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Hawks re-sign Marvin Williams for 5 years, $40 million

Marvin Williams

Marvin Williams

About a month ago, when NBA TV was showing re-runs of old drafts, I watched the ’05 version, best known as the year Atlanta passed on Chris Paul (and Deron Williams) in favor of Marvin Williams with the second overall pick. Not everyone thought Williams was a bad pick at the time, though. “When we look back years down the line,” said analyst Jay Bilas, “we could be saying Marvin Williams was THE player from this draft.”

Four years later, Marvin went into this summer as a restricted free agent — because the Hawks didn’t attempt to sign him to an extension — and wasn’t generating much buzz at all on the market until today, when he re-upped with Atlanta for a reported $40 million over five years.

While he isn’t seen as a future star anymore, I’m surprised Williams didn’t have more teams after him. Williams (13.9 ppg, 6.3 rpg) is a solid small forward who has improved every year he’s been in the League; he could start for a lot of teams in the League or be a good backup for a championship-caliber team. He missed a lot of time last season with a wrist injury, but is an important piece for the Hawks if they want to stay in the Eastern Conference contender picture.

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  • danny

    He’s garbage. Even if he was there, the hawks wouldn’t of advanced past the second. Use that money on someoe else ATLANTA!!!


    The Raps are goin’ Italian. Getting Marco Belinelli for Devean George. They sure like their share of Euro players up there.



    Marvin Williams can ball. He just needs to play with a good point guard. Not some ballhog, shoot-first PG like Bibby. Put him alongside CP3, Nash or J-Kidd and his game will fly.

  • http://www.worldstarhiphop.com c-viz

    he and josh smith just dont work together. he is solid but this is a bad team for him

  • http://astrokidz.blogspot.com T.J

    Marv is underrated as heck. Dude still has heck of upside I think the fact that he’s compared to cp3 and d-wills success is what makes him seem like he’s just an okay player. Dude progresses every year, nice work ethic, clean jumper. I figure if he gets more aggressive dude will shock the league.

  • http://astrokidz.blogspot.com T.J

    I just wanna go ahead and say if you don’t watch Marv or the Hawks play on a regular basis. Your opinion is most likely irrelevant when it comes to him.

  • Jokess

    I’ma die hard hawks fan and i’m not totally sold on Marvin. He’s solid 14 and 7 a game, but I just dont see him as a playmaker or aggressive enough. He’s got potential and I’d hate to see him blossom elsewhere but, I just wanted him to show something this season in a contract year, maybe extend him mid season depending on production…Well, looks like he’s on the squad for sure for a while, Welcome to ATL Marvin

  • jzsmoove

    Definitely not worth that much dough. Bad move ATL re-signing Bibby and Williams.

  • BG the TB

    Heck, the mere fact that they re-signed Marv for $8 million a year says that he wasn’t a wasted draft pick…

  • Dagomar

    Colangelo is having a remarkable offseason. Trading an essentially useless piece for an improving young shooter/playmaker averaging almost twice as many points? This will help the bench.

    The Williams deal is a bit bizarre considering no other teams were competing for him, and I’m not sure he has the upside the Hawks expect. Still, to retain your core sometimes you have to overpay . . . .


    Does he deserve that much $$$? I remember Jay Bilas statement too, “He is going to be the man, better than CP3 and D-Will.”

    Contracts has it value too, if you are not getting the max, then you are not the best player from your class.

  • Buffalo Brave

    Cosign post #4

    Josh Smith is a SMALL FORWARD and he and marvin will never really get off as a forward combo, especially with a PF at center in horford.

    They’re trying to make themselves look better by keeping him cause they should’ve taken paul (how did he ball in atl and you didnt take him? FAIL) and they’re hurting themselves.

    They have to trade him or smith to really get better in the future.

  • Heckler…formerly ‘Yallallreadyknow’

    Atlanta was down right foolish for taking this guy williams with the 2nd pick. for real….he aint even start in college for NC!

    they had a chance at deron williams (best point in the league right now) or chris paul (2nd best point in the league) or even raymond felton.

    but no….

    them mgmt bums in atl selected a wing player with a #2 pick. you never select a wing with a #2. you go in hard and select a front court player, or a backcourt player; either of which can be a super star caliber stud with a 2 pick. not a tweener wing.

    marvin williams aint even that bad….just not worthy of a #2 pick

  • http://shaqtus.blogspot.com Lets Go Hawks

    It’s a solid move. Not spectacular but Marvin is improving and is still working on getting better. Just look at his 3pt shooting last season. I wanted D-Will in that draft but hindsight is 20/20 so i really can’t complain.

  • Seven Duece

    Even when he was at UNC I kept wondering what the hype was all about on (yet another) classic tweener. He is big and athletic, but not quick or perimeter skilled enough to be anything other than an adequate defender or limited scorer. He may get to 20ppg one day, but never will be an all around force. I can’t believe Atlanta didn’t use him in a sign and trade for either a real SF or PF, since Josh Smith is just a bulky athletic small forward masquerading as PF in their system. Especially when you consider that only 5 or 6 teams (at most) have a worse starting SF.

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    he aint all that.moves slow and his game lacks a decisiveness you’d expect from a guy of his build.I get more uumph from kevin martin ya dig
    and im not hating but ya boy doesn’t look conditioned either.meaning i could easily see him going the eddy curry route if he’s not careful.
    got a decent j,won’t hurt your team but won’t bless it either.
    bluntly he’s not the guy i’m playing to get a spark of buckets or stop a run.and i aint the only one who thinks so.

  • Smithy

    I say he is shit!

  • Richie rich

    So between Bibby, Crawford, JJ, Williams, Smith and Horford who’s not gonna start??

  • Dr.gOOgles

    This is bullshit!

  • me

    so durant was a bad pick too?

  • Kobeef

    I still think the Hawks should dump JSmoove for a starting center and make Marvin the full time starter at SF. Marvin is bigger, is a better shooter and ball handler than Josh and doesn’t come with a shitty attitude.

    If it wasn’t for JSmoove’s trade kicker he’d be gone.

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff

    Agreed. J. Smith should be gone. Hawks fans you know what you feel linke every time Josh shoots that 18 footer….like someone punched you in the stomach.

  • J.Davis

    The Hawks are doing what most teams in today’s time period are afraid to do, and that’s build a real team. Can you imagine how difficult it must be to try to play with new guys every single season, whether you’re a player or a coach? Of course each season there’ll be transactions but the Hawks have a group of guys who are familiar with one another and can develop some real chemistry. Every one keeps knocking Mike Bibby, Marvin Williams and Mike Woodson. Everyone keeps saying how we should’ve gotten a center because Horford can’t cut it as a big man. I keep hearing all of this every season but yet the Hawks continue to get better. So what’s all the complaining about? Joe Johnson is supposedly not a true superstar….Of course not. I mean he only led an NBA team (a playoff team at that) in scoring and assists. He’s only been to 3 All-Star games in a row. He was just asked to play for the Olympic team a few years ago, I mean anybody can do that right? Give him a break. He’s 6’7″ 240lbs. and can play point guard through small forward. He’s good in the post and has a good jump shot. He’s also a solid defender. Maybe not great but solid. And now he has Jamal Crawford to back him up so he doesn’t get run into the ground because Flip Murray was too small (although I really like Flip, I hope he gets a good deal with someone if not the Hawks) and Maurice Evans was only effective on tip slams and corner 3 pointers. Crawford, who can also play 1-3 (but probably won’t ever be used at the 1) is a guy who’s scored 50 points in a game about 6 times in his career. Very good upgrade. People continue to down the Hawks for their weaknesses but every team has them, but now they have 3 point shooters (Bibby, Johnson, Crawford, Evans and even Marvin), their young, athletic, good defenders (except Bibby) and they play really well at home (only 10 losses at Phillips Arena last season). They can grow together and become a team to be reckoned with for a long time to come.

  • Diego

    Props to posts 5, 6 and 22. JSmoove is no small forward–if he were one, he would be the worst shooting small forward in the history of the league!

    Marvin has a silky-smooth jumper; JSmoove has no jumper. (Plus JSmoove actually clanged a hell of a lot of dunks last year; seems like he went on the Andruw Jones diet last year.) Both dudes don’t have much of a handle. J-Chill is better all-around player than both.

    I have never been a Marvin fan, as he just seems clumsy as hell, basically. But he has improved every year, and first half of last year, he made me a believer, with his new-found 3-point stroke.

    He was the consensus pick at no. 2 at the time; hindsight is 20/20.

    Good deal by Hawks. I almost posted Marvin in the column as guys having a break-out year next year. And I think he will, IF he can stay healty–which is one hell of a big IF.

    But Hawks should have kept Solomon Jones. (Does Larry Bird know he ain’t a high-fiv’n white guy?)

  • will

    Bad move. Why sign him back for that much when you have JC, MB, and JJ and hes almost no interest from other teams??

  • http://shaqtus.blogspot.com Lets Go Hawks

    @ 22

    Close. What is actually does is make me want to throw up all over the tv. I can’t eat when i watch them play for that reason.

    and Post 24 is right. Smith isnt a SF. Yes, he’s athletic and can move but his handles aren;t good enough to play the 3. I already said what his jumper makes me feel like.

  • http://astrokidz.blogspot.com T.J.

    Yeah I really don’t see what the problem is re-signing him. Dude has gotten better every season. I see alot of complaints about Josh but I got to give him his props when it came to the playoffs he stepped up. We had to deal with injuries to almost all of our starters but Josh came through for us. Marv only really does whatever is needed from the team at the time. When JJ and/or other players aren’t scoring Marv puts in work. I don’t see why people have so many bad things to say about Hawks players yet we’ve proved we can be a top 4 team in the East. It’s not like we’ve been a lottery team the past two years. I figure as long as we keep improving theres no point in letting good core players go.

  • http://www.ajc.com/hawks Ariose

    SHUT UP!!!!!


    Kid is a stud.

    14 & 7 with NO PLAYS RAN FOR HIM WHATSOEVER???? Stop hatin’!!! He’s better than Tayshaun Prince, don’t even deny it.

    And Smoove is not a Small Forward idiot, tch.

  • http://www.ajc.com/hawks Ariose

    It’s not tat other teams didn’t have intrest. His agent just let other teams know that Marvin was Hapy in the ATL and didn’t want to go to another team. The same thing Happend with Mike Bibby.

    PPL/players hate on Atlanta, and don’t want to come here, but when they get here. they love it. Go figure…

  • smitty

    marvin is an okay fit for atl, and will become great if he continues to improve his all around game especially his j. so its not a bad move at all, but something has to give here. we need a legit center; horford is too small and zaza is well….and josh smith needs to get off his butt and get a damn jumpshot already. if he can do that, he’ll be a solid undersized 4: athletic finisher, hits the boards, great shot blocker, aggressive slasher.