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LeBron teases Cleveland, plus Orlando’s diamond in the rough

LeBron James (photo. Mannion)

LeBron James (photo. Mannion)

Four words you’re going to hear more than “rumor” and “sign-and-trade” over the next 2-3 weeks:


Remember that when you see some of the stat lines coming out of Orlando and Vegas from rookies and guys trying to shoot their way into the NBA. Yesterday the PTP’er was none other than Ryan Anderson, the Magic’s throw-in of the Vince Carter trade who dropped 33 points (11-15 FG, 9-9 FT) and 14 boards on the Celtics. Impressive, but consider that Boston’s summer squad could stunt double for the Smelters in Rebound (and Martin Lawrence would be paying more attention on the bench than Doc Rivers) … Remember Maurice Ager? First-round draft pick-turned-one of 172 mediocre shooting guards to pass through the Mavs roster in the last five years? He’s now on the end of Orlando’s summer-league bench, putting up 10 points yesterday in 17 minutes. What happened? … Chris Douglas-Roberts scored 27 points (11-13 FT) for the Nets/Sixers combo team against Utah, while Eric Maynor had 12 points, five boards and four assists … James Harden started at SF for the Thunder and scored 19 against the Pacers, while D.J. White had the Greg Oden stat line (8 pts, 8 fouls) and Serge Ibaka looked solid with 13 points. But the best player by far in this league has been Russell Westbrook, who went for 22 points, eight dimes and three steals on Tuesday. In two games, Westbrook has proven that he probably doesn’t need to be here, and don’t be surprised if he’s a BEAST in the major leagues next season. We’re talking Deron Williams/Derrick Rose-style breakout season … There was about 12 hours there between Monday night and Tuesday morning when Cavs fans were walking around pretty pleased with themselves. ESPN originally reported that LeBron James, in an effort to pry Trevor Ariza away from the Rockets, promised Ariza that he would stay in Cleveland beyond 2010. But just as that story picked up steam, LeBron’s people refuted it. That’s what happens when your “unnamed source” is Mike Brown … You’ve seen how some Lakers fans immediately turned their backs on Ariza — how will they react if/when Lamar Odom walks? According to the L.A. Times, Odom is looking for $10 million-plus per year, a number the Lakers aren’t really trying to match. At this point, only the Blazers and Thunder can shell out that $10M, so L.O. will likely be in Portland or take lesser money to stay with the Lakers … It seemed Avery Johnson had the Pistons’ job locked up, but something went wrong over the last couple days and Avery got passed over for Cavs assistant John Kuester. “I looked at it, I was interested in it, but I was only interested in it if we could agree on a vision for the team going forward,” Avery was quoted. What that means between the lines, we’re not sure, but it makes total sense that Avery and Joe Dumars were too stubborn to work out an agreement. They would’ve been butting heads often, and Avery probably wanted a longer committment than Dumars was willing to give … Meanwhile, the Pistons are trying to keep Antonio McDyess, but it sounds like he could be headed to San Antonio, Orlando or Cleveland. ‘Dyess learned his lesson last year after the Nuggets trade; don’t pass up an opportunity to play for a contender … Birdman Andersen agreed to a five-year, $26M deal to stay in Denver, and Mike Bibby agreed to a three-year $18M deal to stay in Atlanta. Assume Al Horford stays healthy through the playoffs, Jamal Crawford is in the mix as the sixth man, and hell, let’s say they keep Marvin Williams — how far can the Hawks go in the postseason? … So everyone knows the Rockets are desperate for a starting center, and Philly reportedly calls to see if they’d like to take Sam Dalembert off their hands — and Houston still says “No thanks.” That’s your $11M big man, Sixers fans. We feel a Stromile Swift desperation signing coming in about a week, followed by Rick Adelman talking himself into believing HE’S the coach that’ll finally get Stro Show to realize his potential … We’re out like Avery …

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  • bill


  • Rushshane

    Sweet, Lamar to the Blazers means many things for me. 1, the lakers wont be nearly the same team (thank god). 2, Rudy Fernandez is gonna get pissed that Odom is there and demand a trade (Hopefully Cleveland). And finally…wait who the hell is gonna pick up Marvin Williams? He isnt half bad…

  • yw

    they already went through stro once, haha

  • comon sense just aint comon!!

    1st.. First

  • WetNurse

    10 million??? I know he just won a ring, but seriously, LO ain’t worth that much. He’s inconsistent, shitty in the clutch and has a candy eating problem. If he’s smart, he takes the <10 that the L.A’s gonna offer him and win another ring. He’ll be remembered in a good way.

    Hawks will still be shit in the post. Bibby’s older. Jamaal’s sick, but will chuck away as soon as he gets the ball passed to him. Joe Johnson is too quiet of a leader. Josh Smith needs to pass kinder garden. Frankly, if they get a sick center. Maybe a decent young PG…Boom Boom Pow.
    They’re in.

  • bill

    dallas need AJ ………… again :)

  • bill

    actually seriousy not aj but how would iverson mesh with the larger kidd?

  • Big Hook Nunez

    Also the Raps extended Andrea “Lance Bass” Bargnani for 10M a year. TO now has the best front court in the East and the best shooting front court in the NBA!

  • alf (from melmak)

    Dime, the Mike Brown, Samuel Dalembert, and Stromile Swift lines are hilarious. That will keep people in here during the off-season.

    How about LO for AK trade? Nah! Jazz fans would kick themselves in the head if AK suddenly gets his game back under Phil Jackson.

    My meal allowance advises Kevin O’Connor to revisit the AK for Marion trade. It can still work. Marion will get in line under Sloan.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Westbrook will probably have a better season this coming season than last season but can it really be considered a breakout season if the Thunder only win 20 games? I just don’t see the Thunder winning many more games than last year. In my opinion a players season needs to be more substantial than than being a good player on a terrible team.

    I’m not down playing the importance of Birdmans energy last year for the Nuggets but over $5 mil per? That’s a little more than I wouldve paid. I just wonder if he’ll still be as hungry now that he’s paid. I thought his play last season was fueled by the chip on his shoulder to prove that he belonged in the League and his determination to overcome his past. I just hope he has 5 million reasons to stay hungry not 5 million reasons to relapse.

  • Big Hook Nunez

    I think Dr. Buss will kick himself in the head if he has to pay $34M(incl luxury tax) for this year and next for AK-47. LOL

  • blast

    haha i HOPE That odom isn’t looking for 10+ million. I have no idea why people are enamored with this guy. if he was a about 4 inches shorter, he would be looking at less than half of ten million. He’s just not that great of a player, and the analysts need to stop with that “matchup nightmare” that keeps getting tagged to him.

    How many years has he been in the league and is ANY TEAM scared of guarding Odom?? bad shooter, not a great passer, horrible defense, and his handles aren’t anything to shout about.-


    LO – Love or hate him, he is vital. LO can play on the nights needed not when he wants to play.

  • ponky_alolor

    Bargnani for $10Mn? Wow…didn’t see that coming.

    And yeah, who’s getting Marvin Williams?

  • vince

    westbrook a rose-style breakout season? they werent THAT far off last year….

  • K Dizzle

    Please stop with the
    “You’ve seen how some Lakers fans immediately turned their backs on Ariza — how will they react if/when Lamar Odom walks?”

    Please review the article on the subject and count how many “Laker fans turn their back on Ariza”


    There’s one and he speak for himself. The rest of us understand it’s a business, that Ariza’s agent got ahead of himself. We never turned on D Fish when he left and we damn sure ain’t flip on Trevor so please stall that.
    Between this and your choices for the Puppet tees, y’all on 2 strikes and slippin.


    Marvin Williams — Drafted over CP3 and D-Will. Imagine the back-court of the names aforementioned and Joe Johnson and J-Smooth. Yikes!

  • That’s whats up

    @ 16
    what grown man wants to walk around wearing a puppet tee anyways?

    That “fad” was in and is already WAY out – two weeks later no less

    I’d rather wear a shirt smeared with dog shit than a KoBron muppet tee

  • aj

    What happened to Jurg?

    I say we rescind the trade that banished Jurg and left us with the inconsequential dk.

    Anyone else feeling that one???

  • the_don_mega

    @ah – LOL!

  • http://www.powerballlotterytips.com PowerBall

    Great Site. Also the Raps extended Andrea “Lance Bass” Bargnani for 10M a year. TO now has the best PowerBall front court in the East and the best shooting front court in the NBA!

  • Rafa23

    @ blast
    i agree he isn’t a great player, only a good one.
    his shot isn’t very good, ok. but his handles are very good for his size, same with the passing. and if you watched and listened during the finals, odom was actually praised for his very good defense…

  • AG

    I hope LA can resign Odom. I agree with a lot of the comments saying he isn’t as good as he is hyped up to be but Odom does have that big game potential that keeps me sane as a Laker fan when Kobe/Gasol aren’t playing particularly well. Add to that the fact that Bynum averages 3 fouls every 2 minutes on the court and Lamar becomes even more important.

    Am I wrong in saying that Odom has stated that he only wants to play near a beach?

  • Lamar Odom

    Please, you want me to take 2 mil less so “I’m remembered well”?????
    Thats 2 million US DOllars you dumb motherfuckers

  • http://www.saltytexan.com rangerjohn (cap and tax LMAO oops)

    “I looked at it, I was interested in it, but I was only interested in it if we could agree on a vision for the team going forward,” Avery was quoted

    what that means is “i have a vision of what my bank account should look like over the next 5 yrs, but their vision was much shorter sited, and involved less $$$$$”

  • CID
  • http://www.f-the-refs.net Chicagorilla

    “How many years has he been in the league and is ANY TEAM scared of guarding Odom?? bad shooter, not a great passer, horrible defense, and his handles aren’t anything to shout about.-”

    @blast, Seriously? It’s like you have never watched Odom play and you are just making things up. Or you are being very sarcastic. Or you’re an idiot.

  • Kudabeen

    LO had two to the biggest defensive plays for LA in Chip run with his inbound defense alone. I think someone was “Kobe-watching” and may have missed the other contributions to winning games.

    Westbrook was good last year. I think Thunder will win more than 20 games. They are pretty good and just need to grow. They don’t have veteran leadership, which is hard, because now vets want to be on building teams, which is short sighted as well as an indication of how low their opinion of their effect on team success is. Thunder’s line up is tough and scrappy. I don’t know how all the pieces will fit, but Damn KD, Westbrook, Harden, Swiss-Army Greent, Ibaka may be a player, DJ White is a banger, Nenad isn’t a horrible option at 5 compared to the rest of the L…they have an exciting young group.

    Chris Anderson has always played with energy. That’s how he first got in the league and why he was a fan favorite with Hornets, before he was suspended, so 5 mil for a guy that actually helps you win as opposed to paying 5 mil to a guy like Scalabrini, Jerome James or Brian Cardinal…

    I mentioned Marvin Williams in earlier post being that young guy that can come on a veteran team and be a totally different boost of energy. Spurs, Celtics, Denver, and even Hornets grab him and he has a potential to really break out as a change of pace player that fills the stat sheet. It is different playing with guys that know how to move the ball and put you in winning situations rather than play off the cuff for a shaky coach and slient “Star”…

    Avery Johnson probably had questions about Stuckey being the team’s future point guard…for whatever reason Dumars seem to be stuck on him running the team. He isn’t Chauncey, but he may be Dumars’ biological son or something. Any Pistons fans know how often the Pistons tried Stuckey off the bench this past year rather than starting over either Iverson or Hamilton?

  • mr22

    yea, what ever happened to Jurg?

  • the_don_mega

    bron is really going to get some bad pub for that stunt… i guess he really got posterized by the kid…

  • Diego

    @ aj:

    Hell, I’d trade dk for Jurg, even if they packaged the real Tyrone with Jurg as part of the deal!

    (Really just ribbing Tyrone, if you happen to still log in.)

  • wiz

    Thats a sexy stat line by Chris Douglas-roberts, it sucks its summer league though he would probally get that more often during the season if he got mins….I guess what im saying is FREE Chris Douglas-roberts…

  • LakeShow84

    i dont see LO as a real smash or dash on next years title hopes but if we do resign him we will once again be able to smash any team we play WITHOUT DOUBT..

    If we dont resign him we will probably have a couple 7 game series.. THATS ALL..

    Come on now we are talking Bryant, Artest, Gasol & Bynum.. Thats a SICK 3 to start alone.. 2 defensive aces on the perimeter with TWO 7 footers to throw in for fun?? shit LO who??

    we’ll see where his heads at cuz he got a chance to become a 2 time champ.. or he can take the money and play roadkill for us in the postseason cuz Artest would clamp his over predictable ass..

    And to whoever said Westbrook cant have a breakout season if his team only wins 20 games is trippin.. if the kid shows up and avgs 20&8-9 assists i’d call that a breakout season..

  • LakeShow84

    And ya’all is trippin any player who can grab 12+ boards and go coast to coast is a problem FOR ANY TEAM.. problem is he only has a left and plays STUPID sometimes..

    Oh and he always misses his first FT..

  • http://www.WeAllScheme.com Jeff

    dime read what CID posted, i heard about that too…LEBRON GOT POSTERIZED AND IS COVERING IT UP LOL

    u need to post that asap dime

  • http://shaqtus.blogspot.com/ Let’s Go Hawks

    Hawks may make the finals….. if the Celtics (easily possible considering how old they are) and Cavs (probably need two for us to get past them unless one is LeBron, which i would honestly hate to see happen) both have a major injury.

    We match up well with Orlando so i think we could win a series with them. Right now, its looking like a one year qualifying offer for Marvin. All we need is a center.

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff

    Tyrone and the old apple pies at McDonald’s should both come back.

  • JH

    Odom is vital…more vital than Ariza was.

    His candy eating habits and the fact that he’s Kobe’s bitch gives him a bad rep…but the honest truth is he’s a player that can do a lot. 09 Playoffs: 12 pts. 9 boards. 2 assists. a block & a steal. over 50% shooting from the floor. Those stats trump Ariza’s…and we only talking stats here.

    10 Million? Maybe…but I bet he settles for a bit less.

  • http://www.saltytexan.com rangerjohn

    AHHHHH lakers fans kill me, they cant ever stay consistent. 1st its “odom sucks we need to ship his ass” then the finals come and the lakers win a ring, and its “oh we have to sign odom he is the man” and now that odom wants more then the lakers cna aford its “fuck odom he aint worth shit, he sucks and we dont need him”

    holy shit i have never heard so much fairweather fandom in my life. you guys are worse then houston rockets fans on t-mac and yao!

  • Oscarisalakerfan

    Hey Dime you always take shots at Laker Fans …Whats up with that….
    I cant remember anytime you took a shot at any other fanbase….
    For your info We still love TREV for his contributions to the championship squad

  • K Dizzle

    @ Ranger

    you been on this site for how long?
    You even heard of any poster named Blast and if you have, you sure he’s a Laker fan?
    Lakeshow rips on LO once in a while but he ain’t lyin. Fact is Lamar is inconsistent and lucky for us, he caught fire at the right time. If we do resign him, Lakers are damn near untouchable cuz WHEN HE’S ON, he’s a matchup nightmare. If we don’t resign him, it’ll be a tougher road.
    Read post 12 again and realize that it’s completely wrong and it don’t make any sense anyways.
    “If he was 4 inches taller, he would be looking at less than half of ten million”?
    “bad shooter, not a great passer, horrible defense, and his handles aren’t anything to shout about.-“?
    “analysts need to stop with that “matchup nightmare” that keeps getting tagged to him.”

    Seriously? Dude’s not a Laker fan, much less even saw Lamar play during the Finals.

    Lakers all day

  • LakeShow84

    @ RangerJohn

    Better than always blaming a loss on some other entity besides the fact YOU GOT BLASTED like you Spurs fans ALWAYS do..

    WAHHHHH WAAAHHHH WAHHHHHH.. that what i hear from the Spurs fan base.. and even Ian, coo as he is, pops up with weird shit every now and then lol

  • K Dizzle

    4 inches shorter….whatever.
    Still a stupid statement

  • LakeShow84

    @ Kdizzle

    I discounted what ol bizzarro laker fan said once he said Odom aint a good passer.. Gasol and Odom are the best passing post players in the league when they together so doo, like u said, aint never watched squat..


    If you guys are talking about DK smashing on Ariza.. then lemme ask you.. What you expect anything less from DK?? lol

  • KnicksFan84

    Hahaha, Lebron got BANGED ON!!!

  • Ian

    well he isnt 4 inches shorter
    hell if shaq was 6’6 and 210 pounds he would suck.

    shit lakeshow
    when i have come up with excuses when we get blasted?? thanks for the cool part btw hehehe.
    but u see what i meant a couple of days back when all of the sudden some laker fans turned on ariza samething is happening with odom NOW HE ISNT GOOD. wtf man?? did you read blasts post wow.
    now you said that a kobe , artest , bynum and gasol lineup will win but it will prob take them 7 games against some teams well sorry but u need odom. artest is overrated , bynum cant stay on the floor so that leaves your 2 best players. remember all contenders got better (except orlando) and the lakers are going to get worse if they lose LO.

    there is no way you can say that
    gasol , kobe , artest and bynum are better than
    rondo , pierce , allen , kg , sheed
    parker , manu , jefferson , td

    btw of course i got to pop up with weird shit im a fan i cant talk with sense all the time besides you know you got some laker fans here that get carried away like dk and the best one doug.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Ian

    Doo we are a YOUNG team.. our team will actually come back improved next year just from anothers years experience.. I expect Farmar and Vujacic to be improved (or at least play like they did in 07-08) and BIG AB will be healthy again and continue his track to dominance..

    Artest isnt overrated TO US because he brings a certain toughness we have lacked with soft ass Odom out there.. If we resign him coo but it aint the end of the world like i said..

    AND 4 the record..

    “there is no way you can say that
    gasol , kobe , artest and bynum are better than
    rondo , pierce , allen , kg , sheed
    parker , manu , jefferson , td

    YES I AM SAYING OUR LINEUP WILL WOOP ALL THOSE LINEUPS.. Lol you talk about ur team like Jefferson is going to get them over the hump.. Your guys’ best years were when Duncan was DOMINANT.. Duncan and a no name vs Gasol and Bynum?? Good luck bruh.. Manu and Jefferson vs Kobe and Artest?? LOLOLOLOL good luck with that as well..

    All u got is Tony and he dont scare us AT ALL..

  • LakeShow84

    man im itching for next season already and it aint even august..

  • Ian

    a healthy manu and jefferson vs kobe and artest hell fucking yeah i like my team ill say it again just because the lakers are the softest team ever doesnt mean artest isnt overrated. now yeah id take duncan/blair or duncan/mcdyess over gasol/bynum everyday i dont get your bynum lovefest he is nothing and has done nothing remember when you called him the lakers second best player? best part is that now kobe will actually have to guard someone not that bs that hes an all nba first team def. and he gets to guard bowen , battier and dudes like that because of ariza.

    dude i didnt mention jefferson as our savior never had i dont know where you got that from but i rather have him than artest anyday. did you mention farmar and vujajic as hope??? and bash jefferson??? tell me whats wrong with that picture.

    btw good luck with fisher guarding parker and the benches.

    stop overrating your team the won they are good but they arent great or is it underrating the spurs , celts and cavs?

  • Ian

    again when have i posted jefferson the savior but sure talk like artest he is the one thats going to help you repeat. man you lost ariza and might lose odom and you think artest is going to make up for it?

    tell me how im talking out my neck (you like that hehehe) when i said the lakers might be worse next year and the spurs , cavs , celts better?

  • K Dizzle

    @ Ian

    we’ll put Shannon Brown on Tony. He’s gonna earn every point he gets…

    As far as which team is better, all this talk won’t mean jack if Manu ain’t healthy. 2 years, 2 series missed. 2 years ago, we crushed you guys and the team’s only gotten better. Last year, Dallas handled you guys. 2010? Lakers definitely have gotten better since Boston smoked us. Can’t say the same for the Spurs. truth be told, I’m more worried about Boston than I am about the spurs…..just sayin, but I’m hopin that everybody healthy so there’s no excuses

  • Ian

    i agree with everything you posted(not so much on the brown part tony will get his) im not sayin the spurs are the best team you have to give the edge to the defending champs my point is that its not going to be as easy this time around with the contenders getting better. but hell if manu isnt healthy all this wont mean much like you said.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Ian

    Thats why i said maybe a 7 game series here and there.. So ur taking Manu and Jefferson OVER Kobe and Artest?? Dude Manu aint THAT good.. come on now.. Ur talking out yo neck again lol!!!

    And seriously at Duncans age u cant say he and a no name will outplay Gasol and Bynum.. maybe a Duncan in his prime but not the Duncan with knee trouble.. Gasol is 20&10, so ur saying Duncan got 30&15 in him for a whole series?? my man please.. and as garbage as everyone makes Bynum out to be he will eat Blairs lunch..

    Ur talking reckless my man.. I know u want to hold that grip on the West but its our grip now.. and u bashin Kobe’s D now?? KOBE HATING AT ITS FINEST with you sometimes Ian lol..

    Kobe & Phil will bring out the best in Artest.. no one wants to admit that but everyones been knowing it thats why he Indiana and Sac didnt trade him to us.. It wont be easy Ian but we both know we would win in 6 or 7.. i didnt mention Farmar or Vujacic as anything but improved and back on track.. dont hate..

    you seem to do a lot more hating than basketball talk when it comes to my team Ian..

    Manu&Jefferson over Kobe&Artest.. please take that into a sports bar and let me know how it goes bruh..

  • Three Stacks

    Just to get things straight, Laker fans didn’t turn on Ariza. Like someone else mentioned, Trevor’s agent got ahead of himself and kinda f*cked up. The Lakers were definitely interested in bringing him back, he WAS our first option. But when things don’t work out, you gotta act fast, and that’s what Kupchak did. This is a business after all.

    Regardless of what people say, I really think bringing Odom back is CRITICAL. Of course LA will still be in the hunt for a ring w/o him, and there’s no guarantee they win again even if he resigns, but finding a versatile frontcourt player like LO who is familiar w/ the triangle is gonna be difficult.

    I wish Ron would stop making MJ tribute songs and go read the Triangle Offense for Dummies. I think ppl forget how important and difficult the system is.