Smack / Jul 11, 2009 / 1:54 am

Lottery picks on display in Vegas, plus the NBA’s best poker player

Stephen Curry, Dime #48

Stephen Curry, Dime #48

While the Orlando summer league wrapped up on Friday, the Vegas summer league — the more “glamorous” of the two — was just getting started. Lots of Lottery picks on display: Brandon Jennings had 10 points (3-12 FG) and three assists against Dallas; DeMar DeRozan had 10 points and five boards against the Lakers; Tyreke Evans scored 15 on the Pistons, and Stephen Curry put up 16 points (4-14 FG) with four turnovers and seven fouls against Houston. Hasheem Thabeet and Jonny Flynn will also be in action this weekend … That Lakers/Raptors game was an NBA junkyard of “Whatever Happened To That Guy” candidates. Adam Morrison (24 pts), Smush Parker, Patrick O’Bryant, Paul Davis and Mustafa Shakur were all on the court, and some guy named Ben McCauley posted 24 points and 15 boards for the Lakers. At halftime, the Rockets reportedly offered him $5 million a year and a promise to start at center … If DaJuan Summers (24 pts) continues to blatantly outperform Austin Daye (8 pts), will the Pistons just ignore it and give Daye more playing time to save face? You know Joe Dumars had a hard time stepping off the Amir Johnson Is The Future bandwagon … In the Orlando league, Roy Hibbert capped a solid week with 16 points, 11 boards and three blocks against the Magic; Shaun Livingston had 12 points, five boards and four dimes against Utah; and Nick Fazekas had 22 points and nine boards for the Celtics against the Nets/Sixers … Remember that whole Mike Sweetney comeback thing? He started one game for the Celtics, then sat out the rest of the week with a hamstring injury. The joke about Sweets getting hurt while running to Wendy’s before they closed is too easy … Orlando’s big-league squad signed Brandon Bass to a four-year, $18 million deal yesterday. Bass could start at power forward if Rashard Lewis plays the three and Vince Carter plays the two (and if Bass beats out Ryan Anderson); or Rashard could stay at the four, Vince could play the three, Mickael Piertus could play the two, and Bass comes off the bench. Either way, Stan Van Gundy has a lot of options and versatility with his lineups, which is all he can ask for … The Blazers have signed Paul Millsap to a four-year offer sheet worth somewhere between $32M and $36M, which Utah has a week to match. That report came on the heels of multiple reports that the Blazers/Jazz/Bulls trade that would have sent Carlos Boozer to Chicago and facilitated Utah bringing back Millsap wasn’t going to happen. So there’s a good chance Millsap goes to Portland and Boozer at least starts the season with the Jazz before being shopped again near the February deadline. In the meantime, the Pistons should continue to check in with Utah about that Rip Hamilton-for-Boozer idea … Now what exactly are the Suns doing? Steve Kerr said Phoenix was rebuilding following the Shaq trade and when it seemed an Amar’e trade was imminent, but since then he’s successfully outbid the Knicks and Celtics for Grant Hill, and reportedly offered Steve Nash a two-year extension at $11M per. Does that sound like a rebuilding franchise, or one that’s trying to win right now? But at the same time, the Suns have been quiet as far as getting help for that Nash-Stoudemire-Hill core. It’s like they’re being designed to get knocked out in the first round … Did you know Jordan Farmar is playing in the World Series of Poker? Three days into the massive tournament, Farmar is one of about 2,000 players remaining out of the original 6,000-plus, even though he claims he’d never played poker before until recently. But after getting the death stare for Kobe routinely in his short career, Farmar shouldn’t be shaken up at all by Phil Ivey glaring across the table at him … Promise we’re not trying to add extra hype to the Jordan Crawford “LePruder Film” story, but it’s really getting out of hand. People can argue about it all day, but the LeBron loyalists aren’t going to be swayed one way, and the LeBron haters won’t ever waver the other way. When will it go away? In the unlikely event that another worldwide music icon dies any time soon, LeBron may have to take the reigns and overshadow this story himself: Make a “Kobe tape” out in the parking lot of a Cleveland mall saying the Cavs need to ship Lorenzen Wright‘s a** out … We’re out like Sweetney …

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  • Bigdog


    Have anoter pie sweetney

  • http://yahoo.com slygerogg

    dam i wanted to be first… real early smack

  • http://yahoo.com slygerogg

    and damn i guess steph curry couldnt play defense.. 7fouls?

  • Nukky G

    Did y’all catch Brent Petway’s facial procedure against the Lakeshow? I knew he had hops, but damn…

  • “Big Hook” Nunez

    Yes we have a Smush citing, does anyone know if he rolled in to Vegas in the Smushcalade. too bad Shannon Brown was on the Lakers or we would of seen identical twins guarding each other. Best part of the Smush LA era was when he questioned Phil’s coaching, that was classic!

  • williehobbes

    why do the blazers want milsap?

  • “Big Hook” Nunez

    I meant too bad Shannon wasn’t on the Lakers summer team!

  • “Big Hook” Nunez

    I think the Blazers tendered Milsap to hurry the Jazz into completing the 3 way trade. Because the Bulls are not willing to trade Kirk unless they get Bayless or the Jazz take Tim Thomas instead of Tyrus Thomas. So the Jazz now have 7 days to take Tim and complete the trade so they can match or lose Milsap because they can’t afford him.

  • mamba

    Weak a$$ smush led the LAkers to 2 first round exits. As soon as we get Fisher, we get to 2 finals….Just the fact Kobe took the LAkers to the playoffs with smush as the starting pg and kwame as the starting center in a much tougher western conference back then, he should be considered the greatest of all time.

  • williehobbes

    i mean that they don’t need him. 8 mil is too much for a backup & they already oden and przbilla at center.


    Until we see the tape, the Jordan Crawford incident will always follow Lebron, just ask Scottie Pippen about the 1.8 seconds and Roberto Duran infamous, “No Mae.”

  • The White Shadow

    That weaksauce Smush also were at odds with Pat Riley’s coaching too. That’s 15 championship rings that did Smush wrong! Paul’s contact is reasonable if you compare it Varejao’s and Bargnani.

  • danny

    dang, all the top draft picks had a horrible first summer game. Brandon jennings still can’t shoot straight, in fact his numbers better improve or it’s like he’s still playing in Italy.

    -Dime, why didn’t you include tyreke’s percentage, as 15 pts on 4-15 from the field is HORRIBLE. Also include that he had more turnovers than assists and you get a selfish ballhog. Ex: see Jrue Holiday

  • josh tha roc

    i agree willie. Blazers are stock piling quality players. that is a deep deep roster. how do they keep everyone happy with minutes/shots?

    surely a deal brewing.

  • sh!tfaced

    somebody tell steve kerr that its best to rebuild with high lottery picks, not with mid first round or late lottery selections.

    they should make a reenactment of real life jordan crawford crowning virtual lebron.

  • Rafa23

    lol, its funny. farmar claims he hasn’t really played poker before, just lucked his way this deep. he is one of the shortest stacks now which probably means busto tomorrow…

  • the cynic

    farmer just went up a notch in my book

  • alf (from melmak)

    Utah is now behind the eight ball. They have to find a good trade for Boozer. But please, not Tim Thomas.

    Boozer has much more talent but Milsap can win them more games.

    If Tyrus Thomas is not available anymore, ship Boozer and AK to the Pistons for Rip Hamilton and Tyshaun Prince.

    My meal allowance says Adam Morrison is trying to convince Phil Jackson to give him more playing time next season. He probably deserves more tick anyway.

  • ponky_alolor

    ease up on the bad shooting of the lottery picks, if i was in their place i’d be gunning during summer league haha.

    @3, no one’s crowning steph an elite defender.

    suns are trying to win the 8th seed out west.

  • Redstorm11

    Looks like David Lee will be suiting up the knicks for either the qualifying offer or the low ball offer some1 @ the dime office said was a smack in the face to lee

  • bobby s

    can you guys separate these posts into paragraphs?! they are so damned hard to read

  • itsakademiks

    funny line about sweets i went to high school with him..

  • That’s whats up

    @ post 21


    easy enough?

  • Kobeef

    I don’t get the Blazers interest in Millsap. It’s liek they forgot they have Aldridge, who is a better player and plays the same position…unless they think Oden is a bust and the plan is to move Aldridge to the 5 and play Milsap at the 4..

    The Grant Hill signing is the icing on the cake of the “Steve Kerr is a moron” argument. His team is going nowhere fast and he’s overpaying vetran players….Stern needs to intervene before people start boycotting the Suns.

    Who the hell is Ben McAuley and who told him he as alowed to destroy all those lottery picks?

  • Bron42 aka Your Moms Best Friend

    @Bruce, Seeing the tape won’t do much cuz no one really cares all that much about lebron getting dunked on. Its already happened a few times in the NBA (and if you noticed, they try to down play it there too when it happens). The thing about this issue is how Lebron is showing a trend of spoiled diva moments and people keep tryin to come up with excuses on why its ok. I mean think about when devin harris got crossed when in euro, they put the tape on youtube and it got played on espn but it was no big deal. If that was lebron, Nike would of took that kid out back and shot him. If lebron actually enters the dunk contest this year and loses, NIKE is gonna MIB everyone and erase their memory.

    @Big Hook” Nunez, Ya too bad smush is like wesly snipes black meaning hes 21 shades darker that brown.

    So their payin milsap to pretty much take what, channing fryes spot? or just incase odens body shows its real age and turns into wet chalk during preseason? cuz hes not gettin much burn over aldridge.

    @mamba, tmac got a even worse magic team to the playoffs. That team made kobes “get this guy the f*ck out of here” squad look like the dream team.

  • bsmoot

    i’d be considered a “lebron loyalist”. i defended him for walking off the court without shaking hands during the playoffs, but this whole tape thing is different. I dont understand why nike/lebron would take the tape. Is it lebron’s ego? I don’t know. I try not to make judgements like that, but at this point, I bet the nike camp regrets taking the tape and starting this whole story.

    this story also made me question my own “lebron loyalty”

  • Sweet English

    LOL @ Thats Whats Up,

    Funny thing is, there aint one post in the comments that is any longer than 2 sentences or 5 lines.


    Stupid is as stupid does.

  • vinny

    aldridge is a restricted free agent after this season(and is soft as hell)milsap gives them a physical presence. oden tries but just picks up fouls.

  • jzsmoove

    Kerr is dumb. Suns owner Sarver is dumber (insert Harry Dunn or Lloyd Christmas joke here). Ever since reigns were handed down from Colangelo boss, Suns are a mess. Hopefully they rebound from this and put a good and exciting product on the floor.

    Orlando is gonna be fun to watch. If the Raptors dont magically make it, I hope Otown comes out East.

    Millsap over Boozer any day.

  • Tim

    How about Dejuan Summers dropping 24 and 7 boards for the Pistons? No mention of that…??? what’s up Dime?

  • Tim

    Oops sorry Dime…I didn’t see his name…MY BAD.

  • doc


  • Three Stacks

    Well since the only team with significant cap space that was allegedly interested in Lamar Odom just used that cap space to sign Millsap, so I am very happy as a Laker fan. I think this means that sooner or later Odom is definitely gonna re-up with the Lakers.

    How in the f*ck is Shannon Brown anything like Smush Parker? Who said that, why, and wtf do you know about basketball.

  • rocky lobs

    “the Suns have been quiet as far as getting help for that Nash-Stoudemire-Hill core. It’s like they’re being designed to get knocked out in the first round”

  • Baby Huey

    The Blazers needed a back up PF that will bang down low, and Millsap saide he would be fine with coming off the bench. It seems like a great fit to me.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Dime

    Who wrote this smack?? just out of curiosity.. it had some good zingers..

    “and some guy named Ben McCauley posted 24 points and 15 boards for the Lakers. At halftime, the Rockets reportedly offered him $5 million a year and a promise to start at center ”

    That shit had me rollin.. cold..

  • QQ

    Now yall know we are getting serious.

    Orlando signing Brandon Bass, damn, we’re really gonna do some serious shit in the 09 season.

    Love this move. We added a high energy big man that could play O and defense. Nice catch.


  • QQ

    And gonna agree with some of these cats bout Lebron…

    Stop defending the cat if yall know he did wrong.

    If any other player did that, people will MURDER him. Why the fuck are you defending Bron and implying he should get special treatment?

    Stop trying. Just stop.

  • That’s whats up

    QQ always tryin’ to start shit even when no one is around

  • QQ

    thats whats up:

    Cats like you is the reason why I hope Dime would fucking stop the assholes who use other nicknames. The shit I ‘started’ a few days ago was, guess what, was NOT started by me. It was started by a lowlife who figured he would use my name to start wrecking havoc.

    Can’t you guys fucking see that I AM NOT that looney?

    I post here to represent my Magic, to hate on T-Mac on Burton and to own the haters, not to rape these forums.

    And yall saying ‘Just ignore the impostor, bruh’. How can I ignore that dipshit if you cats can’t even realize that it is NOT me?

  • QQ

    It really irks me that you guys think that i’m looney. Seriously it bothers me that I try to provide valuable insight to forum with people i respect and that there’s some asshole out there who goes to such length to trash my name. Obviously its very annoying for me and for serious basketball fans.


  • parker

    yall lunchin,
    It aint like Lebron is sittin around in an oversized chair rubbing a hairless cat nodding his head in approval of the sinister tape snatching. He did what any of us would have done if we had the power to have someone get rid of something embarrassing. All this talk is coming from the same motherfuckers who probably wont admit to borrowing someones pen from the next cubicle without video evidence.