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NBA Trade Rumor: Gerald Wallace to the Cavs

Gerald Wallace, Dime #39

Gerald Wallace, Dime #39

If there’s any truth to the rumor that LeBron and Chris Bosh are dead-set on playing together past 2010 in Cleveland, then they’d have a tough time trading for Gerald Wallace‘s four years and $40 million remaining.

Plus, having just dished out $50 million to a guy who can only set screens and rebound, it might not be the best decision to go after a guy like Crash, who prides himself on those same intangibles.

One rumor floating around had the Cavs sending guard/forward Wally Szczerbiak and forward/center J.J. Hickson to Charlotte for forward Gerald Wallace in a sign-and-trade.

The Cavs hold Hickson in high regard, but Wallace is a stud defender. He also has four years and almost $40 million left on his contract.

I’m not sure why Charlotte would agree to this. Is Hickson a good enough prospect to get in return for Wallace? Because if he’s not, the Bobcats would just be giving up their best player for an expiring contract. That’s not a great way to build a fan base.

But let’s say they do. Would the Cavs then start Mo Williams, LeBron, Wallace, Varejao and Shaq? That lineup is better defensively than last year’s – they’re far more versatile and agile. But they’re substantially worse in one crucial category – three-point shooting.

That’s why the Anthony Parker signing might make more sense. Though Wallace shoots a higher percentage from the floor, that’s predominantly because he gets a bunch of put-backs and garbage points around the basket. He’s never really shot better than 35% from three. Last year, he didn’t even touch the 30%-plateau. Parker, on the other hand, strokes it well from deep.

What’s the better play for Cleveland?

Source: Morning Journal

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  • fallinup

    It’s gotta be a rumor. Or Cavs are just that dumb. Shoulda got Ariza if you’re going for Wallace. Ariza has a better jump shot, is younger, same if not better defender than Wallace, and a whole hell of a lot durable.

  • richard from cleveland

    Sounds like a good deal for us even tho i like hickson alot but i can live with gerald wallace he is versatile and the type of player we needed last year.

  • isotope

    why in the world would Charlotte do this? I dont see why, except theyd be getting a bonus check from David Stern.

  • goonther

    NEVER HAPPENING … Unfortunately ..

  • karizmatic

    Anthony Parker

  • http://parkandco.com/blog/author/josh Josh

    Sczerbiak is a free agent. They can’t trade him.

    Also, Gerald Wallace is a better player than Trevor Ariza. Much better.

  • http://chrislittmann.blogspot.com Chris

    This one of those instances you need to take the source with a grain of salt. The Lorain Morning Journal is not a bastion of NBA news, and the Cavs beat writer that matters — Brian Windhorst — already tore this one apart.

  • hahns

    this trade makes sense if cavs change their offensive scheme. cavs NEED TO RUN!!

    first off- does their 3pt shooting get THAT much worse? i dont know. wally world was seriously not that good- his shooting was overrated- didnt he airball a couple shots in the playoffs this year? and defensively they get much better.

    you get crash and bron in the open floor, great things will happen and they’ll get ez buckets that will more than compensate for missed 3pt opportunities.

    then you add a defensive player like wallace- you get more stops on the other end. makes sense to me.

    financially, thats another question. if they didnt just ink Varejao to a new deal, then id roll the dice w/ this trade. if not- play hickson more and have him play the gwall role. bottom line is that the cavs need to get out and run more!!

  • Chaos

    Go with parker. granted he would make them the power house team in the east, i think with mo, walalce, shaq and lebron around, there arent enoug shots and righ now wallace is the man in charlotte. also, hickson will be starting over varejao at some point this year because hes tougher and better offensively and more athletic

  • Scott

    “hickson will be starting over varejao at some point this year because hes tougher and better offensively and more athletic” if this is true, did any Cavs fans vomit in their mouthes when they heard about the Varejao signing? I mean, you just gave 50 mill to the 2nd best PF on your squad… imagine the contract Hickson will demand if he ends up starting, with a 50milli man backing him up lol

  • Coop

    I’m pretty sure Wally Z’s contract is up and I’m also pretty sure the CBA doesn’t allow S+Ts for one-year contracts so what the hell are you chatting about here, Dime?

  • IrishBaller

    I still can’t get over the fact that verajao got 50mil… W T F

  • http://www.waitingfornextyear.com/?p=14430 WFNY

    No hat tip?


    That is weird!! Rumor had it that Coach LB rejected Portland’s inquiry into trading for Wallace, but were rebuffed because LB considered Wallace too integral to the core of the team.


    It must by Wally’s Hair that sold LB on the deal.


    note- wally szerbiak is the biggest scrub in the league. How the hell is that dude still in the nba. so if cleveland could make that happen, do it

  • Guitar Hero

    doesn’t seem like a good fit. they need to spread the floor for LBJ’s penetrations, and neither shaq (clogging the middle), nor wallace (awful shooter) can do that.

  • http://parkandco.com/blog/author/josh Josh

    I still can’t get over the fact that this was even published.

  • sh!tfaced

    so what will happen then if they get wallace and he dunks on lebron during practice…?

  • marcus

    Who cares the Magic will still be the team to beat in the East.