waited a few years for Ginobili to finish playing in Europe and then came to the Spurs.

  • http://myspace.com/40sand9s loc

    Officially on the Rubio hate train,

    come prove ya self punk.

    And i HATE when athletes get all “ooohhh, i don’t like this team, ill only play in LA or NYC!”

    Fuck Steve Francis while we’re at it, he single handedly sent the Grizz south

    and Eric Lindros, yeah, fuck him too

  • “Tha Boddy” Bad Like Michael

    On the other hand the Wizards practically stole Miller and Foye

  • Colton

    i say this with all respect to ricky rubio and his game … BUT FUCK YOU!!!!

    dont come into a draft and not be commited to play to the team that drafts you … you left them on their asses.
    thats totally unfair to the T-Wolves.

    as much as im not a big minnesota fan … thats a cold move rubio … i hope you keep your game overseas or at least roll your ankle your first game back in europe. a little karma comin back atcha!

  • Name required

    @ Heckler.

    Vancouver is often voted the best city to live in in the world. I hardly think it qualifies as a worse city than Minnesota. Though I wish they still had the Grizzlies as well.

  • Tim

    All he does is fancy passing…his shot is atrocious. CP3 will eat him up…

  • Jordan

    It was obvious from the start that Rubio wanted to play for the KINGS and only the KINGS.

    He only visited sacramento and only worked out for them. Said no to every other team. OKC had to fly t Rubio just to interview him. U might think it should be the other way around since RUbio is the one trying to get drafted.

    The Kings didn’t pick him and it broke his heart. He is still a kid at hard. The Kings, Griz, OKC all lucked out as you can see from this that the kid is not ready to lead right now. Maybe down the line he’ll be a good player, but he won’t be a factor if he joined the NBA this season.

  • Arno

    The trouble with most comments is that they seem to ignore that the Us of A are not the world, but just a country (and there are 200 of them on this planet), even if it’s a fairly big country as far as basketball is concerned.
    1) The draft is just an NBA process and there are many other lucrative markets to play ball around the world. The Wolves acquired the rights to exclusive negociation if (and only if) Rubio wants to play in the NBA. It ain’t a contract.
    2) If the Wolves were playing in the ABC (the Spanish league), they would probably reach the playoff. But no way they get past Barcelona or Vitoria. Why would Rubio engage in a 6 PG, 6C-PF, no wings loser team, when he improves and shines and makes good money in a successful Spanish team?
    3) Who wants to be paid in US dollars nowadays ?
    4) The NBA, not Rubio, decided that you can’t ask more than 350000 $ to buy-out a foreign contract ; which means that Rubio would have to pay 6 million bucks to buy out his contract. Blame it on the NBA.
    5) The guy IS proven : he played at a much higher level than the NCAA and was successful. Of course, it was not on NBC nor ESPN… But you could get out of your suburb to see the world, sometimes…

  • Danny

    to the guy who wrote all the above^^^

    Clearly, rubio is not proven AT ALL. aroun 10 pts, 5 ass 2 steals or what not in 20 minutes a game is no where near proven. Thats a backup and backup numbers.

    Darko’s “amazing stats” before entering the nba were around 14pts 7rb 2blk in 20 MINUTES. His height and “skills for a big man” had him labeled as a number 2 talent in that draft. Whats the difference between him and rubio??? absolutely nothing.

    – You can argue when rubio is the main man on his team, and is actually starting at pg. Till then, he’s all POTENTIAL -

  • Arno

    To the guy above :

    despite being hurt for the 2 first months of the season, Rubio is 14th averall in rankin and 1rst in assists (well ahead Omar Cook, Shammond Williams or Chris Thomas) and 1rst in steals.

    A little facts checking doesn’t hurt.

  • Sweet English

    What a bitch made fool.

    El dickhead.

  • Sweet English

    Arno, blah blah blah lucrative markets blah blah blah 200 countires.


  • Phileus

    @ Arno, yeah there are definitely Euroleague teams that are NBA-ready. Maybe two or three could even compete for an 8-spot in the playoffs. But probably not.

    US is a “fairly big country” in the basketball world? Hahaha don’t be a prick! It’s the biggest country – not the only country, but the most important. Stop pretending.

    But Arno is right: this is the NBA’s fault for that buyout limit. Next, it’s Kahn’s fault for being a dunce. And last, it’s Rubio’s fault for being a prima donna. “I would play in the NBA for free,” my arse!

    What is with these players who enter the draft, but then are too afraid to come to the league? Frederic Weis, Tiago Splitter (who would be legit in the league), Fran Vasquez… Ricky Rubio?

    It really starts with the buyout limitation, that keeps these top-flight players tied down to laughable rookie salaries that are half of what they could make in Europe. It’s not good for the league.

  • http://www.rickyrubionews.blogspot.com/ Stop Hating Click Me


  • Chris

    What’s with all the rubio haters? He lead Team spain against Team USA matching up against Deron WIlliams and Chris paul and lost by like 5points. You can’t do that just by being lucky. Kid is 18 and most of us would shit in our pants if we had to guard chris paul in the gold medal game. Give him some credit, he made smart plays, played good D and gave Spain a chance to win. Sure it was just one game, but how many NBA teams or just can you find 12 players in the world that loses to a lineup of Kobe, Wade, Lebron, Dwight, Melo, Paul, Deron, Bosh, Redd, Kidd, etc but only 5 points?