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Kevin Durant > LeBron James?

Yesterday, veteran NBA columnist Sam Smith posted this on Bulls.com:

It’s being whispered now among NBA types because, I believe, under a secret NBA/ESPN provision you are not permitted to say aloud anything that might be interpreted to suggest LeBron James isn’t the best thing to ever happen in anyone’s life. But sitting in the stands in Las Vegas at the USA Basketball mini-camp and hearing NBA coaches and general managers, the gasps have been for Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant. I’ve now heard more than one say Durant could be a better player than James given Durant’s combination of amazing size at about 6-10 and pure shooting stroke. And he’s still 20. The feeling is Durant is on the brink of being a 30 per game scorer. Plus, Durant is a serious worker.

Naturally, my first reaction was “Sam, GTFOH.”

There is part of me though, that gets what he’s saying. KD is a beast, and all signs point to him being an absolute monster this season as the best player on one of the League’s rising young squads. The fact that he’s 6-10, has range for days, and can play multiple positions makes him a serious weapon – but he’s not the athlete that LeBron is, he’s nowhere near as explosive or powerful, and struggles guarding smaller, faster players.

But that’s just me. We want your opinion. Knowing what you know of KD, you tell us: What’s Kevin Durant’s ceiling?

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  • tangman

    big time scorer, tmac in his prime, no championships

  • Craig

    @Patrick Cassidy


    I think I know what the F stands for but damn, could you break this down, I could write a whole sentence with the first letter from each word, doesn’t make me cool

  • nowwhatyo

    durant will be a better scorer, but not a better player. durant needs to learn leadership.


    get the f out of here…is what gtfoh…i mean i can definetley see the stats match up between durant and bron…

  • Michorizo

    I believe it…Durant is sick!

  • sxrs


    it stands for “Get The Fuck Outa Here”

    but i agree, there’s become to many of them since LOL

  • Sanssasin

    i think kd will be great. i don’t think he will have a better career than james though. james has an nba body, durant has a snoop dogg type body.

    i think everyone is sick of the lebron talk and wants to jump on whatever bandwagon we can jump in besides the lebron bandwagon. so although kd will have a great career let’s not throw out he’s better than or will be better than ______, yet.

    i think kd has leadership @3. watching him in vegas, he seemed to be directing things on the court. i don’t question his leadership yet.

  • Birdy

    So LeBron’s idea of leadership is not losing a game for the first two rounds of the playoffs and then bowing out to the Magic in 6. Or is it taking pretend pictures with your teammates before games?

    We went through this with Derrick Rose. Not everyone is gonna be KG or Kobe screaming at their team in a huddle or on the court. There are a lot of “lead-by-example” type of players in the league these days, KD being another example.

    Also, do you think that with Nate McMillan being at the Team USA camp and getting to watch Greg Oden and KD on the same floor this saying passed through his mind just ONCE…. “Man we f***** up!”

  • http://www.f-the-refs.net Chicagorilla

    In my whacked out opinion. Durant is the equivalent of Larry Bird today. I think he will be the new age Larry Legend. Just based on the way he gets buckets with ease. He’s a decent passer at the moment but I think that will improve with time (Like Karl Malone) and he has already put up better rebounding numbers in year 2. His defense will need to improve, but I’m more intrigued in what Durant will do over the next 10yrs more so than Lebron. I think Lebron’s peaked until he loses his legs and is forced to learn how to shoot/dribble/run off screens. Durant is already capable of being a force even without his avg athleticism. My vote is Durant >Lebron at 20yrs of age with more upside.

  • Arrogant

    if he bulked up and was as stong as LBJ he would be way better.. but his game isnt power so when he does get a lil strength i could see y they could say that… but i remember he hardly could lift the weights in the draft camp….

  • http://www.f-the-refs.net Chicagorilla

    side note: I’m not saying Durant will be better than Bird, I think he is the Bird of the NBA today.

  • AdvancedMind

    DURANT is already one the smartest scorers in the game, Lebron has to learn how to create buckets without usin his athletic ability everytime. As far as an all around player, (passing,rebounding, defence) Lebron has the edge but as far as a scorer Durant is already ahead of lebron at the age of 20.

  • elaly

    “Lebron has to learn how to create buckets without usin his athletic ability everytime”

    why?? explain this to me…. i think its ridiculous to fault lebron james for using his unparalleled athleticism to score… its as if people value the “normal” jump shot over lebron just soaring over people like thats not an efficient way to score… i mean does the ball not go in the basket??

    then people usually respond by saying something stupid like, ” oh well what about in 8 years when his body is deterring?”

    WHO CARES?? Is it 2017 yet? no its not… focus on the present, dont worry about the future…

  • Sambuu

    T-Mac in his prime was sick too…

  • hansosword

    Durant is my favorite player since college, but there is no way he’s better than Lebron. I also think it’s ridiculous to suggest that LBJ has hit his “ceiling”. The dude keeps getting better every year, and will continue to do so for a long time. I think people still dont really grasp what he’s been able to do ( the finals twice,EC finals last year) with a team of second tier role players.Not to mention a second tier coach. Think about this: When Jordan left the nba to go play baseball, the bulls won over 50 games and were one f’d up call away from being back in the finals. Take Lebron off the Cavs, and they don’t even make the playoffs. I’ve been following the league since about ’89, and in my opinion the only players who had a bigger impact on the game since then are MJ and Shaq. The dude is all-universe.
    That having been said, Durant is dope. I like the bird comparison too. Magic>Bird…

  • TL

    lebron = shawn kemp
    durant = jordan?

  • Mellmeister_reppin’Shaolin

    Durant will be the T-Mac of ’04 on the NBA’s 09-10 season… if he wants to overpass LBJ, he needs to shed off his WNBA Body first… Durant reminds me of Lisa Leslie.
    F*ck y’all Haters hating on the King. Put up respect for LBJ you guys have all been a witness. you know the ceiling for the KING, i hope he develops a better midrange game because right now he sucks at it.


  • CJ

    it sounds outrageous at first, but when i think about it, it’s not a crazy argument. lbj is a pretty skilled player, but we all know that it’s his athleticism that sets him apart. but that will slow down eventually.

    but at 6’10, KD is sooo skilled. he could probably add another 20 pounds on his frame and not lose his quickness – the same way pippen did when he entered the league. as for defense, that’ll come around with more experience and strength. he still only 20 years old.

  • Gerard

    T Mac was a better passer and defender (early in his career). Offensively they are similar. He has the potential to reach T Mac status though if he puts in the work. That was his favorite player growing up he said, and I would love to see another T Mac in the league.

  • InFamous1

    I highly doubt that Kevin durant will become a better player than lebron, but I do think he has a chance to be just as explosive of a scorer.. I just don’t he ha the tenacity in him to be as powerful on defense as lebron. He’ll be good.. But not as good as king James.

  • http://www.worldstarhiphop.com c-viz

    prince james has a lot to prove this year. there is a lot of hate building up around him. he is a beast, but if he keeps losing how can he be the KING?? KD is a great scorer and wont get props until he makes his team win like brandon roy did

  • johnny

    Pistons fan here. In 2007, Lebron showed that he can make circus shots galore. Even from well behind the 3 point line. Dude knows how to score.[/end] Not saying that Powerade commercial was real, but yea. He might as well drive over people to the hoop too.

    Good article in the sense that it gives KD props. He is underhyped for now.
    The Larry Bird comment was a good comeback to me, because KD looks like he can hold down the 2nd tier while Lebron takes the MJ tier.

  • johnny

    c-viz, Lebron doesn’t keep losing. He doesn’t have Pau and Odom on his team. And, I doubt Mike Brown is as good as Phil Jackson.

    Lebron got Mo Williams on the all-star team. Nuff said. :D

  • Tread61

    Hmmm…this is a good one…KD is going to need to gain muscle OR become a taller version of Reggie Miller. At 6’10” and around 210 to 215lbs that is waaay skinny and coming to the hole is going to get testy to say the least! Lebron is a specimen of physical prower combined with great timing, quickness and all around athleticism. Lebron wins this one. But, KD WILL no doubt be a heck of scorer for years to come. The Bird comparison was a pretty good one too – now surround KD with a good team and there you go!

  • runngun22

    It’s very early to say either way, but a better argument right now (at least to me) is between Kevin Durant and Brandon Roy. Who will have the better season next year or over the course of the next three or four years?

  • CL

    Kobe > KD > LBJ…jks.

    Kevin Durant is a star that uses his skill and size, has superb work ethic, and actually can shoot the rock.
    LBJ is a great player, who only uses his size that God gave him.

    LBJ is a better player clearly, but KD can make a push if he can put it all together.

  • http://iannyb9@hotmail.com iannyb

    Durant will be a beast and i do believe the sky’s the limit for reel.he will put on size and I can see him ranking very close to KB24.And that’s coming from a legit Kobe fan.Go Durant

  • Michorizo

    Nothing wrong with having more than one great in the league

  • KanDMan

    LBJ = Freak of Nature. Unbelievable athlete. Still learning the small nuances of the game.

    KD = A young improved version og the George “Ice Man” Gervin. Unstoppable offensive threat. Better at doing the small things, running off screens etc.

    Conclusion. Can’t go wrong building a team around either one of these studs.

  • http://www.geocities.com/dagomardeg Dagomar

    Lebron is a better scorer than Durant. This is a guy who averaged 40 points against the league’s best defense in the ECF. The second-leading scorer in the league last year; the leading scorer the year before. He’s eclipsed a 30 PPG average twice in his career and his shooting is improving by leaps and bounds.

    So understand this: it’s a HUGE stretch to say Durant is a better scorer than Lebron, and it’ll be a huge stretch even if he averages 30 PPG on a shit team next year. As for every other facet of the game, Lebron destroys Durant and only a madman would say otherwise.

  • Kobeef

    LOL at comment #8

    I bet Nate MacMillan was losing his mind watching KD on the same floor as Oden.

    People laughed off the idea that Oden would be another Sam Bowie type draft bust for the Blazers but the way things are going it isn’t far off.

    Durant looks like a first ballot hall of famer at 20 years old.

    Oden? Apparently he is in counselling cause he is having trouble dealing with the pressure of pushing Joel Pryzbilla out of the starting lineup…..which is to say he’s a long way from being a lock for the all star game.

  • hadoken

    why is everyone so obsessed with crowning a number 1 or hyping someone to be the best all the time? lebron is NASTY and so is durant. oh btw there’s several guys in the nba right now who have a legitimate claim for the title as well. but since we’re only talking about these two, as much as i love durant and his game, i can’t take him seriously until okc gets some real uniforms instead of those homemade eastbay joints that they currently sport.

  • ProphetGK

    LBJ = Supposed greatest player in the league for 6-7 years.
    KD or “mac & cheese” = One of the greatest players of all time.

    Case Closed….

  • sh!tfaced

    Damn right about the GTFOH.

    Most of us want to believe, because LeBron has now taken over Kobe’s place as the most hated player today.

    James has a more complete game and is the better passer, now or when they were 20. But Durant is the more polished scorer and is a better shooter.

    And I’m gonna buy the whacked out analysis, in terms of offensive repertoire and scoring efficiency, KD is right there with Bird and Alex English when getting buckets with ease.

    LeBron likes to force things and relies too much on his strength and athleticism. Durant has yet to learn how to make his teammates better and James is already a master at it.

  • netstar882211

    LB23 was durant skinny when he started in the nba. give kd another few years and he is going to be STACKED. he has a better attitude than lebron, and he leads his team by example, getting guys involved to do the things he does rather than just doing it himself. KD is a better team player and more modest. he will have the better career overall, lebron is just the IT dude right now.
    lebron is going to be the barkley of this era… talented, competitive, and capable of carrying his team to the finals, but he will not win a ‘chip.

  • David Stern

    I’ve tracked down you IP addresses and should have agents at your houses with in the hour to destroy your computers and erase these thoughts from your mind!

    But in all seriousness, I think KD has a better chance to be like MJ then Lebron does. Lebron is much more in the mould of Magic and Oscar, he just doesn’t have the lethal killer instinct that MJ had. I know it’s a long shot but he’s gonna be the best thing since MJ & sliced bread.

  • Young Lebron 23

    Kevin Durant is nice but HE WILL NEVER BE BETTER THAN LEBRON. He isnt stronger, quicker, a better defender, of more athletic than him. Lebron is jus like dwight howard, both can dominate by just using their superior physical skills

  • Ethan

    Dude, Lebron was never Durant skinny, what are you talking about? That said, I do think KD has an outside shot at passing up LeBron. LeBron is so skilled and physically gifted that he has to be the favorite – his passing alone sets him apart, and his defense is impeccable too. But KD is the best natural scorer I’ve ever seen. I really think that he has a shot at going down in history as the greatest offensive player to ever play the game. Whether that will be enough to pass LeBron is hard to say.

  • big mo

    So for all of yall sayin kD is greater than LBJ, u mean to tell me that u would actually pick that kid over the king on your team???gtfoh!!!!hell, put lbj on the thunder rite now with harden, and westbrook and see if he doesnt take them to the finals….n PLIZ, put KD on the cavs, and see how far they go…
    Look, KD is great n all, but if he even achieves half the things Lebron did by age 23 or 24, then yall can start talking…
    Oh AND ANOTHER THING, doesnt a guy by the name of Carmelo Anthony possess the same qualities ie. mid range/range 4 days, easy buckets that yall are talking about????Carmelo is even way bigger and stronger than KD, but would you actually dare say that Carmelo is better than Lebron????

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Really looking at two different styles. I agree that KD resembles a young T-Mac minus the defense, cause that is actually how T got on the floor.

    Still LeBron is nothing we have ever really seen before. I honestly think it’s to early to call. Still if you just going right now at this current moment it’s LeBron but in time who knows.

    KD’s ceiling has a good 3 to 4 years when we should see him at max potential.

    Just wish KD was on another squad with a bigger market. Time will tell though.

  • big mo


  • Smitty313

    Lebron stuggled playing d on everybody when he came into the league.

  • big mo

    U know wat this hatred for Lebron reminds me of??? It reminds me of that time Kobe raped that white girl, n had beef with shaq, N THE SAME PEOPLE SAYIN KOBE WAS WACK THEN, ARE THE SAME PEOPLE DRINKIN HIS BATH WATER NOW!!!!
    Listen yall, Lebron weighs twice as much, as does he in terms of greatness…

  • elaly

    when lebron was 20, he was much bulkier then KD…. kd might have 1 of those skinny bodies for life…just cant get big but who knows, dude is 20…

    for now though, i mean…the nba has never seen a lebron james before…actually i dont think any sport in the history of mankind has ever seen a body like lebron james… im a kobe fan…. but the dude is undeniable

  • LakeShow84

    You guys are trippin saying KD will be Tmac in his prime..

    KD will be BETTER than Tmac because KD got a killer instinct in him that puts him on Kobe’s level of competetiveness.. you can see it in the kid when he plays.. hes intense.. Tmac plays lazy sometimes and you can tell cuz he be out there smiling and shit..

    I dont know about the long run but at this point (20) he is a better player than Lebron.. Lebron could cop 2-3 chips and Durant none so a man is measured by his bling in the NBA..

    If neither of them have chips in the end?? then who gives a fluck about them..

    But give him 6 years like Lebron has had and KD will be a MONSTER.. probably the most prolific scorer EVER.. i still say hes going to break the Pts record after Lebron breaks it..

  • Nigel

    LeBron lacks the efficient scoring ability that KD has. But Lebron posses the power and strength that allows him to average more points regularly. Durant is more lanky and crafty and finds creative ways to get his buckets. LBJ will forces his point more so.

  • http://astrokidz.blogspot.com T.J

    KD has got a naturally skinny frame but with his shot and work ethic he could be a scorer than LeBron. I figure if he bulks up KD could be more of a nightmare to handle. I think LeBron jus has to work on the traveling thing and the fact that the refs show him more love than Kobe, Jordan, Wade, or any other superstar in NBA history doesn’t help.

  • http://www.amazon.com/Hitchhikers-Guide-Galaxy-Full-Cast-Dramatization/dp/160283511X/ref=pd_sim_b_3 FourtyTwo

    Hmmm, let’s see:

    OKC record last year? 23-59?

    Surely you can’t be serious. Take a quick look at the lumiaries on the 2004-2005 Cavs team (featuring starter ERIC SNOW) and the cavs went 42-40 that year. Durant has a year on James to boot.

    KD has skills, sure. Let’s not get carried away. Glen Rice seems a closer match.

  • Yoooo

    KD is a better offensive player than LeBron. Imagine LBJ with slightly less athleticism, he’s not nearly as effective. KD is better with the ball in hands and is unguardable bcause of his length, ability to get AND shoot from anywhere on the floor. Dude is money. Nowhere near LeBron yet, but the potential is there for sure…

    Also, fellaz check out my site http://menwithgirls.blogspot.com/ It’s a dope joint trust.


  • http://1234567890-= go jazz


  • http://www.f-the-refs.net Chicagorilla

    KD has more scoring ability than LBJ. Sure Bron overpowers his way to 30ppg all on FT’s, Lay-ups and dunks. KD gets lay-ups, hits mid range, long range, ft’s, GAME WINNERs, and does it all with no coach (PJ/Scott Brooks/Randy Witman, who the hell is the coach now?) and no true team (Westbrook and Green are the only talent he had and they are young) and in the WEST. Durant is a match-up nightmare. Lebron is also, but he can also pass very well and has the ball 95% of the time allowing his numbers to blow up even more. Bron may be better at this point because he has a better all around game, but no way is he a better scoring option.

    For those of you that are saying “what’s wrong with Bron using his athleticism to score every time”.

    Are you serious? Have you ever played ball using your athletic ability only, then as you get older notice you can’t jump as high or run as fast. You then have to figure out how to use your smarts. Well Durant already has that. Lebron is not even close in that department. Bron may be a freak in the mold of Clyde Drexler, Dominique Wilkins, Darrell Green (NFL), but It doesn’t happen often. So when David Stern stops letting the refs blow the whistle anytime someone gets close to him, he’ll be forced to rely on his mental game. Which will bring him back down to 20ppg or worse.

  • kevin k

    Lebron’s freak of nature body and athleticism plus his talent makes him arguably top 2 best players in the world. You take away his freakish athleticism, I wouldn’t even put Lebron in top 10 in the NBA. Kevin Durant doesn’t have LBJ’s body or athleticism but is already one of the best players in the league. 5 years from now KD > LBJ.

  • kevin k

    a good example would be AMARE. B4 his microfracture surgery, STAT was straight unstoppable. There was no comparison between Dwight and Amare. I have never seen a PF dominate a game like the way he did against the SPURS and Tim Duncan in his PRIME. Amare is still a beast but is clearly a shell of his former self.

  • http://www.f-the-refs.net Chicagorilla

    thank you Kevin. Amare is a perfect example. Now he is learning to hit that 15ft jumper instead of dunking everything.

  • LakeShow84

    @ FORTYTWO #46

    I would just like to point out that Lebron plays in the East.. and as a matter of fact during his first couple of years the East ONLY had the Pistons.. Thats ONE good team in the whole playoff picture..

    Dont get me started on how much tougher the West is on a rookie..

  • Brown

    KD will end up having the better career in my opinion, strictly because OKC has a GM who knows what he’s doing. Lebron still doesn’t have a running mate, just a bunch of guys thrown together around him. KD has Westbrook and now Harden. That’s one hell of a core and if they stay together, they’ll be contenders every year. I think it’s only a matter of time until OKC is a powerhouse.

  • lifep

    Once he fills in…Scottie Pippen/T-Mac hybrid plus some!

  • danocasa

    i dont necessarily agree with everyone that lebron will need to get a jumper to stay effective years down the road. the amare and jkidd comparisons are a little off because the only reason they lost their step is because they got hurt. look at dr. j. he never got a jumper because he never needed one. he never got hurt. he allows could throw one down on your face. as it seems, lebron is quite durable (think the opposite of oden and, sadly, dwade). i think what lebron needs to get is a post up game. only two types of players have any chance guarding bron, a fast three, who would probably give up an inch or two, plus twenty to thirty pounds. what should lebron do? post his ass up. if he has a strong four, who is the same size but slower, just run by him. lebron needs to work on his post up game and free throws, stop shooting threes, and get a coach that has an offense instead of the “im fucked, here lebron, do something with the rock” offense.
    KD is twenty. 20. dude cant even drink yet. all he needs is experience and some weight training and he’ll be off the charts. who is gonna guard him if hes 230-240 instead of 215? nobody. check back when hes 25 and has fully finished puberty.
    i think that, in the end, it will be the difference between dominique and bird (loved the comparison w/ kd). not necessarily in terms of championships, but in terms of what kind of player they are. lebron will have endless highlights of him dunking from the free throw line in games, and kd will have endless highlights of hitting 25 foot fallaway threes coming off screens. i guess it depends on what type of game you like better.

  • Seven Duece

    As of right now, Durant is a stone cold scorer, but not really outstanding in any other area. LBJ serves the entire meal on a daily basis, which not many players in the history of the game were able to do. I do believe KD will go down as an top 10-15 scorer if he stays healthy, but Lebron’s fingerprints will be all over the all time stat sheets.

  • QQ

    Big mo know da deal yall. Lebron da Gawd. Kobe aka “yea i raped dat beeyatch, and i put it in her butt” bryant can’t even fuck with lebron. KD nice, but he ain’t not Bron Bron.

  • http://www.geocities.com/dagomardeg Dagomar

    Newsflash: Lebron has a jumper. More of a jumper than Jordan had in his first seven years, that’s for sure. More of a jumper than Magic ever had. If you think bron is scoring on dunks and freethrows only you aren’t watching games. Durant is a superior shooter, granted, but for now Lebron is a vastly superior scorer because, in addition to having a jumper, he also drives to the net better than anyone in league history. Oh, and did I mention that he scores at a higher percentage than Durant? So much for that efficiency argument.

    On the whole it’s funny how Bron gets stereotyped as a pure athlete because he’s the most athletic guy in the league. Yeah, all he has is his athletism. That and the best handle of any SF in the NBA. He’s a top-five passer in the league, he can play and guard (excellently) four positions. He’s a great rebounder. He can block shots, get steals. According to 82games.com he’s the most clutch player in the league. Did I mention his PER is off the charts? That he single-handedly makes a team of role players into a title-contender? That he raises all his stats in the playoffs? That his leadership has been praised not only on the Cavs, but in Team USA?

    Let’s put to rest the age BS too. At age 20 Lebron was averaging 27.2/7.4/7.2 on 47% (35% from the three). Those are insane stats. His team got out of the first round with Drew Gooden as its second or third-best player.

    Seriously, it’s a bit early for these comparisons. This is the summer of Bron-hate (over ridiculously minor issues, but okay), but come on. I like the kid, but let’s see Durant get better than Dirk first (and yeah, he has a long way to go).

  • A$$Cube aka K-Dizzle

    When you’re talking about the NBA –the highest, more physical level of competition in the world– what separates the best from the best is the killer instinct, not the muscles.

    That’s why Kobe is the best, and LeBron’s the best of the left-over bests.

    That’s also why KD has a decent chance of reaching that Kobe/MJ/Bird level. Even with a cranky back, Bird was able to kill whoever he wanted. I’m not convinced LBJ would do it if he had too –and it can be a good ten years before he has not to rely on his physical tools.

    There’s nothing wrong to say KD might become a better basketball player than LeBron.

    It’s just like saying Marvin Harrison was a better football player than Randy Moss or TO –athletic freaks, who’ve been for some people the best receivers for the last dozen years.

    LeBron has become the spoiled face of the NBA corporation. Nike are behind. The NBA is behind. Lots of people make their dough on LeBron –by dissing him, writing about him, letting him do whatever.

    I do think pure basketball minds know their stuff, and can understand more than not how KD could end up being number one in this offense-friendly NBA basketball.

  • dapro

    This is an esay one Dime, Durant is pure scorer but no way he’ll ever be better than Lebron because of the other facets of the game Lebron brings

    We’re talking scoring vs all around

    The question is will Durant be a better player than Melo

  • http://www.edthesportsfan.com SoulOnIce

    It looks to be settled that Durant is nowhere near as good as The King.

    Is Durant even better than Carmelo right now? I’d have to say…..no.

  • Q

    All I have to say is… Kevin Durant has the potential to be the G.O.A.T…. And so does Lebron..

    But with that bein said Lebron is goin into his 7th year in the league.. And wut more could he really improve on?? Don’t say shooting because gettin better in shooting is not a guarantee.. and he’s already been in the league 7 years and haven’t improved in shooting that much… His fg % got better because of efficiency… Shot selection basically.. And He already has the best feel for the game I have ever seen for someone his age so improve on something that’s already great will be hard to do… But don’t get me wrong I still feel he will get better.. But how much better??…

    Now with that bein said KD is goin into his 3rd year in the league.. He has his head on his shoulders right… And he could improve on many aspects of his game.. He can still get a better feel for the game.. He has potential to get better on defense.. And his passing skill aren’t that bad.. And he could improve on that also.. And if he gets any better in shooting the nba will need to change the rules.. A la wilt.. So I think his ceiling stat will be (34pts 11rb 5ast 2stl 2blk)…

    So if we go off POTENTIAL Kevin Durant win for me…
    His potential is ridiculously great… Dirk/Pippen/T-mac in his prime….

  • /.,';/.,';';/........................ Kevin Durant

    I Am And Jazz 1ST Way Did You Say HOHOHOHOHOHO?

  • /.,';/.,';';/........................ Kevin Durant

    MY Bad go jazz

  • kevin k


    lebron had better jumpers than MJ in his first 7 years?? you basing that on stats or from actually watching the games. if you are basing it from watching the games, you are blind and would have not gotten that conclusion. if you are basing it on stats, MJ has higher fg% and ft% and the 3% is slightly lower so i dont know where you got your conclusion from.

    Bron gets majority of his points from layups, dunks, 3s and free throws. his midrange and his fts are atrocious. if you watched most of his games, the commentators analyze his game and his midrange is mostly around 2-6 range.

    lbj more efficent than kd?? KD in his 2nd year shot 47.5%fg 42%3s, and 86%fts.

    you are freaking retarded. Learn to read the numbers and watch the game and get your mouth out of lbjs jockstrap

  • Dagomar

    Kevin K:

    Some of your arguments in favour of Jordan are not completely off the mark, although you’re assuming Lebron’s shooting is basically static, while it’s been improving for the last two seasons. I do think Lebron is a better shooter right now than Jordan was early in his career, although the difference isn’t huge (never said it was). He’s definitely a better shooter than Magic. His free throw shooting isn’t anywhere near atrocious either, especially not in the clutch.

    Bron does get the majority of his points from layups, dunks, 3s and free throws. Those are also BY FAR the most efficient ways of getting points in the NBA. I would say he SHOULD be getting most of his points from those areas. So does Kobe Bryant. Most players shoot at or below 40% from midrange; do you want a guy jacking from there?

    Also I never said Lebron was more efficient than Durant; merely that he scores at a higher FG % (true). The efficiency argument is out because there’s not such a huge difference. Bottom line is that you’re making straw-man arguments to disprove my points, which is pretty stupid.

    By the way, note that we’re talking only about scoring. My bigger point was that Lebron was way better than Durant and would be for a while; you gonna dispute that too?

  • Nevacare

    Kevin Durant is going to score a ton of buckets in his career, but he’ll never win anything in OKC.I don’t see the franchise making the comittment to building a championship squad there. If he was to leave for a bigger, more lucrative market, you never know.Let’s be real there are 32 teams in the nba. There is only going to be 1 winner every year.Therefore there are going to be tons of guys that are good/great players that don’t get rings.I know it sounds like a cop out,but even when 2 great players oppose each other(Barkley vs. Jordan)only one can win.Kevin Durant is headed for greatness but Lebron is already there

  • Nevacare

    Kevin K, Lebron has court vision, handles, & defense. If he ever develops a post-up game to take advantage of the size advantage he has over wing players trying to defend him (ala..Jamaal Mashburn)He’d score 36 ppg.Then he’d draw twice as much contact & he’d be at the free throw line twice as much as you see him now.As for favorable calls he gets a head of steam & steamrolls his way to the basket.The refs are forced to make a call either way.Dwayne Wade does the same thing & creates contact with out of control spin moves.Are they ever going to call palming on D-Wade? CP3 too for that matter.Kobe also gets his fair share of phantom fouls.

  • KnicksFan84

    KD > LBJ + Crab Dribble

  • doc

    Durant is the truth and his ceiling is all timer.But he aint better than Bron at all crazy people.

  • Birdy

    One word PRIORITIES. Prince James spends quite a lot of time in the media other than ball. That will catch up with him.

  • doc

    @lakeshow-Durant better than Bron at 20?Are u kidding me.Bron was on his way to the damn finals.Durant aint even sniff the postseason yet.Shit give bron Harden,Westbrook,and Green and I like they chances NOW.I dont think you would expect Durant to take that ClevelAND TEam any fucking where either.Case Closed.

  • georgey

    You know what Durant is saying in the picture?

    He’s saying “you see this bit? its yellow”

  • Dre

    KD is a complete beast he is one of the best shooting big man (I call himthat because of his height) at such a young age. Unless a guy 6’9 and taller has been from Europe mo one that height or taller could shoot like KD at such a young age. All that being said KD needs to get stronger, bone up more defensively and get a quicker first step to even be in LBJ’s neighborhood…which can happen this in in know way out of the question.

    LBJ is a nightmare this off season was the first time he was serious about conditioning and weight training (OMG!) look what type of a good defender he was this year just by taking it seriously. His jump shot is much improved still has away to go but much improved, his court vision and passing is impecable. JBJ has the unlimited ceiling.

  • http://www.f-the-refs.net Chicagorilla

    “look what type of a good defender ” — Dre

    Yep I can clearly see his defense has improved. Jordan Crawford and Courtney Lee fully agree with that assessment.

    Playing the passing lanes and getting blocks from BEHIND people doesn’t make you a GREAT defender. Stop your man one on one. Frustrate people into bad shots. Hell Danny Granger put 42 on his head to start the season. Allen Iverson led the NBA in steals 2wice, yet never made first team all-defense. Lebron CAN be a lock-down defender one day, but he is not even close.

  • ldawg23

    The word of the day is COMPENSATE
    LBJ uses is power and strength to COMPENSATE for not having the natural ability or craftiness to get buckets out on the wing and hit a midrange jumper…
    KD uses is craftiness , midrange gamge and moving without the ball to COMPENSATE for not being able to get buckets from attacking the hole and take contact due to his lack of strength and power…
    COMPENSATE….you cant fault on guy for find away to get his, cause he cant do it the way someone else does…

  • Rob Rob

    Can we all get serious for just one moment. Kobe vs LBJ is legit but KD is not in the conversation. We should be comparing KD to Granger and that would be a heated debate. So far KD has proved that he can score, but look at the top 10 they all can score. But all around game the two (KD and LBJ) no comparison. Once KD hopefully does more than score we can start this debate over again. But, we should start it with better comparison of players.
    LBJ, Kobe, DWade or KD, Granger, BRoy that we can talk about. As of now LBJ hands down and unless any of you haters can predict the future it end like that.

  • SWAT

    look Lebron’s work ethic is gonna catch up with him, eventually. maybe the question should be right now-one on one who could take who? i dont know if KD can hold him based on bron’s size alone, but kd can shoot from anywhere, bron can not. his jumper is suspect and like dude said above-he’s been in the league 7 yrs…its not gonna get much better.

  • cleve-son

    yes we have not seen the best of KD yet but we also have not seen the best of LBJ yet KD will be a great scorer but he never will be a all around offence/defence player LBJ is

  • Richard

    Its funny how everyone talks about KDs game being more “developed.” In what area guys? Scoring? We say that because his game is silky, and LeBron’s is power and one just looks more attractive than the others. But, even with sitting out double-digit 4th quarters last year, still LeBron was 2+pts a game ahead of KD. But, the word developed means more than ability to score. Im sorry, but KD isn’t even on the same planet when it comes defense, and not even in the same galaxy when it comes to passing ability…just facts. To me, KD is still a poor mans Carmello Anthony..both are just pure scorers and nothing else and Carmello does it better.

    Ill always use this as my analogy when comparing players. Switch the two guys around. Put KD on last years Cavs and LeBron on last years Thunder and what do we have??A 45 win Cavs team a 40 win Thunder team.

    And just to point out some of the terrible arguements here….I see someone mentioning the Courtney Lee dunk as proof lebron isn’t a good defender??Seriously, don’t post nonsense like that. A guy gettink a dunk on a fast break, that isn’t even LeBrons man means he isn’t a good defender??Seriously people.

    And everyone knocking LeBrons work ethich…KIDDING ME??Just because you read about him in the media doesn’t mean jack. The dude is putting up 1,000 shots a day, every day…sorry but his work ethic is every bit the equal of Durants. You just get the impression it isn’t cause the media talks about LeBron more.

  • Kayne

    Sure Durant is explosive but I dont think he is better than ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bigdoggchad

    @Rob Rob how can you even compare KD to Granger? KD is only 20 and already better than Granger who is 26. People forget that guys like Melo(25), Dwight(23), CP3(24), LeBron(24), and Durant(20) are all 25 and under because they came straight out of high school or only played one year of college ball. People also forget guys like Granger(26), Roy(25), and even Wade(Will be 28 in Jan.) are older than the guys I listed above cause they played 3+ years of college ball. My point is I think the list above has more room to grow where as the guys I listed below are close to or at there peak.

  • bigdoggchad

    Just my opinion.

  • http://dimemag.com J-Woods

    What games are you fools watching?! Since when can’t Lebron shoot. Since when hasn’t HIS THREE POINT PERCENTAGE BEEN BETTER THEN KOBE’S. You punks act like lebron takes more shots or more DUMB shots than kobe. He never has. His stats blow Kobe’s out over the course of his career so far. Ok 4 rings. Ok better teamates and coach–nuff said. Ask yourself one on one who would win? LBJ. When Lakers play the Cavs everytime who has better stats? LBJ. Who has more head-to-head wins? LBJ. Dont believe me look it up. And no need to talk about Kevin Durant because he is good but nowhere FUCKIN near as good as Lebron is. And if he is then he has to better than Kobe since we have all come to realize that Lebron is the best player on THE FUCKIN PLANET. You faggots have a good day.

  • Jim

    Get the F Outta Here! Durant– high side–Scottie Pippen without Jordan? Low side? TMac, I agree– scorer, no D, no rings. Plus maybe lots of injuries. Some things people forget about LeBron– he leads the NBA in ‘and-one’s’– a bucket plau a foul. He is hard fouled constantly, and takes it like a football player. Durant will snap like a dried twig under those kind of fouls– just like TMac. Durability counts! I don’t assume that on Durant’s part.

  • Mr.NBA

    This is hilarious makes me giggle. I mean KD is an amazing basketball player is going to to very big things. But I’m sorry, Lebron is unreal. He is like a cheat code in a game, or a player with jacked up stats created in the “Make your fantasy player” section of a video game. I know everyone has been hating on Lebron about “the dunk” and everything, but we’ve forgotten how unbelievable this man is at basketball. He has played only 6 years and has scored 2000 points, had 500 rebounds and 500 assists in 4 of those season. That ranks second of all time players behind Oscar Robertson. And ranking about Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson.

    Now really? Kevid Durant > Lebron James?

    Save it. MVP.

  • pyro883

    When comparing Durant’s 1st and 2nd year stats to Lebron’s he is behind in the three major categories every time (Pts Ast Reb). While some of this could be attributed to slightly fewer minutes for Durant, the assists numbers are nowhere close (Lebron with much much more). Kind of funny that Durant’s rookie 3P% is lower than Lebron’s. Durant is a better shooter, and may become a better scorer than Lebron, but he could rebound better for a 6-10 forward and probably won’t ever be the type of passer that Lebron is. He’ll still be great obviously, I’m just not sure that he’ll be better than Lebron.

  • http://www.f-the-refs.net Chicagorilla

    “The dude is putting up 1,000 shots a day, every day”–Richard

    F^k you for believing that, and you must be the dumbest muthaf^ker in the retard class for thinking that anyone else would believe he put up 1,000 anythings per day and still shoots so terrible.

    And I was mocking his defensive efforts by bringing up the Courtney Lee/Jordan Crawford thing, but I notice you ignored the Danny Granger dropping 40pts on him comment. Lebron has the whole weak-side help thing down. But when your team has you guarding Pg Rafer Alston and SG JJ Reddick when your team is being lit up by TWO 6’10 SF’s (who you SHOULD be able to stop since you are the leagues 2nd best defender according to the DPOY voting) you are not an elite defender. as a matter of fact that makes you a poor defender.

    Ron Artest, Kobe Bryant, Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan, Hakeem, Ewing, Zo, Joe Dumars, and several other greats from today and yester-year are all considered offensive players with great defense. Outside of Phil Jackson/Tex Winter switching Pippen onto Magic in the 91′ finals (great move BTW) none of these players were ever HIDDEN on defense by their coaches.

    Lebron is constantly HIDDEN on defense so he can roam and play the passing lanes. But hell any athletic player can do that shit (Tyrus Thomas). Doesn’t make you a feared defender.

    Show some actual skill and shut a dude down by yourself without any help from double teams (like he had when he later faced Granger). Take a great player one on one defensively when he’s killing your team like Joe Dumars and Scottie Pippen.

    Zo, Hakeem, Ewing, David Robinson were never hidden during their playing days. They matched up against the opposing teams best at their position.

    I’m not saying Lebron can’t ever become that kind of defender, but isn’t there right now. And I don’t see him becoming that player in today’s NBA.

  • http://www.f-the-refs.net Chicagorilla

    Richard, you can’t be that much of a D!ck…..oh the irony is killing me

  • QQ

    @89 – Completely agree. Couldn’t have said it any better.

  • QQ

    WOW @ #61 – Dagomar – I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU! Well put. Seriously, read his post, it sums up everything.

    Lotta hate on LBJ. Y’all must seriously be delusional if you’re telling yourseld ANYONE is on LEBRON’s Level. Dude is UNREAL!


    you are all on crack i doubt KD could do the things THE KING has done like get his team to the NBA Finals with all scrubs on his team, KD could never post 30 7 and 7 ever in his entire career so you morons need to get over yourselves so KD can shoot but so can Jason Kapono are you saying he’s better then Lebron to just cause he can shoot

    oh and keep pissin THE KING off cuz all it does it motivate him as Bosh’s gf when she pissed him off LBJ scored 24 pts in the 4th qtr so the media attackin him lets see what he does this season to shut everyones mouth’s

  • f5alcon

    @ #70 Nevacare

    the thunder have been trying to build a chamipship team a lot better then cleveland has durant,westbrook,harden,green and lots of cap space to add more veterans.

    cleveland tried ben wallace and now shaq.

  • RobLang

    KD is a good player. But let us not forget that LBJ has taken his team to the NBA playoffs consistently. Only squad to make it out of the 2nd round 4 years in a row.

    For you to be an athlete and to not use your athleticism is ridiculous. Lebron is a better passer, shooter, post up guy, defensive beast, chase down blocks, dunking player right now than KD will ever be. And LBJ will only get better.

    Jordan received the same hate when he was scoring and doing phenomenal things before he got his rings too. Can’t wait for the King to get his Rings.

    KD has not helped his team become better. This is a problem. They haven’t made it to the playoffs yet. Lebron was in the playoffs at 20. In the Finals at 22. Are you all serious? I can’t even give this any more thought.

    LBJ One of the greatest of All time!

  • M. Lite Shalamar

    If he owns a house or condo,prolly 9-10 feet….

  • doc

    Some of yall showed yall b-ball knowledge with this question.Yall really hate the dude Bron so much yall just say anything.He got dunked on so he cant play D?He cant shoot but is a AVERAGE 3 point shooter percentage wise?He got 7 years in the league so he cant improve?Aint he 24 years old?AInt the average prime of your career 26-32?He scores MORE than Durant in LESS time with MORE BOARDS and DIMES and better PERCENTAGE.Are yall fucking retarded?Its Bron and Kobe and everybody else is Fucking behind.Durant aint even better than Wade yet.Better yet all u dickeaters hyping Durant while shitting on Bron for not winning it all tell yall homeboy to win 30 fucking games before we annoint him top 2 in the league status.Because u know thats the ONLY spot Bron dropping to with a valid argument behind it that dont make u look like a fuckboy.

  • doc

    These dickheads talking about Durant shoots Bron bullies.Who gives a fuck!He average MORE than ya favortie jumpshooter.

  • doc

    Gorilla-So what Granger dropped 40 on him.What that mean besides he got lit up by a all star for a night.I seen Arenas give Kobe 60 FUCKING POINTS dont he play D.I seen Hershey Hawkins give Mike 28.I was there.It dont mean shit though believe me.

  • http://www.f-the-refs.net Chicagorilla

    Doc- Are you actually reading any of the post? No one(well some are, but not me) is saying Durant is the best in the NBA or even better than LBJ right now. I’m not saying LBJ is garbage. I’m not hating on him either because I do think he is good. Do I think he is a great(or even good) defender, f^ck No.

    My only point was that I think Durant can/will be better based on his PLAY. Not based on his stats alone (although they help). Durant’s game (Melo for that matter too) is the formula for long term success. LBJ’s (Dwade for that matter too) game is the formula for short term success. I’m pretty sure that’s the point that others are making when comparing the two different styles of play.

    MJ changed his style of play between his 4th-6th yrs in the league. He still had the hops but then came the jumper. Bird never had hops/speed so he always had that game and lasted from 79′-92′ and did it with a bad back half those years. Kobe lost some of the hops/speed and is now relying on his smarts along with the athleticism he has left. LBJ is young so he has time to develop, but I don’t think he will. Seems too interested in becoming a billionaire and not the GOAT.

  • doc

    I wasnt putting it all on u except when I put ya name in there Gorilla.I was speaking on everybody.In 88 Mike j was still suspect.In 92 his j was still semi suspect which is why when he hit them 3’s he couldnt even understand it.Also Mike 4th to 6th years in the league he was 26-28.PRIME YEARS.Bron wont reach that age for another TWO seasons.Trust me he on schedule dog.There is no formula for long term success to me besides playing good.Go tell AI he cant have a long career driving to the rack.Now put on 8 inches and 80 pounds and tell him that.Because thats what u telling Bron.Fuck a jumpshot.Just win baby!Magic one of the greatest ever and his shooting form belonged in the WNBA.

  • Dre

    Right now, Lebron is a better all-around player. Bron makes everyone around him better, and it shows from his playoff appearances and lone Finals appearance. He is gonna be the face of the League for years. His athleticism, Basketball IQ, and ability to make the right play separates him from the rest of the NBA.

    KD can score easily, whenever he wants. He’s got a smooth game, and one of the smoothest J I’ve ever seen. Sure, it couldn’t hurt to bulk up, but he is still a force on the offensive end. He has a great work ethic, so his D will come along.

    I can’t say right now, as big a Durant fan as I am, that he will be better than LBJ.

    But, in the next 10+ years, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him pass up the King, because eventually, Lebron will lose alot of his athleticism. He will have to develop his mid-range game, and keep workin’ hard on his jumper. Durant would be at the least a very effective player without is only average athleticism.

    Remember, when the GOAT, Michael Jordan got older, and lost alot of his leaping ability and athleticism? What did he do?

    He worked so that those 15-footers were money, and he lived in the post during the Bulls second 3-Peat and his failed attempt at another comeback in D.C.

    But really, it doesn’t matter. They are both studs on the floor, and will be for a while.

  • Shaqfan92

    I think those who think Lebron cant D-up, should check this out!

  • utahJZZ

    My opinion, but lebron getting dunked on gets talked about more then Deron Williams, and Chris Paul

    Now call that overrated, or over hyped, but even the most die-hard cavs fan can admit lebron gets too much media attention

  • Tony Bedub

    Do your homework first: LeBron ranks with the best, nd then there is everyone else. Read and learn. Until Durant gets these numbers he is in the class with people not named Michael Jordan and Oscar Robertson:

    LeBron James ANBA achievements and milestones

    * One of three players in NBA history to average at least 20 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists in their rookie season.[3]
    o Includes Oscar Robertson and Michael Jordan.
    * One of five players in NBA history to average over 25 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists in a season.[3]
    o Includes Oscar Robertson (achieved this six times), John Havlicek (achieved this twice), Larry Bird, and Michael Jordan.
    * One of four players in NBA history to average at least 31 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists in a season.[3]
    o Includes Oscar Robertson (achieved this twice), Jerry West, and Michael Jordan.
    * One of two players in NBA history to average at least 27 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists for five consecutive seasons.[3]
    o Behind Oscar Robertson, who achieved this eight consecutive times.
    * One of two players in NBA history to post at least 2000 points, 500 rebounds and 500 assists in a season for at least four times.[3]
    o Behind Oscar Robertson, who achieved this six times in his career.
    * One of three players in NBA history to average at least 30 points, 10 rebounds and 7 assists in a postseason series. [6]
    o Includes Oscar Robertson and Larry Bird.
    * One of three players in NBA history to record a triple-double in their playoff debut.[3]
    o Includes Johnny McCarthy and Magic Johnson.
    * One of two players in NBA history to win the NBA Player of the Month Award four times in one season (2008-09 season).[7]
    o Tied with Kevin Garnett, who achieved the same in the 2003-04 NBA Season.
    * One of four players in NBA history to lead their team in all five major statistical categories (total points, rebounds, assists, blocks and steals) in a season (2008-09 season).[8]
    o Includes Dave Cowens (1977-78), Scottie Pippen (1994-95) and Kevin Garnett (2002-03).
    * 2nd place all-time for consecutive 20-point games to start a playoff career with 19.[9]
    o Behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s 27 consecutive games
    * Most consecutive points scored for a team in a playoff game with 25 straight points.[10]

  • bakedbeing

    Why are so many people suggesting “imagine LeBron without”? Are we imagining KD without 11 foot arms? Are we imagining Larry Bird without a jumpshot.

    How about we compare people given their actual abilities?

    Why, for that matter, are we crowning a pure scorer as a better player than someone who’s a better passer and playmaker than him? LeBron is “just an athlete” and we’re not going to look at Durant’s non-scoring shortcomings? Against a guy putting up near Oscar Robertson numbers?

    You guys confuse me.

  • bakedbeing

    @Tony Bedub: respect.

  • creamio

    This argument is laughable, Lebron is better than Kobe in everything but jumpshooting and possibly post game…. so how the fuck is Kevin Durant going to be on Lebron’s level?

    You people are a bunch of dumbass queers, maybe you should quit hating on Lebron just because your tired of his media exposure. What you hate is that he’s on ESPN constantly; if you actually watched him play more than 5 games a year you wouldn’t even question that he’s the best player in the game.

  • Nevacare

    Damn Creamio be easy but you’re right.People just don’t want the truth straight with no chaser.That’s just cruel & disrespectful…Do it to em’ again.lol

  • Nevacare

    Utahjzz I’m with you Lebron getting dunked on gets more media attention than Big Ben’s rape allegations.If Lebron gets a parking ticket it’s on CNN.The dude can ball he’s 24 these non- athletes & old heads in the media over scrutinize him too much. The guy may be the best pure athlete in the NBA ever.If you average 38-7-7 in a playoff series it isn’t your fault your team lost.The guy scored 49 & lost.I got a speeding ticket last week.I’m blaming Lebron for that

  • Nevacare

    Dre had the best analysis.They are both studs. Danny Granger is nice too at the SF spot. He’s more in KD’s department

  • Nevacare

    f5alcon. All those guys you just named gave OKC how many wins last year….Don’t worry I’ll wait. Do you think Harden is going to make that big of a difference? I like Westbrook & KD. The rest of that crap is just that… crap.Harden won’t be able to get that set shot jumper off too consistently in the NBA. He’s not total garbage but garbage nonetheless.What big-time FA do you see lining up to play in OKC? They’ll be lucky if Durant stays.Look for his agent & Nike to tell him to jump ship

  • Nevacare

    @Creamio: I’ll take that back Chicagorilla needs to be insulted. This dude is an idiot. I guess he’s saying if you get dunked on you can’t play defense. Everybody I know gets dunked on sooner or later. A dunk is only worth 2 points asshole.It doesn’t win the game or get you double the points or anything like that.It’s water cooler material & that’s about it.

  • spirow

    HAHAHA you idiots why are you even debating this. . . King james is the best period. . . And when his careers over he will probably be the best play in the NBA history if he stars allign for him. . . Lebron james stock is taking a hit because he didn’t shake hands after loosing, got dunked on which wasn’t all that of a dunk. . . And now you guys are telling me that KD is better? No doubt KD has the potential to be mentioned in the same breath of wade, lebron, kobe. . . but Lebron is at his peak competing with kobe and wade and still he’s not in his prime the mans just 24!!!!

  • Dre

    I also agree with Nevacare, Granger, along with Durant and Brandon Roy, are the most underrated players in the NBA.

  • SagJism

    Yes we did all witness LBJ
    LBJ = crybaby loser with no ownership of his failures.

  • sureyabetchya

    Durant will surpass that guy that got slamdunked on by a kid in two years

  • doc

    Yeah 26 year old Bron wont be a prob.Respect for the real cats its here.

  • AB_40

    his ceiling is a hybrid between dirk and tmac

    but lebron is kemp/pippen/magic… can’t top that

  • Mike (CLEVELAND)

    To JOHNNY, from Detroit. Thank You. Anyone remember the 2007 Eastern Conference Finals? Anyone remeber the shock and awe of the crowd and the disbelief in the announcers voices? Anyone remember hearing the statement, “This is unbelievable, This is Jordanesque.”

    Why make this comparison? LBJ can guard anyone on this Earth. Can pass, can rebound, and score at will. Anyone remember him averaging Oscar Robertson numbers last year in the playoffs? This aint no fucking joke.

  • http://none LeBron James

    man,lebron is way better than durant i cant believe you would even say something like that.it’s like your spittin on lebron for sayin somethin like that.you dont hear people talkin bout durant like they do about lebron, tell durant to practice his game for about 6 years then you can say he is somewhere close to lebron

  • justin

    yall forget durants a better shooter then wade and kobe they were 20 plus scoring more durant hasnt score more then lebron bird a better shooter then mj hes not better so cut out this bullshit if you think hard enough you say dumn shit durant hasnt prove anything yet.