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Kevin Durant: Sky Is The Limit

Kevin Durant - Dime #32

The majority of our reader’s comments from Ben York’s “Top 5 Breakout NBA Stars For Next Season” post yesterday, was that Kevin Durant was wrongfully left off the list. Agreeing with all you readers, and Patrick Cassidy’s post this morning, it got me thinking about how ridiculously good this kid’s career can be.

As Dime reader “bone0315″ said in yesterday’s comments, “Dude (Kevin Durant) was put on this Earth to score baskets”. In KD’s two years in the league, the kid has done just that as he averaged 20.3 and 25.3 points per game during his rookie and sophomore year while hitting the 40-point plateau multiple times already in his young career. As a 6-10 player with one of the best shooting strokes in the game, it is just unfair to opposing defenders especially considering his shooting percentage numbers are as good as a wing player’s can get (47.6%FG, 42.2% 3FG, 86.3% FT in 08-09).

The only doubts that critics of Durant’s game have been that his lanky frame wouldn’t allow him to succeed against bigger competition in the NBA and that he is only a scorer and doesn’t bring any other skills to the table. Despite those doubters, Durant has quietly proved those haters wrong as he also averaged solid numbers in rebounding, assists and steals last year (6.5 rpg, 2.8 apg, 1.3spg).

Durant’s recently received praise from Coach K and the rest of the Team USA’s coaching staff for his versatility, hard work, dedication and pure talent is just further proof that this kid is going to be one of the best basketball player’s for years to come. I’m predicting multiple NBA scoring titles, serious MVP considerations and a title or two for Durant before it’s all said and done. The scariest thing about Durant is that he doesn’t turn 21 until September 29th. This kid is going to be a problem for MANY years to come…

What are your thoughts?

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  • nastynas

    hes like an athletic larry bird with less playmaking abbilities but betta scoring skillz tho

  • atticusmitch


  • that_dude

    it would be scary if he decides to play and focus on defense, think about it, lebron has hoops and strength, but KD has arms and length to match, larry bird of 2015! damn right!

  • Prof. TX

    I’ve never understood the criticism that he isn’t strong enough. He’s not playing the 4 or 5, so it really isn’t necessary. When he’s playing the 2, there isn’t anyone bigger than he is. Even at the 3, he’s taller than most at that position and would really only need bulk when battling for post position, which doesn’t really come up much for a wing player.

  • Luigi

    i thought Durant was close to his peak gettin 25ppg. i thought his peak #’s are gonna be something like 27ppg/10reb/5ast. but i guess i was wrong.. He could be better than LBJ when its all said n done. but we dont know that yet.

  • KanDMan

    The second coming of the Ice Man

  • dk

    Durant could average 35 in a few years with ease. You have to close out and the kid is tall enough to finish, I dont care what he weighs. If he gest big, just go ahead and induct him now.

  • sh!tfaced

    greg oden is really beginning to look like the new sam bowie.

  • http://iannyb9@hotmail.com iannyb

    I couldn’t aggree more and furthermore he seems to have a good head on his head.He aint as childish as the likes of my boy Andrew Bynum and even G.O.He’s gonna bring it I reckon

  • Michorizo

    Durant will be on par with the best in the league…he will be my next Kobe.

  • http://www.f-the-refs.net Chicagorilla

    “Greg oden is really beginning to look like the new sam bowie” – sh!tfaced says:

    I wouldn’t go that far. Although the size, injuries and great player picked behind him are similar. Oden has a chance still to be really good. His offense is underrated and he is still a great defensive force. The only thing that holds him back is mental toughness. He should be dominant, but I think he may end up being a bust. Not quite Candyman style bust, but more so Marcus Camby (#2 pick ahead of Kobe, Nash and others) bust where he is still productive, but under achieved.

    Durant is sick though

  • Drink the Haterade

    This past weekend I had the opportunity to talk to an assistant from UT at a tourney out here in Vegas. We talked a lot about KD. The one thing he said was that “there’s players that were born to play and then there’s KD”

  • jzsmoove

    I believe. Durant will be a beast. He needs to develop a mean streak. ALready one of my favorite players.

  • got’em

    and he’s on twitter! what??!?

  • sh!tfaced


    Hopefully, Greg Oden just starts it like Bowie and goes on to finish it like Hakeem. The thing that worries you about GO is the psychological/mental aspect of his game and not so much on the physical.

    Maybe Oden should take a page from history and learn from Robert Parish’s story.

    The Chief was in a similar situation when he was drafted by Golden State. The Warriors expected big things from him the moment he arrived but it never really worked out. After a few years, they traded him to the Celtics and the rest is history…

  • Q

    All I have to say is… Kevin Durant has the potential to be the G.O.A.T…. And so does Lebron..

    But with that bein said Lebron is goin into his 7th year in the league.. And wut more could he really improve on?? Don’t say shooting because gettin better in shooting is not a guarantee.. and he’s already been in the league 7 years and haven’t improved in shooting that much… His fg % got better because of efficiency… Shot selection basically.. And He already has the best feel for the game I have ever seen for someone his age so improve on something that’s already great will be hard to do… But don’t get me wrong I still feel he will get better.. But how much better??…

    Now with that bein said KD is goin into his 3rd year in the league.. He has his head on his shoulders right… And he could improve on many aspects of his game.. He can still get a better feel for the game.. He has potential to get better on defense.. And his passing skill aren’t that bad.. And he could improve on that also.. And if he gets any better in shooting the nba will need to change the rules.. A la wilt.. So I think his ceiling stat will be (34pts 11rb 5ast 2stl 2blk)…

    So goin off POTENTIAL Kevin Durant wins for me.. His potential is ridiculously great.. So I feel he will be better then lebron.. That’s just my opinion tho…

  • Nevacare

    He’s Lamar Odom with a stroke.Even though he’s not where he needs to be yet defensively. I did see a little improvement in that area last season. He needs to be in a bigger market to get the exposure & accolades he deserves.

  • Nevacare

    I’m sorry, I have to disagree with you Q.I’m a big Kevin Durant fan, but I’m an even bigger Lebron fan. Lebron is a beast he’s already the best small forward ever(Larry Bird included).He has the body to take that beating that an 82-game schedule will give to you night in & night out.Lebron needs a better post game to take advantage of that big body. Durant is awesome but I don’t see OKC putting anything around him for him to win a championship.If the economy continues to decline,you’ll see fewer small market teams making any attempt at all to make a real championship run.But all this is just opinionated.

  • doc

    Nothing more to say but the kid a beast.

  • jdstorm

    KD is Duncan to Lebron’s Shaq.
    I would take either on my team.

    also when is mike brown gonna start just playing lebron at point and surrounding him with wings.

    Showtime in cleveland

  • http://www.diznuts.blogspot.com Darkness

    Watching KD @ Texas, I could just see that he had “it.” Not only was he clutch, but his teammates seemed to like him too, which is a an underrated aspect of a player’s potential success. I’m not saying your teammates gotta love you, but if they hate playing with you (cough mamba cough) it makes shit more difficult.

    And as far as talent around him, I like what OKC is doing. They have good talent at most positions, and I mean talent that’s already producing, not Golden State Warriors talent. Westbrook and Green (and I expect Harden as well) are all already average players at worse, and they’re all young. I think we’re looking at Portland 2.0.

  • Young Money (Warning)

    KD Is going to be something special to watch this year. Like Darkness said they got a good squad. I wonder does Portland wish they could go back in that draft & start over. Imagine KD With that team know. B-Roy, LaMarcus, Travis Outlaw need i say more?

  • Joe

    My thoughts are: “Poor Portland.”

  • baron von faulk

    I will be selecting Durant (early) and Anthony Randolph (late) on fantasy squads this season!

    Would you take Durant over Dwight Howard?