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Ricky Rubio Not Gone Yet – What Will Happen/What Should Happen


Today’s Smack dropped the “Out like Rubio”. Well, maybe not. The report that Ricky Rubio was officially headed back to Spain appears to be more of a rumor than a report. Team Rubio is insisting that no decision has been made.

Here are what seems to be Rubio’s options:

1. Continue to sue his Spanish team in hope of a lower buyout and sign with the Timberwolves now.

2. Drop the lawsuit and return to Spain to fulfill his contract.

3. Continue to negotiate a buyout in Europe and sign with a different Euroleague squad.

4. Force the Wolves to trade his rights (and continue negotiating the buyout).

5. Sit out one full year of basketball and re-enter the draft (yes that is a real option).

What do you think WILL happen and what do you think SHOULD happen?

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  • Jay Jay

    I choose option 2

  • Jordi

    2 will happen, 4 should happen.

  • Hiccup

    Option 5 is real??? Can anyone do that or just euros?

  • Scott

    Dude should just sign with the Wolves and put all this mess behind him.

  • dk

    Hes a fag so really cares. Hes far from an NBA pg…

    On to a real PG. Im glad to see Cuban offering J Kidd a nice contract to keep him and attempt to make up for trading Devin. Karma should have

  • dk

    him go to NY near his kids, but lol. Ill gues well see where his charachter is at. In that case Cuban would end up with nothing after the trade, thats hilarious. Cuban, your mother wears combat boots!

  • mk

    Option 4 should happen. I don’t get why most ppl seem to be slamming Ricky, but not the Timberwolves. They are using their leverage to short circuit his career as much as he is sabotaging playing for them.
    The moral of the story is that players would rather play in the best European teams or stay in Europe, rather than play for the Wolves and the Grizzlies. Hear that, Dave Stern?
    Being in the NBA is not a privilege nor right. Its business on the other side too, so leave players alone when they jack with team presidents’ and Stern’s balls.

  • bone0315

    @ Hiccup

    From everything I read, anyone can technically do that. It is contingent upon two things:

    #1 – the team that drafts you has to offer you a contract

    #2 – you cannot play in any FIBA sanctioned league between the day you were drafted and the next draft.

    Not to mention the PR hit one would take by pulling a dickhead move like that.

    People are acting like Rubio has all the power here. He really has none. He can come to the NBA and pay a ton to get out of his deal in Spain and play for Minnesota. Or he can go back to Spain and play. That’s really about it. I love the way Minnesoat is handling this.

  • StukinaCubicle

    if he sits out do the wolves get a compensatory pick for next year, i’d take him next year to, screw this 18 year old punk over…this is a bad precedent.

  • dk

    Thats why no one should have picked tge scrub. His agents probablly asking for way to much money. No one wants to give the kid that shit. So hes fucked – the buyout. Get handles n a haircut, punk.

  • dk

    @8 No Minnesota owns his rights, no extra pick, never that, they picked, its over.

  • http://www.fiba.com/pages/eng/fc/even/rank/rankMen.asp rodnets

    At least he grew a beard in the pic, he could endorse Gillette contract.

  • http://deleted MNTwolves

    He will do Option #1 and should do Option #1 also.

  • http://xgarcia.blogspot.com/ Xavier Garcia

    He can negotiate his buyout and go to the NBA without having to sue his team, why isnt that an option?

    Like I said yesterday, Joventut had made it public that there would be no negotiating as long as the lawsuit remained, which is why camp Rubio dropped it.

  • sh!tfaced

    …following the footsteps of ‘great’ point guards like steve francis and stephon marbury.

  • the cynic

    2. He really has no choice, his buyout is insane

  • bone0315

    He can neogtiate a buyout with the team without a lawsuit against them if both parties agree.

  • AB_40

    6 million dollars to play in minnesota? MINNESOTA out of the first round one time in 20 sum years minnesota. I know he wants to play in the nba and he’ll probably look amazing with spain this summer with a lot of analysts looking ignant. I can’t see him going back to DKV Joventut since him and management got problems he’ll probably sit on the bench a lot. the fans will boo him and getting booed by your own team in europe is something else.

    I got it let him join the globetrotters:P they got a hispanic guy so they can get a real spanish guy as well. just one year ahhahahaha thwat would be something else

  • Manny

    Here’s an idea…. stop letting players with contract obligations elsewhere to enter the draft. Sterns baby (NBA) has gone to the crapper. The idea of letting little boys into the “mens” league has proven a bust for the game as a whole. We are in a cycle where the Lebron’s & Kobe’s have come up playing against older men on their way out or little boys like themselves, so yeah… they stand out. Think about it. And every year that goes by under this anal system we get closer to an all high school league.

  • TomGfromCanada

    send to toronto to back up jose

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Really tired of this Rubio kid. Please go to Spain so many can move on with the people that are going to stay and play.

    To much media for this kid.

  • Colton

    hold a fucking press conference and stop playing the mind games … fuck, rubio … you can get national endorsements but not get you on camera saying what you will do. make up your mind … us sports geeks need some clarity.

  • Mano

    The difference in salary between the 2nd pick and 5th is not that great. He wouldn’t have come out if he didn’t think he could pull it off. Between endorsement money and salary, he’ll be OK. The sooner he starts his NBA career, the sooner he’ll get a max contract. Plus, if he goes back to Spain he’ll have 2 less years in his NBA career, potentially costing him tens of millions way down the road. This is a no brainer, IMO. He’ll play in the NBA this year. Jovenhut loses if he stays. They pay him a few hundred grand, instead of getting a few million in a buyout. It’s in their best interest to let him leave. The whole thing is media hype. Relax people. He will be here.

  • Arno

    So the NBA world is discovering globalization.
    In Europe, this Rubio thing ain’t such a big deal since most good players contracts have an NBA buy out clause… that the NBA wouldn’t recognize, setting a 350000$ max ceiling for buy outs paid by the league’s teams. So people are used to those long negociations. Some guys finally cross the ocean, some hesitate for years (Splitter, Vasquez), some don’t (Bodiroga).
    What’s new is that, clearly, the attraction of the NBA is not longer strong enough to persuade good players to play for bad teams. American players accept the system because they sense they have no choice and because it has always been this way. And, IMHO, the system is good to have a balanced championship. Euro players, who are used to a deregulated labor market where the rich and powerfull ball clubs get all the stars, don’t accept it so easily and there will be lots of Rubio cases in the next years.
    So it seems that Stern will have to negociate something with the Euroleague. At last.

  • Gumby

    The most obvious choice is the one not listed and mentioned in an above post. Drop the lawsuit, negotiate a lower buyout and go to Minnesota.

  • http://www.theverticalsummit.com Dean

    Option 4 for sure.

  • Truesdell

    It’s long time that the NBA had a presence in the nation’s leading market. Compensate Minny (Nate +) and let Rubio negotiate his own buyout (with the help of Nike, Reebok, Adidas, whomever).

  • Dennis

    Minnie is not a good fit for Rubio’s needs. Small market plus direct competition with Jonny Flynn equals near zero endorsements.

    He just might be the next Adam Morrison but with a ridiculous buyout on his back.

  • esham

    If u get drafted to a nba team u should honer your agrement 2 play in minn or what ever team drafts u.
    If rick r decides to go back 2 Spain or Greece or bum fuk Europe he does not belong in the nba…..

  • http://woijwroiw.com yo mama

    he in it for the $$$$$$$$$4