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NBA Trade Rumor: Three-Team Deal Sends Carlos Boozer to Chicago

Carlos Boozer, Dime #35

Carlos Boozer, Dime #35

The moment that Carlos Boozer announced that he was opting in for one more year in Utah, the Jazz front office has been scrambling to find a way to get rid of him.

And at the same time, they’re trying to juggle a bunch of inflated contracts and Paul Millsap‘s precarious situation, as he’s being heavily courted by Portland. If Utah is going to lock up Millsap to a long-term deal, they need to find another home for C-Booz soon. Here’s one option.

Two sources with knowledge of the three-team proposal confirmed that there have been substantive talks regarding a trade that would land Boozer in Chicago, Hinrich in Portland and Tyrus Thomas in Utah.

A deal featuring those main components would deliver the elite low-post scorer that the Bulls have been chasing for years in Boozer and furnish Portland with a lead guard in Hinrich that the Blazers are known to rate highly as a potential backcourt mate for Brandon Roy.

I really like this move for the Bulls. Boozer makes Derrick Rose‘s maturation a bit easier. Plus, without Ben Gordon, Chicago could use another capable scorer so that last year’s No. 1 doesn’t feel too much pressure to put the ball in the basket on his own.

Let’s look at the business side of things for Utah. Thomas would be a restricted free agent a year from now. If it works out well with Thomas, Millsap and Mehmet Okur playing along the same frontline, Utah could lock up Tyrus for a long-term deal. If not, they’ll still be able to leverage his talent in a trade. That ensures that they don’t end up getting nothing down the road in exchange for Boozer.

But from a basketball perspective, don’t Millsap and Thomas play the exact same position? Tyrus isn’t big enough to slide over to play center. And he doesn’t have the pick-and-roll skills that Jerry Sloan demands from his PF’s. I don’t see the fit.

ESPN’s report doesn’t detail who Portland would give up to make the deal work out. We’ve heard rumblings that Philly was interested in Travis Outlaw, who built a name for himself this season as a fourth-quarter killer. So maybe it’s Outlaw.

But no matter who they give up, is Kirk Hinrich the type of dynamic talent who will take Portland to the next step? While L.A. added one of the League’s premiere defenders in Ron Artest, Dallas went after Shawn Marion, and the Spurs got Richard Jefferson, Captain Kirk just doesn’t make the Blazers stand out.

Source: ESPN

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  • Jordon

    Love this trade

  • control

    In a world where Valgina can command almost 50 mil…anything could happen…

  • http://www.hot1047fm.com Steve Gomez 10a-2p on Hot 104.7 Modesto, CA

    Damn..I was kinda hoping the Kings could turn Kenny Thomas’ expiring into Carlos Boozer. Deal looks good for all the teams though. Bulls get a low post scorer. Thomas is the exact opposite of Milsap. In that he is an athlete where Milsap in a bruising PF. Thomas could run the floor with D-Will and be a finisher. Portland gets a very good PG with some playoff experience. Looks like a win-win-win.

  • fallinup

    My first reaction….I don’t like it. I don’t like Boozer. Not enough to give up on Ty. He was showing some improvement.

  • ProphetGK

    “In a world where Valgina can command almost 50 mil…anything could happen…”

    LMFAO! Today is really fun, the things people say I tell ya. Portland should said “FU”, sign the Paper Boy and say “lookout cuz we heating up!”…

  • fallinup

    And I still like Kirk that much as well.

  • Coop

    Fallinup you must be the biggest homer on here given your comments; I don’t like Boozer but he fills a need that Thomas simply doesn’t, and never will. People really do get a hard-on for ‘their’ team’s talent sometimes.

  • SK

    Great for Utah. It gets rid of Boozer, brings in a young big in Thomas and effectively takes Portland out of the Millsap race.

  • LB

    Like the deal for the Bulls and the Blazers. But dont know what it does for Utah. Tyrus Thomas is too similar to AK-47, and we all know how AK-47 will react when his pt gets cut. By the way, is there anyone in the league with a less fitting nickname than Kirilenko? I know AK-47 is his initials and his number and all, but when I hear AK-47, I think of something lethal, not some crybaby.

  • fallinup

    @ Coop

    I don’t think it’s too much about me being a homer…I think it’s more my dislike and ‘untrustiness’ (yep I made a word up) of Boozer. He sure ain’t gonna win Chitown a championship. I just think they could do better than Boozer.

    Ty’s showed improvements, he can still send the ball to the rafters. And if you didn’t notice, he was putting up some points after a while. And Kirk is a great backup behind Salmons and Rose… plus probably the best 3pt shooter Chi has now.

    You give that up for someone who has shown to be a bit injury prone. So now Del Negro will have 2 plays to run… the high iso for Rose, and now the ‘pick and roll’…ooooohhhh….

    But at least Ty gets one more year to develop with Rose. I’d rather they stay fast anyway… hell, get faster. Boozer aint gonna speed shit up.

    My two cents. Get more for Ty.

  • Kobeef

    Boozer is a bum. He is hated by every NBA team he has played for (screwed the Cavs, now the Jazz are pissed that he opted in cause they wanted him to leave).

    No team with a bright future should ever consider associating themself with Boozer.

    Horrible idea for the Bulls.

  • Coop

    Kobeef, he’s only played for 2 teams it’s hardly a trend hahaha.

    Fallinup, I hear you but low post scoring > 3 point shooting (and whatever Ty Thomas does). Granted they’d likely want something else thrown in as part of this deal (a 1st rounder perhaps) but Noah can be the hustle glue guy, and Kirk’s contract is holding them back, although I guess they can see how the 1-2 of Hinrich/Rose does should they be so inclined.

  • sh!tfaced

    boozer has always been a contract whore, going where the most money is for him. always has, always will.

  • bill

    Utah already said they are willing to pay the luxury tax in order to keep milsap. The problem i see is getting okur, milsap, and thomas minutes, all of which are on their last season of their contract.

  • fallinup

    Low post scoring aint that bad of a need when you got Derrick Rose on your team. What your essentially doing is giving away 3pt shooting, your best 6th man and your best shot blocker to be able to run the pick and roll. I don’t see Boozer as a true low post scorer, you can’t give him the ball and have him find his shot… he’s best used catching and shooting. Hell, Brad friggin Miller is better at scoring in the post than Boozer.

    Throw in another piece and it’s all good. I can live with Boozer cause it’s a contract year… but right now, to me, it’s just another knee jerk trade by Chitown to abandon the talent that was developing for a one year shot at nothing.

  • http://gmail.com Gregory Banks

    I’d prefer seeing Bosh being traded to Chicago. Tyrus Thomas and Hinrich could end up in Toronto.

  • fallinup

    I’d love to see Bosh in red and black. I just don’t like nor trust Boozer one friggin bit. I know that’s clouding my judgement right now because he can be a beast but I just don’t like him with MAH TEAM. I don’t trust his punk ass….and Chi isn’t to lucky at trading young talent away… GAH!… it’s hard out here for a Bulls fan. :D

  • IrishBaller

    This trade would def work… chicago NEEDS boozer, hinrich fits nicely alongside roy, and tyrus would give the jazz some needed length and athleticism (and also along them to sign millsap) I say go for it!

  • Jah

    This trade is…

    …great for the Bulls! I love this lineup:

    PG – Derrick Rose
    SG – John Salmons
    SF – Luol Deng
    PF – Carlos Boozer
    C – Joahkim Noah


    …Utah comes out good regardless because they showed they can be competitive w/o Booz on the court.

    Portland is a 3rd consistent scorer away from the Western Conference Finals. Is Kirk Hinrich the man to do it? No…it’s someone off of that ridiculous bench that the Blazers have. Just think of what these fools can do with another year under their belts…

  • WinDelRoj

    Now Im not Kirk Hinrich but didnt dude lock down Paul Pierce whenever he was on him? He can defend and makes smart decisions (he shoulda punched Rondo in the face, not that he woulda won though…) I like it.. just do it

  • heartbreaker85

    sad to say that i was pretty disappointed with this article from andrew katz.

    thomas a power forward that can eventually steal minutes from paul millsap?


    thomas is a hybrid power-small forward with no post up moves or lower body strength needed to play that position in jerry sloan’s old school system. if sloan was that flexible, he’d simply slide ak47 to PF (which he plays in Russia). if anything, thomas’ contract is the only positive here since he is nearing stromiel swift territory.

    kirk hinrich would be a good fit for portland, a younger and better defender than steve blake.

    boozer in chicago? he’ll choke in the playoffs.

  • heartbreaker85


    if they send hinrich out, who’s gonna play D on the bulls?


  • alf (from melmak)

    First time here for me to post outside Smack.

    I have no reservations with giving away Boozer. He just does not have the heart and the competitiveness to win games.

    I also do not know what he learned in Duke as a student. But from where I graduated, money is not the end all be all of things.

    Anyway, this is a win-win-win trade for everyone especially for Portland. That team knows how to trade for the right pieces.

  • bo

    boozer has only played 1/3 of the games that he has been with the jazz. He missed 44 games this season. how on earth is he suppose to play well in the playoffs. the jazz have already proven they can play with out him, The jazz are just looking to get anything they can for him rather than just letting him go at the end of next season.

  • jim

    if chi was interested in booz why didnt they talk to him before he opted in with the jazz?

  • Big Island

    Did I miss something, but what is Portland giving up? Love the trade for everyone. Booz is out of Utah and Thomas is in. Utah keeps Millsap and DWill can toss some lobs to Thomas. Chicago gets a guy who can shoot midrange and post up. Portland gets a perfect compliment to their team in Hinrich.

    Who does Portland lose dammit?! I need to know these things!!!!

  • Celts Fan

    @big island – they said the article didn’t say, but I’d guess (didn’t look at $, so just guessing) Outlaw and either Blake or Bayless with some filler if they gotta make the $$$ right

  • Celts Fan

    @Jim. Because that’s called tampering

  • rd$

    Kirk is paid too much to be a back up (like Gordon will be in Detroit). Get rid of him now. TTime has been ‘improving’ for the last 160 games but he is going to want a big pay raise so might as well get rid of him. He can’t shoot and yeah he can block the shit out of ball and board but that is about it. Birdman does the exact same thing. Boozer will be great to have for one season and can still probably make the playoffs. We’ll see what our shitty front office will do.

  • RonNation


    the actual reason is because they don’t have the cap space to just sign a player like boozer, they needed to trade for him.


    boozer right now is cheaper than free agent boozer

  • BULLS!!

    Bulls haven’t had a “single conversation” about a 3-way deal Blazers and “have nothing going” with Utah about Boozer, Bulls source tells Y!.

  • 800lb

    Jazz fan here.
    Y’all are right, Boozer ain’t shit. He can’t jump, his offensive efficiency dives when he faces the a competent big, and his body is made of candy glass. Not even real glass, but the stuff they use in movies that breaks easy.
    I kinda like Thomas.
    My Jazz are trying real hard, and I appreciate it.

  • ponky_alolor

    East is definitely reloading. Good trade. I mean you may hate the talent involved but this is a trade based on fit.

    And that Chicago line-up with Boozer, Noah, Salmons, Deng, D-Rose would be good to watch.

  • http://N/A Go17Jazz

    I don’t have all the cap info, but the jazz need to find some way to free up for millsap, he’s great off the bench & i dont think he can be a solid starter, he’s just not ready. trade matt harpring for a cheap player with some potential. If we trade Booz, we need to get sum1 who can step right in & fill his shoes–this could go any way–but i don’t see it coming through