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NBA summer league tips off; Lakers bring back another piece

Russell Westbrook (photo. Seattle Times)

Russell Westbrook (photo. Seattle Times)

Basketball is back. Kinda. If you don’t live in a playground hotbed like NYC or Chicago, and you’re not so desperate that you’re watching classic games on NBA TV and trying to pretend you haven’t seen them before, the Orlando Pro Summer League debuted yesterday to fill the NBA void … Since nobody really cares who wins the games, we’ll just look at the stats: The Celtics rolled out what could be both the worst and the slowest NBA frontline tandem ever, starting Robert Swift (20 mins, 4 pts) and Mike Sweetney (15 mins, 3 pts, 5 rebs) against Utah. The most encouraging stat was Sweetney only picking up one foul in 15 minutes; at the low point of his career he would regularly come off the bench and get two fouls before the guy he’d replaced had a chance to sit down. Bill Walker scored 14 points to lead the C’s, while Eric Maynor had nine points and four dimes for the Jazz … James Harden scored 17 for the Thunder against the host Magic, while Russell Westbrook put up 22 points (16-18 FT), five boards and nine assists. Starting at small forward for OKC, Shaun Livingston had seven points and six dimes, and most importantly, didn’t move like a guy with a faulty knee. Levance Fields had a DNP for Orlando, as he sustained an injury doing the Stanky Leg over the weekend … The Nets/Sixers hybrid squad went up against Indiana, and both of their prized rookies struggled offensively while contributing elsewhere. Terrence Williams scored just two points (1-8 FG), but added nine boards, two steals and three blocks; Jrue Holiday had nine points on 3-11 shooting with five turnovers, but picked up four steals. Marreese Speights put up 28 points and 11 boards for Philly/Jersey, while Tyler Hansbrough had 17 points, five boards and three steals for the Pacers … There was a lot of rumored movement toward deals on the free agent market Monday, but only two actual deals materialized, as Jason Kidd agreed to come back to the Mavs for $25 million over three years (too much for a 36-year-old?), and Shannon Brown re-upped with the Lakers for $4.2M over two … On the rumor front, the Mavs and Raptors are allegedly working on a sign-and-trade that would send Shawn Marion to Dallas and would include Jerry Stackhouse going to Toronto. Unless Josh Howard is moving to SG, we don’t see where Marion fits in as a starter, and he’s definitely the type to complain about coming off the bench … Portland is scrambling for Plan B’s after the Hedo Turkoglu deal fell through, having reportedly pitched the Bobcats on a trade involving Gerald Wallace and also looking at Lamar Odom as a free agent … And Grant Hill is close to reaching an agreement with the Celtics. Hill already gets booed whenever he plays in Orlando now — what kind of reaction would he get coming back as a member of the Celts in an Orlando/Boston playoff series? … Yao Ming will decide this week whether he’ll get surgery on his left foot or try to let it heal on its own. Either way, the Rockets are screwed. If Yao gets surgery, he’s most likely out for the 2009-10 season. If he tries to let it heal, his foot will be immobilized for about three months, which means he won’t be in shape going into training camp and would probably be even more susceptible to another injury, not to mention there’s a chance the foot won’t heal … With the last big-name Class of ’09 recruit off the board, it’s time to focus on the next crop of high school superstars. Over on HighSchoolHoop.com today, we’re unveiling our brand-new Top 50 national player ranking around lunchtime. We’ll let you know when the new list is live … Over the weekend we told you about the U.S. squad slicing through the field in New Zealand at the FIBA Under-19 World Championships — which continued with a blowout win over Greece on Monday where Georgia’s Howard Thompkins scored 22 points. At the FIBA World University Games in Serbia, Team USA is also on a roll, getting 17 points from North Carolina forward Deon Thompson in a 30-piecing of Greece yesterday … We’re out like Swift …

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    Get LO and call it a summer!


    Too much for Jason “Wife-Beater” Kidd and I am not kidding around!

  • http://manilatonight.com solomon (el latino machismo)

    early smack! nice…

  • http://www.lakersnation.com Lakers Nation

    Shannon signed . . . now the last thing to do is sign Lamar and get the trophy ready for us!

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Portland need Andre Miller.

    Houston needs Yao to get the surgery and find 2 replacements quickly.

    Lakers need to turn the pg over to Brown.

    Grant Hill should try to go back to Orlando.

    Lamar Odom needs to stay in LA and try to make it happen again.

    Mavs need to move out the way of teams that really need the Gortats and Kidds.

    Vegas needs a team.

    OKC need to go back to being the Sonics.

    I need to go to bed!

  • alf (from melmak)

    What is the average age of the Celtic’s going into the season if they get Grant Hill? It seems like they are looking to become the new senior citizens club.

    Can someone also provide information on how many expiring contracts they will have by 2010 and 2011?

    I hate saying this but Danny Ainge might be looking like a genius now if they have tons of cash in their pockets to do a major rebuilding after this season.

  • Edwin “Big Hook” Nunez

    Shannon Brown is just a younger version of Smush Parker all athlete and no brain or skill. Even Smush averaged 12 and 5 at point. Also the Blazers should offer LO the full 9 million, it’s a win win for them. They will be weaking the Lakers and strengthening their bench. and if the Lakers match they will be in luxury tax hell for the next 5 years and wont be able to make any more moves for the foreseeable futre.

  • Edwin “Big Hook” Nunez

    Celtics will have Ray A., Tony A., Scalabrinie,Pruitt and House. They have options on Giddens and Walker coming off the books for ’10. They will be locked in to all 48M in guaranteed contracts which is like 10 Million to play with if they drop all those guys. Also Pierce has a 21M option for ’10 and if he don’t pick it up, they would have 30M to play with.

  • biggeddy

    I’m curious why Portland isn’t going after Marion… aren’t they looking for a veteran small forward?
    Way too much for Kidd right now, but Cuban had to do it or else it makes the Harris/Kidd trade that much worse.
    I still think the Lakers are gonna lock up Lamar and soon, although I’m still a little upset with what went down with Ariza (even though we are getting Artest instead).


    Trevor Ariza — Please remind me how we came to love Trevor again? He was hustling on almost every plan. Lakers got a better player in Artest but why do we still miss Trevor?

    I rooted for Trevor because he is a home-grown talent, attended UCLA, and finally made it, career and money-wise.
    Sure life is going to be hell in Houston but lets be honest, we will give Trevor a standing ovation this upcoming season, well just for the first game.

  • knock knock

    shannon brown is a younger version of smush parker??!

    LOL is it because they both played on the lakers? or is it that they’re both black, because im not sure what your getting at.-

  • http://manilatonight.com solomon (el latino machismo)

    epic fail… shannon at smush aint nowhere near each other, gamewise, skillwise… it’s the typical apple and orange thing, just on the same basket…

    if anything, shannon would be a thug-looking version of jordan farmar – both with mad hops, superb athletes, so-so range and aim, couldn’t get it all together and take it to the next level…

  • M Intellect

    Injured himself doing the Stanky Leg? LMAO – That is funny shit. You guys crack me up Smack after Smack after Smack.

    Who actually thinks of this shit?

  • Flying_Aussie_Dutchman

    Just a few other stats:

    Josh McRoberts: 4 pts, 4 assists, 6 boards, 3 steals and a couple blocks

    Ryan Anderson: 21 points and 7 boards.

    Roy Hibbert: 12 and 9 boards

  • dk

    I was right about Ariza yoi fucking morons, that cat aint gonna make it half way through the season in Houston, hes gonna waiver his verbal commitment wednesday. What a tool.

  • dk

    @ Laker Nation

    And pimp smack the fuck out?of Bynum. Hope that knees 100%, we got haters to bash!

  • dk


    LO wont jump ship like Ariza, he not an immature brat and knows the benifit of taking less to play on a real team, for a real franchise. You suck at life homie.

  • dk

    sorry @7 was my previously posted ownage.

  • dk

    LMAO Otis Smith quote ” I dont feel funny tweaking my roster ” Maybe he should take some Viagra to remember what tweaking feels like and learn what a cock is again. Their letting their best player go

  • dk

    and replacing him with VC. lol Thats like trading Pippen and signing Vinnie Johnson.

  • dk

    Mark Cuban is excited that Kidd will lead to more FA signings… rofl Like nes got a spring chick 2001 pg there…

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Can’t Josh Howard play SG? If the Mavs plan on still bringing Terry off the bench then they can roll out Kidd, Howard, and Marion and everybody is happy.


    Portland doesn’t need Marion’s bad attitude corrupting their young team. I just hope Pritchard see it the same way. Signing Marion would be a step in the wrong direction for the Blazers.

  • http://www.saltytexan.com rangerjohn (cap and tax LMAO oops)

    DK, reports are odom is looking for more money then the lakers are willing to offer and he is NOT comming off his price. sounds like he is doing EXACTLY the same thing as ariza.

    i bet he signs with portland for the 10 mil he wants out of spite, just like ariza signed with the rockets for the midlevel, same as what the lakers offered him, out of spite. lakers management pissing their players off?

  • spaynter5

    shut up. go outside.

  • That’s whats up

    Swift does NOT live up to his name.

    Marion needs a point guard who feeds him constantly. Marion hits (ugly looking) threes and dunks on the break, that’s it. J-Kidd could set him up nicely.

    is ariza really going to Houston? unless they’re breaking him off real proper he is a fool

    Artest on the Lakers? They’re either going to be totally unstoppable or self-destruct – we’ll see

  • runngun22

    I noticed you’ve been mentioning the FIBA Tournament a lot and everything, but no mention of Mike Rosario, the soon-to-be sophomore at Rutgers, who put up 54 points (and is averaging 31 for the tournament) while playing for Puerto Rico.

  • http://bigfreeze.com Big Freeze

    Lakers are good now that they have Ron Ron.

    Let Odom go because he is a soft bitch who has the athleticism and potential to be an all-time great superstar, but he squanders his talents because he’s too much of a pussy concerned about what flavor gummy bears are in his locker every day. Dude is mentally-weak. If bi-polar could play basketball, its game would look like Lamar’s.

    Anyways, let’s keep a look out for former UF players next year. Noah will stuff your shit. Brewer needs to get that knee fixed. Horford needs to play the 4 and dominate. Mike Miller is an assassin. Haslem is solid. Matt Bonner is…um…pretty decent? Matt Walsh and Anthony Roberson….ha ha ha ha, fuck them! Nick Calathes is gonna be real nice though, you wait.

  • dk

    on LO leaving, well c

  • dk

    @ Freeze Matt Bonner is a stud ( if you take his ethnicity and retardation into consideration )

    LO is bi polar but we could use him every other game.

    Mike who?

  • http://bigfreeze.com Big Freeze

    lmfao! ^^^^^

  • Dagomar

    This is the problem with the internet: 12 year old kids typing from their mom’s basement have a louder voice than anyone else. Trying to limit yourself to one or two posts of garbage rather than spamming your homerism all over the entire comments section, DK.

    The Kidd contract is insane. I understand that the Mavs need him to stabilize that team, and obviously he was thinking of heading to the Knicks (or at least he said he was), but really? 8.3 million/year at age 39? This indicates Cuban must think his team is close or something, because to be giving vets on the wrong side of 35 that much money is insane if you don’t have championship aspirations. I think the best thing to do would have been to blow the team up once the core pieces still have bigtime value, because Cuban’s not winning a title with this group.

  • dk

    You know in all actuality, just like to female friends sync their menstrol systems together mysteriously, LO and Ron Ron could alternatively sync their Bi polar to alternate when one is having the low

  • Rafa23

    I dont think odom has the potential to be an all time great. because if you are that talented, you would be an allstar even if you dont give 100%.
    he may have the talent to be an allstar every other year, but thats it.
    his jumper has always been suspect(this years playoffs were the best I have seen him). thats why he has trouble getting to the basket using his length and athleticism because the defender can just back off.
    and his right hand is just…there.
    that said, his versatility puts the lakers over the top like we saw during the postseason. the need him or the spurs or nuggets (maybe even portland?) could really be a problem…

  • dk

    , we could win 80 games.


    Dallas needs to do this marion deal and do it fast. Cubans out of his rabbit ass mind if he really thinks signing Gortat and resigning Kidd is gonna make us a contender. Im sick of watching all these good free agents get picked up by teams who are already better than us. Cubans KIDDing himself if he thinks this roster can contend in the west. pun intended

  • QQ


    What the fuck’s with you talking shit about Ariza?


    He fucking gave you the chip… Yall Lakers fans wouldn’t be so arrogant now (especially you) if not for him, because without Ariza, you wouldn’t have won the chip.

    Shut the fuck up and give respect to your players.

  • dk

    I havent really talk shit accept that hes a brat, off the court, its true. And to prove that hes backing out on Houston, like a pussy ass brat. He was a role player, thanx, if not him, iy would have

  • dk

    been someone else. Thats the definition of a role player, a role player. Fill the fucking role homie or get out.

  • dk

    Also the chip dont mean it all, I would be a dick head with out it. The fact my team has more finals wins then you have regular season wins, makes me that man…

  • Sixx

    @ Dagomar

    Totally agree about the Kid contract. PLUS he’s about to sign Gortat to the full mid level (5 for like 37?)?? Are you kidding me? Didn’t Cuban do the exact same thing last year with Diop?

    I love Cuban as an owner (always trying to get better etc), but it’s contracts like Kidd/Gortat/Diop/Dampier that ruin the market. And kill team’s bottom line down the road.

  • QQ

    I really don’t care bout the wins, cause you OWN me in that department. No need to deny that.

    What I care about is how you talking shit bout your players. We all know you are a fucking dickhead, but I gotta admit, I respect your loyalty. Bandwagon assholes irks me, so seeing an asshole like you being loyal to his squad is a breath of fresh air. You’re an asshole, a fucktard, an imbecile, you’re dumb as dirt, but at least your loyal.

    And now, I see you talk shit to one player that contributed his heart out to your squad’s run, and you calling him a tool. Those crucial steals, those great defense, everything he did helped you win the chip, and you’re calling him a tool.

    What the fuck happened to your loyalty? What the fuck happened to your posts defending Ariza?

  • chris

    smack is always the best bball website handsdown, way more hi quality content than any other, every day, and will always get some idiots mixed in with some good comments.

    3 years to jason kidd at 8 m/yr is insane, the man is old and bound to be hurt/useless for part of that. cuban has money to burn, doesn’t flinch at the luxury tax.

    lakers made their deal – any starting 5 that includes kobe, gasol, bynum, artest will clean up, sure looks like lakers are going with d fisher and shannon brown to split the 5th spot, and barring major injury, that will be enough to get to the finals again

    celtics are stocking old meat – garnett, ray allen, sheed, and pierce? the chances of all 4 being healthy for the playoffs is really small.

  • dk

    qq They go out the window when hes booty hurt about an extra million dollars, or coming off the bench ( again) His lack of loyalty to the team that gave him their belief an a ring, makes me lose mine

  • Diego

    A potential throw-in steal is Ryan Anderson with Orlando.

    Last year with N.J. he started out great as I recall but seemed to tail off the second half of the season.

    For those who don’t know him, he was a rook last year. (Drafted late 1st round, 2nd round, or undrafted? Whatever, a steal at the price.) 6’11 or so white guy with a very smooth 3-point stroke. Sure, no future all-star, but I think he definitely will get some playing time as 7th or 8th guy in Orlando next year.

    The 2nd coming of Pat Garrity? (Okay, don’t laugh!) Garrity had his moments filling a spot on the floor. (Dime, cue up that youtube highlight film of Garrity again, LOL.)

  • M Intellect

    DK – Remember how you tried to get in my ass when I ripped Derek Fisher?

  • QQ

    @ M Intellect:

    I remember that.

    That is the reason why the number one asshole here in dime (dk) has just lost all his fucking credibility.

    You’re annoying, but you are real, dk. Or at least we thought you were.

    Now, just shut the fuck up.

  • QQ

    You’re an ignorant fool. Seriously. In this day in age where times are tough, and bad contracts can both damn teams and players (ask Michael Jordan before he signed for 36 mill for a season), it really is the responsiblity of a player to look out for his best interests. Ariza saw what was going on. Laker management was always underestimating his value on this team. They went out and signed Artest, and made LO a WAYYY bigger priority that Ariza. I’m sorry, but for a guy who had such a huge and unappreciated impact on the Lakers winning the chip, that’s pretty damn disrespectful.

    Like I’ve said before, I hate these fake bandwagon bitches. And though you’re a cock sucking, junk spewing, moronic, know nothing about basketball, foul mouthed ignorant FUCK, i’ve always given you credit for being true to your team and fans. But straight up, having such short sighted vision and thinking everyone, including your own player, need to bow down to the Laker Organization is simply ridiculous. Ask Kobe to take less money. He’s made 100 lifetimes worth on endorsements alone. Instead of rewarding the players who bring the intangibles to the table, you want to further demean your role players by making their comparative salary diminish in comparison to the “Star” player. I understand Kobe is the franchise (and also an alleged rapist – i understand the charges were dropped but still) but don’t for a second think its right for the lakers to ask him to take lesser than market value. Be a true fan, and allow him to part on respectful and cordial terms.

    You may have all the chips, but one thing no one can teach you or anyone in the Laker organization is class.

    Oh, and my magic WILL get the Chip THIS YEAR.

    Now FUCK off!

  • QQ

    @EVERYONE: FYI #46 – that’s the impostor.

  • QQ

    Come on just shut the fuck up, 47 and 48.

  • Ekstor

    Laker fan here. Ariza will be missed. It would have been great to see him stay but fact is, the Lakers knew they needed a bruiser at SF like Artest to deal with our problem with bruising SF’s like LBJ, Truth, and Melo.

    Shannon Brown is indeed similar to Smush in height, length and raw athleticism… but there’s one crucial difference. Smush was a head-case… a cancer in the locker room. Otherwise, he’d still be here. OTOH Brown has been a solid team player, willing to put in the hard work to learn the system and improve his skills. Good signing.

  • JL

    Shannon Brown the new Smush Parker? Dam, No one deserves that comparison – the kids got heart. He will step up & take over as the number 1 point guard for the purple & golds next year.

    Its an ignorant comparison…

    LO will re-up, he’s not going anywhere…Trade Farmar for P Mills, DO IT!

  • the cynic

    Only a retard, or someone who didn’t watch the Smush Parker years, would compare Shannon Brown to Smush Parker. Parker was garbage, I don’t care what his stats were, box score numbers are for fantasy basketball. Brown is light years ahead of Smush Parker who ignored everything on the court if the ball wasn’t in his hands. Hell he still ignored half the court when he had the ball. If I ever have to watch another laker game where Smush Parker is the starting point guard i will poison myself

    Also the lakers absolutely have to get Odom back.
    Odom > Artest(his mouth is bigger and more entertaining then his game)

  • Oscarisalakerfan

    Speaking from a Laker Fan perspective
    I will remember Ariza because he made some clutch defensive plays that none of the other high priced players made(Gasol, Bynum, and Lamar)… He deserves all the money he’s going to get…. Hopefully when that contract is up he comes back to LA… We fucking love that cat (no homo)….. Everytime we pass by his school in Weschester we scream his name TREVVVVVVVVV…….
    Im out like screaming TREVVV everytime we pass by his school

  • QQ

    Come on just shut the fuck up 49

  • QQ

    Man da real QQ in this BYTCH now!! Dat RITE, QQ get dat BRAIN, den QQ get DAT CUTTA!

    @54 – Nukkah, U ain’t da real QQ. Da real QQ get da BRAIN and da CUTTA. You just be mastubating!


  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Dang not even in the everday SMACK???


    Just looking for

    Elijah Earley

    Not in here either? Hmmm.

  • Leonard Wilson

    Never compare any basketball player EVER in the entire world to Smush Parker. Never. It just isn’t right. Smush was terrible. Why do you think that Kobe was willing to leave to even New York? Brown is a decent defender, can pass, can shoot the open three, and is a big point guard (which Phil loves). Anyways, L.A. management has to sign Odom. We can’t let him get away. He completes the team in a very secure way.

  • Cousin Larry

    They are both build quite similar, they even both have the freakish big hands that are like twice the size of Kobe’s hands. Bet Shannon rides around in La La Land in his ride The Shancalade ala The Smushcalade!