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Raptors get their #1 target; Rasheed waiting to make a call

Hedo Turkoglu (photo. Orlando Sentinel)

Hedo Turkoglu (photo. Orlando Sentinel)

This has been a summer full of teases. The Cavs teased their fans into thinking it was their championship to lose; Sacramento was teased into thinking their terrible record would at least land them Blake Griffin; Ricky Rubio (might have) teased the Wolves into thinking he was their next PG; DeJuan Blair was teased into thinking he was a first-round pick; and Knicks fans were teased into thinking they had Stephen Curry in their pocket … Yesterday it continued, as Hedo Turkoglu apparently teased the Blazers into thinking they had him ready to sign for $50 million over five years, until — while he was in Portland visiting with his almost-new team — Hedo decided he’d rather go to the Raptors for $56 million over five … With Shawn Marion and Anthony Parker as good as gone (Marion wants $10M a year), that gives you a top five of Jose Calderon, DeMar DeRozan, Turkoglu, Chris Bosh and Andrea Bargnani. Even if they won’t be able to stop anybody, they’ll put up buckets. You have to give the Raps credit; in the Draft and in the first week of free agency, they identified their targets and got what they wanted … With Jason Kidd pretty close to re-upping with Dallas, the three biggest free agent names left are Allen Iverson, Rasheed Wallace and Lamar Odom. No one’s heard anything substantial on L.O., and A.I. has a couple rumors involving his name, but ‘Sheed is more popular than ever. The Celtics have their offer on the table, but ‘Sheed is reportedly taking the next week to see what teams like Orlando, San Antonio, Cleveland and Charlotte have for him before deciding … After Rasheed makes his choice, the second tier of available power forwards should fall in line. Big Baby Davis has the Pistons, Grizzlies, Knicks, Spurs and Celtics among those talking to him; Brandon Bass has the Magic, Spurs, Mavs and Hornets; Paul Millsap has the Thunder and Jazz; and Shavlik Randolph is getting interest from the Dakota Wizards, the Fort Wayne Mad Ants, and Lowe’s … There’s gonna be so much focus on Ron Artest and how he could sink or strengthen L.A.’s chances of a repeat, but nobody’s talking about the Pau Gasol factor. Gasol is playing for Spain in this summer’s FIBA European championship in Poland, making it yet another offseason of barely any rest before getting right back on it in training camp. Having Gasol wear down late in the season is something the Lakers have to keep an eye on … At the same time, we’re guessing L.A. isn’t so much worried about Sasha Vujacic playing for the Slovenian team. In fact, they might want to try sneaking Adam Morrison into the tourney just to make sure he still remembers how to play basketball … Enjoy the 4th. We’re out like Shav …

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  • yw

    1st. no respect for randolph, haha

  • A$$Cube aka Stone Cold!

    That’s cold for Shavlik Randolph! So true but so COLD…

  • http://twitter.com/mikecheck1_2 Money Mike

    I wanted the Blazers to land Turk. Damn you decision making skills!!!

  • http://myspace.com/40sand9s loc


    I must say, I’m pretty happy with my teams offseason. A solid young wing who can slash. A clutch small forward. Looking real nice, still a bitttt soft. But the Reggie Evans trade even helps that. Can’t be too mad at the situation, esp. in regards to trying to keep Bosh. i know everyone thinks he’s as good as gone, but I think most raptors fans want to keep him around. They finally found him a real serious second option.

  • BBalla!

    4th bitches…. Where AMAZING HAPPENS!

  • haslem

    AI should go to Raps

  • the scola

    Shavlik Randolph to the raps

  • Dagomar

    hahahaha wow, one of the best lines I’ve read in Dime: “Shavlik Randolph is getting interest from the Dakota Wizards, the Fort Wayne Mad Ants, and Lowe’s.”

    I don’t like this for the Raps. They sacrifice rebounding/defense in Marion and depth with Delfino and Parker, for what exactly? Shooting and passing? The roster already had those things. That said, Turk is a clutch player, and the Raps could use that (they lost too many close games this season and last). But in the long run especially Turk is overpaid, and if Bosh leaves this deal will look that much worse. I wish they’d gone after Lee instead.

  • heartbreaker85

    hedo better not touch VC’s 15. the raptors need to do the right thing and retire that ish when vinsanity’s done.

  • Dagomar

    Just thinking, it does say something when two of the best GM’s in the league both pursued Turk hard. Maybe this deal will be worth it. Almost threw up at the idea of retiring Vince’s number. That’ll never, ever happen.

  • Dagomar

    Oh, and this is an interesting take from Doug Smith (sorry to spam here):

    “Can you make this case: Toronto has the same kind of starting lineup now as the defending Eastern Conference champions? To wit: Calderon as Nelson, only better at many things like, oh, shooting and dishing out assists; Bosh in the Howard role, the guy who rolls to the basket on the high screen and roll, a far more accomplished scorer and while not a defensive intimidator, he’s passable; Bargnani does as much offensively as Lewis (check the stats, they are almost exactly the same); Turkoglu’s Turkoglu and, well, maybe DeMar DeRozan becomes Courtney Lee, which I don’t think is a stretch because now he doesn’t have to do anything offensively except make cuts to the basket, get on the boards and use his athleticism.”

  • JL

    Whats the over/under on the first game between the raps and the warriors going to be? 2800.5?

    I’d be suprised if Vujacic is still a laker by the time lakers head to Hawaii for pre season. Hopefully he stays in Poland!

    The matrix wants 10 million? I dont think too many teams would even waste their mid level exception on the guy nowdays, get a grip on reality dude – you made a living off Nash’s dimes!!!

    Happy 4th right back @ ya dime!

  • Shrink This

    Looks like Doug Smith has been inhaling the fumes from all the garbage that’s lying around Toronto these days (there’s a garbage strike on in T.O. right now). Or maybe he’s been inhaling something else.

    Bosh in the Howard role. That’s rich.

    As an aside, I’m not sure the Raptors organization is convinced that Bosh is staying on for the long term. If anyone had the misfortune of catching any late season raptors games, it looked to me like Triano made Bargnani the centerpiece of the offence not Bosh. They ran a lot of things through him and in many cases he was the go-to guy.

    Now one could argue that they just wanted to see what he could do and that it was not actually an immediate transition they were anticipating, but it’s possible.

    And I can’t wait for Marion to sign with someone for far less than the $10 million it’s reported he’s been seeking. It’s about time someone forced him to realize his worth without D’Antoni and Nash.

  • Chise

    Wince has no buisness being in the rafters of the ACC with his jersey retired. Thats the biggest load of crap I have ever heard. The way he quit on the franchise and whinned his way to a trade, that basically single handed hurt the raps for years to come. Wince will never be a winner

  • Tim

    Are the Pistons looking at getting a true center to play and no ANOTHER undersized player?

  • jzsmoove

    If we gonna roll with this lineup, and it doesnt look bad, then yeah we will score buckets. Hedo and Demar slashing and driving should open up Andrea for the long bombs and they cant double Bosh too much down low.

    I have a Vince #15 jersey, his Olympic #9 and went to his charity games when he was here in T.O. I love Vince but no way his accomplishments merit retiring his number.

  • jzsmoove

    Plus Garbajosa already used that number and see what happened to his ankle. Cant forget that game and Al Jefferson’s face when he turned around to see Garb’s contorted ankle. Hopefully for Raptors fans and Hedo himself, this #15 isnt a injury jinx magnet. Remember Vince was almost always injured at some points.

  • bean

    Shavlik Randolph is getting interest from the Dakota Wizards, the Fort Wayne Mad Ants, and Lowe’s…….

    that shit is hilarious lmao

  • QQ

    LOL at the Morrison line.

    Damn, VC on our team, and Hedo tasked to save VC’s former squad. Kind of sweet irony you don’t come across everyday.

    Hedo will really help the Raps because kid has been playing with heart. Can defend, distribute and score. I’m predicting an All Star season for him.

    Keep on ballin, Turk. Won’t ever forget our run. Go there and start some awesome shit.


  • “Tha Boddy” Bad Like Michael

    The Raptors still gonna be sum cut and the Magic aren’t gonna get back to the finals again until D-Howard learns sum post moves which will take about 4more seasons.By then he won’t be the problem he shoulda been today

  • QQ

    Wow. Aren’t all you tired of the ‘Howard should learn post moves’ crap, people? Yall still buying it?

    Come on. How many fucking players who has actual post moves have led their team to the finals? Let the kid play his game. He doesn’t have post moves, yet he beasted his way to the upper echelon by leading us to the Finals. What more can you fucking ask? Different players, different games.

    Yall see Yao Ming post up, yall say ‘Why the fuck wouldn’t he just beast his way to the basket, he’s so big?!’.

    Yall see Dwight beast his way, yall say ‘SHOW US SOME POST UP MOVES!!!’

    Stop that shit.

  • dk

    Im hungover drunk as fuck and I still cant comprehend why someone would choose to go to Canada. I love Toronto as a city, but basketball, thats like the cold war. Wow, Ariza no longer is the biggest

  • Chaos

    The shavlik randolph line is low as shiit, but funny as a bitch! Damn that’s messed up….anyway, marion need to go back to PHX for less money and stop trippin over himself. Nash, amare, clark and him would be fun times all over again in PHX….and amare know his ass wanna stay in PHX…anyway, the raps are still soft unless bargs grew some balls and bosh plays with some energy on D.

  • !!!??!?!?!!

    Vince Carter quit on the Raptors! No way his # will or deserves to be retired! He may have been their best player so far but he had to leave to go to NJ for what I am not quite sure LOL. Toronto is a great city but they need to get good and get TNT & ESPN to put their games on tv. I can’t remember any Raptors games EVER on either station. Not to say they haven’t been…but don’t recall any!

  • Ian

    marion didnt live of nashs assists he had the same numbers before nash came aboard. hell the man didnt have plays call for him.

  • Lee


    Because if Howard learns post moves, people wont have to listen to Shaq say he is still the number one center of the NBA. Now THAT I’m getting tired of hearing.

  • Ian

    shrink this again read post 22
    marions numbers didnt change when nash came in people here have short memory.


  • Ian

    “Come on. How many fucking players who has actual post moves have led their team to the finals?”

    all the alltime great centers ALL OF THEM.

  • ponky_alolor

    ok 4 turk money wise plus he gets to be a playmaker in raps.

    the orlando line up works good coz dwight is such a beast on D. dont think bosh is on that level. they will give up points and score some.

    which of these play D? Calderon? bargnani? parker?

  • dk

    @25 you really are retarded…. Hakeem, Duncan, Shaq, Robinson, Russsell, Wilt, Mikan, etc, etc, Gasol, Garnett, but wheres Ho on this list?

  • QQ

    Ok how many players in the last 5 years?

    Duncan, that is a given. Other ones?

    Appreciate the talent around you, haters.

    An example: Emeka Okafor has all the fundamentals written. Cats were saying the Magic were fucking insane to pick this athletic yet raw HS kid named Howard over a seasoned big man who dominated the NCAA for three years.

    And rightfully so. Yall seen Okafor in UConn, and he was a straight up BEAST. He was dominating like crazy, destroying opposing big men every night. National Defensive POY, Big East, even Player of the Year in some media outlets. And he won a chip in college. And he was the fucking MOP of the Tournament. The Magic were really batshit insane not to pick this guy.

    Fast forward 5 years later… Okafor had a solid career. Kid can ball. He will use his fundamentals to get rebounds easily, can defend. Real decent player.

    Meanwhile, Dwight Howard, that raw prospect the Magic picked over the most dominant college player in 2004? He just led hi team to a fucking NBA finals appearance, and is now considered as the top center in the league.

    Also, say the phrase ‘Magic should have drafted Okafor’ now, and people will laugh at your face before you even finish your sentence.

    Moral of the story: Different players, different games. Let them play their own. So… Appreciate the talent that each of them are bringing.

  • the cynic


    Garnett has no post moves

  • JL


    Whats he done in his post nash career?

    Didnt he leave the Suns with a point to prove?

  • Shrink This


    You still sore about my comments on the awkwardness of the French language in rap music?

    Sure Marion’s the same player, only he scores 7 fewer points and grabs 3 fewer rebounds per game…

    Give me a break, Marion’s been garbage since he left Phoenix. And now he’ll continue to be and (thankfully), get paid less to do it.

  • Dagomar

    To people (like dk) who bash Toronto as a basketball city:

    First of all, this is a huge market. Not only because the city has 5 million people, but because the Raptors are the only pro basketball team in a country of 35 million. Not to mention the fact that TO is a great city compared to, say, Orlando or Portland.

    Second, did playing in Toronto hurt Bosh or VC in terms of them being stars? VC was one of the biggest stars in the league, and Bosh is if anything overrated. With Turk the team has a chance to be good, and if so there’ll be exposure enough.

  • jzsmoove

    When the fuck did being cold stop athlethes from playing someplace? That didnt stop Jordan from playing in Chicago. KG in Minny. Lebron in Cleveland and whoever in NY playing in NY. Those 4 places alone are just as cold as Toronto (Minny is even father north). For the ignorant, Toronto is only 1 hr and 30 mins north of NY state. It dont make much difference. Actually both NY and Boston get hit with more shitload of snow than T.O.

  • K Dizzle

    @ jzsmoove

    give em the facts. sick of hearin that shit too…

    Rest in peace, Steve McNair – this just been a real bad week

  • Ian

    Shrink rap??? I hate it in any language.

    Now u r sayin hes garbage since he left the suns thats something else. You and jl said he was that good because of nash and you guys are wrong he was the same player BEFORE nash that is what i said. Nash didnt do shit for marion the stats are there to back it up.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Happy 4th and 5th at this point lol.

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    Shavlik Randolph to the raps

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    Not much of a basketball fan here