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Dallas signs Drew Gooden, and the latest on Iverson and Odom

Drew Gooden

Drew Gooden

Once upon a time, Drew Gooden would be considered a big-time offseason pickup. And even though he’s technically still a guy who can get you close to a double-double every night (11.9 points, 7.1 boards last season), nobody seems to consider it a big deal that Gooden signed with the Mavs yesterday. Dallas needed depth in the frontcourt after losing Brandon Bass and just missing out on Marcin Gortat (plus Ryan Hollins could leave as a free agent), and Gooden’s one-year deal for $4.5 million isn’t a bad risk. He’s not really a center, but could push Erick Dampier for the starting job. At the very least he gives them a little scoring, some rebounding, and is another body to help defend the likes of Pau Gasol, Tim Duncan and Amar’e in the West … If you’re keeping track, that’s seven teams for Gooden in his eight-year career. He’s catching up to Chris Gatling and Tony Massenburg, and our man Bobby Jones would be in the running if he could actually stick in the League for more than 10 days at a time … Still nothing new regarding Lamar Odom or Allen Iverson. In response to reports that Odom was leaning toward Miami, the Orange County Register cited people close to L.O. claiming he’s staying with the Lakers and will make it official soon. With A.I., it appeared he was that much closer to signing with Memphis after the Grizzlies renounced their rights to Hakim Warrick and got him off their cap, but when asked about it, owner Michael Heisley said that’s not the case … With the Knicks searching far and wide for point guards and with a little money to spend, doesn’t it make all the sense in the world for New York to target Iverson? He would absolutely flourish in that system, and would help sell those expensive-ass MSG tickets … The Pacers (kinda) made up for losing Rasho Nesterovic by picking up Solomon Jones from the Hawks. Jones didn’t play much in Atlanta; his most memorable moments were the few times LeBron crammed on him, and when he almost got in a fight with D-Wade in this year’s playoffs. He’s more of a power forward than a center, so we’re not sure where he’s gonna play since Indiana already has Troy Murphy, Tyler Hansbrough and Josh McRoberts. (Here’s a test: Find another NBA team that goes three-deep at one position with all White guys) … The Wolves have been doing so much surrounding Ricky Rubio, did they forget they still don’t have a coach? Last we heard, Kurt Rambis and Mark Jackson are the top two candidates. Knowing Minnesota’s roster, who do you think is the better pick out of those two? … In an interview with HoopsHype.com, Sean May was asked about his weight issues. “Honestly, I never felt like I had weight issues,” May said. “You know, I asked them where they wanted me to play at. They said 260 and I was around 260 all year. Conditioning? When you don’t play, it’s tough to be in game shape. I felt like I’ve always been in pretty good shape. I don’t feel like the conditioning was the reason why I wasn’t playing. I just wasn’t playing.” Sorry, there’s no way May stayed at 260 all year. He must be using that same scale that told Eddy Curry he weighed 285 … We’re out like Bobby Jones …

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    If LO goes to Miami, he is a damn fool!


    Troy Murphy, Tyler Hansbrough and Josh McRoberts = Ku Klux Klan!

  • K Dizzle


  • Atom

    Drew Gooden NEVER would have been considered a big time off season pick-up. Dude has just never been able to win games in the L. Poor team player who has never made anybody better.

    Also, all the guys you listed that Dallas needs help defending are way taller than Gooden. I dont see him helping them do anything besides get taken out in the first round.

  • “Big Hook” Nunez

    Larry Bird is getting a NAACP award for keeping minorities in the league. Good job Larry!

  • alf (from melmak)

    Just got back from Thailand where traffic is possibly the worst in the world. Imagine a 3 kilometer ride which will take at least 30 minutes. Not putting the country down though as it is a fashion haven at bargain basement prices. Nick Cage might be giving me a two-thumbs up sign right now.

    Anyway, whoever posted that KKK thing is out of his mind. Enough of that racist remarks already. Even President Obama got into trouble with that.

    My meal allowance right now is waiting for more Marbury sightings. Might be good enough to keep me entertained during this basketball downtime.

  • bigcov

    on one of these very comment forums I said the best place for AI was New York! It has to happen. Its the very best place for him to have a good season next year…unless of course he could decide to come off the bench which we know he won’t.

  • sh!tfaced

    Nice KKK joke, not even Family Guy would go that far.
    The Utah Jazz could compete for the white guy deep roster.

    Bet Drew Gooden can break the three-way tie for most teams, which is 12, held by Massenburg, Chucky Brown and Jimmy Jackson.

    New York could sell a ton of tickets if every 100th fan can play point guard for the Knicks for a game.

  • mike

    Bargnani, Rasho, Voshkul

  • That’s whats up

    Marbury tv….. well there’s just no words for it really

    Gooden had his San Antonio meal ticket revoked and now he will get bench time in Dallas – dude wishes he was in Cleveland still probably

  • That’s whats up

    I’m not sure Iverson could handle the MSG crowds

    Look what the MSG fans did to Marbury. They made him lose his mind

  • http://manilatonight.com solomon (el latino machismo)


    delonte, wally, sasha… love, madsen, cardinal (WTF?!)… nocioni, casspi, brockman… okur, koufus, fesenko…

    nad just like that, we’re out like sean may’s weighing scale

  • http://www.fiba.com/pages/eng/fc/even/rank/rankMen.asp rodnets

    knicks are testing european market and interested in TAU Ceramica Pg argentinian Pablo Prigioni. He would be cheap and a better version of Jamaal Tinsley, check his numbers.


  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    ^ you ain’t never lied.
    jus seen footage of that fool cry for 2 minutes straight,sitting in front of his web cam,with some church shyt in the b.ground,with his yes man squeezing his shoulder to comfort him.eerie shit.i couldnt stop watching.
    then i couldnt stop laughing.
    now i’m reading about eddy curry’s “poundsaway” scales lol
    all i need i for superhead to do one more interview and i will positively lose it lol

  • sh!tfaced

    Ricky Rubio is spanish for Steve Francis.

  • Kobeef

    Speaking of free agent signings, apparently the new york Islanders made a nasty one….from today’s NHL headlines

    “Agent: Satan, Isles In Talks On Deal”
    LeBron might be the Knicks 2010 dream but the Isles just took FA signings to a whole other level – SATAN? Really?

    (PS. I know…the guy’s name is not really pronounced that way)

  • vince

    delonte west is a not a white guy #12.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs Before Slamball

    @sh!tfaced, Only difference is francis actually was legit and proved himself in college. Rubio is pretty much livin off hype from one game against team usa when no one had heard of him to scout him.

    @solomon, delonte isn’t white. Well not full white so i dont think he counts.

    @thats whats up, marbury was crazy before. If Iverson could handle philly I’m sure he could handle msg.

  • http://manilatonight.com solomon (el latino machismo)

    yeah, delonte aint really pure white, but being a redhead just ain’t black… so what’s he then? anyway…

    yeah right, make it happen! AI to MSG… let’s see how long until he starts tweeting and refering to himself in thrid person and talking to himself…

    i dunno, but with ‘dre out of the picture, AI to a bargain deal with philly would be priceless… that’s be a love story so fit for the city of brotherly love…

  • Brown

    Isn’t Delonte part white?

  • robmo35

    Rambis much better choice than Jackson especially with a young team. Rambis actually has experience coaching/teaching the game. All that Jackson has ever done is talk sbout it.

  • dk

    FAT baby for Yi, lmao what a horrible deal! Its a rumor but with alot of validity.

  • dk

    Please fucking sign Jackson to coach, that way I dont have to hear his egotistical punk fucking self commentate on tv. Hes the most annoying dick mouth out there.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Jackson should be the coach but I’d rather see him coaching a higher profile team.

    Gooden is actually a good pick-up for Dallas and I could see him sticking there.

    Denver where are you? Seriously have they done anything to upgrade there squad? Surely they don’t think the same squad will get them further while other teams get better?

    I still think a show with Shaq as the intimidator of 12 guys (6 centers, 6 guards) trying to get a tryout spot would be ill. A serious Shaq would have dudes straight skurred.

    Iverson to the Knicks would be excellent. Him start while Nate Rob. plays that 6th man roll and subs for him. Iverson would great for NY.

    Free Boozer!

  • http://www.saltytexan.com rangerjohn

    man i wish drew had been able to stick with the spurs at least one more season. he never got into the system, and was injured. to bad, he could at worst been another big to give tim and/or dyess some rest. oh well, he will just go waste away in dallas this season.

  • LakeShow84

    Who said they aint feeling Mark Jackson?? I need to hear;


    at least once every good game lol

    You know every morning (i shit u guys not) i wake up i check MSN or Dimemag just waiting to see “Lakers resign star F” and it just aint happening.. hes drawing this shit out way longer than he needs to..

  • Kudabeen

    Are we talking Front Office Positions or just on the court?

  • Drink the Haterade

    I think Rambis should turn down all offers and wait til Phil retires, he’s gotta be the next in line for the Lake Show.

  • Ekstor


    I’m not a Rubio fan… I don’t even know what to expect from the guy, but to say he’s living off of the hype of one game in the Olympics is false.

    He was been getting mad hype well before they squared off together. I’ve known of him for at least 2 or 3 years now.

  • http://BigTmusic.com Balla

    Iverson is at the point in his career that he can not handle MSG. They will boo him the second he has a 3 or 4 consecutive bad games. He will blame it on the coach or the organization instead of realizing that his role has changed since he came into the league. He will more than likely ask for a trade.

    I love AI, but it is clear that he is not about winning a ring like he claims it is. He is about being the best he can be. To win a title, you need to have the best team, and on a title contending team AI will NOT start (he is too much of a defensive liability). The only reason he is entertaining the Clippers, Grizzlies, and every other team that has no chance of winning a title this year is so he can start and not mess up his legacy.

  • TruthBurns

    Delonte West is Black.

    Black people come in all complexions from very light to very dark. And some of us have red-hair too.

    People of mixed race (half-black, half-white for example)are still Black.

  • jzsmoove

    Rambis aint going nowhere, he is the heir apparent for the Lakeshow…Toronto could use a big like Hakim Warrick, he can easily be a 10-10 guy…Gooden sucks and so is his hairstyle choices…Manila has the worst traffic EVER, it would have taken you 45 mins for that 3 KM ride. 1Hr and 10 mins on a rainy day.

  • tjack

    I’m a huge laker fan and Odom would be an absolute fool not to resign with the lake show. I would be surprised if the heat win more than 45 games next year.

  • Oscarisalakerfan

    Dang Odom is dragging this out wayyyyyyyyyyyy tooooooooooooo llloooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!

  • Phileus

    “People of mixed race (half-black, half-white for example)are still Black.”
    Serious question – so if they are still black, aren’t they still white too?

  • Promoman

    Iverson would be a great fit for the Knicks system but chemistry would be a problem. Iverson would wind up running the Knicks and they’ve got one inconsistent ballhog (Nate) as it is.

  • whatev

    @12 brockman isn’t a sf

  • doc

    Delonte black he just a lightskinned,red hed dude.Its one of him in every hood in the US.A lot of them will have freckles too.Dont front like you aint seen the type.AI to NY is a good fit for him, and them crowds wont intimidate AI one bit he held it down in Philly for multiple years or did you forget that.We really aint happy go lucky with our sports teams if you dont know.Odom trying to see if he can squeeze as much money out of LA as he can.He need to pick he living the life with Kobe in LA but downgrading to Wade in Miami is as less downgrading as its gonna get.

  • M Intellect

    Delonte West is Straight White?! LOL – When was the last time you met a white dude called Delonte? You’re gonna have to go back and find Winston Churchill’s right-hand man for that one.

    Interesting spin-off from the whole Delonte thing; If Delonte West is half-white and half-black, how can he be black and NOT be MIXED RACE?

    And if so, that would make Obama black?

    Who sees the split at birth with Delonte West and Brandon, Omar’s bitch from The Wire.

  • stevie

    da spurs should go after a.i. it gives dem more explosiveness in there lineup and there lineup would be tony a.i. jefferson timmy and mcdyess

  • stevie

    ginobili would wreck off da bench