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NBA Trade Rumor: Rip Hamilton for Carlos Boozer

Rip Hamilton (Detroit Free Press)

Rip Hamilton (Detroit Free Press)

Joe Dumars did this once before. He added virtually every vital piece of Detroit’s championship team bit-by-bit through trades and the Draft. In 2000, he acquired Ben Wallace via trade. In ’02, he added Tayshaun Prince through the Draft and Rip Hamilton by dealing Jerry Stackhouse. In ’04, Joe D picked up Rasheed Wallace in a trade.

The biggest difference between building that championship-caliber squad and his task this offseason, is that he’s attempting to do all of this in one year.

He laid about $90 million on the line last week, signing both Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva. Now, he’s contemplating a move that could provide some cap relief down the line.

Talks continue between the Pistons and Jazz about a Carlos Boozer-Rip Hamilton trade. Hamilton didn’t fit with Allen Iverson this season, and he won’t fit with newly acquired Ben Gordon.

As Bob Finnan points out, Hamilton wasn’t too fond of playing next to a shoot-happy guard. And as we saw last year, an unhappy Hamilton opened Pandora’s box. Rip has a ton of time and money left on his deal – it’s smart to try to move him before he asks out and his trade value plummets.

The money is also a factor. Carlos Boozer’s deal expires after this season. If Detroit wants to play in the open market of 2010, they’d be smart to move Rip for an expiring contract. Plus, they can test out Boozer for an entire year to see if he works well in their system before going after him with a monster offer. I’m sure the Sixers would have loved to try out this whole Elton Brand experience before actually putting the ink on the page. If it doesn’t work, they’ll have more resources to throw a big deal at Chris Bosh.

It makes a ton of sense for Utah as well. They’d be able to go after Paul Millsap as aggressively as Oklahoma City plans to, while still getting value in exchange for Boozer. Hamilton would get back in a system where he plays with a true point guard.

This is one of those rare situations in which both teams come out on top in a trade.

Source: Rotoworld

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  • Blue

    damn…prince is gonna be lonely over in the motor city

  • Kobeef

    Other than the cap space in 2010, Detroit loses in this deal.

    Does Dumars forget that he just spent starter’s money on Villnueva? It’s not like they can slide Charlie to the SF spot – Tayshaun is already the starter at that position.

  • dk

    I dont hate Detroit but in case anyone was wondering, you have no chance of winning it next year, or tge year after next. Someone tell Joe to rebuild and put an exciting young team out there for ya.

  • Mark

    Charlie V is not a starting PF on a championship calibre team, 6th man would suite him well in Detroit

  • QQ

    @ Detroit:

    Do it.

  • Big V

    Maybe they should have pursued this opportunity more aggressively instead of the Villanueva option. With Ben Gordon on board, Rip’s all but expendable. And with the Pistons’ size (or lack thereof), Boozer would be a welcome addition should be remain healthy.

  • Tim

    They just signed Deron Washington to a two year deal so it makes sense we’ll see though.

  • Tim

    They being the Pistons

  • SK

    Question is, would Utah do this and be ridiculously over the cap (by matching Millsap as well).

  • Tim

    dk, this WOULD be an entertaining team to watch. Stuckey, Gordon, Prince, Villaneuva, and Boozer? Lots of points (little defense though) = excitement.

  • Tim

    Charlie V can’t play center…But neither can Boozer…so i also dont get that part of it…although you do get 20 and 10…but no defense…

  • dk

    @10 lmao They would have zero interior defense..


    With all the talk of acquiring Gordon and then finally acquiring him I always thought what the Hell are they gonna do with Rip??? Maybe this was part of Dumars plan all along. I thought it pretty disrespectful to Rip, just like benching him for AI. Great if they do acquire Boozer but where’s the D coming from? Prince and Kwame? You’d be annoyed if you were Prince, all your buddies are gone and you have switched from dominent team to rebuild mode….

  • JH

    If this trade happens…the Jazz still will still probably lose Millsap.

    It wasn’t Boozer’s PT…but the salary cap that is making Millsap look around.

    Anyways…I don’t think the Jazz pull the trigger on this trade. They’d be without a quality PF as both Boozer & Millsap would be elswhere. Jazz are set for the 2010 season…

  • Dre

    I think this would be a great deal for both teams. The Pistons need a PF who can go for 20-10. Also Rip Hamilton would be a great fit for the Jazz, he at his best when there is a pass first point guard. Do the trade.

  • bone0315

    I would LOVE to see the reaction of Jerry Sloan the first time Rip bitches about someone like Kyle Korver or CJ Miles shooting too much. He’d have a reason to wear that mask again after Sloan got done with him.

  • Dave

    Detroit will eat Boozer alive, if he can’t make fans happy in Salt Lake where everyone loves the Jazz players he’s going to get run out of town in Detroit. Hopefully for the Jazz this trade happens, it can’t get much worse than having a player on the court with no huevos like Boozer.

  • isotope

    Deron, Rip, is a scary backcourt.

  • http://www.lakersnation.com Lakers Nation Dot Com

    someone tell Dumars that the D in Detroit no longer stands for “defense” . . It stands for “DEAD” . .

  • Dave

    The Jazz will be over the cap regardless and this way they at least get something out of Boozer. Rip would fit well in this system, Sloan has plays perfect for a player like Rip and and if Jerry can deal with AK-47’s weeping, and Boozer’s worthless defense, I’m sure Rip will be fine after one or two beatdowns by Sloan.

  • “Tha Boddy” Bad Like Michael

    Why so much talk about Rip he isn’t a great player a good one at best.He just scores in the 20-22pt range and for a what 6’6 guy doesn’t rebound or pass well…Ben Gordan is a huge upgrade in a shorter size

  • the cynic

    Rip would be the perfect 2 guard for Jerry Sloan

  • Diego

    Great move for Detroit. They get some much needed size, and Booz is pretty good when healthy, regardless of all of his haters.

    Charlie V can be small forward, with Prince as 2 guard (but actually play point role handling ball). Gordon at the point (in name only and on D). Detroit could become relevant again.

    Don’t know about Utah. What do they they do if Milsap is not reupped?

  • Funk Mustard Text

    I don’t see this deal getting close. My speculation would be that the Pistons go after Tyson Chandler rather than boozer. Both are free-agents next year, except that Chandler has a busted toe, but at least he stays in his place in the lane.

    If this did go through, this wouldn’t be the first time that Detroit plays with a small lineup. We’d likely see Boozer-5 CV-4 Prince-3 Gordon-2 Stuckey-1. Which is still a good deal of length between CV, Prince, and Boozer.

    The deal would be made at the expense of this season. It would be a fun lineup, but Pistons would likely let Boozer walk to free up cap space, or offer him 10/year which he would scoff at next year. Boozer would be a 1 year holdover. It Would give us room to sign Amare or Chandler though.

    Hate to say it, but CV may be here for the long haul.

  • dk

    @23 Please stick to the NBA2K forums. Unbelievable post, unbelievable…

  • Diego

    dk, you’re are a jerk. Please stfu or give some bb analysis. Please pray tell, what is unbelievable?

    — Detroit was piss poor last year.

    — Rip is very expendable these days with signing of Gordon and general demise of Rip’s play.

    — Utah may not be able to afford Millsap.

    — Rip would not give Utah much its other young swingmen cannot provide.

    — Booze is a big body who can score and rebound and will be in a contract year.

    dk, have you ever even been to an NBA game? (I went to more NBA games last year than you probably will attend in your lifetime.)

  • mr22

    lol@25. i was thinkin the same thing.

  • padoods

    LOL that kid that big baby bumped in the playoffs has probably been to more NBA games than me but somehow I dont think that makes him an expert on basketball

  • rhyno04

    You guys don’t know how terrible boozer can be in the season. Boozer only trys when he knows the whole world is watching him, like the playoffs. This is great for the jazz and bad for the pistons because they will have no defense. rip would fit really well also in the jazz system.

  • G

    @ 26

    Hate to do it but Im siding with DK on this one.

    “Rip would not give Utah much its other young swingmen cannot provide.”

    Really? You really believe that? Youre gonna tell me that Ronnie Brewer and Matt Harpring are bringing to the table what Rip is bringing? Rip might not have monster stats but cmon man. What NBA games are you watching that let you draw that conclusion?

    I will say tho the idea of running Charlie V and Boozer at the 4 and 5 isn’t that ridiculous. Yea neither one of them are legit centers. But they will space well, they can each rebound, provide some weak side defense and run the floor. Obviously its not the traditional Detroit Basketball but its not like they wouldnt be able to compete. Really like that move for Utah too if theyre able to hold onto milsap. Whats the deal with the ownership out there? Do they mind spending money? I dont see them as that far out from making a serious run very soon

  • cp

    Jazz fan here.

    I would love to see this trade go down. And, Larry Miller’s son took over the team after Larry passed away last season. Both Larry and his son said they will go over the salary cap to keep Paul Millsap. We need a shooter, and we need interior defense. At least Rip would give us the shooter. And by losing Boozer, and keeping Sap, we are undersized, but at least we have good shooters, and Sap can rebound.

    I SAY DO IT!

    (I also say AK for T-mac)

  • matt

    i’m a jazz season ticket holder (nosebleeds) and i saw (badly) damn near every game last year.

    what the jazz need is someone to keep rival shooting guards honest. brewer can’t shoot (kobe didn’t even bother guarding him in the playoffs), sloan doesn’t trust miles’ instincts, and harpring is literally on his last leg.
    so rip is a perfect 2 for the jazz system. he can knock down the mid-range jumper anytime and sometimes from three, and he has a little height. if he can keep kobe playing some defense in the playoffs i’d be satisfied.

    i love boozer but millsap the system can help make up a bit of the gap between the two–especially with rip, williams, okur, and korver spreading the floor. if the jazz can sign millsap i say do it. that’s probably what they are waiting on.

    also, i was thinking that detroit might be trying to do a sign and trade for millsap and either korver or harpring’s expiring contract instead of booz. if joe wanted a solid 15/10 PF for (relatively) cheap–7 mil–that’s the direction he should go and he could lock millsap up for pennies.

  • jimmhummv

    Been a long time since I posted. Post 23 is pretty silly.
    THis trade is cool. I have heard that Phoenix is looking for Tyson C. so any trade to Detroit including him may not happen.

  • karizmatic

    I think a lineup of Williams, Rip, AK-47, Milsap and Okur could be really dangerous.

  • Diego

    Damn, I’ve gotten pretty beaten up on this one. I guess people don’t think Boozer will perform well in Detroit. (BUT it is his contract year folks!!) Or maybe Prince handling the ball is a stretch–okay, I’ll definitely give you that one–I may have been wrong. Regarding Rip saving the Pistons, I think you folks are the same ones who still believe in J.Kidd, Rasheed, and Ben Wallace right before he signed with the Bulls! And Harpring is not a young swingman. What about Almond? Any potential there? He and Brewer were my focus. Maybe I’m wrong there. But Rip is a ridiculous dork with that mask–and simply overrated today. (And Sloan will make the little fellow cry like Kirilenko.) In any event, regardless of any trades or signings, Jazz and Detroit will remain pretty much where they are in the west and east scheme of things, respectively. Get used to it.

  • Dave

    There was a strecth beginning just before the all-star break when the Jazz had the best record in the league for 6-8 weeks until the wheels fell of when Boozer came back. The Jazz aren’t that far away from competing for the top spot or two in the west so Rip could make a positive impact. Not saying they’ll beat the Lakers, with Ron there it’s going to be uphill for anyone in the west, but the Jazz are close and if they get rid of the Boozer cancer they’ll be strong.

  • The one!

    I think AI should be the one traded.. i think he will be better with the other teams with great bigmen doing the dirty jobs for him.. Like the 2000 philly.. they manage to win the Eastern conference finals with Mutombo helping on his side. His not a point guard at his height he is a shooting guard and we all know what his capabilities are.

  • The one!

    Why arent you talking about AI? he is still the best player on the court in detroit or even in Utah!!!

  • http://www.coolhotnot.com 20yrJazzFan

    I don’t see how or why this deal won’t get done. It makes too much sense for both teams.

    “Me-first” Boozer is a solid offensive player who can shoot over anyone, and a decent rebounder. Him being on the same team as AI and Ben Gordon in the Motor City just makes sense.

    Sloan loved Boozer for his shooting, but not his defense. Millsap isn’t as good an offensive player as Boozer, but fits the Utah system, is willing to play defense, and is at least a good a rebounder as Boozer. So Utah will match any offer Millsap gets (unless it’s over $10 – $12 million).

    And I don’t see Rip whining in Utah at all, playing with Williams, Okur, AJ, & Millsap under Sloan. With Korver, Brewer, Miles, and others coming off the bench, that’s a team that could do really well if they get it together.

    I hope this deal goes through – for both team’s sake.

  • Yahtzee

    AI is gone… he is a free agent. His skills have diminished greatly. He was never the best player on the floor in Detroit.

  • http://www.nba.com Josip

    I belive that this would be a great trade for the jazz the jazz have not had a good sg since jeff hornisak bak in da days of stockton and malone. so the jazz have to do this trde or the c. bosh trade but they got to get rid of c. boozer loozer lol hahahah

  • Jazz#1

    What is Joe D thinking! Booz is a 60% player that wants 100% payment. His lack luster play in the big games and his lack of leadership is well known here in SLC. We love a player that gives it 100% day in and day out. Sure WHEN he plays he does well but thats the problem he doesn’t show up 40% of the time. Rip is a very good player that would help give D-Will help in the back court BUT this trade doesn’t address the lack of interior defence that this Jazz team needs in a bad way. Milsap is a great hustle player with NO SIZE. 82 games will show his heart as well as his weaknesses. I am hoping that this DOES NOT HAPPEN!! I jope Joe-D doesn’t turn into I. Thomas, With ideas like this let’s hope it’s just a brain fart.