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Derrick Rose - Dime 50
Welcome to the 50th issue of Dime Magazine -the culmination of eight years of blood, sweat and tears. We started this magazine because there was nothing out there for us. We had a simple desire for an intelligent, well-written basketball magazine that spoke to us as basketball players. That type of outlet just didn’t exist, so we made our own.

Now here we are, almost a decade later, still producing what we think is the best basketball magazine on the planet. It didn’t matter what the haters said at the start (there were many, and yes, we remember them all), and it doesn’t matter now that the economy is a mess and that the publishing industry is in shambles – we are in it to win it over the long haul.

There have been a lot of victories in the pages of Dime over the years, and we’re fiercely proud of them all, big or small. Having the courage to give Dwyane Wade, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, Brandon Roy, and others their first covers while other magazines were sticking with the “safe” choices is something we wear as a badge of honor.

Dime has cultivated a rep as being a haven for basketball players, an outlet where they can be themselves, wear what they want to wear, and talk about what they want to talk about. We saw it as early on as Dime No. 5, when Paul Pierce chose to open up and let us be the first media outlet to photograph the scars left by a nightclub stabbing back in 2000.
Kobe Bryant dime22_cover
We saw it in 2006, when Kobe Bryant, then on the rebound, repairing the damage wrought by incidents in his personal life, penned his own cover story to talk about where he saw his place in society and the game of basketball.

And that rep was on display again two years ago when we approached Shaq and offered to let him style his own cover shoot. The Diesel had one request: “Can you photograph me as The Godfather?” No problem, Shaq.

We can also admit that we aren’t perfect; we’ve had some misses over the years. There have been more than a few “What’s My Name?” players that haven’t panned out like we expected them to, and there have been fashion shoots that make us cringe when we look at them today. And the Ricky Davis “The Great Adventures of Slick Rick” cover from Dime No. 10? Clearly not our finest moment.

It was important to me though that this letter from the editor not focus solely on the past. Our path, our journey to this point, has been great. But our future? Even better. And that’s the main theme of this issue.

The first 50 issues of Dime Magazine have celebrated the players and personalities who, to this point, have shaped the game and the culture of what we like to call “The Dime Generation.” Our anchor feature in this issue looks ahead with a piece we’re calling “50 for the Future” – the 50 players, personalities and movements that we expect to dominate the pages of the next 50 issues of Dime Magazine. Think of it as a guide to the future of the greatest game on earth and the culture it drives.

One last thing to our readers – we wouldn’t have made it here without you. Our fans are loyal and rabid, and there’s nothing like when we receive an email or we meet someone who starts off with, “I’ve been reading you guys from the start …” It makes us feel great and gives us an extra push to keep battling. We can’t thank you enough.

Here’s to 50 more.

— Patrick Cassidy, Director of Content


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  • jryu

    congrats dime.

    i can only imagine what level of productivity i would have at work if it wasn’t for you guys haha.

    “we’re out like the first 50″ tomorrow?

  • bliz289

    congrats to the whole Dime crew. that’s a huge accomplishment.

  • LFan

    Best basketball publication, bar none. Congrats on the 50 Dime, thanks for giving us the pleasure.

  • aj

    Hooray Dime!

  • snoop

    SLAM Mag is so so def, untouchable from the rest. and oh yeah purple and gold the Lakers are the best…

    much luv Dime, I read yall too.


    Yeah Dime Congrats “I Fux Wit’cha” lol

  • http://www.f-the-refs.net Chicagorilla

    Derrick on the Cover! HoopsTV represent!!!

  • weezy f
  • Sambuu

    congrats dime.

  • http://deleted Luigi

    lets work on 100!

  • srb


    got this in the mail like 5 days ago

    nice issue so far. only half way through.

  • Taj

    Congrats Dime!!! Here’s to a bright future ahead!

  • the_don_mega (representin’ the 3 stars and a sun)

    congratulations Dime…

  • le_hotdawg

    I’m still rockin that hoopstv.com t-shirt!!!

    Thanks DIME!

  • Ashlov

    Congrats Dime. Keep up the great work. You had me at “We’re out like…”

  • Simon

    Congrats on 50 issues! Is there anyone else out there who was introduced to Dime through the links on foxsports.com?

  • http://transition3.wordpress.com Leo

    Congrats Dime. Good to see a quality basketball mag still going strong.

  • Oscarisalakerfan

    Hell Yeah Congrats….
    To answer Simon’s question I was introduced to Dime on foxsports and havent looked back since…
    best publication of ne sport out there….
    I go here more than I go to espn,si, and foxsports combined….
    You guys are my homepage …

  • doc

    Good shit fellas.Yall tried to kill yallselves with that Slick Rick cover though..

  • Nukky G.

    Congrats guys! Here’s to 50 more…and then 50 more after that…and then 50 m…yeah, you get it.

    Also, Derrick Rose looks a lot like Jalen in some pics…any blood lines somewhere along the road?

  • einnod

    Congrats on 50 DIME mag!!!

    Let’s make it another 50.

  • jzsmoove

    Keep that Smack coming this way baby!!

  • Patrick Cassidy

    Guys –

    Thanks for all the support, we definitely appreciate every single one of you being here every day reading the site, commenting on posts (and calling us out when we deserve it), and reading the mag when it hits the newsstands or your mailbox.

    Couldn’t do it without you.

    – Pat

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    you guys stole me from SLAM, which I read through childhood. best ball website, sick mag. congrats.

  • Dukesman2000

    Good jobs guys. I am a longtime subcriber to your magazine and a frequent visitor to your site; and I must say, you guys are the truth. Your writing styles are very refreshing in that you guys speak to us basketball heads as if we were having a conversation with our boys. Keep up the good work and I wish y’all all the best (even though y’all pulled a fast one on picking bogus winners for the Nike Four Rings Tee…lol)

  • fallinup

    Issue’s kinda thin for big numba 50. Biggups, though Dime, got mine last week.

  • jksonics

    congrats dime – i’ve been reading online and a sometimes subscriber or purchased from the shops over the last 8 years – keep up the great work. the basketball world would not be the same without Dime!

  • sh!tfaced

    ‘grats dime. nice one. dimemag is still da shit

  • that’s whats up

    a heartfelt congratulations!

    Times are tough so I’m re-upping tomorrow and subscribing a friend (on my dime)

  • dagwaller

    Congrats, keep it up.

  • Q

    How can I get dime issue number 50? Do they sell them in any store?

  • rw

    no shame doing ricky davis
    he had some good years

  • Aaron D.

    Can anybody tell me who makes that coat that Tony Wroten Jr. Has on in the dime mag page 59? It’s 2 sick!!!

  • smity far away

    i agree with rw. ricky davis was one of my favorite “misunderstood” players at that time. Funny how things change though.

  • Ryan

    congratulations dime on 50 issues! consider me a subscriber for #51 onward!

  • http://astrokidz.blogspot.com T.J.

    Congrats keep up the good work. I’m definately startin to like this mag more then ya competitors. Yall aren’t afraid to do ya own thing and thats why yall made it this far. Don’t stop now tho haha! Once again congrats to the whole dime crew!