NBA / Jul 15, 2009 / 7:25 am

Jerry Buss and Lamar Odom Have Some Beef

Lamar Odom

If Ron Artest just inked a three-year, $18 million deal to come to Los Angeles, what business does Lamar Odom have holding out for nothing less than five years, $50 mil?

This seems silly. The Lakers’ management had an offer to Lamar Odom on the table for about a week worth $36 million over four years or $30 million over three. They’re already sporting the League’s largest pay role. But L.O. won’t budge. So now they’ve taken the deal off the table.

“Yes, we have taken the deal off the table,” Lakers public relations director John Black said. “Talks have broken down for the time being.”

Black was asked if talks could resume in the future.

“That’s within the realm of possibility,” he said.

Clearly L.A.’s front office isn’t happy about this. At another point in that LA Times article, they’re described as being “baffled” by Odom’s intransigence. It’s all the more perplexing, given that there aren’t many – if any – teams out there who could offer a better deal. Miami and Dallas only have the mid-level exception to offer. Among teams with more cap space, Odom isn’t the best fit to earn starter money. Memphis has Rudy Gay, Detroit has Tayshaun, Atlanta has Joe Johnson/Josh Smith, OKC has Durant, Toronto just got Turkoglu, and Portland is about to lock up Millsap.

If Odom took the $36 million deal in LA, he could make up some of the extra cash he’s looking for with endorsement deals. That ain’t going to happen in Memphis.
Source: LA Times

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  • AG

    Didn’t see this one coming. Cmon Lamar, you love the beach!

  • Quedas

    But Katz, in all those teams you were talking about, they have SFs which I really don’t think Odom is… He gets killed defensively by any remotely quick SF and I think he’s much better suited to play the PF position, which some of those teams actually need. I mean, he CAN play the SF, but he’s certainly not stuck playing that position…

  • S-SiN

    LO has to put the pipe down and call Buss to apologize and accept 36MIL to stay in Lakerland. in this economy who is he looking for to pick him up, are u kidding me? also u’re right, there’s no doubt he can get more endorsements in LA than anywhere else, especially after they were doing special half-time segments on him and liking sweets during conference finals! Put the blunt down Lamar. there. now, easy…

  • http://dimemag.com Dime Magazine


    Good point. Do you think one of those teams pays him starter money to play PF?

    – ak

  • sh!tfaced

    wtf? go ahead, odom. do your thing. f*ck up the best chance where you can get the most money and win another ring at the same time, take the MLE and run.

  • Quedas

    @ 4 – Oh, on that we do agree. I also don’t think any team in the league trusts Odom to secure such a fundamental position as the PF as a starter. He as proven again and again to be too erratic. But I still think he’s better off trying to secure a PF position than a SF position. My Orlando team was one of the few to pull off the huge frontcourt and still, Hedo was a much different player than Odom.

  • http://Gmail Benny

    “Cmon Lamar, you love the beach!”

    LMAO!!!! (Laughing my ass off)

  • http://Gmail Benny

    He gonna end up in Portland!!


  • sh!tfaced

    “Many in the Lakers’ organization believe that Odom wants to accept Buss’ offer — and so do those close to Odom — but he has failed to convince his agent.”

    so its the agent who’s f*cking it up…?

  • DA ONE

    well first of all Andrew Katz artest signed for the full mid-level lets get those facts straight for 5 years not 3. This is just a play from the lakers they know they can offer odom the most money and they just got impatient with their 9 mill offer now they might get 8 the next time they talk. Jeff schwartz he was basically waiting for the portland situation to resolve first then see if he can get a deal starting @9.5 million or higher for 5 years but hes smoking now hes messed up his client nabbing a deal @ 9 million for 3 years even though he demanded for 5 years instead. Are they gonna lose odom? PROBABLY NOT this is just buss @ the poker table calling people’s bluff and making odom and schwartz do something and get urgent. Teams like dallas and miami can ONLY offer the mid-level around 5.6 mill and they have state taxes so unless they pull a ariza move and play the loyalty card which would be the dumbest move on odom’s part letting his agent running game on him i don’t believe it. Now if odom does come out and say he wants to leave which he didn’t the best case scenario is a sign and trade to miami haslem championship PF and james jones (expiring contract) that way odom gets his dough, wade gets help, lakers get veterans, win-win situation. Dallas just doesn’t have the pieces to pull it off and again unless schwartz play the loyalty card i doubt he’ll be in dallas. Portland would be the biggest threat if they sign odom for 9+ mill that’ll be the lakers biggest loss

  • http://dimemag.com Dime Magazine

    DA ONE,

    Artest’s base deal is still 3 years/$18 mil. He just has the option to extend it for two years thereafter, which would pay him about $8 million per season. So he’ll make about $6 mil for his first three seasons in LA, and if he decides to extend, then he’ll be in the $8 mil region for two more years.


    – ak

  • K.I.R

    If they diont sign him there could very well regret it. I personally am not expecting much from Bynum next year and Ron Artest signing could really not work out

  • http://www.diznuts.blogspot.com Darkness

    Seems like supply and demand doesn’t apply to the NBA. If Odom and his agent realized the Lakers already had the “supply part” locked down (Artest @ around $6 million a year, who’s actually a true SF), they’d lessen their demands.

    It won’t end the same way, but this sorta reminds me of the Sprewell situation a few years back.


  • Dennis Castro

    TX and FL have no state income tax, so they could conceivably offer less, but equate to the same deal as LA is offering after taxes.

  • that’s whats up

    I guess that video of L.O. and Phil Jackson runnin’ a train on Jeannie Buss finally leaked


    bring odom 2 dallas cuban its not like u got anything better goin 4 us. And it makes the lakers alot weaker without him i think everybody underestimates the impact he makes on their team with rebounds and slashing. that being said, im a 100% sure the lakers will keep him this is just bluffing and working out the right deal 4 both sides

  • Trey

    His options are, take the offer from the Lakers or play for the (Mid-Level-Exception) some where else or become Latrell Sprewell

  • bixby

    mavs getting odom doesnt make alot of sense to me other than hurting the lakers as they’re set at both forward positions with dirk, marion, howard.

    they need a center bad though as going into next year with just damp and hollins is a big hole. damp in a contract year was good the last time around but that was like 7 years ago.

  • Michorizo

    I think Odom owes it to the Lakers to sign with them for not boxing out Shawn Marion that lead to a Tim Thomas 3 pointer in the playoffs 2-3 years ago against Phoenix.

  • LakeShow84

    Now ill say it..

    Fuck LO then.. 9 million for his sugar high ass aint good enough??

    I hope its his agent cuz its a PRIVILEGE to be on the most talented team in the NBA.. Ask stars on bottom feeder ass teams what they would give up just to be on a true contending team.. shit look at stars in their 30’s, they hoppin around like musical chairs trying to get a ring and for $9,000,000 a YEAR he aint trying to go back2back??

    See thats that inconsistent shit im talking about..

  • LakeShow84

    @ Michorizo

    Dont forget Kwame for biting on the pump fake.. WHEN THEY NEEDED THE 3 JUST TO TIE IT!!!!

    Dude you just reminded me of the pain..

  • shabba

    C.R.E.A.M. – I feel you O, but unemployment is at 9.5% homie… stop phuqin’ around! You are only a Best supporting player at best… take the money and cap a squat on the bench and stop actin’ like a little ho’

  • Dukesman2000

    LO is consistently inconsistent and the Lakers know this, that is why they had no qualms about pulling their offer.

  • jzsmoove

    Odom is as dumb as they get, with or without his agent’s whisperings.

  • Taj

    Latrell Sprewell #2!!! See ya, Lamar! You had a decent run while it lasted!

  • Ashlov

    Miami has more candy, Lamar! Wade, Boozer, Iverson and Odom in ’09!


    Don’t get greedy LO!

  • David_Brandon

    @ ashlov,

    an they STILL have no center…

  • jmg

    if LO doesnt have enough power over his agent to say he wants to sign for 9 mil, then he is a DumbFuck and deserves all the criticism that has been said about him the last few years! this negotiation really is puzzling to me, especially when i hear that LO’s agent cant be reached but he is talking to Miami and Dallas about the Mid-Level exception. 5 yrs 34 mill in Mia or Dallas isnt the same as 3 yrs 27 mill in L.A. He can make up that 7 mill over the 3 year period with endorsements and business ventures in L.A. 1ST NOMINEE OF DUMBFUCK OF THE YEAR IF HE SIGNS ELSEWHERE FOR LESS $$$$

  • Coop

    “pay role”?

    Jesus Christ.

  • Big Island

    Coop – LOL!!! I was thinking the same thing.

    Odom probably wants to go someplace with guaranteed minutes. Gasol and Bynum will take all of the inside time and Kobe/Artest are the 2 and 3. Phil will bring him off of the bench and LO’s pride was probably dinged.

  • 10 gallon hat

    Like Kobe would say ship his ass out, trade him to Dallas for Dampier. That’s another 12 million the Lakers can use as an expiring contract.