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L.A. gets the band back together, takes the 2010 championship lead

Lamar & Kobe

Lamar & Kobe

All this waiting and debating over Lamar Odom‘s future, and he ends up getting about one Aston Martin more than Marvin Williams money? The biggest remaining free agent chip (again, all due respect to Allen Iverson) was taken off the table yesterday, as Odom agreed to a four-year, $33 million deal with the Lakers. That immediately puts L.A. back on top as the odds-on favorite to win the 2010 NBA championship, ahead of the Orlandos, San Antonios, Clevelands and Bostons who have spent the offseason making big moves specifically to topple Kobe‘s squad. (Wish we could say the same for Denver, but they’re apparently in chillin’ mode.) … And speaking of teams not doing anything, what does the Odom signing do to Dwyane Wade‘s psyche? The Heat were finally gonna make a move that might convince Wade to buy into the program and consider that contract extension, but they missed out. So unless Michael Beasley is an unfiltered beast next season and Jermaine O’Neal finds that bottle of 2003 juice in the back of his fridge, there’s a good chance Wade becomes disillusioned by carrying another weak team and sets his sights elsewhere in free agency … Two years after Kevin Garnett was sent out of town, the Wolves have a leadership crises that covers every level from the court to the bench to the front office. The point guard/Ricky Rubio situation is still uncertain, they still don’t have a coach as of July 31, and the GM may or may have any idea what he’s doing. The latest word out of Minnesota says Mark Jackson is the front-runner for the coaching job, which is a good hire IF management gives him time to develop the players and doesn’t cut Jackson’s process short when the losses keep coming … We’re almost done with the modified list of the Top 50 (and bottom 25) players of this past season. Yesterday we counted down the 10 best small forwards, including ‘Melo, Paul Pierce and Senor Buckets. And that guy in Cleveland might have ranked pretty high … Meanwhile, Dime’s Austin Burton decided to go all Steve Irwin and stick his head in the crocodile’s mouth that is the Toronto Raptors’ fan base, asking the good folks of T-Dot to accept that they’ve got a small-market franchise. Chaos ensued, best summed up by reader Otto: “Dang Austin. You just single handedly-assassinated the Archduke Ferdinand and ignited an all out international incident by posting this.” But in between the witty dick jokes and the “U R Stoopid” comments, there were actually a lot of well thought-out replies. Sad wrote: “The vast majority of Toronto Raptors fans do not have access to ESPN, and ABC games would be simultaneously broadcast with CTV or another Canadian network. It’s a part of Canada’s CRTC policies. Therefore the vast majority of people who would watch Raptors games would not be able to watch the advertisements that are broadcast on ABC and ESPN, which makes the whole idea useless.” And The Cynic added, “Media presence and small market are not related. Its only the preception created by the media that classifies them by your standard as a small market. If you don’t think that’s true then look at the amount of liberal media coverage in America; you would think the entire nation was liberal and only loud, old, dumb white dudes make up the entire conservative base.” … For what it’s worth, AB offered a (kinda?) mea culpa last night via e-mail: “Maybe I was wrong. It’s like 105 degrees in Seattle, literally the hottest it’s EVER been here, so there’s a good chance I’ve gone batty this week. Sounds like the big disagreement was over the term ‘market,’ when I probably should have used something speaking more to the media presence/coverage. OK, I’ll eat that. Instead of saying Toronto is a small-market franchise, I should have said Toronto is just a small-time franchise.” … Concerning the infamous Jordan Crawford/LeBron incident, we haven’t heard too many insights from the players who were actually on the court when it happened. HighSchoolHoop.com got up with Indiana’s Marquis Teague (little bro of Jeff Teague), who was there and offers some hindsight advice for King James … We’re out like angry Canadians …

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  • http://www.imeem.com/dialogs/standaloneplaylist/?p=ztKqfEZj smoove chips

    man austin
    outta the frying pan,and into..the other frying pan?!
    take a complete L on that one.Let it go.A small time franchise? Oh you crack me up.the offseason drives everyone batty.

    angry canadians are never out.apparently they just aren’t covered on espn.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Junk has to hurt for Wade though. Still most everyone knew LO was going back. Trevor Ariza I understand but if LO did anything different I wouldn’t have gotten it.

    Good luck LA in defending ya crown.

    Toronto does have a small market simple. I don’t see what if any fuss was about. Ain’t no argument there, they just do.

    Mark Jackson should actually hold out and wait for another squad. Minny won’t get him off to the track that he should start with I feel. I mean I can understand dude wanting to get in that arena but coming in to create something that is not there will be hard. I wish him luck and hope he can do well.

    I wonder why Kenny “The Original Jet” Smith hasn’t tried his hand at coaching. Don’t get me wrong dude has a great thing going for him with TNT but still he has better if not just as good as a thought process and insight as Mark so I could see him coaching a squad.

    With the whole dunk on Lebron thing going so crazy do you see LeBron challenging for anyone coming down the lane this season….nope!

    I am out like LeBron moving out the way!

  • Canadian Fan

    Toronto Small City… you mean American Media likes to cover American. And push that your #1 in everything. Wow, original.

  • Ross

    Blame Canada.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A!

    AB love the piece on cheating and drugs. Real intruiging. Wish I could have caught that one fresh (famous last words).

  • http://dimemag.com Big Freeze

    Canadians get a bad wrap. Just because they are all assholes doesn’t mean we need to constantly remind them.

    Basketball in Canada is like hockey in Arizona, it’s just not a good look.

  • Mark

    weak smack today?! I know its slow but there was nothing in that!

  • http://www.imeem.com/dialogs/standaloneplaylist/?p=ztKqfEZj smoove chips

    ^ gon be like this for a coupla months.

    this is how it must feel to be a dope fiend.

    and lately the product’s been scarce and a bit stepped on.fluck!!

  • AB_40

    oh about that 105 in seatle haha. that’s for ignoring global warming.

    and miami is a smaller market then toronto. LO didn’t even want to go there… for more money and a starting job. D Wade is gonna have the same year T mac had a few years back when they won 19 after that plafoff debacle with Michael Beasley being the next Drew Gooden. There I said it

  • K Dizzle

    Austin, try not to be so see-thru with your bitterness about the Raps. No team except the Lakers and maybe the Spurs have made better moves this summer. When Vince was killin dudes in 2000, nobody was writin dumb ass articles about market size. Ask players if they’d rather play in Toronto than Minny or Milwaukee…and how big is San Antonio?

    It’s apparent that you still not dealin too well with the Sonics bustin outta Seattle; you just need to deal.
    Congratulaions for somehow tryin to pile on the only canadian team in the l, unfortunately, as long as the team improves, Rap fans don’t really care

  • alf (from melmak)

    Empty again Dime.

    Cannot blame you though. It is the basketball downtime until AI signs with a team or Boozer is traded to a team in Iraq.

    My meal allowance is still waiting for the contact details of Alisa. Cannot wait to take her out on a dinner date.

  • George W Kush Sr

    Seriously Austin, don’t fuck with Canada, we got so many terrorist cells, and you might have just pissed one of them off.

    Small time franchise.

    Listen buddy, before the yanks bought their last rings, the Montreal Canadiens, fuck T.O. by the way, the Habs had 24 rings before any other franchise in the fucking world. The 3 best things you can do is 1) stop with the whole “small” thing, 2) be the first in your family to get a passport, and 3) shut da fuck up.


    Imagine Wade on your team! The possibilities are endless.
    Imagine Wade with Lebron, or Kobe, or CB4, or New York, or with Duncan!

    Wade — Byebye Miami!

  • Ashlov

    You guys and your sky is falling bullshit regarding Wade. Take the fucking horse blinders off already, and try to take another point of view for once. Wade knows that Riley will put together a filthy team in 2010, he just wanted to compete THIS season.

  • Ashlov

    Oh, and Aston, just in case you didn’t have enough flaming on your own silly article yesterday:



  • dk

    @ AB You bitch when the media scrutinizes a ” black athlete ” in Ariza for his career selection and pull the typical black card 5 generations to late, even though your out of Africa. So, lets hate on

  • dk

    the Canadians/ French, thats not racist. Poor Raptors, just because their a shity NBA team its the French Canadians fault. Wow…

  • dk

    @ AB Thanks for posting that Wade is ( not ) leaving. Its getting more entertaining not even have to read the articles and I already know whats in them. Either im psychic or the writing sucks. :)

  • dk

    @14 The Heat are always competitive. Good eye. Their just wishing he played for NY or Boston. Considering thats who they get hard to write about. If Wade played on Brons nuts these guys would cum!

  • Otto

    I got quoted in smack…I wonder if I can put this on my resume as a publication?

  • That’s whats up

    Wade should “injure” himself the 1st week of the season and sit the whole thing out – just to save the wear and tear on his body of carrying another crappy team.

    last season he looked like he aged ten years by the time they were getting bounced in the first round

  • dk

    @21 That would be smart, hell, he should just have season ending cock surgery now and blame south beach, then enroll in sex addiction rehab. Lottery here we come!

  • HTown Reppin

    I’m out like Sam Cassell’s cute baby pictures

  • Patrick

    Austin. Nice. I wish that the comments section of this website were a big enough news story where you were getting interviewed about the back lash from the disgruntled raptors fans. Your quote would have made an excellent sound bite.

    The raps couldn’t even make the playoffs in the east. You don’t have to play .500 ball to make the playoffs in the east.

  • Shrink This

    Careful Austin or we might have to start calling you the Brian Scalabrine of sports writers…


    “Mea Cupla” who the hell wrote this Smack. Lets try to use terms that your readers don’t have to google. lol

    And Why know love for Detroit were gonna surprise alot of the haters. Joey D never fails.

  • dk

    @25 Wow, please tell me that was a ” funny ” .

  • Superman12fan

    Doesn’t matter that L.O. is back… next year is Magic time!!

    God youngfed mea CULPA (not cupla!! lol) means “my fault”. Americans are stupid…

  • that’s whats up

    @28 – yeah, but we’re not stupid enough to have a fictitious American superhero as our moniker

    …and you didn’t even point out Youngfed’s misuse of ‘know’ vs. ‘no’ – so you’re the idiot

    ..and yes, don’t come back here you un-American wanker

  • jzsmoove

    i missed that Toronto small market post although it wasnt surprising at all coming from a small-time journalist…

    Took Odom long enough to sign on the proper dotted line. Odom needs to stop eating candy, he doesnt get enough nutrition to his brain. (a certain small-time journalist from Dime probably survives on same candy too; he doesnt get enough nutrition to his brain too.)

    …any day now AI. New York is yours for one whole year. Its a win-win, AI and NYK both get shine.

  • http://www.geocities.com/dagomardeg Dagomar

    Wow youngfed, just wow.

    Hard to argue with the Raptors having been a small-time franchise for most of their history, considering the team record is, I believe, 47 wins, and the team has only existed for 15 years. The braintrust in the organization now is pretty impressive, however, so I hope that will change. They’re doing a good job: BC and co. have already turned the Raptors into maybe the number one destination for European free agents, and the team is followed abroad.

  • LAballer

    LOL @ young fed

    la..going for another one..

    ai needs to be in NY..no two ways about it

  • Chuck

    How can Toronto be considered a small market when it’s the 5th largest city in North America? It’s only considered small by ignorant American media heads who think there is no world outside the U.S. I am sure its the same people who think the game of Football has a bigger fan base than Soccer…idiots.

  • David_Brandon

    man, i love this site. lol for as much diversity, contrasting perspectives and straight up shit talking that goes on in here, its always still about the hoop. well until rangerjohn comes on and starts hatin’ on obama. lol then its about foreign policies for some reason.

    and to my man, austin…being in sacramento, i know what you meant about the raps bein a small market team or a small time franchise (whatever that is) or whatever someone wants to call it. it didnt come across as a hater move or anything to me. i know what a small time market is. willis is from sac and said we’re the 16th largest media market in the US. we’re STILL considered a small market. the point of it was to be used in context to hoop. it pertained to the vernacular (google that one, youngfed lol) of the L. i get that. if katz wrote an article saying, “sorry kings fans, you’re a small market”, i wouldnt get mad. thats the reality of our situation. it doesnt mean we won’t ride for the team like a laker fan would. it just means we’re not located in NYC so we dont have the same type of light on us. i get it. i dont think you were bashing anything toronto, small market teams, etc. just putting it out there. i’ve never really thought much about toronto being big/small market in general…maybe that was a sub point in the article…but the only time a lot of ppl even hear about toronto is when its about the raptors. nothing wrong w/ that. the only time ppl in the states here about milwaukee is when the bucks lose. lol and nothin’s wrong w/ that guys. ppl were WILD’N OUT when they read that article, yo! hahaha i saw some dude say somethin about someone’s mom…i dont know why we can’t just leave it at hoop. just my two cents, fellas. i know i dont ALWAYS post on here, but i read stuff on this site everyday throughout the day like a good amount of us do too…and i had to get on the soap box for a minute.

    what up, GEE!! my man…whats goin on, family. havent hit you up in a minute. sorry you guys’ season went south faster than lil’ kim man. lol! holla at you later…


    @Thats whats up
    LMAO, this stupid superlame dogging us americans while reading american magazines and following american ballers and we’re stupid. DIME needs to ban this foriegner.

  • Superman12fan

    @ that’s whats up
    I’m not a Superman fan, I’m a Dwight Howard fan… but I understand that for you to figure out the 12 in front of Superman refers to Dwight’s number might be to much… you know… ’cause you’re dumb!


    So now I’m a “foriegner”? LOL I don’t even need to talk back to you, you do a good job of embarrassing yourself HAHAHAHA


    ^^^^^^Get this Lame outta here. Aint nobody trying to figure out that Dumba$$ name of yours.

    “God youngfed mea CULPA (not cupla!! lol) means “my fault”. Americans are stupid…” If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck guess what???? IT’S A DUCK!!!

  • That’s whats up

    To Superfag12fan

    suck my Royal Cock

    ..or as in your country, “Suck my Cockus Royale”

    …and have a pleasant day


    ^^^^^^^^LOL at “Suck my Cockus Royale”
    ……and on that note Im out.

  • Superman12fan

    @ That’s whats up

    Wow what a comeback!! real mature lol… fuck it i’m done trying to argue with 10 year olds… go jerk off and use your american flag to clean up your mess


    I know you’re not trying to figure out my name because that would imply thinking which is something you are not capable of doing… one thing you should try to figure out though is how to speak your own fucking language!!
    If you speak like an ass and act like an ass… YOU ARE AN ASS!!!

  • lakers

    the title is basketball..not sentimental feelings bout how people feel toward another country…

  • utahJZZ

    the only reason the raptors aren’t on ESPN all the time is cuz there sucking on leHYPE james’ balls all the time

  • doc

    Man the Raps aint shit.They never been shit.And if u from America why should you care about them.Just face it.Unless yall go get the best overseas players yall aint gonna win.Any good American yall get has hauled ass the first chance he gets.Check the records.It aint made up shit.

  • otto

    …And it ain’t no sign of D-day yet…


    even with the east stackin their teams, nobodys gonna touch the lakers and now that we got LO back its gonna be another ring for kobe and lebron walkin off the court and shaq talkin shit