NBA / Jul 17, 2009 / 2:29 pm

Chris Paul thinks he could be traded; Hornets say “no chance”

Chris Paul (photo. Zach Wolfe)

Chris Paul (photo. Zach Wolfe)

The reality is that, in these times, every NBA team is trying to cut costs — most notably in the form of player salaries — whenever possible. But there are a handful of franchises whose desire to save money is full public knowledge.

The Hornets are one of those teams. And with the League’s highest payroll going into this free agency period, it was assumed somebody would be traded in a salary dump. Tyson Chandler was and is still the most sensible candidate (more teams would want Tyson at his price tag than Peja Stojakovic at his`), but according to Chris Paul, not even the franchise centerpiece is safe. From the New Orleans Times-Picayune:

Due to its financial limitations, New Orleans is the only team in the Southwest Division that has yet to acquire a player through free agency or by a trade to improve its roster this offseason.

“In this league, anything can happen,” Paul told Pro Basketball News. “I can be dealt. It’s possible. It’s possible.”

In response Friday, Hornets President Hugh Weber said the possibility of them trading Paul is zero.

“There is no chance of him getting traded,” Weber said sternly. “I don’t know how to say it any stronger, but there is just no deal we would contemplate for Chris. I can’t speak for Chris, but I think he was talking about the nature of the business and the fact that the question was asked the way it was.”

Hornets General Manager Jeff Bower said from Las Vegas Friday morning he is investigating many things in regard to free agency and possible trades to improve the roster, but he said trading Paul would not meet any of those objectives.

“I have not nor will I enter any discussions for him,” Bower said. “(Trading Paul) is not going to happen. I think what Chris said just shows his selflessness that he’s not different than anyone else on the team.”

While team execs have been known to outright lie in situations like this, I believe the Hornets’ brass this time. CP’s comments did sound more like a general statement than any kind of insider information leak, and I think the Hornets would only trade him if they got truly desperate.

(The bigger issue here is that you have to wonder if Paul feels like the organization is doing all it can to surround him with the necessary piece to win.)

At the same time, however, no one is above getting dealt, and every player has a price. Paul makes $13.7 million this upcoming season, and $15.2M the following year.

If you wanted CP3 on your squad, what kind of trade package would you offer to get him?

Source: New Orleans Times-Picayune

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  • Oscarisalakerfan

    Get them to hire Chris wallace…..

  • steve

    beasley oneal haslem 50 1rst round draft picks.lol all the cash we have for cp3 and chandler never could happen but hey i can dream

  • Kobeef

    CP3 is gone in the summer of 2011….to NY with LeBron.

  • karizmatic

    I’m a Lakers fan so I don’t know what kind of offer we could include to get CP3. I’m thinking something like a sign and trade with Odom and Bynum for CP3 and Chandler, but New Orleans would be stupid to go for that. I’d throw in Brown or Fisher or both as a consideration as well and then I’d have to see if the numbers worked out. But that would never happen in a million years.


    being a mavs fan u wanna know what i would trade for paul??? aight here we go….

    Dampier, Hollins, JJ Barea, Kidd, Terry, Matt Carroll, Devean George, Singleton, newly aquired Marion and fu*k it throw in Rick Carlisle aka cable guy aka yes man.

    Just give me Paul and Dirk and run pick n roll all game every game all season. Ill be the coach and cuban can be assistant coach. its a wrap

  • ProphetGK

    Just bring the entire 2008 Gold medal USA team to NY, at least that’s what people seem to be saying these days…

  • art

    The only team that didn’t even try to make a move

  • Joe

    The machine and A-mo for cp3

  • Shakers

    I wonder if they would accept an offer with Rondo and Ray Allen (expiring deal after this season) for CP3.

  • D-Rock

    Michale Redd, Andrew Bogut, and Brandon Jennings snd a first and second round pick for chris paul and peja and cash to help with pejas buyout

  • Kobeef

    Seriously, the only offers that would even make the team owners blink would be

    CP3 for Wade
    CP3 for LeBron
    CP3 for Derrick Rose (I think he is that good)
    CP3 for Dwight

  • showydisplay

    TMac / A Brooks / Battier for CP3 and J Wright. That is the most legit one on here.

  • Coop

    slow news day ftl

  • Danraps

    Anyone on here like Showydisplay or other dudes ACTUALLY thinking up offers on here are all dummies. NO way they trade him at all and if they would be it would be for a huge package that includes a whole starting fucking lineup that has a nice all-star or 2 in it and maybe a 3rd or even 4th all-star!….Wake up dummies with these ridiculous trades….dude isn’t getting dealt for Houstons scrubs, Bostons old men and anyone else for that matter that isn’t the best pg in the league…..but wait! He’s already playing in New Orleans

  • That’s whats up

    in related news Chris Paul just pushed off on the reporter asking him the questions (and nobody did or said anything)

    fuck his little cheatin’ ass

  • Coop

    “Danraps says:

    Anyone on here like Showydisplay or other dudes ACTUALLY thinking up offers on here are all dummies. NO way they trade him at all and if they would be it would be for a huge package that includes a whole starting fucking lineup that has a nice all-star or 2 in it and maybe a 3rd or even 4th all-star!….Wake up dummies with these ridiculous trades….dude isn’t getting dealt for Houstons scrubs, Bostons old men and anyone else for that matter that isn’t the best pg in the league…..but wait! He’s already playing in New Orleans”


  • Banga

    Chris Paul to the Raptors for Jose Calderon and Bargnani…

    OKC get’s back a legit PG and a Good young Player

    The raps get CP3 and having him and bosh in the Pick and roll would be deadly

    Would never happen but if anyone could get it done it would Bryan Colangelo

  • Chilirey

    he thought the reporter was a pick & he couldn’t get around hem…..ha! that’s dumb, hopefully TMZ got that sh*t.

  • Danraps

    When CP3 plays on OKC THEN a trade can be discussed…until then? You’re a dummy for even suggesting this

  • JH

    Some people are being sarcastic with their remarks but some are just overlooking (or don’t have a clue) how the salaries have to be close in order for approval.

    Example: TMAC is in the 20+ Million range…CP’s 13 Million alone wouldn’t be enough.

  • sh!tfaced

    f*cking economy is ruining all the fun. lol

  • ctkennedy

    i wouldnt trade for him he needs too much around him to truly matter your pg dont have to be great just able to get the job done if he the second piece borderline third ala tony parker chauncey billups than got get him

  • showydisplay

    Danrap we all know that this is just fiction and that we are speaking hypothetically here. You are the only one who obviously did not see the question posed by DIMEMAG at the bottom of the post.

  • http://deleted Luigi

    Hook me up with some Antawn Jamison/Mike James/Deshawn Stevenson/Nick Young/Randy Foye for Cp3/Sean Marks/Mo-Pete

    wed crank out startin 5

    Agent Zero

    haha i can dream

    as for NOH


    Hornets gonna run RUN JWC style hahaha

    and i repeat…i can dream

  • http://deleted Luigi

    okay fine. a legit trade

    Deshawn/Miller/Caron/Twan – Cp3/Chandler/Marks/Devin Brown

  • http://myspace.com/ferrel_gangsta ferrel

    Why is everyone making a big deal about paul’s comment, I mean come on the kid understands the business side of basketball and knows at anytime he could be traded, Believe me chris does not want to leave the hornets he just understands the business side of basketball.

  • http://www.statenets.blogspot.com Cliffy

    Is it just me who got the feeling that Paul wants to be traded? :)

  • Q

    I think the only players u could offer for him and the hornets will accept are:

    King James, Lebron James
    Flash, Dwayne Wade
    Superman, Dwight Howard
    Spiderman, Derrick Rose

    But if I was any of those teams I wouldn’t make the trade.. Don’t get me wrong.. Chris Paul is gonna be a great player.. But he needs the ball in his hands at all times to be effective.. He’s not an good off the ball player.. He’s also an overrated leader..

  • DTC

    Please note that 10 mediocre players doesn’t make it a strong trade package anymore than 3 mediocre players. Which means… Sasha + Luke Walton doesn’t get better if you add Farmar, Josh Powell and Mbenga.

    Any serious trade proposal for CP3 would likely contain:
    1. At least ONE young player who is or is bound to be a superstar (D Rose, Blake Griffin, Brandon Roy, etc.)
    2. 1-2 young players who will be very solid for years to come, and possibly become All-stars (Travis Outlaw, Jeff Green)
    3. fillers, veterans draft picks

    Example: Kevin Martin + Jason Thompson + Spencer Hawes + a pick for Chris Paul + fillers.
    Example: D Rose + J Noah + Tyrus Thomas + small pieces

    But I agree with a previous poster who wrote that the price is going to be so high, it’s basically not worth it

  • dbenton71


  • Mo

    “According to Chris Paul not even the franchise centerpiece is safe”.

    That’s not what he alluded to at all. What he’s saying is he isn’t too big to be traded. He always been humble in putting himself in the same position as his teammates.


    From his twitter…

    “Jus for the record too…I’M NOT GOIN ANYWHERE!!! No clue what Chris Thomasson was talkin about, but I didn’t say any of what he was sayin”

  • S-SiN


    the whole team should move to Seattle. there i said it

  • chief youngblood

    My teams got cp3.

    I’m hoping we throw our hat in for Lamar. maybe Prince pick up drew gooden i’ll take anybody at this point , just do something .

    And get Peja off the court ol’ broke ass can’t even run up and down with out spraining or twisting something.

    As for chris paul , LOCK HIM UP FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE.

  • doc

    Willie Green,Sammy,and Elton Brand.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Johnathan

    I believe he should be traded because the hornets can say to themselves” Hey realisticly were not going to win a championship anytime soon with LA,SA,BOS,ORL, and Cle getting better so we might as well start over and relieve ourselves of some of this caproom”. Think about it the Hornets have 11mil. 5yrs.Okafor, 6mil. 3yrs.Posey, 13mil. 2yrs.Peja, 5mil. 2yrs.Peterson, and 9mil. 3yrs.West left on their payroll, so they won’t have any cap relief until AT LEAST the 2011-12 when Peja and Peterson come off the books (which will still by the way will have them the well into the luxary tax with the Nba’s cap steadily dropping) where there won’t be any big name free agents on the market and Lebron, Wade, etc. will have already have signed maxed deals with their respective teams by then. So they should trade Paul to a place where he can actually win something in his career or hold him back and go bankrupt or sell the team.