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Dime’s All-Summer League Team

Blake Griffin (photo. Erik Isakson)

Blake Griffin (photo. Erik Isakson)

Now that the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas is over, it’s time to take a look back. The following All-Summer League teams consists of two guards, two forwards, and one center with consideration of at least four games played. That means guys like Eric Gordon and Anthony Morrow who went out to Vegas to simply get buckets weren’t considered because they only played in a few games, while the players we selected were all key components to their summer league squad the whole week.

First Team

G – Brandon Jennings – Averaging 14.6 points, Jennings led the league in assists (tied with Marcus Williams) and steals with 8.2 and 3.6 per game, while shooting a surprising 43% from three.

G – Tyreke Evans – Evans showcased his skills at both guard positions while putting up good numbers in every category as he averaged 19.2 points, 6.2 rebounds and 4.2 assists per game.

F – Anthony Randolph – Could be a breakout star next year in Nellie’s system (as long as he gets some PT). Randolph was one of the most athletic players in Vegas averaging 26.8 points, 8.5 rebounds, 2.2 assists and 3 blocks per game.

F – Blake Griffin – The No. 1 draft pick and MVP of the league put up expected double-double numbers each and every night to the tune of 19.2 points, 10.8 rebounds and 3.2 assists per game.

C – JaVale McGee – Led the league in blocks with 4.0 per game, while also chipping in 17.3 points and 6.3 rebounds for the Wizards.

Second Team

G – Marcus Williams – Led the Grizzlies to a 5-0 record while leading the league in assists (tied with Jennings) with 8.2 per game. The free agent also added 13.4 points and 4.6 rebounds as he hopes to make an NBA comeback.

G – Jonny Flynn – Shot the ball extremely well (48% from the field, 58% from three, 91% from the line) and showed that he knows when to score and when to distribute as he put up 15 points and 7.4 assists per game.

F – Adam Morrison – Proving that he can still play and is more than just a corpse with a championship ring, Morrison averaged 20.8 points, 5.0 rebounds and 2.0 assists per game.

F – Austin Daye – While some thought he might struggle at first, Daye held his own as he put up 17 points and 8.8 rebounds per game in helping his team go 4-1 for the week.

C – Joey Dorsey – Leading the league in rebounds with 14.8 per game, Dorsey also contributed 9.8 points and 2.6 blocks as his Rockets went 5-0 for the week.

Honorable Mention: Andray Blatche, Anthony Morrow, Cartier Martin, Chase Budinger, DaJuan Summers, Dante Cunningham, Darren Collison, DeJuan Blair, DeMar DeRozan, Eric Gordon, Gary Forbes, Jason Thompson, Jerryd Bayless, Jodie Meeks, Marcus Thornton, Nick Young, Othyus Jeffers, Quincy Douby, Stephen Curry, Taj Gibson, Ty Lawson.

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  • K Dizzle

    I wanna know what Dajuan Summers’ numbers were, cuz it looked like he was outplayin Daye from beginnin to end

  • 45%

    nick young has to make first team :-\

  • kareemA

    Here’s the game recap of Wiz v. Clips where Javale ‘posterzises’ the #1 pick.. 1:22 is where it happens.

  • isotope

    Did u really just put Chase as honorable mention???? LOL Dude should be unanimous 1st team.

  • Fab

    Rod Beaubois was pretty good (said D. Thorpe)

  • http://www.dimemag.com Jeff Chen

    @2 you are right, I missed Nick Young. I thought he only played in 3 games but he actually played in 4. Young put up 23.8ppg and 2rpg so I would place him on the Second Team and bump Marcus Williams down to an honorable mention. Besides scoring a lot, Young didn’t do much else on the court and his team only went 2-2 in the games he played in.

  • Yoooo

    Chase Budinger got 70% from 3 and didnt make 1st or 2nd, yall trippin. Get off Morrisons balls, its a wrizzy for him

  • isotope

    ^^and his squad went 5-0

  • wiz

    where the hell is nick young


    Summers did out play him but Daye’s gonna be better and it wasn’t by much that Summers beat him out.


    BTW the Summer League really don’t mean ish if Morrison was ballin like that. lol

    Please show that pic of Adam (Sad Puppy Face) Morrison holding up KG’s Dime cover. Yall know yall was waaayyyy out of pocket for that one. LMAO


    Almost forgot, Who the Fug is Jeff Chen???? Yall just hiring anybody these days huh???

  • wiz

    ok I overlooked the comments clearing that up

  • “Tha Boddy” Bad Like Michael

    Nick Young woulda made the first team had he done more than just score points.If he is gonna be a starter in the L at the height of 6’6 he gotta atleast start pulling down close to 5rebs per game and maybe 2-3 assists

  • doc

    Good list to me.I thought that French PG on Dallas was nice too.He got a future.

  • T-Bo

    Yeah, Rodrigue Beaubois was nice too, he deserved at least Honorable mention

  • http://myspace.com/ferrel_gangsta ferrel

    My teams are:

    pg-Jennings(over tyreke because gets teammates involed)
    sg-nick young(wizards future shooting guard)
    sf-anthony randolph(break out star next year)
    pf-blake griffin(alot of pressure with him in L.A “BUST”!)
    c-javale macgee(why is haywood still starting)

    pg-rodrigue beaubouis(dallas future point guard)
    sg-james harden(most mature player in summer league
    sf-austin daye(part of pistons future with stuckey)
    pf-dejuan summer(will replace sheed in a couple years)
    c-dejuan blair(be ready for a new all time rebounder finally spurs get younger)

  • JoeCozi

    you guys hella got that east coast bias cause Jennings is poo poo!!! dirty lookin jumper….reincartion of starbury and last I checked he was a cancer on every team he’s ever been on….

  • DC

    Did you really not put Chase Budinger in the 1st round? Obviously, you didn’t watch or keep track of Summer League.

  • doc

    Jennings from Compton so what East Coast bias got to do with that.

  • Ghost

    You put Stephen Curry in the honorable mention list and no Rodrigue Beaubois ? Are you kidding ???

  • Mark

    Joe Alexander was nice for the bucks, must have averaged 18 and 7 at least?? No mention?!!

  • Mack Brownee

    Are dejuan blair and joey dorsey the same person? or are they just related?

  • chief youngblood

    adam “the conundrum ” morrison