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Richard Jefferson: “I’m not gay”

RJ & ex-fiancee

RJ & ex-fiancee

I’m a writer. A lot of times, I can say what I want to say better through the written word than saying it out loud. It frustrates the hell out of fiancee — you know how those “Why do you love me?” Q&A sessions can get — but that’s just me.

So I’m not saying Richard Jefferson is the worst guy in the world for breaking up with his fiancee via e-mail, but … damn, dude. From the New York Post:

Jefferson admitted yesterday that he told his beautiful bride-to-be that their wedding was off in an e-mail — stunning her just days before their planned posh nuptials.

Kesha Ni’Cole Nichols got the heart-wrenching message after a tense Fourth of July weekend, Jefferson told The New York Post.

“There was a lot of stress and tension in the relationship. We’ve been through a lot — but we just couldn’t continue,” said Jefferson, sounding upset during a telephone interview.

But at least Nichols got a nice parting gift — Jefferson, who was traded from the Milwaukee Bucks to the San Antonio Spurs last month, said he’s giving her a “six-figure” settlement so she can start a new life.

“I won’t say a negative word about Kesha. She is one of my best friends,” said Jefferson, who courted for nearly five years.

He said things came to a head when they celebrated July 4 in LA, a week before their planned July 11 wedding at the luxurious Mandarin Oriental on Columbus Circle.

After Nichols boarded a plane back to New York the next day, Jefferson said, he sent her the devastating e-mail.

“Sometimes you might write an e-mail to get your thoughts down right,” he explained.

After Nichols — and the message — arrived in New York, the couple spoke by phone for two hours, Jefferson said.

“It was a conversation Kesha and I had,” he said, adding only that it was “a combination of things” that led to the split.

And we all know what some people think of RJ that could have led to the breakup. I have to credit the NY Post writer for having the balls to even ask him about it:

[Jefferson] insisted a rumor he’s gay had nothing to do with the breakup.

“I’m not gay,” Jefferson said. “That couldn’t be any further from the truth. I have nothing to hide.”

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  • clay

    so gay…….

  • control

    Good for him!

    Even if he was gay, he’s pulled better ass than 98% of the guys in this world…

    I think I’m going to start a spam email up…the RJ break up notice…

  • az


  • Scott

    In all fairness, this should’ve been a one article shot, then let it be.

    If you care that much about the details, maybe you should just go watch Sex and the City.

    Just sayin.

  • Lee

    “I’m not gay” said Jefferson “I’ve ridden in a limo with Eddie Curry many times and I aint touched nothing”

  • Ashlov

    You have to be a real pussy and a douche bag to break up with someone over email. Be a man.

  • David_Brandon

    @ control,

    yeah, he prolly has pulled a lotta ass… (pause) lol

    the thing that makes NO sense is why would you wait SO. DAMN. LONG! if you knew you didnt wanna marry that girl? all the gay stuff aside. he keeps saying the stress, tension, i didnt like the way she poured her orange juice, whatever… when you break up w/ someone who looks like THAT and you say the aforementioned your reason? if he looked like ben wallace and said all that, it might have some cred. but when you look like a 6’7 cabbage patch kid……

  • Dagomar

    Am I the only one who doesn’t care about Jefferson’s personal life or sexual orientation? Maybe you guys should be posting on Perez Hilton.

  • McLovin

    Isnt being gay a prerequisite to playing for the spurs??

  • David_Brandon

    @ dag,

    come on man…its just funny. who DOES that??

    i guess its better than texting her its over tho.

  • Crystal

    Why does the writer and everyone else thing he is GAY just, because he called off the wedding. Something happened over 4th of July weekend NONE of us knows about that caused him to end it and call the wedding off.

    At least he is being man enough to give her a lot of money to start a new life, since this happened. He doesn’t have to give her anything!!!

  • Crystal

    “Think” I meant sorry typo

  • http://www.facebook.com/parinaz.elahi parinaz suns

    hahah so true McLovin

  • Crystal

    Why would anyone spend 2 million on a wedding anyway????

    C’mon the only thing you have after that is memories and pictures!
    I don’t care how much money someone has, sooooo stupid to spend that kind of money on a wedding & to top it off spend 2mil & not get married is even CRAZIER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeffco

    On a quick note:
    I’m loving the new issue of Dime.

  • http://bigtmusic.com Balla

    He is not gay, he is just not into women. He is probably more into handling personal issues via email, and being the 108th best player in the league (yet thinking he belongs in the top 5). Maybe he will find a better mate for him like John Amaechi. Gilbert Arenas is going to have fun with this one.

  • Anon

    I dunno. Calling your fiance whom you just dumped your “best friend” is a pretty gay comment if you ask me.

  • brian

    Yall are dumb!!! idiots he has already a new girlfriend , the trinidian model…how could you be gay if you are in love with a girl?

  • David_Brandon

    @ balla,

    i thought about gil too…where’s his blog when you really need it?

  • danny

    Giving her a six figure settlemnt to “start a new life” is straight crazy. She still got him on a leash??!

  • Oscarisalakerfan

    So GAYYYYY!!!!

  • BBalla!

    Who the fuck cares… seriously…

  • Chris From LB CALI

    by the LOOKS and by the way he SOUNDS, he could be G@Y!!!

    btw: without JKidd, RJ SUCKS!!!

  • Kevin

    @BBalla — Obviously a lot of people do care. I hate when a story like this pops up and somebody (usually a chick) is always there to say, “Does it really matter?” Yeah, it does matter. In a perfect world, it wouldn’t matter, but people care about that kind of stuff. That’s why it’s always a story. Accept reality.

  • SayItAintSo

    AB as a man who was educated on Seattle’s Capitol Hill I’m surprised this even garnered some of your attention. Seattle as a city is liberal as all hell and most of us would see this as a non-issue but for someone who probably lived in Xavier when the PRIDE parade was marching right on by…I’m still curious as of to why this received a second thought from you.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @SayItAintSo — I see where you’re coming from, but I wasn’t trying to post it as anything negative. It’s a story about a high-profile NBA player that received national attention earlier this week (the cancelled wedding), and this was the update where we heard directly from Jefferson. And honestly, it’s a simple reality that there is a rumor out there concerning RJ’s personal life. Especially when I lived in New York, I heard it often. Is it really my or anyone else’s business what RJ does off the court? No. But is it a noticeable issue nonetheless? Yeah.

    (P.S. — I lived in Bellarmine and later in the Murphys.)

  • JOB33

    OK I’m gonna take the plunge and post a Chris Crocker-esque “Leave-RJ-ALONE!!!!” video while wearing his jersey, and crying…all while rockin one of the fake bald head costume hats

  • David_Brandon

    some ppl keep saying “it doesnt matter”, “who cares”, etc. the reality of it is this: solely b/c it pertains to hoop does it matter. if it was some superstar wide receiver, it wouldnt be on here. if it were some a-list hollywood type, it wouldnt matter. but b/c its tied to hoop, and this being a hoop related site, its going to get discussed. it really isn’t that big of a deal. its so slow right now w/ all things basketball related. he just picked the right/wrong time to do this.

  • SayItAintSo

    I agree, just like to point out a bit of irony. It’s good news regardless of someone’s ideology.

    Bellarmine! Gotdamn…that building holds a special place in my heart…first time I got drunk and high were both in that building.

  • Kobeef


    Jazz match Portland’s offer to Milsap

  • bballinca

    HMMH, he is paying her the six figures as a payoff for his little secret.

  • dk

    Gimmie a fucking break RJ, everyone knows you and Amachie* were known for their nude workout sessions. Besides, a cheerleader is noyhing but a strippef with pom poms. Marrying that makes you gay!

  • KnicksFan84

    Damn RJ gets no love on basketball forums. Just call it what it is…

    RJ, your game on the court has always been fruity, nobody likes your game like that. It didn’t help you played for New Jersey Nets, that’s gay right there.

    You run around the court acting all tough but everyone see’s the fruit in you.

    Now I have NO problem with you dropping that female the way you did etc, but to pay her… you just made her look like a prostitute (bad move)

    Then you give your boy your black amex card *now all the hoes know you got a card and gonna go hard* oh and the TS too.

    Point is, we ALL know you’re gay and there’s nothing wrong with that, just stop denying it already. It’s not a good look.

    Can’t believe I’m typing this ish, but man RJ we all know when you’re grab assing on the court, it’s not just about making a good play… :)

  • blatche

    What’s he got against Rudy Gay?

  • superfreak

    he might be bi. Maybe that’s why he had to leave Milwaukee. The manly accent of Bogut got to him.

  • Ian

    if he drops 20 with 5 assists and 5 boards per game he can suck all the dick he wants i could care less.
    now mclovin i dont think thats the best nick someone can use to call others gay.

  • illyy

    RJ is a fuckin fag

  • Cuttino Mobley

    Leave the cute man alone!

  • sh!tfaced


  • http://www.lakerboard.net jamas33

    Somewhere far far away… John Amaeche is smiling…


    This faggot didn’t even have the balls to tell her in person! If you are going to break up with a woman, be a freaking man and tell her in person!

  • dz

    Wasn’t it RJ who came up with a new style of dunking a few years ago, some kind of “swish dunk”, where you slam the ball without actually touching the rim?

  • Sweet English

    RJ’s Email:


  • S-SiN

    SA must be like heaven for him now. Pop is an ol timer fagster with cranky sense of humor. u look at dudes like admiral and sean elliot who are still around, both extremely, very gay, v necks and all.. parker has a nice facade but he’s clearly sexually confused.. udoka looks like a pissed bitch with liver pigmentation. matt boner is red down there. manu is a vein narcissi with a “rough” 5 o’clock shadow, a wannabe macho who’s loosing hair by hour, therefore pissed. timmy’s been as gay as a goose for years if u ask me. yeah, i buy that scenario. whatever, i hate fuken boring ass spurs, i’ll even make up spmething worse next timeif dime “gives me a push in the right direction”…

  • http://www.CalmYoSelf.com Kermit the Washington

    I don’t see anything wrong with the email he sent. It’s not like he sent the email and she never heard from him again. He sent it, and then they talked. Hey, if she was on a flight and he needed to get his thoughts/feelings out asap, why not send an email and then talk to her after she’s read it? No big deal.

    Oh, and I like his response to the gay rumors. All the gay superstars usually answer that question with: “I don’t think I should have to address stupid people who have nothing better to talk about”, which only makes us question them MORE. Good answer.

  • Diego

    Doubt if he is gay; he flat out says he is not.

    He courted her for nearly 5 years. Basically, he was into her, and she laid the pressure on him after a few years to get engaged, he caved in because he was digging her, but in reality he was not into marrying her.

    But he was a puss for not sucking it up and cutting off the engagement early, and I think for doing it via e-mail.

    And I think it is not at all uncommon for an NBA player to get hitched to a dance team gal.

    Basically, don’t get engaged if you are not damn serious. (I had a chick bail on me once after we had made a lot of wedding plans (really pissed me off), and it’s not real fun having to tell people wedding is off. (Thankfully, I don’t recall that we had sent formal invites out yet.))

    By the way, can anyone tell me if Carmelo and LaLa have finally gotten married yet? If not, that just ain’t happening.

  • iLL Mago

    He paid her to shut up about the truth

    I’ll never forget when my Favorite Celts team(Walker,Pierce, Waltah, Rodney, Kenny) lost to the nets and they interviewed RJ.

    Probably the gayest voice in the League.

    RJ = Denying FAG

  • james p

    you see money solves every thing. he gives her 6figures to make every thing ok.

  • illyy

    LOL @ #40!!!!

  • Managgie

    Gay or no Gay, “it didn’t work out”!!. So leave the poor guy alone. I agree that he was not a real man by emailing Keisah and letting her know that way and what the hell was he thinking!!! Been hit on the head with to many basketballs.

  • doc

    He gay for giving that bitch 6 figures for fucking snd sucking.

  • fred a stair

    yeah right