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NBA Rumor: Carlos Arroyo To The Sixers

Carlos Arroyo

Although the Sixers just signed their first round draft pick Jrue Holiday, they are still in desperate need of a PG. While there is a slight chance that Andre Miller returns for a much reduced price, it’s more likely that they’ll try and pick someone else up. And right now that someone could be Carlos Arroyo.

According to Hoopsworld, Arroyo was in Las Vegas last week to support his former Maccabi Tel Aviv teammate Omri Casspi and to talk with NBA teams about a possible return to the League. With the only other PG option on the roster being Louis Williams, who has never really played the position, the Sixers better do something.

When I first heard about this, I consulted our in-house Sixers expert Patrick Cassidy of Pat’s Sixers Blog. He didn’t sound to pleased when I told him about this recent development.

“There’s a reason he was playing in Europe four years before it was cool,” said Cassidy. “There’s a bunch of dudes in the NBA Summer League I’d rather sign.”

When I asked who he had in mind, one name was mentioned immediately: Kyle McAlarney. After manning the ship for four years at Notre Dame, the six-footer from Staten Island would be a great addition to the Sixers roster – which currently has only 10 players on it and still just one guy who can shoot the basketball.

What do you think?

Source: Hoopsworld

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  • steven

    Gotta go with Pat on this & I’d hate to see Arroyo as a Sixers. I think his game is average at best & I can’t imagine him or Sam comprehending the finer points of the “Princeton” system.

  • Patrick Cassidy

    The guy is obviously talented, but all I can think of was watching him when he was in Orlando. It looked like Arroyo was just awful to play with – he’d rather lose a digit than pass the ball. Not what you want from your PG.

  • Kobeef

    Actually, Arroyo was pretty good for the magic in his last year. He’s got great speed and is a pretty good playmaker.

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    Yeah Arroyo’s good but only when he gets the minutes and when he’s playing for his country against the U.S.

  • jzsmoove

    If Iverson is definitely not the Answer for Philly right now, Arroyo is just plain the Wrong Answer.

  • kellynorwood
  • Brown

    Didn’t Jerry Sloan exile him from Utah? Arroyo just seems to have worn out his welcome in too many places. He might do OK, but the teams he’s on never seem to be anything more than average at best. As a PG, he should be making the team better, not just going for his.

  • http://myspace.com/bqmuzik BQ

    Arroyo is a great player, he just needs the minutes. So what, he likes to shoot the ball? What NBA PG doesnt these days? he’s a much better player make than they give him credit for. His numbers would be between a Beno Udrih and TJ Ford

  • JA

    AI back to the sixers?

  • Dukesman2000

    Someone has to find away to convince Arroyo that he is playing for Puerto Rico, since that is the only time he seems to play well.

  • Young Lebron 23

    Im not a real big fan of Arroyo or McAlarney. BRING BACK AI WE MISS HIM

  • quest???

    To expand on this story, Arroyo is being courted by the Blazers, Bucks, and the Celtics. As the resident PuertoRican in this site, i believe arroyo is a good player. However his style of play and his attitude have doomed his career. Did you know that Maccabi Tel Aviv kicked essentially kicked him out of the team? He was the MVP of that league!. It is a trend that everywhere he goes he has worn out his welcome. If he matures, he can be a very solid starter to the sixers, at least until jrue holiday is ready. He has a nice jump shot, his handle is sick and he can really pass( when he is motivated).Plus he is one of the best international guards out there. I say give him a chance.

  • WinDelRoj

    Also gotta give the disclaimer. Im from Puerto Rico so I cant really bash him. He’s got the skills and when he’s hot he can drain it. But hes got a knack for just making people mad at him. People underestimate his jumper and he overestimates it. But Ill be streaming some of those PR vs USA highlights….

  • Hakim

    Arroyo is a solid PG. He would definitely be a downgrade from Andre Miller. If Sixers management can swallow their pride, the best guard available is clearly Iverson. Iverson is familiar with the players and he would flourish in the Princeton offense. Regardless of what the pessimist say in regards to Iverson not passing the ball, his stats tell a different story.
    Iverson averaged more assist per game as a Nugget than Chauncey Billups did this year. Another misnomer is that he stunts the growth of younger players. It’s the coaches job to develop players; not A.I.’s. Kobe, Wade, or Lebron hasn’t been charged with developing the shooting guards on their respective teams.
    These organizations seem to be more concerned with image than winning games. If your team continues to lose, you’re known as a losing organization period!
    The Sixers would win alot more games with Iverson than Arroyo.
    Pessimist say that Iverson only had one good season in O1! Wrong again! Iverson had winning seasons with Derrick Coleman as a sidekick, with Van Horn as a sidekick, and C Webb as a sidekick. The chemistry the O1′ team had was dismantled by Billy Queen, oops! I mean King. He got rid of Mutombo for Todd MacCulloch(what the hell)! He got rid of George Lynch for an older D. Coleman(Coleman played on two separate occasions for the Sixers). Tyrone Hill was traded for Matt Harpring. Raja Bell was sent packing to the Mavs. Eric Snow was sent to the Cavs for Kevin Ollie. Billy King dismantled the Sixers trading away defensive stoppers in exchange for so so offensive players. Those are the facts.
    Iverson is the best free agent available. He can still lead a team with the right group of guys around him. Kobe wouldn’t have a single ring if he had to play with Kevin Ollie, Matt Harpring, Van Horn, or Todd MacCulloch.

  • Da_Griff

    I can see Arroyo in a sixers uniform. It’s not like they haven’t employed high octane defenseless bombers in the past to play the point.

    Remember Trevor Ruffin?

  • potro

    Well,what to say… he is a hell of pg when he got his minutes on court but since Utah, he did never had a real opportunity ??? I think maybe his attitude,or the way he showed his jersy to USA in the Olympic games or the way he resolved with Sloan ? nobody really know.

    So give him a chance, we got a little to lose and maybe a like Nash case here ( we all know Nash did flourish after 30 ). Lets do it !!!

  • potro

    Forgot to mention he was seen by J. Sloan and J.Stockton himself as J. Stockton sucesor and when he was traded to Detroit he was the back up pg because of C.Billups ( whom don’t ) ?


    Carlos Arroyo would be a downgrade from Miller, no doubt, but I think he would be good with the Sixer’s style. If he gets about 30mpg he will get the job done in every aspect. I would sign him for 2-3 years so that Louis Williams can start getting in to starting PG caliber. And think of Williams as the future.

  • Johnny

    People let’s face it, he always abused the USA Olympic Team! When he had the minutes in Utah, he made the numbers. Last year he was the MVP at Israel top league. He also played the Euro league and the made excellent numbers. Believe me; the Euro League is as hard as the NBA or even harder. Let’s give him a break to play.

  • LukeCage22

    Arroyo would be a great PG for the sixers to sign considering they could get him cheaper than they probably would if he was playing in the NBA last year. He also has experience running and starting on an NBA team. I don’t think he’ll be their PG of the future of course (thats for Jrue Holiday) but he could start and could ease the loss of Miller and the transition.

  • Eddie

    I like Arroyo and I do respect what many fans say here. I don’t blame Sixers fans not wanting to see him wearing a Sixers jersey. However, many fail to realize that while in Orlando he won more games for that organization (especially during his last year with them) than Nelson did. In addition, they sat him during the playoffs and Nelson did not performed as expected. There was no Arroyo in Orlando this year and Nelson insisted in playing rather than to let Alston destroy the Lakers, he got him (Alston off rythm). I think we can say that Orlando’s GM (Otis) messed up by extending Nelson.

    Well enough of the other guy. I say to the Sixers fan, give Arroyo a chance, he’s not the best playmaker in the NBA but he’s clearly on the top 10% in the league. Stockton mentored him, Sloan simply dind’t like him though I must say that Arroyo has to work with his demeanor on the court. NBA is all about character but also about professionalism on and off the court. There’s nothing wrong with him showing off the PR jersey during during the Olympics against the USA…it’s called pride…let’s face it…how many PGs in the NBA can honestly say that they were able to single-handedly administered and showed USA Team how to really play International basketball. USA Team is now a much better in International basketball because of that experience and I’m happy for them (USA Team). Carlos definitely raised the bar and I mean that with all due respect to all fans.

    Give him a chance.


  • Ramon Cabeza


    I’m with you 100%.
    Arroyo has not been given a fair chance ever since he left Utah.

  • http://none Javielo

    I would love to see Arroyo back in the NBA but only as a start point guard. Arroyo comes from a champion team in Puerto Rico he had many achievements and probably that is why he had so many problems adapting in the NBA to come as a backup. I can understand he has some pride and believe me anyone from Puerto Rico knows Arroyo started playing as a champ and left Puerto Rico as a champ never coming as a backup guard and it hurts him not to be a star anymore. He will mature with time and understand his role and if he gets enough minutes and is trusted by his coach his game level goes up. It is more like a psychological thing with Arroyo he needs to be trusted and given the opportunity.

  • Sixers09

    I want to see A.I back in a Sixers Uniform. Point blank period. No disrespect to Arroyo he is a really good player. But I would love to see Iverson retire as a Sixer like he is supposed to. Think about it next year we would be a very solid team. I can see it now AI Throwing it up again to Iggy or Drive and kicks to Jason Kapono. All that would be next to for this team to do is send Samuel “Gummy”bert packing. I’d trade him and Green for a Turkey Sandwich if I had the chance

  • http://elnenedeteta.blogspot.com RikiBlaze

    Arroyo is not a defensive player. That’s why van gundy didnt play him. I think that he is not a starter. Maybe a backup PG to a team in need of an offensive point guard. He has the experience, but 2009-10 campaign is not the same as 2003. It’s a more competitive league.

    Guys like CP3, Kidd, Fisher, Billups, Rose, Mo, Calderon, Rondo, Rubio (if he play), Nash, Parker, Bibby are at other level than him.

    If I were a VP of any team, I don’t sign him.

  • Eddie


    That may be true about Arroyo..but I respectfully disagree with you on some of those PGs you pointed out. Aside from Nash, Billups, CP3, Parker, and Kidd I don’t see the others at the level you are elevating them to because they are not that good anyways. Although the Olympics are long gone, however, neither A.I. or Wayde were able to stop him – just wanted to throw that one out there since we’re talking about defensive players. The problem with A.I is that he does not want to be in a supporting role and I don’t blame him for that. I hope he finds a good team.

    Anyways, no one is saying the Sixers are going to sign Arroyo, in fact I don’t think it will happen but if if did, I know that in the end you’ll soon realize that you’re not giving him the credit he deserves..he’s a better playmaker than some of those guys you mentioned and that’s a fact.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I respect yours.

    Take care


  • Marcus

    I think he would be a great fit with the sixers this season. He plays at his best when he gets to make the running game happen. he still has what it takes to be an NBA starter. He has had to deal with leading a mediocre Puertorican national team, which expects too much of its roster and still he gets them to compete at a high level. He might not be an all-star, but if Steve Blake and Luke Ridnour could start in the NBA, then Arroyo would be a no brainer. If you give him the minutes, he’ll give you the stats.

  • andres

    arroyo needs to work on his defence to be a nba starter.
    i am from puerto rico and will love to se him play. he has what it takes to be there.

  • frv

    i have to say that ive seen all of carlos arroyos games.
    ok i am puertorican so a little byuss but the truth if you give carlos arroyo the time he will make your other players better. in orlando he did a great job even though when he got hot and won games for them all a sudden they would sit him for a long time giving nelson playing minutes where he was a disaster. i lived in orlando and one thing everyone knows is nelson was their centers close freind and that says it all! just something to throw in the pot, i would be a great fan of phily if they would give him the opportunity and probably 8 million puertorican fans

  • Manny

    Guys! I really think that Arroyo has an amazing talent on the basketball court running down the ball. Maybe he’s not the best defensive player, but I’m really sure of something….he definitely can create plays on the floor. I really think if he’s given the minutes, he would be a great addition to the Sixers and with time, he’ll grow mentally on his game.

  • cxmz

    Carlos Arroyo definately should get a chance to start at the PG position. He needs to be trusted by his coaches and I know he can deliver. I know he might have a little bad attitude at certain times, but you have to admit that Arroyo came from Puerto Rico as a champ and at the starting role. So that could be why he has anger. He plays with pride and wins games if he’s given the chance. Remember, he had the starting role an was trusted by his coaches when he played for Puerto Rico. If he could play very good against USA in the Olympics, I prety much think he could play in the NBA. I hope they pick him up and givehim a chance. I know he still could be a good starting PG in the NBA.



  • Basket FAN

    That’s why good players go to Europe, quality players in the NBA year after year is going down. A lot of Europe Players can make the bench easily in the NBA. That’s one of the reasons Carlos Arroyo and Ricky Rubio opt. to stay playing in Europe. The NBA is no more the best league in he world. From team players to street players without fundamentals. Tha’ts why the US Team keep loosing at the international level and winning with the closest of margins.

  • ironmike

    I do think carlos is the answered for the sixers right now, you just have to see the way he played in his last international tournament played in Puerto Rico, it was amazing the way he manage the team, even that they lost in the finals to Brazil, it seems that he grow playing for Israel, it’s true that he likes to shoot but right now every pg likes to do it, that’s just Chris Paul who prefer to pass than to shoot. I say give him a chance.

  • Ray

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